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The Illustrated London News

JAN. 28, 1860 p90

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, held on Monday, the following Sheriffs for 1860
were appointed by Her Majesty in Council:-

[Excepting Cornwall and Lancashire]

Bedfordshire           Charles Longuet Higgins           of Turvey Abbey, Esq.
Berkshire              Sir C. S. P. Hunter               of Mortimer, near Reading, Bart.  
Bucks                  Wm. Backwell Tyringham            of Tyringham, Esq.
Huntingdonshire        P. Castell, Lord Sherard          of Glatton
Cumberland             Philip Henry Howard               of Corby Castle, Esq.
Cheshire               Peter Richard Hoare               of Luscombe, Esq 
Dorsetshire            George Digby Wingfield Digby      of Sherborne Castle, Esq.
Durham                 Henry John Spearman               of Burn Hall, Esq.    
Essex                  George Henry Errington            of Lexden Park, near Colchester, Esq
Gloucestershire        William John Phelps               of Chestal House, Dursley, Esq.
Herefordshire          A. Rouse Boughton Knight          of Downton Castle, Esq.
Hertfordshire          James Bentley                     of Cheshunt, Esq.
Kent                   Sir Courtenay Honywood            of Evington, Elmstead, Esq.
Leicestershire         Sir Glynne Earle Welby            of Denton Hall, Bart.
Monmouthshire          The Hon. Wm. Powell Rodney        of Llanvihangel Court
Norfolk                Henry Birkbeck                    of Stoke Holy Cross, Esq.
Northamptonshire       Wm. Capel Clarke Thornhill        of Rushton Hall , Esq.
Northumberland         William Cuthbert                  of Beaufront, Esq.
Nottinghamshire        Edward Valentine Pegge Burnell    of Winkburn, Esq.
Oxfordshire            John Fowden Hodges                of Bolney Court, Esq.
Rutland                Samuel Hunt                       of Ketton, Esq.
Shropshire             Sir Charles Henry Rouse Boughton  of Downton Hall , Bart.
Somersetshire          Robert James Elton                of Whitestaunton, Esq.
Staffordshire          Richard Howard Haywood            of Brownhills, Esq.
County of Southampton  W. G. Craven                      of Brambridge House, Esq.
Suffolk                Thomas Thornhill                  of Riddlesworth, Esq.
Surrey                 William John Evelyn               of Wooton, near Dorking, Esq.
Sussex                 Charles Scrase Dickins            of Coolhurst, Esq.
Warwickshire           Henry James Sheldon               of Brailes House, Esq.
Westmorland            Matthew Benson Harrison           of Ambleside, Esq.
Wiltshire              Horatio Nelson Goddard            of Cliffe Manor House, Esq. 
Worcestershire         G. D. L. Smith                    of The Grange, near Halesowen, Esq.
Yorkshire              James Garth Marshall              of Headingley, near Leeds, Esq.


Anglesea               George Richard Griffith           of Pencraig, Esq. 
Breconshire            John Evans                        of Brecon, Esq.  
Carnarvonshire         John Whitehead Greaves            of Tanyrallt, Esq.
Carmarthonshire        Alan James Gulston                of Llwynberllan, Esq.
Cardiganshire          William Jones                     of Glandennis, near Lampeter, Esq. 
Denbighshire           James Hardcastle                  of Penylanm, near Ruabon, Esq.          
Flintshire             Howel Maddock Arthur Jones        of Wepre Hall, Esq.
Glamorganshire         George Grey Rous                  of Court-y-ralla, Esq.
Montgomeryshire        William Curling                   of Maesmawr, Esq.
Merionethshire         David Williams                    of Deudraeth Castle, Esq.
Pembrokeshire          George Augustus Harries           of Hilton, Esq.  
Radnorshire            Henry George Philips              of Abbey Cwmhir, Esq

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