The Illustrated London News

JAN. 21, 1860 p54


R O Y A L     N A V A L     E S T A B L I S H M E N T    

Eastern Parade, Southsea.

Conducted by Mr. THOMAS EASTMAN, R.N.

Mr. Eastman offers advantages which cannot be obtained in establishments for general education,
since he receives Naval Pupils only, who are instructed in the course exactly required.
346 Gentlemen have passed as Naval Cadets, and nearly 250 as Marine Cadets, &c.
The following have passed as Naval Cadets from this Establishment during the past year:-

                Mr. M. W. Abbot        Mr. F. Coddington       Mr. T. S. Hoghton        Mr. J. Needham  
                Mr. J. S. Alexander    Mr. E. T. Dugdale       Mr. C. G. St. J. Hough   Mr. E. S. Nuthall   
                Mr. C. W. Atkinson     Mr. G. A. Ellis         Mr. C. G. Hunt           Mr. J. H. O'Brien 
                Mr. J. H. Bainbridge   Mr. J. Evans            Mr. A. Hutchinson        Mr. M. C. Osborn 
                Mr. A. E. Bancroft     Mr. R. G. Fairfax       Mr. L. W. Hyman          Mr. A. P. Pascoe  
                Mr. J. Bedingfeld      Mr. W. F. E. Freeland   Mr. R. R. Jaffray        Mr. F. G. Powell   
                Mr. A. R. Boddam       Mr. K. Garnier          Mr. F. W. Jenkins        Mr. H. Pugh 
                Mr. A. W. Brabazon     Mr. H. W. Gibson        Mr. E. G. F. Law         Mr. W. H. Roberts  
                Mr. R. T. Bruce        Mr. H. G. Gillum        Mr. G. L. Lindeman       Mr. J. L. Smith  
                Mr. N. Byng            Mr. C. E. Gissing       Mr. T. L. Mallory        Mr. H. E. Walters    
                Mr. A. H. Campbell     Mr. J. Hazel            Mr. J. D. Maycock        Mr. S. J. Weld   
                Lord Albert Clinton    Mr. W. E. Heathcote     Mr. H. McMilman          Mr. H. P. Wylly 

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