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SURNAME              FORENAMES                FROM TO   OCCUPATION                            NOTES                                                                          
EADESFrank William 19121912Clerk, Nile Street Nelson Served in WW1
EADYAlbert John 19201922Sawmiller, Heitihi Taihape
EADYWallace Simpson19221923Sawmiller c/o Gibbs & Trevor,
Private Bag, Taihape Wellington
EAGLESLeonard George 19211922Cadet, Lands and Survey
Dept., Dunedin
EASSONPercy George 18901890Timber Merchant, Eassons
Ltd., Wellington
EASTERFIELDThomas Edward 1924* . . .
EASTONWilliam Boult 19001900Farmer, Mariri Motueka Served in WW1 M.M.
EATWELLWill19191920Farmer, Stanley Brook
EBANEdmund Keith 19091909Sheepfarmer, Stanley Brook,
Served in WW1
EBANLeslie Raymund19151916Sheepfarmer, Stanley Brook
EBANRoy Vincent 19101910Motor Engineer, 8 Terrace
Gardens Wellington
Served in WW1
EDENGilbert Mitchell 19161916Farmer, Wakefield Nelson .
EDEN Maurice Raincy 19061907Farmer, Wakefield Nelson.
EDENReginald Charles 19061907Farmer, Springrove Nelson .
EDENRobert Tracy 19191919Fireman, NZ Railways,
Taumarunui, Auckland
EDGARFrederick George 1923 1924 Student, Motupipi Road,
EDMUNDSGeorge Vincent 19091911Engineer, Hardy Street
Served in WW1
ELMONDSPercy Augustus 19061908Engineer, Hardy Street
Served in WW1
EDMONDSONPercy Clement 18981902Assistant Master, High
School, Gisborne
EBS Scholar [Town] 1898, `Richmond'
Scholar 1901, `Simmonds' Prize 1902,
University Junior Scholar 1902, B.A. 1909
EDSONNorman Percival 18831884Formerly Chemist, Queen
Street Auckland
EBS [Distant Schools] 1883
Died on 30 Mar 1908
EDWARDSCharles Burg 18661867Retired Farmer Died at Waiheke Island Auckland in 1923
EDWARDSDudley Rutland 18941898Commission Agent and
Sharebroker, F&D Edwards
Ltd., Nelson
Member of Nelson City Council 1921-1925
EDWARDSErnest Greville 1906 1906Clerk, National Bank
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
EDWARDSFrederick George 18831885Land and Estate Agent,
F&D Edwards Ltd., Nelson
EDWARDSHenry Seymur 18821882Poultry Farmer, Petuluma,
717 H Street California
EDWARDSJohn Forrester 18781882Retired, Western Terrace,
Falmouth England
EDWARDSNathaniel William 18781882Indent Merchant, Edwards
& Whinnell, Canbarra
House, 18-19 Silk Street,
London EC
EDWARDS William18671870 . Deceased
EDWARDSWilliam Henry 18871889 . Deceased
EGGLETONRoy Cafrae Holdsworth 1919 1920Clerk Public Trust
Office, Wellington
ELIOTTJohn Gordon 19121915Farmer, Flock House
Station, Bulls
`Houlker Memorial Prize' 1916, Boxing
Champion 1914-1915
Adams Cup [Shooting] 1913, Served in WW1,
2nd Lieutenant
ELLIOTJames Ross 19201923 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
ELLIOTNoel Alexander19121913. Served in WW1
Died of sickness on 07 Nov 1918
ELLIOTTAlfred18561860Formerly Accountant in
Died at Hawera on 12 Feb 1913
One of the first eight pupils who attended
the College on opening day, April 1856
ELLIOTTAlfred1858 1865Formerly Collector of
Customs Christchurch
Died at Wanganui in 1912
ELLIOTTFrederick Alan 19211924Clerk, Levin & Co.,
Ltd., Nelson
ELLIOTTGeorge18561860 .Died at Wanganui on 15 May 1904
ELLIOTTMason Arch Redvers 19141915Salesman, Levin & Co
Ltd., Nelson
ELLISCharles Gilmour Stead 1911 1913Draughtsman, Lands and
Survey Dept,. Wellington
ELLISClaude Everard 18861887Railway Office,
Railway Workshops
Newmarket Auckland
ELLISGuy Reginald 18901891Farmer, Upper Tadmor
EBS [Richmond School] 1890
ELLISHenry Levinge 19041904Late of Motupipi Nelson Served in WW1 and died of wounds
on 30 Mar 1917
ELLISHoward19061909Ngatitama Street, Nelson Served in WW1
ELLISOscar Vincent18891890Dentist, Tripe and Ellis,
EBS [Richmond School] 1888
ELLISPercy Sylvester Gilbert 18861892 Formerly Solicitor Wellington EBS [Richmond School] 1886, `Stafford'
Scholar 1889, `Simmons Prize' 1891,
B.A. 1893, LL.B. 1904
Died in September 1920
ELLISHubert Rowland 18941895Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Wellington
EBS [Richmond School] 1894
EMERSONJohn18781879. EBS [Marlborough] 1878
Saw service in South African War with
Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
Died at Johannesburg South Africa
on 22 Feb 1904
EMERSONJohn Stuart 19031905Clerk, Levin & Co., Ltd,
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
EMERSONWilliam Robert 18961898Barrister & Solicitor, Taihape EBS [Distant Schools] 1896
EMMETTJohn19131913Grocer, 17 Speir Street,
EMMSWilliam Ernest 19151916Fitter, Anchor Foundry Co.,
ENGELAlbert18871887. Deceased
ENGELArthur18821884. In Germany
ENGELBismarck Alma 1885 1887. In Germany
ENGELWalter Helmuth 18771884. In Germany
ENGLANDWilliam Earl 18941894. Palmerston North
ENRIGHTJohn Hayes18861887Merchant, Taylor, Enright
& Co., Westport
EBS [Charleston School] 1886
ENRIGHTTimothy Carr 18901891Mercantile Broker,
28 Richards-Upton Buildings
EBS [Charleston School] 1890
ESTCOURTStanley George 19221924Apprentice, Kershaw's
Engineering Works, Nelson
EVANSClive19181919Clerk, HM Customs,
EVANSErnest Frederick 19201922 Clerk, Winstone's Ltd.,
EVANSHerbert19051907Manager, Dairy Factory,
Mungaroa, Wellington
EVANSJohn1883 1883 . .
EVANSWilliam Pervical [sic]18761880Formerly Professor of
Physics, Canterbury University
College, Christchurch
University Junior Scholar 1880; B.A.,
[Senior Scholar] 1884, M.A., [1st Class
Honours] 1885; PhD. [Giessen]
Retired, living in Kensington Street Wellington
EVERETTAlbert18711874Formerly Draper, Everett
Bros., Nelson; then
Fruitgrower, Pokororo, Nelson
EBS [Town] 1871
EVERETTCharles Alexander 18631867.Died at his residence, Harpenden,
Hertfordshire England on 28 June 1908
EVERETTCharles Gordon 19151916Farmer, Taumarunui Auckland .
EVERETTColin Gordon 19221923Mechanic, Nelson .
Retired, Killara, Sydney,
NSW Australia
EVERETTEdward Henry 19191919Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
EVERETTErnest Percy 18851886.England
EVERETTFrancis Evelyn 18781880Commercial Traveller, 11
Lowther Street Wanganui
EVERETTFrank Gordon 19121914Clerk, Sydney AustraliaServed in WW1
EVERETTGerald Gordon 19101913Clerk, Union Bank of
Australia, Auckland
Senior Sports Cup 1913;
Chaytor Cup [miniature rifle shooting] 1913;
Boxing Champion 1913
Served in WW1
EVERETTGeorge Gordon 19001904 Formerly Lieutenant in 67th
Punjaub Regiment, Indian Army
`Head of School,' 1904
Killed in action, Indian Frontier on 01 05 1917
EVERETTJohn George18851886Accountant, Pitt and Moore,
EVERETTJohn Gordon 19151918Teller, National Bank,
EVERETTRichard Rodney 19221923Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co,. Nelson
EVERETTRoy Edward 19121912Farmer, Motupipi Nelson Served in WW1 M.M.
EVERETTStewart Charles 19091910Formerly Fruitgrower at
Riwaka, Nelson
Served in WW1
Died of sickness on 31 July 1915
EVERETTWilliam Henry 18671870Retired, Gordon, Sydney
NSW Australia
Served in South African War with Army
Medical Corps
EVESCharles Arthur 18901894Teacher, State School,
Hope Nelson
`Tinline' Scholar 1890 `Stafford Scholar 1892
EVESErnest Ethelbert 19061907Telegraphist, Telegraph
Department, Nelson
EVESEric Robert Douglas 19181922Cadet, Land Transfer
Office, Wellington
EVESFrederick Vernon 19201921Farmer, Wai-iti Nelson.
EVESHarvey Ashton 19181918Telegraphist, Telegraph
Department, Westport
EVESNorman Albert James 19141915Farmer, Wai-iti Nelson.
EVESPeter Martin 19191920Dairy Factory Hand,
Auroa Taranaki
EWARTWilliam James 18931894Manager, Government Life
Insurance Department, New
EBS Scholar [Marlborough] 1893
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1893
EXLEYJohn Erington 19191920Electrician, P&R Baillie
& Co., Terrace, Wellington
EYESAlexander Millar 18721873Formerly Clerk of
Court, Lawrence Otago
Died in May 1914
EYLESAshley Charles 1922*. . .
EYLESRobert Edward 19061908Head Teacher, State
School, Brightwater Nelson
FABIANFrederick Brewer 19151915Indent Agent, Universal
Rubber Supply Co.,
Molesworth Street, Wellington
FABIAN Frederick Francis18891890Lately Hotelkeeper, Auckland
P.O. Box 390 Auckland
EBS [Distant Schools] 1889
FAIR Arthur19001904Solicitor General & K.C.
Appointed June 1925
EBS [Distant Schools] 1900
`Barnicoat Prize Essay' 1903; LL.B. 1907
Served in WW1 in Palestine with the
Suffolk Regiment, B.E.F., Captain, M.C.
FAIRJohn Joseph 19131915.Died in Wellington in June 1921
FAIRHALLAlbert Oliver 18971897Civil Servant, 67
Pirie Street Wellington
FAIRHALLGordon Stewart 19081913. Formerly Assistant Engineer, Public
Works Department Wellington
Later Civil Engineer c/o British Vancouver
Electric Light Co., Vancouver Canada
Served in WW1
FAIRHALLLawrence Edward 19071907Farmer, Wakefield Nelson.
FAIRHALLStewart Linwood 1880
Surveyor, Lands & Survey
Department, Invercargill
FAIRHALLWallace Edward 1879 1880Farmer, Wakefield Nelson.
FAIRMANEdwin A19221923166 Hanson Street,
Newtown Wellington
FAIRWEATHERErnest James 1923* . . .
FALCONERJohn Leonard 1917 1919.Lawn Tennis Champion 1918
FALLARobert18711872Formerly Manager for
Bailie & Co., Westport
Died at Lower Hutt Wellington on 11 June 1918
FANZELOWGeorge Humphrey 19111912Clerk Railway Department,
Served in WW1
FANZELOWHenry Allen 19031904Clerk Railway Department,
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
FANZELOWWilliam Stanley 19061907Clerk, Railway Department,
Served in WW1
FARQUHARHenry Alexander 18761877Surveyor, late Lands
and Survey Department,
Homewood Avenue Karori Wellington
An authority on the Natural History of NZ
and a noted contributor of papers to the
Transactions of the NZ Institute
and similar societies in England
FARQUHARJames Alexander 19141914Farmer, Helena Bay,
Whangarei, Auckland
Served in WW1
FATHERSHarold Thomas Malcolm 19031906Teacher, Wellington
College, Wellington
B.A. 1920; B.Sc 1924
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
FAULCONBRIDGEIan 1924* . . .
FAULCONBRIDGERoy 1924* . . .
FAULKNERCharles Frederick18831884Farmer, Stanley Brook
FAULKNERCharles Ronald 19141915Farmer, Tapawera Nelson.
FEARNEdward James 19201921Clerk Welsbach Light Co.,
of Australasia Ltd.,
Inglewood Place Wellington
FEDDERSENFrederick William 19021904Storekeeper, Upper Moutere
FELLAlfred Nolan 18871896Medical Practitioner,
11 Lexden Road,
Colchester England
`Fell' Scholar 1892; Junior University
Scholar 1896; Otago University 1896-1897
then Edinburgh University
M.B., Ch.B. [Edin] 1902; M.R.C.P. [Edin]
and M.D. [Edin] 1906
Served in WW1, Captain, RAMC at Salonika
Represented Nelson [1896] and Otago [1897]
in football.
Represented Edinburgh City vs. Glasgow 1899;
Cities vs. Rest of Scotland 1900;
Represented Edinburgh University in Inter-
Varsity sports in 1899 and subsequent years;
`Muir' Cup 1900; Double Blue; Represented
Scotland 1901-1904;
Captain of University team 1901 which won
the Championship of Scotland
FELLArthur Charles Gregson 19211922Farmer, Nikau Bay,
Havelock Marlborough
FELLCharles Richmond 18931901Barrister and Solicitor,
Fell & Harvey, Nelson
Crown Solicitor LL.B. 1904
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1901
FELLGerald Horton 18961901Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Wellington
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1896 LL.B. 1905
Served in WW1 as Lieutenant. Killed in action
on 07 06 1917
FELLRoderick Buchanan 1920
1920 . .
FELLSeymour1885 1890 Farmer, Bay of Many Coves,
FELLWalter Selwyn 19011902Farmer, Longburn Manawatu.
FELLOWESDarcy Harry 19171918Orchardist, Tahunanui Nelson.
FELLOWESWilliam Ronald 1924* . . .
FIELDErnest1905 1905Master Builder, Penrose
Served in WW1
FIELDEverard Lawrence 1915 1917Farmer, Rockville Nelson .
FIELDGeorge Edwin 1867 1868Retired Farmer 219 Featherston Street Palmerston North
FIELD Godfrey Spence 19181920Farmer, Stoke Nelson .
FIELDHarold Douglas19091909Master Builder, Karori
FIELDHenry Montague 18781880Ironmonger, Wilkins & Field
Hardware Co., Nelson
Lieut. Commander, Port Watch, Petone
Naval Artillery 1890-1898
Member of Nelson Harbour Board 1918-1919
FIELDLeonard Thornton 19201922Farmer, Rockville Nelson Junior Gym Cup 1921, Senior Gym Cup 1922
FIELDLeonard William 19151918Salesman, Wilkins & Field
Hardware Co., Nelson
FIELDLeslie Gordon 19041904Salesman Barraclough & Co.,
New Plymouth
FIELDReginald Lawrence 19021905 Sheepfarmer, Kahui Road,
Rahotu, Taranaki
FIELDSidney Clarence 19071908 Dairy Farmer, Whakamara,
Served in WW1
FIELDThomas Andrew Hemming 18711872Ironmonger, Wilkins & Field
Hardware Co., Nelson
Mayor of Nelson 1911-1912
Member of Parliament for Nelson 1914-1919
Trustee of Cawthron Institute
President Nelson Philosophical Society 1922
President Nelson Chamber of Commerce 1911
FILLUELGerald Roxby 19151918Farmer, Taupata Collingwood
FILLUELWilliam19151916Farmer, Pakawau Nelson.
FINDLAYIvan David 19131913Cabaret Proprietor, `Dixieland'
FINNEYJames Harry 1892 1893Former newspaper proprietor,
`Colonist' Nelson
Died at Nelson on 06 Oct 1923
FINNIGANMaurice Patrick 19041907Clerk, Public Service
Superannuation Board,
FINNIGANWilliam Lawrence 19191923Cadet, Stamp Department
FIRTHJoseph 18731875Formerly Principal of
Wellington College Wellington
[known as J.P. FIRTH]
EBS [Cobden School] 1873
Fourth Master at College 1875-1881
Assistant Master Wellington College 1881-1886.
B.A. 1889
Assistant Master Christ's College Christchurch
until his appointment as Principal of Wellington
College in 1891
Retired in 1920 after a very successful term of office.
Retired to 16 Wade Street, Wadestown Wellington.
FISHERTrevor Platts 1919 1923Music Teacher, Miro
Street Eastbourne Wellington
FISHERWalter Valentine 19121913Clerk, Income Tax
Department, Wellington
Served in WW1
FITTALLAlfred19161917Telegraphist, Post Office,
Kaikoura Marlborough
FITTALLJack19111915Teacher, District High
School, Te Kuiti
Served in WW1
FITZGERALDAllen Franklin 19141916Station Hand, Tolago
Bay Gisborne
FITZGERALDBernard Ralph 1917 1918Sheepfarmer, Whakatutu
FITZGERALDJames Reuben19131914Shepherd, Tolago Bay
FITZGERALDMaurice19011905Formerly Accountant,
Died at Wellington on 25 Mar 1912
FITZGERALDMervyn Russell19171918Station Hand, Tolago
Bay Gisborne
FITZGERALDRonald Gordon19131914Shepherd, Tolago Bay
FLATTHerbert John 1923* .. .
FLEMINGBernard Lucas 1924*. . .
FLEMING Carlyle David George19121913. Served in WW1 with Australian Forces.
Killed in action on 11 08 1918
FLEMINGDouglas 19171919Clerk, Commissioner of
Police Office, Wellington
FLEMINGJack19231924Farm Assistant c/o H.C.
Henderson, Kairuru Motueka
FLEMINGLaurie Henry Nelson 19211922Apprentice, Kershaw's
Engineering Works, Nelson
FLEMINGThomas Reid 18761881Senior Inspector of
Schools, Education Board
Office Dunedin
EBS [Westport School] 1876; `Richmond'
Scholar 1877; `Simmons' Prize 1878;
University Junior Scholar 1878;
`Stafford' Scholar, `Fell' Scholar, and
Head of School 1879; 1st Class Honours,
London University Matric., 1882;
B.A. 1881; M.A. and LL.B. 1888;
A1 Teachers' Certificate, Education Department;
Assistant Master, Wellington College 1881-1886;
Barrister and Solicitor 1888;
Assistant Inspector of Schools, Wellington 1890;
Examiner, Education Board and University;
Teachers' Member, Victoria University College
Council 1898-1917;
Chief Inspector of Schools, Wellington Education
Board 1903-1917;
Chairman, Victoria University College Council 1907-1909;
President, Wellington Branch O.B. Association;
Chairman, Wellington District Court of
Convocation 1898-1917
FLEMMING William Neville 1923 1923 Came from Carterton
FLETCHERAtherton Herbert 1886 1887 Farmer, Collngwood Nelson EBS [Distant Schools] 1886
Chairman Collingwood County Council
FLETCHERHarry Albert 1879 1880Town Clerk, Waipawa
Hawke's Bay
FLETCHERJulian Edward 19191920Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
FLETCHERRalph James 1922* . . .
FLETCHERWilliam Greer 18791880 Assistant Commissioner,
Stamp Department Auckland
FLEWELLYNClifford James 18991902 . Served in WW1
FLOWER Hubert Francis1923 1923 Engineer, Gowan Bridge,
Lake Rotorua Nelson
FLOWERDAYWilliam Hamilton 19121913 Draper, Motueka Served in WW1
FLOWERSAlven John 1924* . . .
FOOKESHenry Egmont1879 1883 Formerly Assistant
Superintendent, Telegraph
Office, New Plymouth
Retired in New Plymouth
FOOKES Thomas Cracroft 18791884Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Stratford Taranaki
Admitted 1890 Retired in New Plymouth
FOOTECharles William 1895 1895 Warehouseman, No. 1
London Street Auckland
FOOTEJohn William 18631865Formerly Draper, Ponsonby
Died at Auckland on 11 Feb 1916
FOOTEJoseph Frank 18651866Formerly Manager Goods
Department, J.H. Cock & Co,.
FORDEdgar Nelson 1912 1914Clerk, Universal Car Co.,
[Ford Service] Nelson
Served in WW1
FORDLeslie Mills 1907 1908Teacher, State School,
Sherry River Nelson
FORRESTRobert1904 1905 Farmer, Rai Valley
FORSYTHAllen Raine 1918 1918 Clerk, Land and Income
Tax Department, Wellington
FORSYTH Andrew Eric 1916 1918 Engineering Student,
Canterbury College
FOWLEREric Dudley 19141917. Died on 29 Jan 1918 at
Springrove Nelson
FOWLERJames Henry 18921894 Chief Clerk and Deputy
Auditor-General, Audit
Office Wellington
EBS [Marlborough] 1892; `Joynt' Scholar 1893
FOWLERNorval Clarence 1916 1916 Engineer c/o Walter
Fowler, Haven Road
FOWLERRonald John Malise 1919 1921 Teacher, Karamea High
School Karamea Westport
FOWLERThomas William18801880Farmer, Wairau Valley
FOXGeoffrey Fynmore 1908 1909 Farm Assistant c/o F.
Livingston, Inaha Hawera
Served in WW1
FOX John Stuart 1909 1910 . Served in WW1, died of sickness on 29 Aug 1916
FOYJames 1888 1891 Barrister and Solicitor
Admitted Solicitor 1899; Barrister 1900
FOYThomas Edward 1874 1876Formerly Manager Bank of
NZ, Te Kuiti Auckland
Retired Sydney
FRANKAdolph John 18801881 Land and Estate Agent,
FRANK Louis Webster 19091912Assistant Accountant,
Bank of NZ, Te Kuiti
FRANKNoel Adolph 19151916Accountant, 8 Blue Street,
North Sydney, Australia
FRANKLYNHarold Willesden 18931895Railway Surfaceman, Wakefeld
FRANKLYNWilliam Norris18791880 Farmer, Wakefield Nelson .
FRASERFrank 1903 1903Merchant, Ingham, Herbert
River, North Queensland
FRASERGordon Norris 1923 1923Fruitgrower, Mahana Nelson.
FRASER Hugh19061908 Sub-Editor, Taranaki
Daily News
New Plymouth
Served in WW1
FRASERJohn Ira 1904 1906 Barrister and Solicitor,
Naseby, Otago
LL.B. 1912
FRASERWilliam A 19041906. Served in WW1 with British Expeditionary Force
Killed in action in 1918
FRAZERFrancis Vernon 18951897. Judge, Court of Arbitration Wellington
EBS [Town] 1895; `Richmond' Scholar 1896;
LL.B. 1905; B.A. 1909; M.A. 1910 with Honours
Admitted Barrister and Solicitor 1906
Stipendiary Magistrate 1911
Chairman Public Service Appeal Board, and
Chairman Post and Telegraph Appeal Board 1918;
Assistant Public Service Commissioner 1920;
Judge Court of Arbitration 1921
FRAZERJohn1859 1860Formerly in Post and
Telegraph Department Dunedin
Died at Christchurch on 03 July 1913
FREEMANGeorge Wilfred Ray 19141916 Electrical Engineer,
Dannevirke Hawke's Bay
FROSTArthur William Northam 19171918Clerk, E Buxton & Co.,
Ltd., Nelson
FROSTEllis Spencer 1922* . . .
FROSTFarrant George19201921Carpenter, c/o
H. Baigent Nelson
FROSTGeorge Henry Daniel 19221924 Motor Mechanic, Marlborough
Farmers'Garage, Nelson
FROSTGilbert 1924* . . .
FROST Maurice George 1921 1914
Clerk, Anchor Shipping
Co., Nelson
FROSTOswald Keith 1922 1924Clerk, NZ Loan and
Mercantile Co., Nelson
FROSTReginald Ashton 19231924 Clerk, Union Bank of
Australia, Ltd., Nelson
FULLERJames Alexander 19131916Clerk, Bank of NZ,
FURNESSRoy Patterson 1898 1902Proprietor Marlborough
EBS [Marlborough] 1898; B.A. 1905;
Winner Senior Sports Cup 1902
Member of Executive, Marlborough Progress
President Marlborough Automobile Association
Vice President South Island Motor Union
GADSBYTopham1905 1906 . Died at Wellington in September 1921
GAFFEYChristopher John 19221924 Evening Mail Office
GAFFNEYHenry George 19231924 Messenger, Telegraph
Department Nelson
GALBREATHGeorge Robertson 1921-4
. Cadet, Lands and Survey
Department Nelson
GALBREATHJohn Armour 1919 1921Carpenter, Richmond Nelson.
GALLIEJohn18671868Retired Sheepfarmer, 29 Glen
Road Kelburn Wellington
GANNAWAY Arthur18951897 Electrician, 25 Toro Street,
Duries Hill Wanganui
GAPPERBernard Richard 18941895Head Master, State
School Millerton Westport
GAPPERHenry Carrington 1924*. . .
GARBETTAlbert Lester 1919 1919Clerk, Royal Insurance
Co., Featherston Street
GARDNERFrederick William 1924*. . .
GARRETTNoel1910. . Served in WW1 with Royal Artillery, B.E.F.
Transferred to RAF
Died at Sydney in May 1923
GASKELLJohn Milner 1924 1924 Salesman, Auckland Drapery
Co., Nelson
GAUKRODGERFrederick1895 1897 15 Joyce Street,
Elwood Melbourne Australia
GAUKRODGERJames18851886 Formerly of Foxhill Nelson EBS [Waimea] 1885
Died at Sydney on 13 July 1913
GAYNORCharles William 1920 1922Formerly in Nelson Workers'
Cooperative Society
Came from Nelson
GEANGEStanley Jacob Avery1918 1920Farmer Hutt Valley
GEDDESJohn Hugh Zealand19081909Formerly of Post and
Telegraph Department
Served in WW1
Died of wounds at sea [Gallipoli May 1915]
GEMMILLLeslie Donald 1914 1914Clerk, Railway Department
GENTRY Charles 1861 1861 . Deceased
GEORGE Frederick Nelson 1856 1858. Formerly of Auckland
Well-known as the owner of `Nelson,'
and other famous racehorses.
Was Captain in the 3rd Waikato Regiment
in 1863 and Major in 1865, and served in
the Maori War with his Regiment.
Was a Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute.
Died at Bournemouth England in October 1914
GEORGEDouglas Gray 19041906Accountant, George's
Proprietary, Collins Street
Melbourne Australia
Served in WW1, Flight Lieutenant RAF
GEORGEGeorge1863 1864 Formerly Manager for
Shuttleworth Bros.,
Merchants, New Plymouth
Died at New Plymouth 24 Mar 1919
GEORGEHenry18631864 Overseer, Taranaki County
Council, New Plymouth
GEORGEKeith Harrison 19021906 .Served in WW1 as Lieutenant with Australian
Forces. Mentioned in despatches
Killed in action 07 11 1916
GEORGEWilliam Stanley 19011902Medical Practitioner
110 Finchley Road,
Hampstead London
M.D. [London], M.D., B.S. [Melbourne] M.R.C.S.,
L.R.C.P. Served in WW1 as Captain Royal Army
Medical Corps
GIBBARDCaleb19171920Driver, Freeman & Sons
Winner Senior Gym Cup 1919
GIBBARDDavid Edward 19081910Barrister and Solicitor,
B.A., LL.M., [Hons] 1923
GIBBONSKenneth19181923Student Canterbury College
`Richmond' Scholar 1921, University Junior
Scholar 1922
GIBBONSWilliam John 1861 1863Late Proprietor, Crown
Hotel Port Ahuriri Napier
Formerly in service of Anchor Shipping Co.,
as Captain, S.S. Waverley
Died on 10 Apr 1909
GIBBSArthur Charles 19161917 Farmer, Wakefield Nelson .
GIBBS Anthony 1924*. ..
GIBBS Cosmo Philip 1924* . . .
GIBBSFrederick Giles 1879 1887Formerly Head Master,
Central Public School, Nelson
`Simmon' Prize and `Newcome' Scholar 1884;
University Junior Scholar 1887; B.A. [Senior
Scholar] 1889;
M.A. [1st Class Hons] 1890; Assistant Master
Appointed Head Master Central School 1893
Trustee of the Cawthron Institute and Nelson
School of Music;
Secretary of the Nelson Philosophical Society;
Prominent in many phases of public life and
utility in Nelson.
Retired from Head Mastership of Boys' Central
School Nelson in 1923
GIBBSHenry Edward1885 1892 Medical Practitioner, 180
Willis Street Wellington
M.B and Ch.B. [Edinburgh] 1898;
Resident Physician, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
1898; Resident Surgeon Liverpool Children's
Hospital 1899;
L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P, 1899; F.R.C.S.E., 1891-1892
GIBBSJohn Herbert 18841889 Medical Practitioner, 10
Manor Place Edinburgh
L.D.S. [NZ] 1893; L.D.S. [Edin] 1898; L.R.C.S.
and L.R.C.P. [Edin] 1899; F.R.C.S.E. 1904;
Earned eight bronze medals, one gold and one
silver medal during course; passed three out of
four sections of exams for L.R.C.P. and
L.R.C.S. with distinction;
Demonstrator and Lecturer, Dental Hospital
Edinburgh 1898-1900
GIBBSSydney Alfred 1881 1886Medical Practitioner, Nelson `Simmons' Prize 1888; M.B. C.M. [Edin]
1890; F.R.C.S.E. Examiner in Medicine to
NZ University 1900
President NZ Branch British Medical
Association 1902
Appointed a Member of the Board of
Governors, Nelson College 1907 and has filled
the position of Chairman on several occasions.
President of the Nelson College Old Boys'
Association, 1903-1913
Member of Nelson City Council
Retired Lieutenant Colonel NZ Medical Corps
[Long-service decoration]
GIBBSSydney Hamilton 1922* . . .
GIBBS William Keith 19201920Chemist's Assistant, Richmond
GIBLINAlan Neal 19171920Teacher, State School,
Glenhope Nelson
Represented Nelson frequently at cricket and hockey
GIBLINLouis Herbert 1911 1913Clerk, Bank of NZ Hawera Served in WW1
GIBLINMaurice Martin 19071908Fruitgrower, Richmond Nelson Served in WW1
GIBLINVernon Cuthbert 19161917 Engineer, Stoke Nelson .
GIBLINWilfred Robert 1909 1910 Gardener, Brook Street
Served in WW1
GIBSONAusten Wendall Leigh 1916 1920 Assistant Salesman, Vacuum
Oil Co., Wellington
`Stafford' Scholar 1919
Selector and member of Committee, Wellington
Mercantile Cricket League
GIBSONDonald19101910Came from Wellington.
GIBSONHarrison 18631864Formerly of Stratford
Died in 1899
GIBSON Joseph Francis 1907 1908Miner, Denniston Westport .
GIBSONWilliam Edmund 18901892Medical Practitioner, Timaru M.B. Ch.B. [NZ] 1900; M.R.C.S. [England]
and L.R.C.P. [London] 1903
GIESLERFrancis George William 1922 . . .
GIFFORDEdward John19121914Relieving Clerk of Courts,
Justice Department Wellington
Served in WW1
GILBERTAlfred Edward 1903 1903 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Served in WW1
GILBERTAlan Fleetwood 19021903Orchardist, 29 Palmer
Street Wellington
GILBERTAlbert Jack 1924* . ..
GILBERT Ernest Charles 18871889Dentist, Patea Taranaki.
GILBERTReginald George Channing 18991901Public Accountant, Nelson Formerly in National Bank, Nelson
EBS [Distant Schools] 1899
GILBERTRobert 1920 1920Fruitgrower, Stoke Nelson .
GILBERT William Stanley 19091909Fruitgrower, Riwaka Nelson Served in WW1
GILLFrancis Henry 19101911Dairyman, Wakapuaka Nelson.
GILLAMHugh Henry 19181919Solicitor c/o W. Lind
Mitchell, Auckland
GILMERHugh Carter 19011902Farmer, 26 Lancing Road
GILMOREdward John 1897 1899 Schoolmaster, State School,
Lepperton Taranaki
EBS [Distant Schools] 1897
GILMOURAlexander 1866 1866 . Late of New Plymouth, deceased
GILMOURArchibald19211923Came from Seddonville,
West Coast
GILMOURArthur John 19061911 Formerly Dental Student,
Otago University Dunedin
Served in WW1, died of wounds
on 03 Oct 1916
GLASGOWAlfred Edgar 18831885Colonel, British Army,
United Service Club,
Pall Mall London W.
C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Croix de Guerre;
Mentioned in despatches. Served in WW1
with B.E.F. as Brigadier-General
GLASGOWArthur Harold 18821883Manager, Union Bank of
Australia Ltd., Christchurch
GLASGOWFrancis Bernard 18801883Late Manager, Union
Bank of Australia Ltd.,
Rangiora Canterbury
Retired 1926
GLASGOWJohn 18921892Barrister and Solicitor
[Glasgow, Hayes and Rout]
LL.B. 1901
GLASGOW John Philip 1922* . . .
GLASGOWStead Vincent 1916 1924Law Student, Canterbury
College Christchurch
GLASGOWTheodore18791883Cronulla Sydney, NSW
GLASGOWWilliam Bernard 1909 1910Law Clerk [Roy, Nicholson
and Bennett] Waitara
Served in WW1
GLASGOWWilliam James19161923Law Student, Canterbury
College Canterbury
GLASGOWWilliam James Theodore 18791883Retired Brigadier General,
British Army, Botley Hants.
Military Cadetship 1883;
Went to Sandhurst, and after passing Sandhurst
examinations, received commission in 2nd Surrey
[Queen's] Regiment, Aden, and saw service in
Burma and in the Chitral campaign, with medal
and four clasps.
Served in WW1 with B.E.F. as Brigadier-General,
C.M.G. Mentioned in despatches
GLOVERArthur19091909 .Came from Nelson
GLOVEREdward Lewis 19101910Grocer, High Street
Motueka Nelson
Served in WW1
GLOVERGeorge Alexander 19221923 Farmer, Awa Nelson .
GODFREYEdward 18671868 . Deceased
GODFREYHenry Charles 1866 1868Formerly Merchant, [H.C.
Godfrey & Co.] Christchurch
Died at Christchurch on 13 June 1921
GOOCH Arthur Henry 19051907Clerk, Government Life
Insurance Dept., Auckland
Winner Junior Gym Cup 1906
Served in WW1
GOODALLKenneth Bryan 1904 1905Farmer, Tapawera Nelson .
GOODWINJohn Archibald 19051905Telegraphist, Post and
Telegraph Dept., Levin
Served in WW1
GORDONAthol Reggie 19211921Electrician, 58 Aro Street
GORDONDouglas Alexander 1898 1899Formerly Chemist Died in Melbourne on 04 Feb 1925
GORDONLeslie John 19201920Electrician, 58 Aro Street
GORMANFrederick William 19071910Salesman, Kempthorne,
Prosser & Co., Wellington
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1907-1908
Served in WW1
GORRIEHenry Thomson 18641865Formerly partner in
A. Buckland & Co., Ltd., Auckland
Winner of Judge Johnston's Belt in 1865
Died at Auckland on 4 Nov 1922
Note from Relatives:
The Henry Thomson GORRIE of A.
Buckland & Co., Ltd, who died on 4 Nov
1922, is recorded as a student of Auckland
Grammar School to the end of 1864 and
this entry may refer to someone else.
GORRIERoy James 19231924Carpenter c/o Chamberlain
& Stannard, Nelson
GOTTY George 18611864. Died at Taumarunui 1919
GOTTYJohn18601864Formerly Farmer, Bulls Died on 01 Nov 1917
GOULSTONENewton Henry 18781878Carpenter, Opotiki, Bay
of Plenty Auckland
GOULSTONEWilliam Fitzhugh 18781878Dentist, Onehunga Auckland.
GOVETTRobert Henry 18631865 Formerly Chief Clerk in
Colonial Secretary's Dept.,
Government Buildings,
Died at Hong Kong in 1906
GRACEAlfred Fearon 19051909Reporter, NZ Herald
`Hawke's Bay Old Boy's Prize' 1908 [equal]
`Simmons' Prize' 1909
Vice Chairman Parliamentary Press Gallery 1924
GRACEHenry Te Horonuku
19221924Farm Assistant, c/o L.M.
Grace, Russell Terrace
GRACEHumphrey Gilbert 1901 1903Major, 5th [King Edward's
Own] Probyn's Horse,
Kohat, N.W. Frontier
Province India
Granted Commission from Nelson College
in Manchester Regiment 1904
Qualified for Indian Staff Corps 1905
Appointed Squadron Officer, 21st P.A.V.O.
Cavalry, 1906.
Transferred to Probyn's Horse 1924
Saw service in Mohmand, Muranshah,
Waziristan and Mahsud.
Served in WW1 in Mesopotamia M.C.
GRACEJohn Henry 19081908Mining Student, Washington
Valley, Nelson
GRACERichard Tukino Fairfax 19111913Surgeon Attached to the
Royal Air Force, R.A.F.
Hospital, Hinaidi Baghdad
M.B. Ch.B. 1922; Junior Sports Cup 1911
[equal]; Senior Sports Cup 1912;
Marjoribanks Shield 1912
Record Putting the Shot 1912
Served in WW1 with B.E.F.
GRAHAMHubert1870 1872 . Deceased EBS [Town] 1870
GRAHAMJohn18951898Barrister and Solicitor,
B.A. 1901; LL.B. 1904
GRAHAMJohn1924* . . .
GRANGEJohn Theodore 19131914Engineer, S.S. Maunganui,
c/o U.S.S. Co., Wellington
GRANTAlfred18741875Came from the West Coast.
GRANTHemi Matenga 1914 1914 Clerk, Grant Bros. and
Co., Nelson
GRANTNoel Lester Hall19121912Motor Driver, Grant Bros.
and Co., Nelson
Served in WW1
GRANTStanley Robert19181919Clerk, Butterworth Bros.,
GRANTThomas Eric19201921Sawmiller, Bainham Nelson.
GRANVILLE Harry Norman 1922*. . .
GRAVESPhilip Vernon 19101914Medical Practitioner, Public
Hospital, Palmerston North
Served in WW1. M.B., Ch.B. 1925
GRAYDavid Sutherland 1863 1863 Formerly of W. and G.
Turnbull & Co., Wellington
Died at Wellington on 11 Jan 1904
GRAYMalcolm Kennedy 19111911Medical Practitioner, Mount
Vernon, Northwood London
M.B. Ch.B. [NZ] 1921
GREENAlfred Charles 18821883Clerk, 101 Ingestre
Street Wanganui
GREENArthur Ernest18751876Waipawa, Hawke's Bay.
GREENEdward Marchant 1863 1868 . Deceased. `Stafford' Scholar 1866
GREENEdward Neville 19131914 Lately Engineer, Power
Station, Evans Bay Wellington
GREENGeorge18751876Formerly of `The Sands,'
Died at Nelson on 08 Sep 1925
GREENJames Burns 18631868Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Alfredton Wairarapa
Died on 13 Oct 1913.
`Stafford' Scholar 1867
GREENJames Oswald William 1924*. . .
GREENPercy Felix 19021903Fruitgrower, Spring Grove
Served in WW1
GREENStanley Wallace 18971898Settler, Whakataki Wairarapa.
GREENAWAYPercival Herbert William 19191920 . .
GREENEMDavid Wallace 19201920Clerk, Post Office,
Martinborough Wairarapa
GREENFIELDAlfred Knyvett18841886Contractor, Castlecliff
GREENFIELDCharles Pennefather 19111912Eastern Extension
Telegraph Co., Wellington
GREENFIELDFrancis Edmund 18781879Surveyor, Cathedral Square
Formerly in service of Lands and Survey Dept.
GREENSILLJohn Frederick Robert 19161918Seaman, Barquentine
Louis Therold, Auckland
GREENSLADEAlan Kenneth 1924*. . .
GREENSLADEArthur Edmund 1897
Land and Estate Agent,
GREENSLADERoger1918 1920 Seaman, c/o Anchor Shipping
Co., Nelson
GREENSLADEWilliam19221923 Clerk, Bank of NZ, Head
Office, Wellington
GREENWOODAlfred18631864Formerly teacher of Music,
Died in England in June 1912
GREENWOODArthur18631864. Deceased
GREENWOODFrederick Hugh 19111914Farmer, Ngatimoti Nelson Served in WW1
GREENWOODHarry Field 18781879Formerly of the Bank of
Died at Kalgoorlie, West Australia
GREENWOODJohn Moore 1921 1923Electrician c/o P.R. Baillie
and Co., Wellington
Champion shot 1922-1923;
Adams Cup [shooting] 1922-1923;
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1922
GREENWOODRoger Alfred 1891 1893 Farmer, Urenui, Taranaki EBS [Distant Schools] 1891;
`Joynt' Scholar 1892
GREGGIan Gunnion 19231923c/o Dr. Gregg, Picton .
GREGORIEDavid George 19131915Sheepfarmer, The Gorge,
Pahiatua Wellington
Served in WW1 Cadet, RAF
GREGORIEFrederick Charles 19141917Sheepfarmer, The Gorge,
Pahiatua Wellington
GREIGArthur Gray 19011903Teacher, Carluke School,
Flat Creek, Marlborough
EBS [Waimea] 1901
Served in WW1
GREIG Bernard David Arthur 1923* . ..
GRIFFINAllan Biss 1920* . ..
GRIFFINArthur Reynolds 18981898Architect, Nelson .
GRIFFINCharles Howard 1907 1910Clerk, Griffin & Sons, Ltd.,
Served in WW1
GRIFFINDonald Hollis 1922* . . .
GRIFFINFrank Hollis 1924* . ..
GRIFFIN George Augustus 19091910Farmer, Richmond Nelson Served in WW1
GRIFFINHenry Reynolds 19141914 Farmer, Richmond Nelson.
GRIFFINJohn Leslie 1905 1908Public Accountant, Clark,
Menzies, Griffin and
Ross, Wellington
B.Com, 1915
`Hawke's Bay Old Boys' Prize' 1908 [equal]
GRIFFIN Kenneth Massey 19111913Government Analyst, Auckland M.Sc [1st Class Hons]
Associate Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain;
Fellow of Chemical Society NZ University
Half-Mile Championship and record, 1922
Wellington Provincial and NZ University
Half-Mile and Mile Championships 1923
GRIFFINRobert Richardson 1922 1924Clerk, Griffin & Sons, Ltd.,
GRIFFITHArthur Charles19221923Farm Assistant, Tapawera
GRIFFITHSEthelbert Whitney 19021902Manager, Auckland
Co-operative Egg Circle,
GRIFFITHSGordon 19131913Flaxmiller, Birchfield Westport.
GRIFFITHSLawrence Wyndon 19161917 Farmer, Birchfield Westport Boxing Champion 1917
GRIFFITHSLewis18881889 Formerly Land and Estate
Agent, Blenheim
EBS [Marlborough] 1888
Died at Blenheim on 31 Jan 1923
GRIFFITHSNorris18601861 Formerly of Blenheim Winner of first Wairau Scholarship
Died at Blenheim in June 1915
GRIGGJohn Reginald 1915 1919Teacher, District High
School, Motueka
Represented Victoria College in University
athletic tournament.
Represented Motueka-Golden Bay Seddon
Shield 1924
Represented Golden Bay-Nelson-Marlborough
in `All Black' trial match
GRIGGWilliam19031904Police Force, Sydney NSW .
GRIMMETTErnest Edgar Flamark 1903 1905 Engineer, Union Street,
Havelock Marlborough
GRIMMETTRobert Edmund Richard 19141917Analyst, Government
Laboratory, Wellington
M.Sc 1924 [2nd Class Hons]
GUINNESSArthur Hindmarsh 1911 1911 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Kaitaia North Auckland
GUINNESSJohn Leslie 19141914Clerk, National Bank of NZ,
GULLYBenjamin Philip 18861887Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd.,
EBS [Town] 1886
GULLY Harry Vincent 18641868Retired Barrister & Solicitor,
12 Upland Crescent Wellington
`Fell' Scholar 1865. Admitted 1874
For 35 years Town Clerk of Nelson
GULLYHugh1866 1873Formerly Barrister & Solicitor
[Bell, Gully, Bell and Myers]
Crown Prosecutor and Crown
Admitted Barrister and Solicitor 1879
University Junior Scholar 1872
Died at Wellington on 24 Nov 1907
GULLYHugh18951896Farm Assistant, Springrove
EBS [Town] 1895
GULLYLewis Vincent 19031906Formerly Marine Engineer,
Anchor Shipping Co., Nelson
Served with Royal Navy in WW1
Killed in action at sea on 11 02 1918
GUNDERSONGeorge Thomas Scott 1922*. . .
GUNNDonald19061907Accountant, Gollin & Co.,
Served in WW1
GUNNVernon Robert 18941895Secretary & Chief Accountant,
J.B. McEwan & Co. Ltd.,
EBS [Richmond School] 1894
Served in South African War [1899-1902]
GUNNINGEric John 19071908Storekeeper, Shannon,
Served in WW1
GUNNING Noel 19161918Salesman, Gunning's Ltd.,
Shannon, Wellington
GUNNINGWilliam Arthur 19141918Surveyor's Assistant,
c/o Jickell and Gilmour,
Civil Engineers & Surveyors,
Palmerston North
GURKETTWilliam19201920Came from Nelson.
GUYWalter Alexander
19031904 Formerly Farmer at
Ngatimoti, Nelson
Served in WW1 and killed in action
on 27 03 1918

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