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SURNAME            FORENAMES              FROM TO   OCCUPATION                      NOTES                                                                                 
ADAMSAlec Wilfrid19191922Motor Mechanicc/o L. N. Montgomery, Nelson
ADAMSArchibald Miles William18911895SheepfarmerLangleydale, Blenheim
ADAMSFergus Noble19181922Law ClerkMessrs. Burden, Churchward and Reid, Blenheim
ADAMSHenry Edward Poynter18601866Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor at Patea
Died at Patea 28 10 1914
ADAMSHugh Miles William1921* . . .
ADAMSJohn Langley1857
1860.Formerly of Stoke Nelson.
Died at Stoke 09 06 1917
ADAMSNoel Percy18931901SheepfarmerWharekawa Station, Private Bag, P.O. Box Auckland.
Barrister and Solicitor [not practising].
`Fell' Sch. 1895
B.A. [Trinity Hall, Cambridge], 1905
M.A., 1908
Admitted Barrister at Law, Inner Temple, 1905.
Studied law in London in Chambers of the late Attorney-
General, Sir J. Lawson Walton, K.C.
Member of the North Eastern circuit.
Captain King's Colonial Mounted Rifles, London, 1908.
In charge of Military Training Camp at Featherston, [NZ],
WW1 with rank of Colonel.
ADAMSPercy Bolland18671870Barrister and Solicitor
[not practising],
Melrose, Nelson
Admitted a Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, 1877,
and a Barrister and Solicitor in NZ, 1878
B.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1875
M.A., 1879.
ADAMSReginald Leadam Acton18851887Sheepfarmer, Wildon,
Heriot, Moa Flat, Otago.
Address: Roslyn, Dunedin.
Studied at Lincoln Agricultural College. Holder of Final Certificate
ADAMSRussell Gerald William18911896Medical Practitioner,
Lieutenant Royal Scots Volunteer Regiment on active
service in South Africa. Medal with 4 clasps
Senior Lieutenant 1st Regiment of Scottish Horse.
L.R.C.P, L.R.C.S [Edin] F.R.C.S.E, 1905.
M.B. Ch.B. [Edin] M.R.C.P and M.D., 1906.
ADAMSVirgil Ray1924*. ..
ADAMSWilliam 18671868Formerly Sheepfarmer
Langleydale, Blenheim
Represented College in Cadet Carbine Match at Dunedin 1868.
Died at Langleydale 24 08 1925
ADAMSWilliam Acton Blakeway18571859Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor of Christchurch.
Died in London 29 01 1924.
Admitted as Solicitor, [England];
Admitted Barrister & Solicitor [NZ], 1867
Justice of the Peace
Represented City of Nelson in Provincial Council
and 1878-1881 in House of Representatives.
Large Sheepfarmer till 1900, owning Tarndale, Molesworth Island
Farm, Salop Downs, and Tipapa Estates.
Member Amuri County Council
Chairman Canterbury Railway League and other local bodies.
F.R.G.S; Vice-President Tariff Reform League.
ADAMSWilliam Henry18681872SurveyorDied at Te Kuiti 20 05 1912
ADAMSWynn Louis19161917Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
ADAMSONHenry Edgar1890 1892 Mercantile Marine Officer,
EBS [Town] 1890.
Served in WW1
ADDISONJohn Royden 19191922Surveyor's Assistant c/o F. I. Ledger, Nelson
ADDISONLeslie William 19191922Student, Training College
AINSWORTHWilliam Andrew18901890Carpenter7 Poro Street Wellington
AIREYMark Waring 19181920Student, Auckland University
AIREYWilfrid Farrant 19161925 Medical Student Otago
University Dunedin
AKERSKarl Caro19031905Insurance Manager Phoenix
Assurance Co. Ltd.,
New Plymouth
ALEXANDERJames Donald Rutledge19061907Formerly Post & Telegraph
Department Nelson
ALLANAlexander19021905Draper Auckland Drapery
Co., Nelson
ALLANColin Barkwith19191921Clerk Public Trust Office,
ALLANEdward Florian19031905Clerk, Takaka NelsonServed WW1, M.M.
ALLANHarry Howard Barton18971902Technical High School
Formerly Master at King's College, Napier High School
and Waitaki High School
EBS [Town], 1897; `Simmons' Prize 1890;
Junior Gym Cup, 1897.
B.A. 1905; M.A. [1st Class Hons] 1907; D.Sc. 1923
ALLANHector Frank19171919Teacher, District High
School, Manaia, Taranaki
B.Sc. 1924
2nd Lieutenant, NZ Territorials [Wellington Regiment]
ALLANJohn Edward18981900Draper, Auckland Drapery
Co., Nelson
EBS [Town] 1898
ALLANLeonard Ferguson19111912Clerk, Christchurch Gas
Co., Christchurch
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant, M.M.
ALLANRichard Constantine1920 1921Farmer Collingwood Nelson.
ALLANWilliam Roy19161917Farmer Bainham Nelson.
ALLENFrank Stanton1878 1880 .EBS [Town] 1878; Died December 1898
ALLENKenneth Hubert1901
Teller, Bank of NZ,
Served WW1
ALLENRoger Percy18821883. Came from Picton
ALLENStewart18761879.South Africa. Late NZ Telegraph Department
ALLENPercival Edwin19151918Accountant Newburgh, Best
and Co., Christchurch
`Fell' Sch. 1917
ALLENWilliam Louis18791880. Late of Flock House, Bulls
ALLEYWilliam Henry 1924* .. .
ALLISONJames18801881Farmer, Paori,
No. 1 Line, Wanganui
ALLOMAustin18861887Mine Manager
Ravensthorp West Australia
ALLOMGerald Sanderson18811883Station Manager
Havelock North,
Hawke's Bay
ALLPORTAlfred Evans19201922Farmer, Stoke Nelson .
ALLPORTEric Arthur1920 1920Fruit Grower, Stoke Nelson.
ALLPORTFrederick Arthur 1923* . . .
ALPORTAugustus Frederick
18571860DeceasedCame from Lyttleton
ALPORTEdward Bishop18571860Now in Ontario CanadaCame from Lyttelton
AMESHoward Elgin19091910Traveller Henry Berry
& Co., Christchurch
AMESNeil Haldane19171920Clerk HM Customs
ANCELLCleaver William19121914Electrician Cederholm & Son.,
Manners Street Wellington.
Served in WW1
ANCELLMalcolm Cleaver18911892Clerk Feilding .
ANCELLNolan Harris19111911C/o Bierre and Ancell,
Mercers, Lambton Quay
Served in WW1
ANCELLWilliam Robert Thomas18801881Chemist, Bridge Street
ANDERSENNorman Edwin19051905 . Came from Wakefield Nelson
ANDERSONKenneth William Barclay19201924 Clerk, Levin and
Co., Ltd., Wellington
ANDREWJames19071916 Farmer, Ica Station, MastertonCooper cross-country run 1916;
Sports record, half mile 1914 and mile 1915.
Served in WW1
ANDREWJohn Chapman18731885Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Wellington
Died from exposure while deer stalking in the Wairarapa, Easter 1904
`Fell' Sch. 1879; B.A. [Oxon] 1889;
Barrister, Lincoln's Inn England 1890;
Barrister and Solicitor NZ 1890
ANDREWJohn Morrison19071914Farmer, Awatoitoi Masterton Served in WW1
ANDREWPhilip19171920Station hand, Ica Station
ANDREWPhilip Oswald18811888Medical Practitioner Sydney `Fell' Sch. 1886; Winner Junior Sports Cup 1887;
M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. [Lond]; O.B.E. [Military]
ANDREWWilliam18731878Farmer, Upper Plain
Formerly Licensed Surveyor
ANDREWSCharles George Edward19121912Engineer Pratt Street,
Ponsonby Auckland
Served in WW1
ANDREWSDavid18631863Formerly farmer at MosgielDied in Dunedin 1917
ANDREWSFrancis John19171918Carpenter, Richmond Nelson .
ANDREWSHenry Douglass18731875Barrister and Solicitor
Admitted 1882. Winner of only gold medal awarded by Canterbury
Law Society for first place in Solicitors' Examination
[open to the
Colony] 1882
ANDREWSJohn Douglass19051909Teacher Lorotto School
Edinburgh Scotland
B.A. 1922; M.A. 1924.
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
ANDREWSKeith 1922 1924Law Clerk c/o J. R. Kerr,
ANDREWS Leslie Bertram 1924* . . .
ANDREWSWilliam Douglass1875 1881Librarian Canterbury College,
Formerly Master Christ's College Christchurch;
`Newcome' Scholar, `Simmons' Prize, &
University Junior Scholar, 1881;
`Buller and Reay` Scholar, Christ's College, 1882;
B.A. 1886;
Assistant Master, Christ's College 1886-1904;
House Master 1894-1904.
Editor Third Edition of School List of Christ's College
Grammar School 1897.
ANDREWSWilliam Keith19131915Clerk Supreme Court,
ANGLESEYCharles William19171919Sawmiller, Tadmor Nelson .
ANGLESEYMaurice Richard19201921Sawmiller, Tadmor Nelson .
ANGUSWilliam Murray19111915Motor Mechanic, Sydney
`Hawke's Bay Old Boys' Prize' 1913 and 1914 equal
ANNEARJames Alexander19121912Cashier, Wellington City
Council Wellington
Served in WW1
ANSONRobert Alexander19161919Formerly Clerk, Public
Trust Office Wellington
Died 22 01 1926
ANSTICEHerbert19031904Draper, Trafalgar Street
ARDREYEric Carlisle19201920Salesman c/o G. Ardrey
ARDREYGeorge Ashley19231924Pupil, Wellington College
ARMITRoland Llewellyn19031903Formerly Newspaper
Reporter, Wellington
Served in WW1 and died of his wounds on 15 09 1916
ARMITAGEHenry18671871. Came from Auckland
ARMITAGEJames William18671871 .Deceased. Came from Auckland
ARMSTRONGFrank18821888Sheepfarmer, Akitio
Served in WW1
ARMSTRONGJames18921896Sheepfarmer, Glengarry
Major, 7th NZ Mounted Rifles. Served in WW1
ARNOLDEric MacDonald1923* . ..
ARNOLDRaymond Pennicott19221924Pupil, Boys' High School,
ARNOLDRobert Lewis19031904Farmer, Aoroa Dargaville,
ASHCROFTAlbert Ernest18771878Fruitgrower, Vernon,
Okanagan Valley,
British Columbia
ASHCROFTEdgar18781879 Electrician and Civil
Engineer, London
ASHCROFTJames Bateman19151917 Motor Mechanic
Palmerston North
ASKEWJames Wemyss18761877Accountant, Taylor Street,
St. Helier's, Auckland
ASKEWThomas Alexander18751876Grocer, Glasgow Street
ATKINSONAlfred Charles18761877Dentist, York Bay
Eastbourne Wellington
Formerly Government Surveyor
ATKINSONArnold Hugh18791880Stock and Station
Agent, Feilding
ATKINSONArthur Richmond18701878Barrister and Solicitor,
`Newcombe' Sch., 1874 and 1878. Head of the School 1878.
Went to Clifton College, England, 1879
[Scholar Exhibitioner, Head of School, Cap. XXII].
Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1882.
1st. Classical Mods,. 1883; 2nd. class, Final Classical
Schools and B.A. [Oxon], 1886; Barrister, Lincoln's
Inn, England., 1887;
Barrister and Solicitor, NZ, 1888.
Elected M.H.R. for Wellington City, 1899-1902;
Member of Wellington City Council for some years.
ATKINSONEdmund Tudor18681871Barrister and Solicitor
[not practising]. Admitted
1883. Address: York Bay,
Eastbourne, Wellington
ATKINSONFrederick19111912Salesman, Levin & Co.,
ATKINSONHarry Albert18821883Insurance Agent, Government
Life Insurance Dept.,
ATKINSONHugh Ronald18771878Surveyor, Lands and Survey
Dept., Katikati, Auckland
ATKINSONKenneth Walter18841885Miner, Howard Glenhope
ATKINSONMontagu Bevel19061908Formerly in Lands and Deeds
Registry Office, Christchurch
Served in WW1 and was killed in action on 06 06 1916
ATKINSONPhilip Basil18831890 Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Nelson
Admitted 1896.
Died in Wellington 18 06 1918. Served in WW1
ATKINSONSamuel Arnold18871887Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Wellington
Went to Wanganui Collegiate School in 1888 and took University
Junior Scholarship there in 1892; B.A., 1896; LL.B., 1900.
Served in WW1, Captain, killed in action on 05 06 1917.
ATKINSONWilliam Edmund18731876For many years in the employ
of N. Edwards & Co., and
J. H. Cock & Co., Nelson.
Later became Principal
of Hurworth Preparatory
School, Wanganui.
Died at New Plymouth on 28 12 1922
ATMOREGeorge William18841885Manager, Butler Timber
Co., Christchurch
EBS. [Town] 1884
ATMOREJohn18881889. EBS [Town] 1888. Deceased
ANGARDELouis C.18751879. EBS [Town] 1875. Died in South America
AUSTINAlbert Ernest18731874Civil Engineer and
Surveyor, Whangarei Auckland
AUSTINGerald James19131917Fruitgrower, Tasman Nelson .
AVERILLCecil George19131914Farmer, Olrig Station,
Hastings Hawke's Bay
AVERILLLeonard Rochford19141916Farmer, Olrig Station,
Hastings Hawke's Bay
AVERYHerbert Thomas1905 . Farmer, Pohangina Road,
Ashurst Manawatu
AYLMERHenry 1864. . Deceased. Came from Akaroa
BADDELEYFrederick Charles
19021904Farmer, Kaitoke DannevirkeServed in WW1
BADDELEYHarry Clinton18791883. B.A. [Durham]. Died in England 1902
BADDELEYWilliam Herman Clinton18781883. Stratford Club, 19 Stratford Place London W.1.
Served in South African War 1899-1902.
Lieutenant, South African Yeomanry, 1900
BAGLEYFrank Kenworthy19201921Clerk Union Steamship
Co., Auckland
BAIGENTAlbert Henry18841885. Died at Carterton on 08 10 1905
BAIGENTAlfred John1920*. ..
BAIGENTCyril Victor Atmore19021907Late Medical
Practitioner, Ashburton
M.B., Ch.B., 1913.
Served in WW1. Lieut.-Colonel [NZ Medical Corps].
Died at Ashburton Jan 1923
BAIGENTEdgar Oliver19051910Barrister and Solicitor
[not practising] c/o H. Baigent,
Waimea Street, Nelson.
BAIGENTJohn Wallace19061908Formerly in firm Henry
Baigent, Timber Merchant,
Served in WW1. Killed in action on 29 03 1918
BAIGENTLawrence Alfred18981899. Died at Wakefield on 21 08 1911
BAIGENTLestock Ryvers19221922Station Hand,
Longbush Masterton
BAIGENTLewis Edward Henry19021904Timber Merchant, Waimea
Street Nelson
BAIGENTLouis Oliver18881889Head Master, State
School Foxhill Nelson
EBS [Waimea] 1888
BAIGENTMostyn Merle19201922Bookbinder c/o Lucas
and Son, Nelson
BAIGENTReginald Henry19061906Mercantile Marine
Officer, Day's Bay
Served in WW1, Lieutenant RN. Previously in RAF
BAIGENTStanley Newton19171920Clerk, National Oil
Co. Wellington
BAILEYJames Every Stephen18801885 Barrister and Solicitor,
Queen Street Auckland
Admitted 1890. Winner Senior Gym Cup 1884
BAILIEJames Athol 1891 1892 Settler, Orerahi
BAILIEJames Kelly19201923Engineering Student,
Anderson's Ltd.
Engineers Christchurch
BAILIEThomas Watson19031905Station Manager,
Waimata Gisborne
Served in WW1
BAILLIEJames Hamilton Hall18901895Formerly Surgeon, London
County Asylum, Epsom
`Richmond' Sch., 1893. University Junior Sch., 1895.
B.Sc., 1899. M.B. Ch.B. [NZ] 1902.
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. [Lond], D.P.H. [Cambridge], 1908
Died in London in February 1909
BAILLIEThomas Douglas Hall18881889Formerly Farmer, Utiki
Taihape Wellington
Served in WW1. Killed in action on 04 10 1917
BAILLIEWilliam Grey Hall18821886Solicitor Wellington Admitted 1897
BAINKenneth Burns18621863Formerly buyer for
Christchurch Meat Co.,
Died at Amberley on 04 08 1922
BAIRDHamilton Fellowes19141917Assistant Magnetic Observer,
Lands and Survey
Department, Christchurch
B.Sc., 1924.
Honourary Secretary, Christchurch Branch, Nelson College
Old Boys' Association
BAIRDRoy Fellowes19031905District Land Registrar
Served in WW1
BAKERArthur Rowsell18601860Formerly a partner in
firm of W. M. Bannatyne
and Co. Wellington
BAKERFrederick Arnold18601860Formerly Solicitor [Messrs.
Baker and Nairne]
Died in London on 15 12 1920
BAKERGeorge18611863. Deceased
BAKERHarold Napier18911893Anglican Clergyman, SydneyEBS [Richmond] 1891. B.A., 1900
BAKERWilliam George18951896Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Singapore
18761876Retired Railway Officer,
Hackthorne Rd, Cashmere
Hills Christchurch
BAKEWELLRobert Frescheville19131914Medical Practitioner
Mangaweka Taihape
M.B. Ch.B., 1922
BAKEWELLRoger19191920Medical Student Otago
University Dunedin
BALDWINVaudrey Richardson18901893Barrister and Solicitor
Alberta Canada
K.C. Formerly Solicitor, Whakatane Auckland
BALLINGEREric Arthur19071909Engineer Bolton
Street Wellington
Champion College Rifle Shot, 1908, 1909.
Frequent competitor at NZ Rifle Association meetings.
Served in WW1 as Motor Mechanic, Royal Naval
Volunteer Reserve
BALLINGERNorman Victor19021906Fancy Goods Dealer,
Market Street Blenheim
Served in WW1
BAMFORDEric Ellerslie19031907Anglican Minister of Saint
Mount Eden
Winner Junior Sports Cup, 1903.
M.A., 1912. Sir G. Grey Sch., 1908
Served in WW1, Chaplain
BANNEHRWilliam Joy18951895Manager, Empire Picture
Theatre, Dunedin
BARBERErnest18921892.Came from Christchurch. Died on 12 10 1911
BARHAMPercy19141915Sheepfarmer, Kiwitahi
Morrinsville Auckland
BARHAMWilliam John19111912Teacher, State
School Dannevirke
BARLEYMANEdward George18771879Farmer, Stratford Taranaki.
BARLEYMANWilloughby John18771879Late Farmer, Kaponga
Died on 04 04 1913
BARLOWAlbert James19061906Jeweller, Petone Wellington.
BARLOWArthur William 1864 1868 .Went to Australia
BARLOW Howard Charles 1921 1923 Farmer, Springrove Nelson .
BARLTROPGeorge William18781881Retired. Formerly
Deputy Commissioner,
Government Insurance Dept.
and Deputy Superintendent,
National Provident Fund.
87 Daniel Street Wellington
EBS [Town] 1878.
Passed, first in Colony, Senior Civil Service Exam, 1881.
Assistant Master Nelson College 1880-1881.
President Wellington Branch, Nelson College Old Boys' Association
BARLTROPJames Richard18731874. EBS [Town] 1873. Died at Nelson on 23 10 1910
BARLTROPJohn Edward18811882Barrister and Solicitor
EBS [Town] 1881.
Volunteer Decoration. Retired Major
BARLTROPLlewellyn Edward
19051907Salesman, Carr and
Co., Blenheim
Served in WW1
BARNETTAubrey Frederick19141916Farmer, Upper Takaka
BARNETTIvan Lindsay19111916Farmer, Upper Takaka
`Andrew Memorial Prize' 1916.
University Junior Sch., 1916.
Junior Sports Cup, 1913. Marjoribanks Shield, 1914.
BARNETTNorman Alfred 1910
Farmer, Upper Takaka
Champion Shot 1913. Served in WW1
BARNETTPercy Edwin 19041905Accountant, Neale and
Haddow, Nelson
Served in WW1 M.M.
BARNICOATJames Tressider18721876. `Newcombe' Sch. 1872. `Richmond' Sch. 1875.
University Junior Sch. 1874-1875.
Assistant Master, Nelson College, 1878-1881.
Afterwards Assistant Master at Wellington College, 1881-1886.
Winner Senior Sports Cup 1874 and 1875. B.A. 1885.
Died in Wellington 1886
BARNICOATJohn Lee 18671873Formerly Manager Union
Bank, Palmerston North
Now living in retirement, Brougham Street Wellington
BARNICOATWilliam Hodgson 18631871Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Wanganui
`Fell' Sch. 1867. `Stafford' Sch. 1869. `Richmond' Sch.
1870. University Junior Sch. 1872. Admitted 1875.
Assistant Master at Bishop's School Nelson, 1872.
Practised as Barrister and Solicitor in Wanganui for many years.
Died there on 11 12 1909
BARNSLEYEdward18631864. Came from Stoke originally
BARRTrevor Jowett19231923c/o Mrs. Barr, Tasman
BARRAUDSidney19131915.Died 1920 at sea.
In missing boat from the ship Appam which was burnt at sea
BARRAUDWilliam Mowbray 19111914Clerk, Levin and
Co., Wellington
Served in WW1
BARRETTAlbion Vernon19181922Apprentice, Anchor
Foundry Nelson
Boxing CHampion 1922
BARRONRobert Tureia19201922Clerk, Todd Motor
Co., Wellington
BARRONWilliam Lindsay Kahu19191920Carpenter, c/o Ward
and Co., Blenheim
BARTELJohn George18801881Retired Law Clerk,
Collingwood Street Nelson
EBS [Town] 1880
BARTLETTArthur John Walter19091909Tobacconist, Murchison
BARTLETTGilbert George19101914.Died October 1919
BARTLETTJohn Stewart19241924Pupil, Cathedral Grammar
School Christchurch
BARTLETTMaurice Leo19081910Farm Assistant,
Richmond Nelson
Served in WW1
BARTLETTNoel Smith19181919Engineer Apprentice
38 Milton Street Nelson
BARTLETTRichard Coffey Stewart 1924* . . .
BARTONJohn18631865Late Sheepfarmer,
Trentham Wellington
Formerly Civil Engineer and Engineer under Wellington Provincial
Council; also Assistant City Engineer, Wellington.
Died on 02 01 1923
BASTINAlbert William 19161916 .Died at Nelson on 18 08 1923
BATCHELORAthol Rotoiti 19121915Clerk, Bank of NZ
Cambridge Auckland
BATCHELORCecil George1918
Building Apprentice,
Seymour Avenue Nelson
Won Nelson Service Rifle Shooting Belt 1924.
Also won medal for best shot in Nelson-Marlborough-
West Coast Regiment, 1924
BATCHELORFrancis Melville18991902Farmer, Murchison Nelson.
BATCHELORReginald Clifford 19181922Clerk, W.D. & H.O. Wills,
BATCHELORRoy19071908Traveller for Dangar,
Gedye & Co., 16 Young
Street Sydney
BATCHELORSydney19131913Postal Official, Ohinewai
BATEUPEdward19111911Farmer, Richmond NelsonServed in WW1
BATHURSTApsley Dundas1924* . . .
BATHURST Carel Dundas 1924*. . .
BAXTERJohn Cunningham19181918Farm Hand, c/o J.S. Simpson,
Springston Canterbury
BAXTERJohn Davidson19131913Theatrical Company, Auckland .
BAYBUTTJohn Daniel19161919Teacher, St Andrew's
College, Christchurch
Lieutenant, NZ Territorials [Canterbury Regiment]
BAYLYArthur George 19061907. Died at New Plymouth on 17 08 1909
BAYLYBeresford Richard19071907.Died at Auckland on 29 09 1919. Served in WW1
BEANWilliam Edward Cottier19081911.Winner Junior Gym Cup, 1908, 1909
Winner of Senior Gym Cup, 1910, 1911
Served in WW1. Killed in Action on 19 07 1916.
BEATONCharles Hird19241924Renwicktown Blenheim .
BEATSONCyprian Bridge 19221924Teacher, State School,
Hampden Street Nelson
BEATSONRonald Guthrie Senior 19181919Teacher, Technical School,
BEAUCHAMPClaude Waghorn19171920Engineer, Kershaw's Foundry
BEAUCHAMPEdward Guy18991902Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Singapore
Winner of Senior Gym Cup, 1901, 1902
BEAUCHAMPHerbert Craddock Augustus19171919Farmer, Anakiwa Picton.
BEAUCHAMPHerbert Rolf Haultain19031906Shipping and Insurance
Agent, Smith, Beauchamp
and Co., Wanganui
Served in WW1.
2nd Lieutenant D.C.M. Mentioned in despatches
BEBARFALDHarold19041905Traveller for J.H. Cock & Co.,
Ltd., Nelson
Served in WW1
BEECHEHenry James18891891Secretary, Central Electric
Power Board, Hamilton
BEETHAMAlbert A.18721874.Came from Auckland. Moved to the USA
BEETHAMSydney18721874. Came from Auckland. Deceased
BELLArthur Selby 19141915Carpenter, Harbour View
Road Birkenhead Auckland
BELLArthur Wallace19081911Farmer, Inangahua Junction
BELLAubrey Lionel Vivian19201924C/o Mrs. Bell, Grove
Street Nelson
BELLFrancis Gordon19041905. Died at College on 06 08 1905
BELLFrederick Ure 18821884Settler, Turua Thames .
BELL John Blacklock 19071910Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Potoka Hawke's Bay
Died in the USA.
Served in WW1 as Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery,
BELLJohn Fox 18941897Formerly in service
of Eastern Extension
Telegraph Co.
Served in WW1. Died of wounds on 26 07 1916
BELLJohn Scott 19071908Farmer, Rakaia CanterburyServed in WW1
BELLLeslie Gordon19061911Medical Practitioner,
Waiaou Hospital, Tokomaru
Bay Gisborne
`Andrew Memorial Prize' 1910;
University Junior Scholarship 1910; M.B. Ch.B. 1920.
Served in WW1, Lieutenant NZ Medical Corps
BELLRaynor Colin19051907Professor of Dentistry,
Otago University Dunedin
B.D.S. 1914, D.D.S. 1924.
Served in WW1, Lieutenant NZ Dental Corps
BELLRaymond William19221923Clerk, J.H. Cock and Co.,
Ltd, Nelson
BELLWilliam Irvine19001906. Died at Blenheim in Dec 1908
BELLRINGEREric19021902. New Plymouth
BELLWORTHYWilliam Arthur19041904. Served in WW1 Killed in action on 28 08 1915
BENGEHarold Percy19191921Clerk, J. Nathan & Co.,
Ltd., Wellington
BENNETTFrederick Augustus18911891Church of England Minister
engaged in Maori Missionary
work, Clive Hawke's Bay
BENNETTHarry Oliver19061907Salesman c/o E.T. Savage
Bridge Street Nelson
Served in WW1
BENNETTJack Baird1923* . . .
BENNETT Louis Amos 19091914Medical Practitioner,
Christchurch Hospital,
`Fell' Scholar, 1911; University Junior Scholar, 1913;
Travelling Medical Scholarship [NZ] 1919;
M.D. [NZ] 1921; M.R.C.S. [Eng], L.R.C.P. [London]
Represented Otago at hockey
BENNETTPhilip Lyell 1919 1919Insurance Officer, Victoria
Insurance Co., Auckland
Served in WW1 2nd Lieutenant M.C.
BENNETTRonald James 19211924Student Emmanuel College
Cambridge University England
BENSEMANNBertram George 19151915Fruitgrower, Upper Moutere
BENSEMANNGeorge Gustov 19181920Clerk, Treasury Dept.
BENSEMANNLawrence Otto19041906Accountant, J.B. McEwan
& Co., Ltd., Wellington
Served in WW1
BERTHELSENHerbert19121912c/o East Coast Railway,
Taneatua Opotiki Auckland
BERRYPercy19231924Farmer R.M.D. Ekatahuna
Wairarapa Wellington
BERRYMANFrederick Roberts 19131916Sheepfarmer, Kohatu Nelson.
BESTFrank Dockery 18931895Headmaster, State School
Seddon Marlborough
EBS [Waimea] 1893
BESTKeith William 1924*. . .
BESTMervyn Robert 19221924Cadet, Lands and Survey
Dept., Nelson
BETTANYWilliam18761877. Died in Auckland September 1920
BETTANYWilliam Junior18951895.Drowned in Motueka River on 16 01 1905
BETTSAlaric Grindley 19131916Printer, A.G. Betts & Son,
BETTSConrad William Grindley 19151916Printer, c/o A.G. Betts & Son
1923. .
BEVANWilliam Norman Staton19221923c/o Mr. Bevan, Eastern
Extension Telegraph Co.,
Batavia Java
BEVINAlister Stewart 19161919Auctioneer, A.S. Bevin
& Co., Whangarei
Lawn Tennis Champion 1919
BEVINJohn Dalziell19161917Commission Agent, Boyes
& Bevin, Opotiki
BIDDLEJohn Wright 19151916Engineer, Anchor Foundry,
BIDWILLCharles Robert18791880.Came from the Wairarapa. Died on 16 10 1902
BIGGAR Alexander Albert 1920* . . .
BIGGARBertley18971898. Died at Brightwater on 16 09 1904
BIGGARRobert Hedley19011907Teacher, Boys' High School,
EBS [Town] 1901; `Fell' Scholar, 1901 [resigned]
BIGGARWalter John 19141915Clerk, Union Bank,
Dannevirke Hawke's Bay
BIGGARWilliam Trevor 19191922Clerk National Bank,
BIRDAlan Charles 19181921Cadet, Lands and Deeds
Registry Office, Wellington
BIRDBasil John 19151916Clerk, 93 Waipapa Road,
BIRDBertram Elwin 19051907Salesman, Abbott Armstrong
& Co., Auckland
BIRDCharles William 18561858.One of the first eight pupils who attended the College on
opening day, April 1856. Died on 31 10 1914
BIRDHector19171918Settler, Richmond Nelson.
BIRDReuben James 19011903Farmer, Martinborough,
Wairarapa Wellington
Served in WW1
BIRDSydney Roscoe 19211924Farm Assistant, Pokororo
BISHOPBasil Tasman19221922Cycle Machinist, Bridge
Street Nelson
BISHOPEric Edward19231923Watchmaker c/o Louis,
Kerr, Nelson
BISHOPHugh Coulter19221923Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
BISLEYAustin Morris19031908Merchant, Hamilton Waikato.
BISLEYEdward Herbert Austin19021907Farmer, c/o E.H. Bisley,
Winner of Marjoribanks Shield 1907
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
BISLEYFrederick Arthur 18921893.EBS [Motueka] 1892. Died on 02 09 1901
BISLEYHerbert Roger19091913Motor Agent, Hastings Served in WW1
BLACKAdrian Buxton 19101910Accountant J.T. Julian
& Sons, Ltd., Auckland
BLACKCharles Herbert18801882Late Assistant Land
Registrar, Auckland
Retired and residing at 2 York Avenue, Epsom Auckland.
Fellow of the Royal Society Antiquaries.
Member of the Phonetic Society.
Prominent in NZ Chess activities
BLACKDonald Harrison 19121917Research Physicist, Western
Electric Co., North
Woolwich London
Former Student, Emmanuel College, Cambridge University.
Junior Scholar [NZ] 1917; Newcombe Scholar, 1914;
Chaytor Cup [miniature rifle shooting] 1916;
Champion Shot 1917;
Senior Scholar and Sir George Grey Scholar 1920;
Charles Cook Memorial Scholar 1921; M.Sc. 1922;
Represented Canterbury College in University Athletic
BLACKEric Randolph 19111911Fruitgrower, Stoke Nelson Represented Nelson at hockey. Served in WW1
BLACKHarold Bayne 19021903Draughtsman, Pitt Street,
Ellerslie Auckland
BLACKHenry Urwin18801881Retired Mercantile Marine
Officer, now Fruitgrower,
Hobart Tasmania
Served in WW1, Lieutenant in Royal Naval Volunteer
BLACKJames Palmer18981898Assistant Chief Compiler,
Census and Statistical
Department Wellington
BLACKJohn18561859Fruitgrower, Atawhai Nelson.
BLACKRobert Rolland 18801882Formerly Superintendent, Eastern
Extension Telegraph Co.,
Originator of a method known as `Black's Reduced Current
Test' for locating faults in breaks in submarine cables.
Died in Sydney in July 1923
BLACKSydney Arthur Buxton18801886Formerly Dentist Died at Nelson on 18 02 1906
BLACKWilliam Monteith 18831886Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Teintsin China
BLACKBURNVivian D'Arcy 19231924Clerk , PO Box 51, Gisborne.
BLACKETTJames William 18641871. University Junior Scholar 1872
Died 04 08 1905 while engaged in Railway Department, Mombasa,
Uganda, British East Africa
BLACKETT John Carruthers 18921898Formerly in Pacific Cable Co. Served in WW1 with Australian forces.
Killed in action on 15 05 1915
BLACKETTJohn George18641871Formerly District Government
Engineer for Nelson and
Marlborough. Afterwards
Resident Engineer at Nelson
`Fell' Scholar 1869
Died at Nelson 1885
BLACKMOREEdward19191919Carpenter, Lorna Street
New Plymouth
BLACKMOREWilliam18561857ClergymanWent to Australia many years ago
Son of Dr. Blackmore, an old resident of Nelson
BLAIRArchibald Turner
18951898Assistant Medical Officer,
Mental Hospital Porirua
EBS [Richmond] 1895. `Stafford' Scholar, 1897.
`Simmons Prize' and University Junior Scholar, 1898;
1st place on list. B.Sc. [NZ] 1902. MB.Ch.B [NZ], 1906
BLAIRFrederick John18991902Farmer, Kaiteratahi Opotiki.
BLAIRJames18921894Barrister & Solicitor, Gisborne EBS [Richmond School] 1892
BLAIRNorman19071909Farmer, Auroa Taranaki Served in WW1
BLAIRRoy Ewen19101913.Served in WW1 Killed in action on 07 06 1917
BLANCHWilliam Robert 1922* . . .
BLECHYENDENEdward19131914Engineer, Shanghai China.
BLECHYENDENHarold19171921Farmer, Te Akau Huntley
BLECHYENDENJohn Newton19171918Farmer, Tophouse Nelson .
BLENNERHASSETRichard Newman18901890Accountant, Hemingway and
Robertson, Sydney
Served in WW1 with Australian forces
BLICKEdward Gay 18891892Sheepfarmer, Buttergill
Seddon Marlborough
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1892
BLINCOECyril Allan 19131914 Commercial Traveller,
Sargood, Son & Ewen,
BLINCOEEric Sydney19161917Settler, Tahunanui Nelson.
BLINCOEHarold Francis 19101911Clerk, Nelson Served in WW1
BLINCOEJohn Eric 19191919Clerk J.H. Cock & Co., Ltd
New Plymouth
BLINCOEKenneth Howard 1924*. . .
BLINCOERoy Victor 19151915Carpenter, Nelson.
BLINCOEVictor Edward19221924Salesman, Hallenstein Bros,
BLOMFIELDSidney Denis19141919Farmer, c/o C.K. Wilson,
Pio Pio Te Kuiti
BLUNDELLArthur Kennedy 18631864Formerly Stock Inspector,
Died at Wanganui on 05 10 1921
BLUNDELLEdward Forde 18681872Retired Manager, Bank of NZ,
New Plymouth
BLUNDELLErnest Albert 18911892Part Proprietor `Evening Post,'
Willis Street Wellington
BLUNDELLHenry18591860Late Chief Clerk, Record,
Branch, Treasury, Wellington
Formerly Private Secretary to Sir Harry Atkinson and
Sir Julius Vogel. Died on 20 08 1925
BLYTHESydney George Winder 19021907Engineer c/o London and
Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd
Motor Accident Dept., 5 & 7
Chancery Lane, London WC2.
Served in WW1 with Royal Engineers B.E.F. M.S.M.
BODDINGTONEdward Robert 18771879Formerly in service of
Union Bank of Australia
Died at Perth Western Australia in 1897
BODDINGTONHenry Albert 18771880Formerly Manager, Bank
of N.S.W., Ashburton
Retired, address 70 Brittain Street Linwood Christchurch
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1879
Champion Ashburton Golf Club
BONARArchibald James Merle18901893Formerly in service of
the NZ Defence Department
Saw active service with 3rd Contingent NZMI [Rough
Riders] in South Africa.
Served in WW1, killed in action 28 04 1915
BONARHoratius Elliot 18991901Railway Officer, Railway
Dept., Christchurch
Served in WW1
BONARHugh Gordon 18991900. Served in South African War and WW1.
Killed in action on 08 05 1915
BONARLorraine Robertson18971898Clerk, Koterangi Hokitika .
BONDJohn Henry Casson 18871888Dominion Superintendent NZ
Shipping Co., Wellington
EBS [Town] 1887
BONDThomas Robinson 18951895Land Agent, Wanganui.
BOONDouglas Elmsley 18971900Farmer, Mataroa Taihape President, Wakapuaka Farmers' Union for five years
BOONKeith James 19061907Chemist & Druggist, Nelson .
BOOTVernon Percy 18921893Dentist Ashburton .
BOOTHAlfred Normanby 19091912Clerk, Native Dept.,
Government Buildings,
Served in WW1
BOOTHWilliam Stewart 18971904Farmer, Wairoa Gorge
Served in WW1
BORRONJames Sawere
Kidston Braddock
19151919Planter, Mango Islands,
Lau, Fiji
BOSSELMANNVernon Cranley 1908 1913Drainage Engineer, Lands
& Survey Dept., Whangarei
Champion shot 1912
University Junior Scholar 1913; B.E. [Civil]
BOWATERPercival Charles Gordon 19141915Farmer, Bull's Siding
BOWDENKeble Reginald 19021907Formerly in service of
the Post & Telegraph Dept.
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 08 05 1915
BOWIEThomas Herbert 18981899Company Secretary, W.& R.
Fletcher [NZ] Auckland
BOYCECharles George Morton 18931895Head Master, Borough
School, Ashburton
EBS [Distant Schools] 1893;
`Joynt' Scholar 1894; B.A. 1924
BOYESErnest Edward 18831883Manager for F. Fairey,
Bridge Street Nelson
BOYESEsmond Ernest Cave 19051908Teacher, Boys' Central
School Nelson
Served in WW1
BOYESGerald Cave 18971898Civil Servant, Wakefield Rd
Johnsonville Wellington
EBS [Distant Schools] 1897
BOYESPercy Stratton 19061907Accountant Blenheim Served in WW1
BOYESPhilip Andrew 1912
Teacher, State School
BOYESSydney Brooke 19181921Clerk, Goldberg Advertising
Co., Wellington
BRACEFrancis18921892Chief Clerk, Liverpool State
Colleries, Greymouth
Served in South African War 1899-1902
BRADDOCKFrederick William 19211923Cadet, H.M. Customs
BRADFORDAnthony19141914.Came from Nelson
BRADLEYAlfred John 19221924 Clerk, Bank of NZ, Nelson.
BRADLEYErnest19151915Telegraphist, Post & Telegraph
Dept., Hawera Taranaki
BRADLEYRoyce19191919Farm Cadet, c/o J.A. Nash
Palmerston North
BRADSHAWArthur Kennedy19041906Commercial Traveller c/o
J.H. Cook & Co., Ltd,
BRADSHAWCharles Coutts 19201923Student, Training College
BRAINLawrence Robert 19231923Carpenter, Emano Street
BRAITHWAITEAlbert18591863.Deceased, died while at College
BRAYLeonard Raymond 19151916Linesman, Telegraph Dept,.
BREBNERCedric Havelock 19071907Engineer, Whakatane County
Council, Whakatane Southland
Golf Champion 1912
Served in WW1
BREEBryan Stapleton 19001900Manager, NZ Insurance
Co., Gisborne
BRENNANThomas John 19161916Hotel Employee, Britannia
Hotel, Wellington
BRERETONCyprian Bridge19001901Farmer, Ngatimoti Nelson Served in WW1. Lieut.-Colonel, Volunteer decoration
BRERETONJohn Allen19241924Farmer, Ngatimoti Nelson.
BRETTArthur Roland18801881Newspaper Proprietor,
Auckland Star, Auckland
BREWSTERRex Carrington18991900Medical Practitioner,
New Plymouth
F.R.C.S. [Edin.], M.R.C.S. [Eng.], L.R.C.P. [Lond.]
Served in WW1, Captain RAMC, M.C.
BRICEBromley19181919 Fruitgrower, Mahana Nelson .
BRICEHerbert King 19201921Fruitgrower, Mahana Nelson.
BRIDGEGeorge Ivan19021903Formerly Dental SurgeonServed WW1, killed in action in June 1917
BRIDGEHarry19031905Farmer, Wakarara Hawkes Bay Served in WW1
BRITTONCedric John Charles19191922Medical Student, Otago
University, Dunedin
`Newcombe' Scholar 1919; `Simmons' Prize 1922;
`Andrew Memorial' Prize 1922; University Junior Scholar 1922
BRITTONLeslie19161916Teacher, State School
Horopito Wanganui
BROADCharles Harrington18841892Principal, Boys' College
Nelson. Appointed 1922
`Richmond' Scholar 1889; `Newcombe' Scholar 1890;
B.A. 1893; Assistant Master [Nelson College] 1893-1897;
Appointed Assistant Master, High School Dunedin 1897-1902.
Returned to staff of Nelson College 1902.
Major in charge of Cadet Battalion;
Honourary Secretary, Old Boys' Association;
Joint compiler of second edition of Register;
President Old Boys' Association
BROADCharles Vincent Newton19041905Dentist, Feilding Wellington.
BROADEdmund Lowther18821887Flaxmiller, Tauranga Bay of
BROADEdward William18861892Formerly Land and Estate
Agent at Marton
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1889 and 1890
Died on 17 04 1913, the result of a railway accident
BROADGeorge Arthur 1891
Merchant, Winters Ltd.,
Wairoa Hawkes Bay
BROADJohn Evelyn 19211923Clerk, Bank of NZ, Wanganui.
BROADJohn Henry Chareyie 18891894Land and Estate Agent,
BROADHEADAlfred Kemp 1917 1917 . Came from Westport
BROCKHerbert Frank 19041908Teacher, Mount Albert
Grammar School Auckland
Senior National Scholar 1908; M.A. 1913
BROOKSArthur William 19211922Teacher, State School,
Matakitaki Murchison
BROWNCampbell John 19171918Clerk c/o C. E. Brown,
Wine and Spirit Merchant,
Palmerston North
BROWNDesmond Ernest
19131915Accountant, Stonehurst
Private Hotel Auckland
BROWNEric Harold Wallis19211922Clerk Bank of NZ, Wellington.
BROWNFrancis William18881889Compositor, Eketahuna
Wairarapa Wellington
BROWNFrederick Gordon
1924* . . .
BROWNFrederick Vincent19081909Formerly in service of NZ
Defence Dept
Served in WW1. Captain, killed in action on 01 09 1918
BROWNHewett Barnard19041904.Served in WW1 and killed in action on 19 05 1915
BROWNJames McNeal18631864Formerly Manager, National
Bank of NZ, North Dunedin
Died in Sydney in July 1912
BROWNJohn Archibald 1888 1889. Sydney
BROWNRobert William 18631864Formerly Secretary NZ
Farmers' Co-operative
Insurance Association,
Now living in retirement, 65 Holly Road Christchurch
An original member of the Carisbrook Cricket Club,
BROWNStanley1924* . . .
BROWNThomas19121913Clerk, Westport Coal Co.,
Granity, Westport
Served in WW1
BROWNThomas Alexander 19221923Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
BROWNWilliam18981899Accountant, Westport Coal
Co., Granity, Westport
BROWNWilliam Kenneth 1907 1908 Farmer, Murchison Nelson.
BROWNIEJohn 19211923Apprentice, Cable's Foundry,
Kaiwarra Wellington
BROWNIERichard Clement
1924* . . .
BROWNINGRobert Brian 19011902Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Darwin Northern Australia
BROWNLEEJames18801884Formerly Engineer Died in 1892
BROWNLEEJohn Wilson 18731874Sawmill Owner, Brunner
Now living at Havelock Marlborough
BRYANAlfred George Thomas19061909Barrister and Solicitor,
Thames Auckland
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
BRYANTDavid Lewis 19141918Farmer, Brightwater Nelson `Stafford' Scholar 1917
BRYANTMax Gordon1922*..`Fell' Scholar 1923; `Newcombe' Scholar 1924
BRYANTRobert Catley 19161921Student, Training College
`Fell' Scholar 1919; B.A. 1925
BRYANTWilliam Henderson 18791880Formerly Head Master of
Brightwater State School
Now retired. EBS [Richmond School] 1879
Retired Colonel in Volunteers with V.D. medal;
served 38 years
BRUCEDouglas19101914 Clerk c/o J. Bruce, Nelson Served in WW1
BRUCEJames Arthur19151920On staff of Cawthron Institute
BRUCERobert Marshall19081910Teacher, Boys' High
School, Christchurch
`Safford' Scholar 1908; B.Sc. 1916
Served in WW1
BRUNDELLEdward Walter 19181918Purser, Union S.S. Co.,
Head Office, Wellington
BRUNDELLHerbert Spencer19181919Clerk, Levin and Co.,
Ltd., Nelson
BRUSEWITZLeopold Herbert Edgar 19061908Manager Roneo Dept.,
Remington & Roneo Agency
NZ., 185 Featherston Street,
Served in WW1 in Royal Navy on HMS Australia
Member of HMS Australia unbeaten swimming team
in Battle Cruiser Squadron Competition
BUCHANANEric Penruddocke 1923* .. .
BUCHANANGeoffrey1924*. . .
BUCHANANJohn Carroll 18841884Manufacturers' Representative,
Court House Lane, Auckland
BUCHANANJames Andrew18861888.EBS [Town] 1886. Died while at College
BUCHANANRichard18841884Formerly with firm of John
Burns & Co., Auckland
Died at Auckland on 20 10 1902
BUCHANANRonald Archibald19151916Farmer, Haywards, Hutt
Valley Wellington
Senior Sports Cup 1915-1916
Record 120 yards hurdles 1916
Served in WW1
BUCHANANWilliam18841884Formerly Medical Practitioner
in Australia
M.B.C.M. [Edin] 1896
Died at Auckland on 11 02 1911
BUCHOLZSamuel18821883. Deceased
BUCKERIDGEEdmund Buxton 18911894Dental Surgeon, Levuka Fiji D.D.S., cum. hon. [Penn] 1901
BUCKERIDGEEdward William18791884Surveyor & Farmer, Te Mata,
Te Papatapu, Kawhai,
EBS [Town] 1879; `Simmons' Prize 1882;
`Newcombe' Scholar 1883
BUCKERIDGEGeorge Henry18801884Accountant & Commission
Agent, Hawera Taranaki
BUCKERIDGEHenry18771884Timber Merchant, Stilwell &
Co., Motueka Nelson
BUCKERIDGELeopold Buxton18791883 Teacher of Singing and
Elocution, Wellington
BUCKLANDAlfred Cornelius 18741876. Deceased
BUCKLANDHenry18741875Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Waikouaiti Otago
B.A. [Cant] 1882
Died in 1907
BUCKLANDJohn Seagar18701872Auctioneer Gisborne .
BUCKMANHarry Gordon 19151916Draper, Havelock Marlborough.
BUCKMANWillie Stuart Gentry19111912Motor Mechanic, Havelock
Served in WW1
BUDDLECharles Frederick18731873Barrister & Solicitor, Auckland Admitted 1881
BUDDLEJohn Groom 19221925. Died on 08 06 1925 while at College
BUDGECharles Alfred 18731875Formerly Commission Agent
& Official Assignee, Hawera
Passed first in Colony Senior C.S. Exam
Died at Hawera on 20 01 1917
BUISTCharles David 19121913Mine Manager, Roa Greymouth.
BULKLEYJohn Richard 19121913. Served in WW1. Died at Wellington on 09 06 1924
BULLARDGeorge Henry 18721877Formerly Commissioner of
Crown Lands, Christchurch
EBS [Distant Schools] 1872.
Retired December 1925
BULLARDJohn18781879Retired Farmer, Pangatotara
EBS [Distant Schools] 1878
BULLARDJohn Noden 19071910Barrister & Solicitor, Gisborne Swimming Champion 1910.
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
BULLARDPercival Spenser 19061906. Served in WW1. Died of sickness on 20 10 1914
BUNNYEdmund Percy 18751881Barrister and Solicitor,
Admitted Solicitor 1889; Barrister, 1890; B.A. 1889
Assistant Master at Wellington College 1882-1884
Mayor Lower Hutt 1899-1900 and 1909-1914
President Wellington Law Society 1920
BURDENHarry Balfour 1923* . ..
BURDONHowat Robert 1923* . . .
BURGEArcher Edward 18991902Secretary, Drapery Importing
Co., [D.I.C.] Wellington
EBS [Waimea] 1899; `Fell' Scholar 1900;
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1900
Fellow Institute of Accountants [F.I.A.N.Z.]
NZ Amateur Mile Champion 1908
BURKEMartin Stephen 19081909. Came from Nelson
BURLINSONRupert F 19141915 . .
BURNHoward Ashley 19191919Clerk, Dead Letter Office,
Post Office, Wellington
BURNESAdam Allan 19081911.Served in WW1. Winner Junior Swimming Cup 1909
Died at Wellington on 23 01 1920
BURNETTEric Arnold 19031909Engineer, c/o Niven &
Co., Ltd., Napier
Served in WW1
BURNETTGeorge18671872Formerly Chief Clerk,
Railway Engineer's Office,
Died at Dunedin on 14 05 1915
BURNETTHubert 1871 1878 Barrister and Solicitor,
Admitted 1883
Became Engineering Cadet
in the P.W.D. in 1872 on
the death of his father.
Formerly Chief Engineer,
Government Railway Dept.,
`Newcombe' Scholar 1869;
University Junior Scholar 1872
District Engineer 1888-1900
Chief Engineer 1908, M.Inst.C.E.
Retired, Address: 31 Moana Road, Kelburn, Wellington
BURNETTLionel William 19071908 . Deceased
BURNETTWilliam18641865 ./TD>Deceased
BURNSAlan Lockyer 19191919Cadet, HM Customs, Wanganui.
BURNSArchibald Douglas 19161918Clerk, Mines Dept.,
Head Office Wellington
BURNSCharles Ritchie 19141916 Tutor, Otago Medical
School Dunedin
`Simmons' Prize 1916; `Stafford' Scholar 1915;
`Hawke's Bay Old Boys' Prize [equal] 1915;
University Medical Travelling Scholarship 1922;
M.B. Ch.B. [NZ] 1922; M.D. [NZ] 1925;
M.R.C.P. [Lond] 1925
BURNSRobert18791880Was First Engineer on the
S.S. Ohau
Was on the S.S. Ohau when she foundered in Cook Strait
in 1900 with all hands.
A grand-nephew of the poet Burns
BURNSRobert Alexander 19171921 Clerk, Public Works Dept.,
BURNSThomas18781880Medical Practitioner, North
East Harbour, Dunedin
M.B.C.M. [Edin] 1887.
Served in South African War as Captain-Surgeon, 1st
Contingent N.Z.M.I., and Lieutenant-Colonel-Surgeon,
NZ contingents on active service in South Africa.
Chief Medical Officer for NZ at Capetown.
A grand-nephew of the poet Burns
BURRIDGEGeorge Edward 19211921Clerk, Post Office Nelson .
BURTONCharles Herbert 18741875Formerly Chief Postmaster
at New Plymouth.
Retired at New Plymouth
BURTONEdward19211921. Deceased. Drowned on Tahuna Beach, Nelson
on 19 11 1921 while at college
BURTONGeorge Kyngdon 18761877Farmer, 112 Kerr's
Avenue, Christchurch
Member of Heathcote County Council;
Chairman for two years
BURTONOliver Charles Hay 1920* . . .
Note: Information
from Relative
Oliver Charles Hay . . . Returned to UK and joined the British Army.
Rose to rank of Captain. Killed at Anzio, Italy, in
February 1944, leaving a widow and two young children
BURTONRuse Anthony Hay 1920* . . .
Note: Information
from Relative
Ruse Anthony Hay. . . Civil Engineering degree, Canterbury College
Worked for NZ Railways then returned to UK.
Married and lived in Surrey, a daughter born 1944/1945.
Worked for British railways as civil engineer
Died in January 1999 aged 91 years.
BUSCHReginald Nelson 1922* .. .
BUSCHRonald Frederick 1922 .Carpenter, c/o Baigent, Nelson .
BUSHJohn Cyril Southern 19191920Clerk, Marton Sash and
Door Factory, Marton
BUSHLeonard Bentham 18561857 . Deceased
BUSHMaurice19151916Salesman, Winstone's Ltd.,
BUSHNewton Martin 18561858 . Deceased
BUTTGeorge Free 18561857 Formerly Manager Union Bank
BUTTJohn Marten18561857Formerly Inspector, BNZ;
also Manager at Suva, Fiji.
Retired, c/o S. S. Butt, Farmer, Uriti, Taranaki.
Warden of the capital, Levuka, Fiji, and Chairman of
the School Board [both Crown appointments].
Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute and Banker's
Institute of London

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