S .
SACK Two Weys
SADDLE TREE MAKER Person who made frames for saddles
SADDLER Person who made saddles and other equestrian accessories
SAFT Silly or daft, Midlands
SAGGER MAKER Person who made fireclay containers which held stoneware prior to firing
SALAMANDER A thick disc of iron with a long handle used in baking. It would be put in the fire until red-hot, then held over pastry, omeletters etc to give them a finished surface.
SALOONIST Saloon keeper
SALT BOILER Person who obtained salt by boiling water
SALTER Maker or dealer in salt
SANDESMAN Ambassador or messenger
SANDWICHMAN Person who wears advertising on a sandwich board
SASINE/SEISIN A method of investiture in lands, originally involving the giving of earth or other symbols, now by registration of a conveyance [Scotland]
SASSENACH/SASSUNACH An English person, or English speaking Scot, Gaelic for Saxon, Scotland
SAUCER Maker or dealer in salt
SAWYER Worker in a timber mill or pit who sawed wood into planks
SAY WEAVER Maker of say, a material used for table cloths or bedding
SCAFF Tramp, badly dressed person, Scotland
SCAGIOLA MAKER Maker of imitation marble
SCALERAKER/SCAVENGER Employee of a parish who cleaned the streets
SCAPPLER Person who roughly shaped stone before it was finished by a stonemason
SCAVELMAN Person who kept waterways and ditches clear of debris
SCHRIMPSCHONGER Carver of bone, ivory or wood
SCHUMACKER Shoemaker, or latterly, a racing driver
SCOTCH DRAPER Salesman selling goods door to door, paid in installments
SCOUSE Liverpool English, possibly derived from a stew called Lobscouse, NW England
SCREENER Person who screened ore on a mine's surface
SCRIBBLER Person in a scibbing mill where wool was roughly carded prior to spinning. Or an insignificant writer
SCRIBER Dock worker who marked cotton bales with their weight before they were sold
SCRIMER Fencing master
SCRIVENER Person who wrote out legal documents, a clerk or notary
SCROFULATuberculosis of lymph nodes, also called King's Evil
SCRUPLE Twenty Grains
SCRUTINEER Election judge
SCULLERY MAIDFemale servant with the most menial of household tasks. A male equivalent was a scullion
SCUNNERED Disgusted, repelled, Scotland
SCUTCHER Person who beat flax to soften the straw in the bundles
SCUTTY Scruffy, NE England
SEAL PRESSER Person employed in the glass industry to seal the bath against air intake which could cause blemishes in the finished product
SEARCHER Customs man
SEEDSMAN Dealer in, or sower of seeds
SELF ACTING MINDER Person in charge of an automatic spinning mule in a mill
SEMI LORER Maker of leather thongs
SENESCHAL A senior steward in a manor
SERPLATH Eighty stone, Scotland
SEWER HUNTER Person who sought valuables in the sewers
SEWER RAT Bricklayer who built and repaired sewers and tunnels
SEWING CLERK Collector of clothing piecework
SHACKFORKA fork with curved prongs used to gather swathes of barley into gavels ready for pitching on to wagons
SHAG Sandwich, Cumberland
SHAGREEN CASE MAKER Worker in Shagreen leather
SHAN Bad or unkind, Scotland
SHANTY MAN Lumberman
SHARECROPPER Tenant farmer paid from the crop
SHEARGRINDER Sharpener of shears or scissors
SHEARMAN Person who sheared cloth or metal
SHEATH MAKER Scabbard maker
SHEGGY-HANDED Left-handed, Mid north England
SHEPSTER Sheep shearer, or a dressmaker
SHEARMAN Skilled worker who sheared the nap from cloth [also cropper]
SHILLING Silver coin, 12 Pence
SHINGLER Person who tiled roofs with wooden tiles or shingles
SHIP HUSBAND Person who repaired ships in harbour
SHIP MASTER Ship owner or captain
SHIPWRIGHT Person who built or repaired ships
SHIRE County
SHIVE Slice of bread, NW England
SHOE FINDER Seller of shoe-maker's tools
SHOE WIPER Shoe polisher
SHOESMITH Person who shoed horses
SHOMMOCK To walk with a shuffling gait, Midlands
SHOOGLE To shake, Scotland
SHOT FIRER Person in charge of blasting in mines, quarries
SHRAGER Person who trimmed and pruned trees
SHRAMMED To be cold, SW England
SHUFFLER Farm yardman
SHUG Shy, SW England
SHUNTER Person who moved rolling stock in railway yards
SHUTTLE MAKER Person who made shuttles for weaving mills
SIDESMAN Churchwarden's assistant
SILING DOWN Raining heavily, mid North England
SILK DRESSER Person who prepared silk for weaving
SILK ENGINE TURNER Worker who turned the wheel on an automatic silk weaving loom
SILK MERCER Seller of silk cloth and other silk items
SILK THROWER/THROWSTER Person who twisted silk into thread or yarn
SILK TWISTER Silk spinner
SILKER Person who sewed ends of fabric to prevent fraying
SILVERSMITH Silver worker
SIMPLE Ill, Wales
SINKER Skilled person who sunk new shafts for coal mining
SISTER-BAIRN Child of a sister or aunt, a cousin [Scotland]
SITHEE See you, Goodbye, Mid North England
SIXPENCE Silver coin
SIZERPerson who applied size to cloth, or sorted objects according to size, or worked in a paper mill
SKEN To look, NW England
SKEPPER Person who made or sold wicker or straw beehives
SKETCHY Strange or odd, SW England
SKINKER Tapster in an ale house
SKINNER Dealer in hides, or a mule driver
SKINNY Tight-fisted, mean, Mid North England
SKIPMAKER Person who made mining/quarrying skips for moving men or materials to the surface
SKIPPER Ship's master
SKRIKE To cry, mid North England
SLAPER/SLAPPER Worker in a pottery who prepared the clay for the potter
SLATER Slate roof tiler
SLOP SELLER Seller of baskets or ready made clothing
SLUBBER Operator of a machine which prepared cotton for spinning
SLUBBER DOFFER Person who removed bobbins from spindles in a mill
SMALLWARE MAKER Person who made smallware such as tapes and braids
SMELTER Smelt fisherman, or a worker in a metal smelter
SMITH Metal worker
SNECK Nose, NW England
SNOBSCAT Shoe repairer
SNOTTER-HAULER Pickpocket of gentlemen's silk pocket handkerchiefs
SNUFFER MAKER Maker of candle snuffles
SOAP BOILER [SOPER] Maker of soaps
SOCAGEFeudal tenure of land by a tenant
SOCK ON Fast asleep, mid North England
SOJOURNER A person in a temporary position, moving on, or passing through
SOJOURNER CLOTHIER Travelling clothes salesman
SOUTER Shoemaker
SORTY Proud, Wales
SOVEREIGN Gold coin with nominal value of one pound
SPALLIER Menial worker in a tin works
SPERVITER Sparrow keeper
SPICER Grocer, or spice dealer
SPINNER Person who spins yarn or fabric
SPINSTER Female spinner or unmarried woman
SPLITTER Person who splitted stone, timber etc by hand or by machine
SPOONER Spoonmaker
SPUN OUT Angry, SW England
SQUIREAttendant to a knight, or a practitioner of a profession, or a magistrate/lawyer or a country gentleman
STAINER Person who coloured glass or wood
STALLMAN Market stall keeper
STAMPER Person who worked a stamping machine
STAMPMAN Person who operated an ore crushing machine
STARVING Cold, Midlands
STATIONARY ENGINE DRIVER Person who operated a steam engine which pumped water or sewage, or drove machinery in a factory, mill or mine
STATIONARY ENGINEER Person who maintained machinery such as pumping engines, lifts, hoists. Later a janitor, maintaining electrical and plumbing services in a building
STATIST Politician
STAY MAKER Corset maker
STEADING/STEDDING Ground on which a house stands
STEERSMAN Helmsman of a ship
STEMMA Pedigree or family tree
STENTERER Operator of a cloth finishing machine
STEP BOY Person who helped passengers mount and dismount a coach
STEVEDORE Dock worker or labourer who unloaded and loaded ship cargoes
STICHER Person who does decorative stitching
STIRPS Ancestor
STOCKINGER Stocking maker or dealer, hosier
STOKER Person who fed the engine boiler
STONE Fourteen Pounds
STONE PICKER Person who removed stones from farmers' fields prior to planting
STOOR Dust, Scotland
STOORIE Hurry away, Scotland
STOTTIE Large, flat loaf of bread, oven-bottom cake, NE England
STOVER Clover, trefoil and sainfon used as winter fodder for horses, along with corn
STOWYER Person who stowed nets on fishing vessels
STRATH Valley, Scotland
STRAW JOINER Roof thatcher
STRAW PLAITER Person who made straw braids for the hat industry
STREAKER Person who prepared a body for burial
STREET ORDERLY Street cleaner
STRETCHER Person who stretched fabric in a mill
STRIKER Blacksmith's assistant, or a harpooner of whales
STRINGER Person who made bow strings
STRIPPER Person who removed rubbish from carding machines in the woollen trade.
STUFF GOWSMAN Junior barrister
STUFF WEAVER Person who wove stuff [Coarse part of flax]
SUCK Sweets, Midlands
SUCKSMITH Person who made ploughshares
SUENT Smooth, SW England
SUGAR BAKERPerson who worked in a sugar factory where raw sugar was boiled, refined and moulded
SULKY Light two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle
SUMNER A summoner or apparitor
SURFACE MAN Mine worker employed on the surface
SUTLER Merchant or peddler in an army camp
SWAILER Miller or grain dealer, corn miller
SWAIN Herdsman
SWALLY Drink, Scotland
SWEEP Chimney sweep
SWEEPER OUT Person who swept up in a mill
SWELL MAKER Person who made shallow baskets
SWORD CUTLER Sword maker
TABLER Operator of a boarding house [tables people]
TACK Lease [Scotland]
TACKER Person who dresses cloth
TACKLER Person who oversaw power loom weavers
TACKSMAN Leaseholder [Scotland]
TADCHU [TADKEY] Grandfather, Wales
TAFF To steal, Midlands
TAID [TIDE] Grandfather, Wales
TAKER OFF OR TAKER IN Child, usually, who unhitched the coal tubs from the rope winch system
TALLOW CHANDLER Maker or seller of candles
TALLY CLERK Person keeping count of goods arriving for departing a warehouse or dock
TALLYMAN OR TALLYFELLOW Person who sold items paid for in installments
TAN BARK STRIPPER Collector of bark used in the tanning of hides
TANNER Sixpence
TANNER Person who tanned hides and skins for leather
TAPER WEAVER Candle wick maker
TAPICER or TAPITER Person who wove worsted cloth
TAPISER Tapestry maker
TAPLEY Person who fitted taps in ale casks
TAPPER Innkeeper [North England]
TARA Goodbye, NW England
TARARABIT Goodbye, Midlands
TARRIER Person in charge of hunting terriers
TASKER Thresher or reaper
TASSELER Maker of tassels for furnishings. Or a nobleman
TAVERNER Innkeeper
TAVORT Half a bushel [Sussex]
TAWER OR TAWYER Maker or dresser of white leather
TEAMER OR TEAMSTER or TEAMERMAN Person in charge of a team of horses, waggoner or driver
TEEMER Person who unloaded grain from a cart, or who poured molten steel into moulds
TEIND Tithe [Scotland]
TEMPT To touch, SW England
TEN-GROATS The customary fee to priests, lawyers and the like
TENDER Waiter at an inn [East England]
TENTER Person who stretched cloth on a machine as it was drying, or who tended the machine used
TENTERPerson who looked after something, such as a pony tenter in a coal mine
TERCIAN 84 gallons of liquor
TERRIER Person in charge of hunting terriers
TESTER OR TESTRIL Elizabethan sixpence
TESTONEHenry VIII shilling
TETHER To marry [Warwickshire]
TETSY Elizabeth [Lincolnshire]
TEYELLEYER Tailor [North England]
THACKER Thatcher
THASER Thatcher or builder
THATCHER Person who made straw or reed roofs
THAYN Nobleman
THE DAY Today, Scotland
THE MORN Tomorrow, Scotland
THE POTTERIES Stoke-on-Trent area, Midlands
THEINES Servants [Anglo-Saxon]
THEWE Slave or bondsman
THIRDBOROUGH Under-Constable
THIRDENDEALEA measure containing three pints [West England]. In ancient times, this was 84 gallons.
THIRDFATHER A Great Grandfather
THISTLE-CROWN A gold coin worth about four shillings
THORP Hamlet or village
THORPS-MEN Villagers [Anglo-Saxon]
THREE FARTHINGS A coin of silver current in Shakespeare's time
THREPS Threepence
THRESHER Person who separated grain from husks and straw
THROWSTER Employee in the textile trade who throws or winds strands of silk or thread into a yarn
THRUNK-WIFE A fussy busy women [Lancashire]
THWAITE A cleared piece of land
TIBBY Isabella [North England]
TICKNEY MAN Itinerant seller of earthenware
TIDE SURVEYOR OR GAUGER Person who monitored state of the tide
TIDESMAN OR TIDE WAITER Customs officer who scrutinised unloading of ships to calculate duty
TIEMAKER Maker of wooden railway ties
TIER-UP Harvest worker who would follow the reaper and tie corn into sheaves
TIERCE 42 Gallons
TIGER A small groom or pageboy in livery
TILBURY Sixpence
TILER Person who lays roof or floor tiles
TILLMAN or TILMANPloughman or farm labourer
TILTISH Apt to kick, as for a horse
TILTMAKER Person who made canvas awnings and canopies
TIMBER-TASTER Person in a dockyard who examines timber and passes it for use
TIMEKEEPER Person who checked arrivals and departures of public transport
TIMES IRONER Servant who ironed newspapers
TINES Prongs
TINKER Travelling salesman and repairman of pots and pans
TINNER Tinsmith or worker in a tine mine
TINSMITH Tin worker
TINTER OR TEINTER Tinting artist
TIPPER Person who put metal tips on arrows
TIPPLER Keeper of an ale house
TIPSTAFF Court official or policeman
TIREWOMAN Milliner, or hairdresser, or a female dresser, particularly in the theatre
TIRING-BOY Person who stirs the colour about in printing-cloth [Lancashire]
TITHE A tenth, a tax
TIZZY Sixpence
TOD Two Stone
TODHUNTER Person employed by a parish to hunt foxes
TOE RAG Corn porter on the docks
TOFT A piece of land
TOILINET MAKER Maker of toilinet, a kind of quilting
TOLKE A man or knight
TOLLGATE KEEPER OR TOLLIE Person who collected fees for road use
TOLLMAN OR TOLLER Collector of tolls
TOLT Old English writ
TOMS-OF-BEDLAM Vagabonds, Abraham-men
TON Twenty CWT
TONSOR Barber [Latin]
TOOL HELVER Maker of tool handles
TOP ROOM Sitting room, Wales
TOP SAWYER The upper sawyer in a pit
TOPENS Twopenny piece
TOPMAN Sailor working in a ship's rigging, or a merchant vessel
TOPS-MAN Lead cattle drover, foreman or bailiff
TORY An Irish robber
TOSH Moustache, Midlands
TOSIER Person who made baskets [South England]
TOUCH HOLER Employee in gun making industry
TOW CARD MAKER Maker of tow cards used in the textile industry
TOWN CHAMBERLAIN Person in charge of a town's affairs
TOWN CRIER Person who made public announcements
TOWN HUSBANDOfficer of a parish who collected fees from fathers of illegitimate children for their maintenance
TOZER Person in a woollen mill employed to tose or tease cloth
TRAFER Searcher or hunter
TRAMMER Young mineworker
TRAPPER Young mineworker who opened and shut doors for mines
TRAVE A frame into which farriers put unruly horses.
TRAVERS Toll bridge collector of tolls
TRAVERSE Place adjoining a blacksmith's shop where horses are shod
TRAWE The shoeing-place of a farrier
TREEN MAKER Person who made domestic articles from wood
TREENAIL MAKER Person who made long wooden pins used in shipbuilding
TRENCHERMAKER Person who made wooden boards or platters for holding food
TREPANGER Person who cut timber with a circular saw
TRESAIL A Great Grandfather
TRIMMER Person who trims a ship by re-arranging cargoes
TROACHER Person who dealt in smuggled goods
TROLLEY CARTER Person operating tubs in a mine
TRONER Weighing official at a market
TROVER Smuggler
TRUGGER Person who made long shallow baskets
TRUSSER Hay baler, person who bundled and tied hay
TUBBER Cooper, person who made tubs and barrels
TUBMAN Filler of tubs in a mine, or a court official, or a barrister, in England
TUCKER Fuller, cleaner of cloth goods [West England]
TUCKER IN A Chambermaid, bedroom maid who tucked in the bedclothes
TUMMUZ Thomas [North England]
TUMP Hill or mound, Wales
TUN 252 Gallons
TUNIST Person who tuned musical instruments
TUPMAN Person who breeds tups or rams
TURNER Lathe operator, or a gymnast
TURNEY Attorney
TURNING BOY Person who turned the bar on the loom to help the weaver
TURKNEY Prison warder or jail keeper
TURNPIKE KEEPER Tollgate keeper
TURNSPIT Person who operated a spit handle
TWANGEY tailor [North England]
TWEENIE OR TWEENY A maid `between stairs' who assisted both the cooks and housemaids
TWIST HAND Person operating a lace machine
TWISTER OR TWISTERER Person who operated a machine which twisted yarns and threads together
TWP [TOOP] Simple or slow-witted, Wales
UBIETY Local relation
UFFLERS Bargeman occasionally employed, assisted in towing [East England]
ULNAGER Person who assessed quality of woollen goods
UMQUHILE Former, late or deceased [Scotland]
UNGET Disinherit
UNSON Disinherit
UPHOLDER Quilt or mattress maker, or a person who assisted an auctioneer
UPRIGHT MAN Chief man in a gang of beggars
UPRIGHT WORKER Chimney sweep
URLING A dwarf [North England]
UTCH To move, NW England
UTERINE Children born of the same mother but different fathers
V .
VAGAUNT Vagrant or wanderer
VALET Male servant who attended a gentleman or nobleman
VALUATOR Valuer of objects
VARLET A servant, or the sergeant-at-mace to the city counters
VASSAL Servant of the lowest order
VATMANEmployee in the papermaking industry who put pulp into moulds, or a person working with beer or wine vats
VECKE An old woman
VEILLE An old woman
VELYARDE An old man
VER A man, or knight
VERDERER Official in charge of a royal forest
VERN Partner in a mine
VERGE MAKER Maker of spindles used in watches and clocks
VERGER Assistant to the priest in running a church
VESTMENT MAKER Maker of garments for priests
VEWTER Person who kept hounds
VICTUALLER Tavern keeper
VIEWER Manager of a mine
VILARDE An old man
VILLEIN Person who paid dues to a lord of a manor for use of the land
VINTAGER Grape farmer or wine maker
VINTNER Wine merchant
VIRGATE Quarter of a hide
VITLER Tavern keeper
VUDDICKS A coarse fat woman [West England]
VUDDLES A spoilt child [Wiltshire]
VULCAN Blacksmith
WADLER-WIFE The keeper of a register office for servants [Newcastle]
WAFERER Person who sold wafers, a kind of cake
WAFYS Vagabonds
WAGTAIL A profligate woman
WAILER Mineworker who removed impurities from coal
WAINMAN A waggoner
WAINWRIGHT Builder or repairer of wagons
WAISTCOATEERS Low prostitutes
WAITE A watchman
WAITS Musicians
WAKE A parish festival [literally a watch or vigil]. Originally fell on anniversary of a church's dedication
WAKMEN Watchmen
WALK Uninclosed land [East England]
WALKER A Fuller [North England]
WALKER OR WAULKMILLERCloth worker who cleaned and thickened cloth by wetting it then walking over it
WALLER Person who built walls with bricks or dry stone, or a woman who raked coarse salt from the leads at Nantwich salt-works
WAMBAIS A body-garment twilled or quilted with wool, cotton or tow
WANG-TOOTH A grinder [North England]
WANTCATCHER Mole catcher
WANTER A Molecatcher
WANTERS Unmarried people `wanting' a mate [North England]
WARDECORPS Body-guard [Anglo-Norman]
WARDEIN A Warden, Guard or Watchman, or a Keeper of a gate
WARDER Person in charge of prisoners
WARPER Person who set the warp thread on the looms, or a person who moved boats by hauling on the warps [ropes]
WARRENER or WARRINER Person who kept a warren, bred rabbit and other small game
WASHMAN Tin coater, or a beggar who solicited charity with false sores or other injuries
WASSET-MAN Scarecrow [Wiltshire]
WASTEMAN Mineworker who checked old workings for gas leaks, or someone who removed waste
WATCH FINISHERPerson who assembled watches and clocks
WATER BAILIFFOfficial in charge of fishing rights on a stretch of water, a river policeman or coastal official
WATER CARRIER Carter and seller of fresh water
WATER-CASTER Person who judged diseases by inspecting urine
WATER GILDER Person who trapped water fowl
WATER LEADER OR LEDER OR LODER Person who carried and sold fresh drinking water
WATER WORKER Person who made meadow-drains and wet ditches [Norfolk]
WATERMAN Person who worked with boats on a river
WATTLE HURDLE MAKER Maker of a wattle fence used to confine sheep
WAVER Weaver
WAVER A common pond serving an entire village [Suffolk]
WAY-GOOSE A form of entertainment performed by an apprentice to his fellow-workmen. [West England]
WAY MAN Road surveyor
WAY MAKER Road maker
WAZZOCK Idiot, buffoon, Mid North England
WEATHER-CASTER Person who computed the weather for Almanacs &c
WEBSTER Weaver who operated a loom
WEDDE-FERE Husband or wife [Anglo-Saxon]
WEDMAN Husband
WEDWEDE Widowhood
WEEAN A small child or `wee one' [Yorkshire]
WEEDER Person who tidied gardens of the rich
WEIGHER Dock worker who weighed a cargo as it was unloaded
WELD To hit someone, Midlands
WELL SINKER Person who dug wells
WELL WRIGHT Maker of the winding equipment used to raise a well bucket
WELLMASTER Person responsible for a town's well, and of ensuring a clean water supply
WELLY Nearly, Midlands
WERSELLS Ourselves [North England]
WET GLOVER Maker of leather gloves
WET NURSE Woman who suckles the child of another, usually wealthy, woman
WETTER Person who dampened paper in the printing process or a person who detached glass by wetting in the glass industry
WEY Thirteen stones
WEYFERUS Travellers
WHACKER Horse or oxen team driver
WHAKER Quaker [North England]
WHAMP Young child [Warwickshire]
WHARFINGER Person who owned or was in charge of a wharf
WHEDEN A simple person [West England]
WHEELER Wheel maker, or a textile worker who attended to spinning wheels, or a mine worker who led pit ponies pulling tubs underground
WHEELWRIGHT Maker or repairer of wagon wheels
WHEERYMAN Person in charge of a wheery, a small light rowing boat
WHEY AYE Of course, NE England
WHIG Horse driver [Scotland]
WHIP-JACK Vagabond who begged for alms as a distressed seaman
WHIPARSE Schoolmaster
WHIPPERIN Person who managed hounds in a hunt
WHIPSTER Bleacher [North England]
WHIRKEN To suffocate [North England]
WHIT COOPER Maker of tin barrels
WHIT-TAWER A tanner of white leather. Or a collar maker [North England]
WHITE LIMER Person who plastered walls with lime and water plaster
WHITEAR Cleaner of hides
WHITENING ROLL MAKER Person who made whitening used to daub cottage walls
WHITEWING Streetsweeper
WHITSTER Whitesmith [East England]
WHITSUNDAY 15th May [From about 1696]
WHITTAWER Person who made saddles and harnesses
WICK Quick, agile, NW England
WIDOW-BEWITCHED A wife separated from a husband
WIDOW'S BENCH A share of a husband's estate due to widows in Suffolk in addition to their jointures
WIDVER A widower [West England]
WIFE MODIR Mother-in-law
WIFLER Huckster
WIFLES Unmarried [Anglo-Saxon]
WILLEYER Operator of a willeying machine, which cleaned wool, hair, hemp or flax by separating fibres and shaking out dirt. A process carried out prior to carding
WILLOW BENCH A share of a husband's estate due to widows in addition to their jointure
WINDER Textile employee who transferred yarn from bobbins onto cheeses or into balls in preparation for weaving. Or a mineworker who operated a pulley or winch
WINDING PIECE A piece of land which is part of a segment of a circle [East England]
WINDSTER Silk winder
WIPE-HAULER Pickpocket of gentlemen's silk pocket handkerchiefs
WIPPET Small child [East England]
WIRE DRAWER Wire maker, pulled metal through various sized holes in a template
WISE-MAN Conjuror
WITNESS Godmother
WOLDStretch of open, unforested, rolling countryside or moorland
WOOD HACKER Woodman [Lincolnshire]
WOODBREAKER Maker of wooden water casks
WOODMAN Carpenter [Derbyshire]
WOODMAN Man who hunted girls, a wencher
WOODWARD OR WOODREEVE OR WOOD RANGERPerson in charge of forest or woods
WOOL DRIVER Person who took wool to market
WOOL FACTOR Wool merchant's agent
WOOL GROWER Sheep farmer
WOOL STAPLER OR WOOL MAN Person who sorted wool into different grades
WOOL WINDER Maker of balls of wool for selling
WOOLCOMBERWoollen mill worker who operated machines that separated fibres in preparation for spinning
WOOLLEN BILLY PIECER Woollen mill worker who worked broken yarns together
WOOLSORTER Person who sorted wool into different grades
WOOLSTED MAN From worsted man, seller of woollen cloth
WOPPIT To box someone's ears, SW England
WOZZER Someone from the black country, Midlands
WRECHE Stranger [Anglo Saxon]
WRIGHT Workman, skilled builder or repairer in various trades [Anglo Saxon]
WYRTHA Labourer
X .
XYLOGRAPHER Person who made and used wooden blocks to print illustrations
Y .
YARD Three feet
YARDLAND Usually thirty acres
YARDMAN A worker in a railroad yard, or who has special care of a farmyard
YARDWAND A yardstick
YATMAN Gatekeeper
YEARMAN A person contracted to work for a year
YED Edward [Derbyshire]
YEDART Edward [Shropshire]
YEDWARD Edward [Cheshire]
YELLOWS Jealousy
YEM Edmund [Lancashire]
YEMAN A servant next below a squire in rank, of middling rank.
YEME Uncle
YEOMAN A freeholder, ship's officer in charge of stores or official's assistant
YUCKS Hiccups, SW England
ZIDLE-MOUTH An ugly fellow, one with the mouth on one side [West England]
ZIN Son [West England]
ZINNILA Son-in-law [Exmoor]
ZINCOGRAPHER Designer of a pattern etched in relief on zinc plates for printing
ZITHERIST Player of a zither
ZOETROPE MAKER Maker of an optical cylindrical toy which had a series of pictures painted inside which appeared to move when viewed through slits in the rotating cylinder
ZOG To doze or snooze, SW England
ZOOGRAPHER Person who describes and classifies animals

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