The Illustrated London News

FEB. 4, 1860 p112

MUSIC.- Miss MICHIE continues to give Lessons on the Piano. Terms, 2s.6d. per Lesson.
-30, Percy-street, Fitzroy-square, W.

MICROSCOPES.- J. AMADIO'S Botanical Microscope, packed in mahogany case, with three powers, condencer, pincers, and two slides, will show the animalculae in water, price 18s. 6d.- Joseph Amadio, 7, Throgmorton-street, E.C.

WANTED LEFT-OFF CLOTHES for Australia.- Mr. and Mrs. John Isaacs, 319 and 320, Strand [opposite Somerset House] continue to give the highest price in cash for Ladies', Gentlemens' and Children's Clothes, Regimentals, Underclothing, Boots, Books, Jewellery, and all Miscellaneous Property. Letters attended to. Parcels sent from the country, either large or small, the utmost value returned by Post Office order the same day. Reference, London and Westminster Bank.

RIDING LESSONS for Young Ladies and Gentlemen during the Holidays, or Ponies for Hire,
at the Grosvenor Riding-School., 22, South-street, Park-lane, W.
Mr. John Hawkins, Proprietor.

STEAM-BOATS propelled by Steam. Pretty scientific Toys. Fire, a few drops of spirit: 4˝ in., for parlour use, 3s:
13 in. for ponds, 5s 6d. Carriage free.- James Parker, Inventor, 6, Lilford-road, Camberwell.

MADAME RAMAZZOTTI'S French Rooms, Soho Bazaar.- Madame R. has the largest and newest assortment of Fancy Goods from Paris and Vienna, appropriate for Christmas and New Year's Gifts.

THE LATE MRS. PARKER'S Preparations for the Hair - Bark Lotion, ..uin Julep and Pomade, Vervain and Bandoline Pomades, &c.- prepared by her eldest son and successor, Erwin Parker, at the Dépot, 47A, New Bond-street.
Agents, J. J. Graham and Co., Dublin: Mr. W. Cornish, 109, King's-road, Brighton; Messrs. Randell and Son, Southampton; Raines, Blanchard and Co. Edinburgh: Mr. Pullinger, Printer, Chichester.

WANTED LEFT-OFF CLOTHES, Uniforms, Furniture, Miscellaneous Property, &c. The highest price given.
Ladies or Gentlemen waited on by addressing to Mr. or Mrs. G. Hyam, 10, Beak-street, Regent-street, W.:
or Parcels being sent the utmost value in cash immediately remitted. Established 1829.

Brixton-hill and Aldersgae. - By voluntary Contributions.
Home, Clothing, Education and Maintenance for Orphan and other necessitious Children of Parents once in Prosperity.
Subscriptions gratefully received by Messrs. Spooner, 27, Gracechurch-street, and by E.F.Lecks, Sec. 2, Walbrock, E.C.

FEB. 11, 1860 p143

CORNS.- The Cure for Corns.- Corns effectually eradicated by James Podapalagon, prepared only by J. L. Moore, Chemist, Craven-place, Craven-hill, Hyde Park. Sold by him, 13˝d; by post, 1s. 6d. Wholesale, Sanger, 150 Oxford-st.

MOURNING MANTLES and BONNETS, the Newest and Prettiest Shapes, and the Largest Stock in London to select from at the most Moderate Prices,
at Peter Robinson's Family and General Mourning Warehouse, 103, Oxford-street, London.

LADIES' Ready-Made Linen, India and Wedding Outfits. Printed Flannel, Dressing Gowns, 37s. 6d.
Mrs Robertshaw, 100, Oxford-street.

FEB. 18, 1860 p150

MISS LAURA BAXTER begs to announce to her Pupils and Friends that she will give a grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, the particulars of which will be published shortly. Communications to be addressed to Miss Laura Baxter's residence, 155, Albany-street, Regent's Park, N W.

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