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WILSON, Thomas

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Wilson, Thomas, Shoeing and General Blacksmith, etc. Criterion Shoeing Forge, Main Street, Ashurst. Private residence, Salisbury Street. This business was established in 1890 by Messrs. Ingram and Paton, who conducted it for some three years. Mr. Wilson took possession in 1895, and during the interval the premises changed hands several times. They are now, however, the property of Mr. P. Hanlon, livery stable keeper, a brother-in-law of Mr. Wilson's and there is every probability that the present proprietor will be rewarded with greater success than that which fell to the lot of his predecessors. Mr. Wilson was born at Rosedale Abbey, Yorkshire, and left England for New Zealand in 1887, arriving in Wellington per ship Edwin Fox during the same year. He almost immediately came on to Ashurst, where he has remained ever since. He learned his business with Mr. Paton, of the old firm of Messres. Ingram and Paton, of Ashurst, completing his term in 1892, and from that time until he established himself as above, he continued in the employ of his master. He has a fine large shop, with two forges and all the necessary appliances for the conduct of a thoroughly good business, including a tiring-bed, drilling machines, screwing machines, stocks, dies, etc. Mr. Wilson is bandmaster of the Ashurst Brass Band. He is well known and much respected throughout the district, and though only so recently established, he has recently worked up a good business. His premises are situated in the very centre of Ashurst, and his operations extend over a large district. In every way Mr. Wilson is to be commended, and is thoroughly deserving of encouragement.

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