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The Illustrated London News

JAN. 21, 1860 p59

As Thomas Dean was out shooting at Cheam, in Surrey, he stumbled against some palings, and the contents
of his gun entered his stomach, driving some halfpence from his pocket into his body. He was immediately conveyed
to Guy's Hospital, where he expired.

The death of a young man in the employ of Mr. Moffat, of the High Mill, Eamont Bridge, is reported in the
Westmorland Gazette. Having occasion to go out with a cart, he put into a loaded gun, and threw his greatcoat
over it. Before starting, however, he got on the cart, and was in the act of lifting his coat, when the gun went off,
and the contents were lodged in his throat. Death was instantaneous, the windpipe having been severed.

JAN. 28, 1860 p83

The body of Mr. Massy O'Grady was discovered on Thursday week in a river that runs near New Pallas Station
in the county of Limerick. A coroner's jury has returned a verdict `That the deceased came by his death by drowning,
while labouring under temporary insanity.'

FEB. 11, 1860 p134

Two men were killed yesterday week in one of the pits of Roughwood Colliery, Bloxwich, by the fall of a large quantity of rock.
The names of the deceased were Eli Hodson and William Arrowsmith.

At Versailles, last Saturday, as M. Richebourg, Paymaster of the 4th Regiment of Hussars, was smoking a cigar at the window
of an upper room, the handrail on which he was leaning gave way, and he fell head fore-most on the pavement, being killed on the spot.

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