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The Illustrated London News 1860

SURNAME                  FORENAMES                                               CATEGORY                  
ABBOT M. W.Naval Cadets
ABELIN L. O. Bankruptcies
AITKEN T. Bankruptcies
ALEXANDER J. S. Naval Cadets
AMADIO Joseph Advertisements
ANDERSON Matthew Rev. Marriage Notices
ANDREW P. Bankruptcies
ARKLEY Jane Bankruptcies
ARROWSMITH William Accidental Deaths
ASHBURNHAM T. Marriage Notices
ATKINSON C. W. Naval Cadets
AYERS A. C. Bankruptcies
BAILLIE Agnes Military News
BAILLIE Dr. Military News
BAILLIE Herbert Birth Notices
BAILLIE Joanna Military News
BAILLIE Sophia Bankruptcies
BAINBRIDGE J. H. Naval Cadets
BAKER Rev Henry Martyn Marriage Notices
BANCROFT A. E. Naval Cadets
BARTON J. Bankruptcies
BATES William Obituaries
BAXTER Laura Advertisements
BEDDOE S. Bankruptcies
BEDFORD I. H. Bankruptcies
BEES R. Bankruptcies
BELMORE Grace Marriage Notices
BENTLEY James High Sheriffs
BESCROFT Private Military News
BINNING H. Bankruptcies
BIRKBECK Henry High Sheriffs
BISHOP Charles J. Obituaries
BISHOP Nancy Harriet Obituaries
BLAIR J. Bankruptcies
BLASE Marianne Sarah Marriage Notices
BLASE ThomasMarriage Notices
BODDAM A. R. Naval Cadets
BOOTH G. Bankruptcies
BOOTH W. F. Bankruptcies
BOSWELL W. Bankruptcies
BOUCHARD M. Obituaries
BOUGHTON Sir Charles Henry Rouse High Sheriffs
BOWEN E. Bankruptcies
BRABAZON A. W. Naval Cadets
BRACEWELL W. Bankruptcies
BRAME W. Bankruptcies
BRINE A. Bankruptcies
BROCKMAN Don Leopoldo Marriage Notices
BROUGHTON Richard Crimes
BRUCE R. T. Naval Cadets
BUCKLAND Charles T. Birth Notices
BURGESS W. Bankruptcies
BURNELL Edward Valentine Pegge High Sheriffs
BURY Hon. Mrs. Birth Notices
BUSH J. W. Bankruptcies
BUXTON J. Bankruptcies
BYNG N. Naval Cadets
CAFFIN Rev C. Marriage Notices
CAMERON A. Bankruptcies
CAMERON Rev Dr. Marriage Notices
CAMPBELL A. H. Naval Cadets
CAMPBELL Maria Obituaries
CAMPBELL Patrick Obituaries
CAMPBELL Peter Obituaries
CARMICHAEL Lady Gibson Birth Notices
CASTELL P. Lord Sherard High Sheriffs
CAVENDISH Amy Ada Blanche Obituaries
CHANDLER K. Bankruptcies
CHAPMAN J. Bankruptcies
CHARLTON C. H. Bankruptcies
CHELLEW W. Bankruptcies
CHRISTIE JamesBirth Notices
CLARKEG. Bankruptcies
CLARKE George Ellis [?] Newton Obituaries
CLARKE JohnObituaries
CLAYTON Frederick Military News
CLAYTON J. Bankruptcies
CLINTON Lord Albert Naval Cadets
CLUTTERBUCK Harriett Marriage Notices
CLUTTERBUCK Henry Marriage Notices
COALBANK R. Rev. Marriage Notices
CODDINGTON F. Naval Cadets
COHN J. H. Bankruptcies
COLLISON Francis Marriage Notices
COLLISON Henry Rev. Marriage Notices
COLLISON Phebe Marriage Notices
CONNORS Sergeant Edward Military News
COOKE Harriet Ingram Marriage Notices
COOKE Nathaniel Marriage Notices
CORNISH W. Advertisements
COWELLHarriet Mary Marriage Notices
COWELLJohn Longlands Marriage Notices
COYLE I. F. Bankruptcies
CRAVEN W. G. High Sheriffs
CROZIER Rev J. A. Marriage Notices
CUCKOW G. Bankruptcies
CURLING William High Sheriffs
CURREY R. C. Birth Notices
CUTHBERT William High Sheriffs
CUTTS H. G. Bankruptcies
DAFT G. Bankruptcies
DALY Lieutenant R. M. Military News
DARBY W. Bankruptcies
DAUNT E. Russell Birth Notices
DEAN Thomas Accidental Deaths
DICKINS Charles Scrase High Sheriffs
DIGBY George Digby Wingfield High Sheriffs
DILLON John Military News
DIXON G. W. Bankruptcies
DIXON J.Bankruptcies
DOWNING H. B. Birth Notices
DOWSON G. Bankruptcies
DUGARD W, jun Bankruptcies
DUGDALE E. T. Naval Cadets
DURHAM J.Bankruptcies
DYSON-HOLLAND Thomas George Marriage Notices
EAMES Frank Obituaries
EASTMAN Thomas Naval Cadets
EBANS E.Bankruptcies
ELLIOTT E. Bankruptcies
ELLIS G. A. Naval Cadets
ELTON Robert James High Sheriffs
EMERTON Rev J. A. Marriage Notices
ERRINGTON George Henry High Sheriffs
EVANS J. Naval Cadets
EVANS John High Sheriffs
EVELYN William John High Sheriffs
EYRE Alexander Robert Birth Notices
FAIRFAX Henry, Colonel Sir Obituaries
FAIRFAX Henry, SirObituaries
FAIRFAX R. G. Naval Cadets
FARREN Henry Obituaries
FARREN William Obituaries
FERGUSON H. Bankruptcies
FFANCE Robert Wilson Obituaries
FINLAY J. Bankruptcies
FISHER A. Bankruptcies
FITZWILLIAM Countess Birth Notices
FOLEY Adelaide G. F. Marriage Notices
FORRESTER J. Bankruptcies
FOSTER George Holgate Obituaries
FRANCE G. T. Bankruptcies
FRASER .Bankruptcies
FRASER J. Bankruptcies
FREELAND W. F. E. Naval Cadets
GARNIER K. Naval Cadets
GAWTHORPE J. Bankruptcies
GENN E. Bankruptcies
GIBB A.Bankruptcies
GIBSON H. W. Naval Cadets
GIFFORD S. Bankruptcies
GILBERT J. Bankruptcies
GILES F.Bankruptcies
GILLUM H. G. Naval Cadets
GISSING C. E. Naval Cadets
GLENNIE Rev John D. Birth Notices
GODDARD Horatio Nelson High Sheriffs
GOODFELLOW J. Bankruptcies
GORMANSTON Viscount Obituaries
GRAHAM & CoJ. J. Advertisements
GREAVES John Whitehead High Sheriffs
GREEN R. Bankruptcies
GREIG J. Bankruptcies
GRIFFITH George Richard High Sheriffs
GRINDY W. jun Bankruptcies
GROVERW. R. Bankruptcies
GULSTON Alan James High Sheriffs
GUMMOE J. J. Bankruptcies
GYNNE G.Bankruptcies
HALL Charles Browning Marriage Notices
HALL Major G. W. M. Birth Notices
HALSTEAD D.Bankruptcies
HAMILTON A. Bankruptcies
HANCOCK J. Bankruptcies
HARDCASTLE James High Sheriffs
HARRIES George Augustus High Sheriffs
HARRISON Matthew Benson High Sheriffs
HART Henry Marriage Notices
HASKINS E. Bankruptcies
HAWKINS John Advertisements
HAYWOOD Richard Howard High Sheriffs
HAZEL J. Naval Cadets
HEATHCOTE W. E.Naval Cadets
HEYS R.Bankruptcies
HIGGINS Charles Longuet High Sheriffs
HILL E. E. Bankruptcies
HIRES Gordon Crimes
HOARE Peter Richard High Sheriffs
HOBSON T. Bankruptcies
HODGES John Fowden High Sheriffs
HODSON Eli Accidental Deaths
HOFFMAN E. L. Bankruptcies
HOGHTON T. S. Naval Cadets
HOLT J. J. Bankruptcies
HONYWOOD Sir Courtenay High Sheriffs
HOUGH C. G. St. J. Naval Cadets
HOWARD Philip Henry High Sheriffs
HOYLE W. jun Bankruptcies
HUNT C. G. Naval Cadets
HUNT Samuel High Sheriffs
HUNTER Sir C. S. P. High Sheriffs
HUTCHINS Richard jun Military News
HUTCHINSON A. Naval Cadets
HYAM G. Advertisements
HYETT E.Bankruptcies
HYMAN L. W. Naval Cadets
INGRAM T. L. Bankruptcies
IRVING T. Bankruptcies
ISAACS John Advertisements
JACKSON Henrietta Priscilla Marriage Notices
JACKSON Mr. Crimes
JACKSON Rev F. A. Marriage Notices
JAFFRAY R. R. Naval Cadets
JAMES W. Bankruptcies
JAQUES John Marriage Notices
JAQUES John Marriage Notices
JENKINS F. W. Naval Cadets
JENNENS T. J. Bankruptcies
JENNINGS T. C. Bankruptcies
JOHNSON S. A.Bankruptcies
JONES C. jun Bankruptcies
JONES Howel Maddock Arthur High Sheriffs
JONES J. Bankruptcies
JONES J. Bankruptcies
JONES W.Bankruptcies
JONES William High Sheriffs
KEENOR Grace Bankruptcies
KENT Benjamin Archer Marriage Notices
KEVIS J. Bankruptcies
KIDD Elizabeth Marriage Notices
KIDD Thomas Marriage Notices
KINCAID J. Bankruptcies
KINLOCK Agnes Obituaries
KINLOCK John Obituaries
KNIGHT A. Rouse Boughton High Sheriffs
KOCH C. G. Marriage Notices
KOCH Rev Charles Alexander Marriage Notices
LAMBOURN C. Bankruptcies
LAMPARD S. Bankruptcies
LANE Edward Crimes
LAW E. G. F. Naval Cadets
LECKS E. F. Advertisements
LEIGH Lady Obituaries
LIGHTFOOF T. Bankruptcies
LIGHTON H. Bankruptcies
LILLY D. R. Bankruptcies
LINDEMAN G. L. Naval Cadets
LLANOS Isabel Beatrice Marriage Notices
LLANOS Valentin Marriage Notices
LOFTUS Lady Augustus Birth Notices
LYNALL W. S. Bankruptcies
MALLORY T. L. Naval Cadets
MARRIOTT Randolph Obituaries
MARSHALL James Garth High Sheriffs
MARSHALL T.Bankruptcies
MARTIN James Military News
MATHIESON D. Bankruptcies
MATISON S. Bankruptcies
MAYCOCK J. D. Naval Cadets
MAYHEW William Rev. Marriage Notices
McALLISTER A. Bankruptcies
McARTHUR J. Bankruptcies
McARTHUR J. Bankruptcies
McDONNELL Captain Military News
McGREGOR G. A. Bankruptcies
McKEE John Marriage Notices
McKEE Rosina Marriage Notices
McMILMAN H. Naval Cadets
McNEILL A. Bankruptcies
MEASOM GeorgeObituaries
MEDHURST Mary Obituaries
MEDHURST Thomas Figgins Obituaries
MICHIE Miss Advertisements
MILLER Mr. Crimes
MILLER W. Bankruptcies
MISKIN S.Bankruptcies
MOFFAT Mr. Accidental Deaths
MOORE G. Bankruptcies
MOORE J. L. Advertisements
MOREY C. Bankruptcies
MORISON J. Bankruptcies
MUMFORD Alfred jun Marriage Notices
MUMFORD Samuel Marriage Notices
MURPHY James Obituaries
MURPHY William Obituaries
MURRAY General G. Obituaries
MURRAY George Rt. Rev. Obituaries
MYNN W. Bankruptcies
NAPIER Sir William Francis Patrick Obituaries
NASH R. Bankruptcies
NATHAN L. Bankruptcies
NEEDHAM J. Naval Cadets
NEILSON A.Bankruptcies
NEVILL R. D. Marriage Notices
NEWMAN John Marriage Notices
NEWMAN Josephine Marriage Notices
NICHOLSON T.Bankruptcies
NICHOLSON W. Birth Notices
NINER G. Bankruptcies
NOEL Hon. Mrs.Obituaries
NORMINGTON Charles Crimes
NORTON Fletcher C. Birth Notices
NUTHALL E. S. Naval Cadets
O'BRIEN J. H. Naval Cadets
O'GRADY Massy Accidental Deaths
OAKLEY Lady Georgiana M. L. Birth Notices
OLIVER D. S. Bankruptcies
ORFORD Mary, Countess Dowager of Obituaries
ORVIS H. Bankruptcies
OSBORN M. C. Naval Cadets
PARKER Erwin Advertisements
PARKER James Advertisements
PARKER Mrs Advertisements
PARKER Samuel Obituaries
PARKER Walker Obituaries
PASCOE A. P.Naval Cadets
PATTENSON Thomas Birth Notices
PAVIA C. Bankruptcies
PECK J. Bankruptcies
PELL Professor Birth Notices
PHELPS William John High Sheriffs
PHILIPS Henry George High Sheriffs
PHILLIPPS Ambrose Lisle Birth Notices
PHILLIPS T. Bankruptcies
PODAPALAGON James Advertisements
PONSFORD Rev W. Marriage Notices
POWELL F. G. Naval Cadets
POWELLWilliam Crimes
PROBY Lady Charlotte Obituaries
PUGH H. Naval Cadets
PULLINGER Mr. Advertisements
PURDEY Mary Obituaries
QUATERMAN H.Bankruptcies
RAINES, BLANCHARD & Co . Advertisements
RAMAZZOTITS Madame Advertisements
RANDELL & Son. Advertisements
READ G. Bankruptcies
REID J. Bankruptcies
REID Richard Ronald Birth Notices
RENNIE A. R. Bankruptcies
RICHARDS D.Bankruptcies
RICHARDSON G. Bankruptcies
RICHEBOURG M.Accidental Deaths
RIDDICH J. Bankruptcies
RIVOLTA John S. Birth Notices
ROBB D. Bankruptcies
ROBERTS W. Bankruptcies
ROBERTS W. H.Naval Cadets
ROBERTSHAW Mrs Advertisements
ROBINSON Joseph Marriage Notices
ROBINSON Peter Advertisements
RODNEY Wm. Powell High Sheriffs
ROE J. Bankruptcies
ROSS Alexander McKenzie Birth Notices
ROUS George Grey High Sheriffs
RUCKER Madame Birth Notices
RYKERT Alfred Edwin Obituaries
RYKERT Geo. Obituaries
SALMOND J. Bankruptcies
SAYER C. J. Bankruptcies
SCOTT W. Bankruptcies
SHARP T. Bankruptcies
SHAW Edward Marriage Notices
SHELDON Henry James High Sheriffs
SHEPHERD John Marriage Notices
SHERRARD Emma Marriage Notices
SHERRARD George Marriage Notices
SIMMONS T. Bankruptcies
SIMON G. & M. Bankruptcies
SIMPSON J. Bankruptcies
SLADER E.Bankruptcies
SMITH G. D. L. High Sheriffs
SMITH J. L. Naval Cadets
SMITH W. J. T. Bankruptcies
SMITH Walter Crafton Obituaries
SPEARMAN Henry John High Sheriffs
SPENCE E. Bankruptcies
SPOONER Messrs. Advertisements
STAIT F. H. Bankruptcies
STALKER D.Bankruptcies
STEPHENS H. Bankruptcies
STEVENSON W. Bankruptcies
STEWART C. Bankruptcies
STORRYC. Bankruptcies
STORY T. L. Bankruptcies
STREET J. Bankruptcies
STREETER T. Bankruptcies
SUMNER J. W. Bankruptcies
SWEENY Rev Thomas Marriage Notices
SWINBURNE Colonel Obituaries
SWINTON . Bankruptcies
TAIT P. Bankruptcies
THOMPSON Rev George Birth Notices
THORBURN H. C.Bankruptcies
THORNHILL Thomas High Sheriffs
THORNHILL Wm. Capel Clarke High Sheriffs
THORPE W. J. Bankruptcies
TRAVERS Captain Dalgairns Birth Notices
TUBB T.Bankruptcies
TUCK Edward John Obituaries
TUCK Rev George Robert Obituaries
TURING James Henry, Sir Obituaries
TURNER D. Bankruptcies
TWEEDELL Jane Bankruptcies
TYRINGHAM Wm. Backwell High Sheriffs
VARLEY J. Bankruptcies
WADMORE Rev Henry R. Marriage Notices
WALL J. Bankruptcies
WALTERS H. E. Naval Cadets
WARBURTON J. S. Bankruptcies
WARD S. Bankruptcies
WATSON R. Bankruptcies
WATTS W. Bankruptcies
WEBB William Frederick Birth Notices
WEBSTER J. Bankruptcies
WELBY Sir Glynne Earle High Sheriffs
WELD S. J. Naval Cadets
WENSTER J. Bankruptcies
WEST E. S. Bankruptcies
WESTMORLAND Wilmot Marriage Notices
WHILOCK J.Bankruptcies
WHITE G. Bankruptcies
WHITE G. C. Bankruptcies
WILKIN C.Bankruptcies
WILKINSON G. N. Bankruptcies
WILLIAMS David High Sheriffs
WILLIAMS Josephine Evelyn Marriage Notices
WILLIAMS WilliamMarriage Notices
WOOD C. Marriage Notices
WOOD Elizabeth Marriage Notices
WORMAN A. Bankruptcies
WORRALL W. Bankruptcies
WRIGHT T. Bankruptcies
WYLLY H. P. Naval Cadets

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