Extract of a letter written from The Crimea
to his sister by Private Michael Sheehan

Morning Chronicle, Tuesday, 13 February 1855
Camp near Sebastopol, January 4, 1855
My Dearest and Loving Sister - I received your kind and welcome note on the 1st of January, and it gave me great pleasure to hear that you are all well and in good health, as it leaves me at present, thank God. I am very glad that you are taking care of yourself and keeping your situation, and I am also very thankful to your mistress for her kindness to you. I am also glad to hear that father, and mother, and sisters are in good health; and as for me and all of us, we are as happy as possible, and enjoying good health, thank God. We have plenty to eat, and plenty of warm clothes for the winter; we are all cheerful and happy, and hope you are the same. The only thing we feel cold with is, waiting to have another spree with the Russians. As for Sebastopol, we do not know when it will be taken; but it is as annoying to us as a big drum in an upstairs room, firing day and night, and we do not know whether we injure them or not, and they are the same with us, for the trenches hide our men from them; and if one of us chances to rise his head over the trench, there is not less than 50 shots fired at him at once. Dear sister, you need not put but three stamps on the letter, for you put six on the last; and I will not receive your cousin's letters, for I have left Scutari. Give my love to parents and friends, and accept the same yourself. I will conclude, and remain your ever loving brother,
Michael Sheehan, 4th Light Dragoons...

Michael Sheehan


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