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The Illustrated London News

JAN. 21, 1860 p59

William Powell, who, during a recent investigation at the Liverpool Police Court, swore that his employer,
Mr. Miller, a grocer, of Mill-street, in that town, wilfully set fire to his premises, has been committed to the Assizes
for trial on a charge of perjury.

JAN. 28, 1860 p83

On Tuesday night last an attempt was made to murder Mr. Jackson, the steward of J. Holmes, Esq., of Clogher,
in the county of Roscommon. He was fired at as he was returning home. Several slugs entered his body, and he
continues in a precarious state. The sufferer did not see the assassin, nor has he any idea who he may be,
not having had any serious dispute with any person in the locality.

Edward Lane and Gordon Hires, the chief and second mates of the American ship Anna who are charged with
the murder of several seamen on the high seas, were again remanded by the Southampton magistrates on Tuesday.
The remand was granted on the application of the American Consul, who has not yet been able to procure the proper requisition to enable him to send the prisoners home for trial.

FEB. 4, 1860 p99

The cost of the prosecution of Charles Normington for the murder of Mr. Richard Broughton at Roundhay, on the
6th of August, was, we are informed by the taxing-officer on the Northern Circuit, 199 12s 6d. - not 500 as stated
in our Epitome column last week.

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