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SURNAME            FORENAMES                FROM TO   OCCUPATION                           NOTES                                                                              
KAIPUKEWilliam 19131913Farmer, Gisborne .
KATTERNSWilliam James 18811883Farmer, Katikati, Auckland.
KAYReginald Vincent 19081911Barrister and Solicitor,
Stratford, Taranaki
LL.B. 1920; Served in WW1
President Victoria College, Students' Association, 1916
Represented Victoria College in athletic tournaments,
1914 and 1915
KEARNSNeil Reigh 1921 1921 Horsetrainer, Hope, Nelson .
KEBBELLEdward Mayo 1897 1897Sheepfarmer, Pahautanui,
KEIROOZ Stephen Habib 1922 1923 Law Clerk, Maginnity Son
& Samuel, Nelson
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1922
KEITHHugh Arthur Neill 19171919c/o Abel Dykes & Co.,
Shortland Street, Auckland
KEITHIan Herbert Neill 19171917Electrical Engineer, 21 Mining
Chambers, Exchange Lane,
Senior Sports Cup and Marjoribanks Shield, 1917
Served in WW1 in RAF
KELLINGArthur Ernest Fedor 18961897 Tuamarina, Blenheim.
KELLINGErnest Charles 1858 1864Formerly Clerk of S.M.
Court, Nelson
Retired, Nile Street, Nelson
KELLINGFedor Kuskop 1878 1881Formerly in service of
Government Life Insurance
EBS [Waimea] 1878;
Well known in Chess circles as Hon. Sec. and Treasurer
of NZ Chess Association Chess Champion 1908
Retired, 16 Poro Street, Wellington
KELLINGRobert Charles Ferdinand 1857 1859Formerly Farmer, Hope,
Died at Hope on 10 05 1918
KELLINGTheodore Francis19131913Taxi Driver, Motueka, Nelson.
KELLYArthur Harold 18841884Inspector of Machinery,
W. Winston Avenue, Govans,
Baltimore, USA
KELLYErnest G. 1909 1909 Came from Nelson .
KELLYHenry Douglas 1922 1924 Cadet, Lands and Survey
Department, Nelson
KELLYJohn Frederick 18821884 . EBS [Town] 1882
Deceased, accidentally shot at Rifle Butts, Nelson, on
18 03 1884 [while at College] and succumbed to his injuries
KELSEYJohn Owen 1918 1918Manager, Lawrence and
Hanson Electrical Co.,
Hastings, Hawkes Bay
KEMBLEThomas Philip 18801881 Formerly Farmer, Rangitumau,
Died at Lower Hutt, Wellington on 30 07 1918
KEMPHarold Norman 1915 1919Motor Driver, Newman
Brothers, Nelson
KEMPHerbert George 1911 1912Secretary and Engineer,
Ashburton Electrical Power
Board, Ashburton A.M.I.C.E.
Served in WW1 with Royal Engineers B.E.F. as a
Despatch Rider
KEMP James Frank 1913 1916 Farmer, Korito, New Plymouth.
KEMPTHORNEArthur Selwyn 18991901Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Adelaide, South Australia
KEMPTHORNEFrederick Maurice 19031907 Anglican Minister, Ashurst,
B.A. 1915
KEMPTHORNEGeoffrey Aldous 1913 1916 Farmer, Eve's Valley,
Waimea West, Nelson
KEMPTHORNEHarold Samson 18951897Formerly of Eastern Extension
Telegraph Co., and afterwards
farming in the Waikato
Served in WW1 as Lieutenant in Artillery B.E.F.
Killed in action on 24 08 1917
KEMPTHORNEJohn Arnold 18951896 Anglican Minister, Morrinsville,
KEMPTHORNELeonard Stanley 1900 1903Anglican Bishop in
Polynesia, Suva, Fiji
EBS [Town] 1900
London Matric. [1st Class] 1906
KENNEDYJames Joseph 1866 1866 Farmer, Berkeley House,
KENNEDYWilfred 19061908Formerly in Lands & Survey
Department, New Plymouth
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 10 08 1915
KENNINGDavid Dick 19181919Clerk, J.H. Cock and Co.,
Ltd., Wanganui
KENNINGTONAlfred Haldon 1920 1921Farmer, Grassmere, Blenheim.
KERRDavid Ronald 1916 1917 Farmer, East Takaka, Nelson .
KERRHoward19141915 Carrier c/o E.G. Kerr,
Murchison, Nelson
KERRJohn18811884Formerly in Agricultural
Department, Hamilton, Waikato
Retired in Thames, Coromandel, Auckland
KERRJohn Andrew Bathurst 18931894 Formerly of Tauranga Served in WW1 with Australian Forces [Camel Corps]
Killed in action on 19 04 1917
KERRJohn Robert 19141919Barrister and Solicitor, Nelson LL.B. 1923;`Stafford' Scholar 1918
KERRLeonard Ray 1916 1917Captain, Castlecliff Fire
Brigade, Wanganui
Junior Swimming Cup 1917
KERR Norman Louis 19031903 Jeweller, Louis Kerr Ltd,
KERRRobert 18741875Formerly Proprietor, Brightwater
Hotel, Brightwater, Nelson
Died at Stoke on 11 01 1915
KETTLECharles Cargill 18621863Formerly District Judge and
Stipendiary Magistrate,
Auckland; District Judge
for Taranaki, Wanganui
and Wairarapa Districts.
Appointed 1890 Barrister and Solicitor 1873
The first native-born New Zealander to be appointed to
the office as Judge
Died at Auckland on 18 12 1918
KEYSBenjamin1895 1897Barrister and Solicitor,
Tepuke, Tauranga
EBS [Marlborough] 1895; `Joynt' Scholar 1896
KIDDArthur Milne 1900 1901 Builder and Contractor,
Worcester Street, Linwood,
KIDSON Alfred Benny 1906 1907 Clerk, F&B Edwards Ltd.,
Served in WW1
KIDSON Charles Idrys 1910 1915 Civil Engineer, Armstrong
Whitworth & Co., Ltd.,
B.E. [Civil] 1922; `Simmons Prize' 1915;
University Junior Scholar 1915;
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1914
KIDSONEdward 1896 1900Assistant Director,
Commonwealth Bureau of
Meteorology, Melbourne,
EBS [Town] 1896; `Richmond' Scholar 1897;
`Stafford' Scholar 1898; University Junior Scholar 1900;
Sir George Grey Science Scholar and Exhibition Physical
Science, Canterbury College, 1903;
B.Sc. [Senior Scholar] 1904; M.Sc. [1st Class Hons] 1905;
B.A. 1906; M.A. [1st Class Hons] 1907; D.Sc. 1924
Magnetic Observer, Carnegie Institute, Washington D.C.
Observer in Charge, Magnetic Observatory, Watheroo,
West Australia
Served in WW1 with Royal Engineers, B.E.F., Captain
O.B.E. [Military Division] Mentioned in Despatches
KIDSONEdward Winton 19131918 Teacher, State School, Gordon
Downs, Kohatu, Nelson
`Richmond' Scholar 1916; `Andrew Memorial Prize' 1918;
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1914
KIDSONHarold Percy 19011905 Head Master, Hutt Valley
High School
Formerly Inspector, Secondary Schools, Education
Department, Wellington
EBS [Town] 1901; `Fell' Scholar 1902,
`Richmond' Scholar 1903; University Junior Scholar, 1905;
M.A. 1909; B.Sc. 1913; University Travelling Scholarship
Formerly Assistant Master, Boys' College, Nelson and
Boys' High School, Christchurch;
Secretary, Nelson College Old Boys' Association for
several years
KIDSON John Oxley 1922*. . .
KIDSON Reginald George 19181918Draper, c/o G. Kidson,
Collingwood Street, Nelson
KILMINSTER Kenneth G.19141914. Died on 10 11 1914
KILMISTERFrederick 1913 1914 Farmer, Karori, Wellington.
KILMISTERLawrence Victor 19141915Farmer, Karori, Wellington .
KINGEliot Millar 19051910Director, Newton King Ltd.,
New Plymouth
Winner Junior Gym Cup, 1907
Served in WW1 as Flight Lieutenant, RAF B.E.F.
Croix de Guerre
KINGFrancis Thomas 1918 1920Chemist's Assistant, 4
Courtenay Place, Wellington
KINGGeoffrey John 19051909Student, Victoria College,
`Tinline' Scholar, 1905;
`Andrew Memorial Prize' [equal], 1909;
University Junior Scholar, 1909;
B.A. 1921; M.A. 1924
KING George Howard 18971897Draughtsman, Lands and
Survey Department, Nelson
KINGLeonard William 19051907 Formerly on staff of L.D.
Nathan & Co., Ltd., Auckland
Died at Sydney 03 07 1922
KING Truby 1903 1906 Barrister and Solicitor,
Stratford, Taranaki
LL.B. 1911
KINGWalter John 19051912Barrister and Solicitor,
Hamilton, Waikato
LL.B. 1921; Head of School 1911 and 1912;
Served in WW1, Captain, M.C.
KINGWilliam John 18981899 Formerly in Union Bank,
KINGDONBasil1901 1903Farmer, Ohaewai, Auckland Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant, M.S.M.
KINGDONJohn Stewart 19031903Farmer, Ohaewai, Auckland Served in WW1
KINGDONRichard Guy Thurston 19161917 Clerk, Anglo-South
American Bank, Mendoza,
KINGDONRoger Audley 1899 1903Harvey, West Australia Served in WW1 with Australian Forces
KINGDONRoger William Willesley 18711878Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Nelson
Died at Nelson on 18 07 1903
KINGSLEYCharles Henderson Field 19141916 Dairy Farmer, Whangamoa,
KINGSWELLWilliam B 1877 1878.Died in Queensland in 1909
KINZETTBert19151916 Farmer, 140 Rangitikei Street,
Palmerston North
KINZETTClarence Arthur19121913Salesman, E. Buxton & Co.,
KIRKFrederick William Leonard 18821883Formerly Town Clerk,
Opotiki, Auckland
Died at Opotiki in September 1910
KIRKRichard MacKay 1921* . . Junior Gym Cup 1922; Junior Swimming Cup 1924
KITCHINGArthur Hardy18941897Shipping Manager, T.&W.
Young, Wellington
EBS [Town] 1894; `Richmond' Scholar 1895;
`Simmons' Prize 1897
Associated Institute of Accountants [A.I.A.N.Z.]
KITCHING Charles Edwin 1907 1909 . Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant Observer RAF
KITCHINGFrank Percival 1900 _ . EBS [Town] 1900
Died at Wellington on 29 10 1917
KLEINCharles Bertram 1877 1878 Jewel Merchant, 58 Hamilton
Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington
[name spelt KLINE]
KLEINJoseph Philip 18771878 Jewel Merchant, 180 Rose
Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne,
[name spelt KLINE]
KNAPPAlfred Walter 19091913Clerk, Lands and Survey
Department, Auckland
Served in WW1
KNAPPClifford Vincent 19131917Clerk, Public Trust Office,
KNAPPEryl Leslie Montague 1914 1915 Clerk, Railway Department,
Mount Eden, Auckland
KNAPPFrederick Vincent 18781880Formerly Head Master, Girls'
Central School, Nelson
Retired in Nelson
Trustee Suter Art Gallery and Vice President Nelson Institute
KNAPPGeorge Wilson 19111914 Clerk, Public Works Department
Head Office, Wellington
KNAPPKeith Elsdon 19181922Law Student, Victoria College,
KNAPPRussel Harvey 19081913 .Formerly of Public Trust Office, Wellington
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 23 06 1917
KNAPPStanley Raymond 1921* . . `Stafford' Scholar, 1924 [equal]
KNAPPTrevor1916 1918Farmer, Spring Grove, Nelson .
KNELLIvo William Burnett 1920 1922Clerk, NZ Refrigerating Co.,
KNOWLESArthur Hamilton 18731873Clerk, 12 Ruahine Street,
Palmerston North
KNYVETTEdmund Henry John 1919 1922Student, Training College,
2nd Lieutenant NZ Territorials [Nelson-Marlborough-
West Coast Regiment]
Adams Cup [shooting] 1921
KYNGDONGeorge Norman Leatham 1908 1909Clerk, Union Steamship Co.,
New Plymouth
KYTEHugh Albert 19031904. Drowned on voyage from Suva to Auckland on 21 06 1907
LADDJohn1876 1879Gardener, Renwicktown,
LADLEYHarry18711872 Formerly Schoolmaster,
Grovetown, Blenheim
Died at Blenheim on 25 10 1909
LADLEYHarry Clement Norman 18961899Solicitor, Marton `Tinline' Scholar 1896
LADLEYMaurice Albert 18961898Marine Engineer, c/o Anchor
Shipping Co., Nelson
LADLEYWalter18571859Formerly Assistant Inspector
of Schools, Nelson
LADLEYWalter Edward Hern 1894 1895 Clerk, Post and Telegraph
Department, Auckland
LAINGRichard James 19211923Clerk, Bank of NZ, Ashburton .
LAMBIEGeorge 1901 1902Farmer, Bulls, Rangitikei.
LAMMASMervin Meredith 19211922Letter-carrier, Post Office,
Wakefield, Nelson
LANCASTERRoy19131919Engineer's Assistant, Public
Works Department, Tahora,
`Newcombe' Scholar 1917; B.E. [Civil] 1925
LANDELSJohn Douglas 1894 1895Agent, Balclutha, Otago Died 1941, Balclutha, Otago
LANGBEINCharles Henry 19081912Assistant Engineer, Public
Works Department, Glenhope,
Hawkes Bay Old Boys' Prize 1912 [equal]
Served in WW1
LANGBEINEdward19111913Fruitgrower, Stoke, Nelson .
LANGBEINFritz19041908 Resident Engineer, Public
Works Department, Christchurch
Served in WW1
LANGBEINNelson Ross 19131919Engineering Student, Canterbury
College, Christchurch
LANGBEINTheodore William 19121916Assistant Engineer, Railway
Department, Auckland
LANGBEIN William1918 1923Student, Canterbury College,
LANGSFORDHerbert Leslie 18991900Engine Driver, NZ Railways,
Palmerston North
LANGLANDSGeorge Boyd 19091910Electrician, Hirini Street,
Kaiti, Gisborne
Served in WW1
LANGLANDSHenry John 19101912Civil Servant, Hirini Street,
Kaiti, Gisborne
Served in WW1
LARGEFrank Albert 19201922 c/o A.E. Large, Nurseryman,
Emano Street, Nelson
LASHAllan Goodridge 1923*. ..
LAST-HARRISBernard John19011902Railway Officer, Palmerston
LAST-HARRISGeorge William 19021902. Came from Nelson
LAWNNorman Stanley 18941895 Manufacturers' representative,
King's Chambers, Wellington
EBS [Distant Schools] 1894
LAWRENCEJohn Herbert 19001903. Came from Dunedin
LAWSONRedvers Roberts Baden 19141917Brewer, Wakefield, Nelson.
LE FILLIATREAlfred18701874Queensland.
LEACHJoseph18751876 . EBS [Motueka School] 1875. Deceased
LEAHYArthur Joseph19211923Clerk, Levin & Co., Ltd.,
LEAPERHarry Bertram 19061910Examining Officer, H.M.
Customs, Auckland
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
LEDGERArthur Lindsay Forbes 18801882Formerly in service of Union
S.S. Co., Christchurch
Retired at 36 Knowles Street, St Albans, Christchurch
LEDGERFrancis Innes 18851887Surveyor and Engineer,
Trafalgar Street, Nelson
President of NZ Institute of Surveyors 1925-1927
LEDGER Horace Arthur 19141914Clerk, NZ Loan and
Mercantile Co., Christchurch
LEDGERRobert Lindsay 1923* . ..
LEECEEdward 18821882Balfour Road, Parnell, Auckland .
LEECEGeorge18821882. Sergeant Major, and afterwards Lieuenant, 5th Contingent,
NZMI in South African War
Killed in action at Vereening, Transvaal on 24 08 1901
Tablet to his memory in Assembly Hall, Nelson College
LEECHHorace Cadman 19081910Farmer, Fairlie, South
LEFROYJohn Langlois Maxwell 19211923Clerk, Bank of NSW,
LEGGATTCharles Ashley 18931898 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Singapore
LEGGATT Eric Alfred 18851888Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Hong Kong
Decorated by Chinese Government with order of `Chia Ho'
in 1921
LEGGATTEvan1887 1893Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Cocos Islands, via
LEGGATTHugh Sinclaire 18901895Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Banjoewangi, Java
`Newcombe' Scholar 1894
LEGGOJohn Müller 1923*. . .
LEIGHTON Gerald Rowley 18821884 Medical Officer, Food
Department, Scottish Board
of Health, Edinburgh
Formerly Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Royal
Veterinary College, Clyde Street, Edinburgh
M.B. C.M. [Edinburgh], 1894; L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. [Edin],
1895; M.D. [Edin], 1901; F.R.S. [Edin]
Member B.M.A., British Association, and Royal Physical
Society, Edinburgh.
Captain of Edinburgh University Cricket Eleven
Vice President Australasian Club, Edinburgh
A well-known authority on the order of the Ophidia of the
British Isles, and author of numerous zoological works,
including `The Life History of British Serpents and their
local distribution in the British Isles,'
published in 1901
LEITCHJames Craig 19131915Vacuum Oil Co., Wellington B.Sc. 1923; B.E. [Mining], 1924
LEITCHWalter 19191920 C/o W. Leitch, Mine Manager,
Avoca, Christchurch
LEMMERAdolphus Julius 19111914. Served in WW1, died of wounds on 06 04 1917
LEMMERSiegfried Max 19171921Clerk, Union Bank of
Australia, Blenheim
LEONARDErnest George 19071908 C/o Post Office, Dapto, NSW
LESSELSAlexander Louis 1915 1916Painter, Nelson .
LESTERThomas William George 19221922Station hand, Ngaio Downs,
Kekerangu, Marlborough
LEVIENFelix Hector 1898 1902 Stipendiary Magistrate,
Russell, Bay of Islands
EBS [Town] 1898; `Stafford' Scholar 1899;
`Simmons' Prize, 1900; Winner Junior Cup, 1898;
B.A., 1905; and Exhibitioner, Canterbury University College;
M.A. 1907; LL.B. 1911
Appointed to St. John's College 1906
LEVIENNelson Benjamin 18871887Superintendent, Australian
Mutual Provident Society,
LEVIEN Norman Joseph 18871888Furniture Manufacturer, 187
Symonds Street, Auckland
Served in WW1, Captain, O.B.E. [Military]
LEWISAlfred 18631867Surveyor, Freemantle, West
`Richmond' Scholar 1867
LEWISArthur C 1863 1867 Formerly Solicitor, Levuka,
Mayor of Levuka
Died at Ba, Fiji, September 1912
LEWISCharles 1863 1866Engineer, Collingwood, Nelson .
LEWISEdward 18681871Farmer, Hope, Nelson .
LEWIS Eric1911 1914Farmer, Hope, Nelson .
LEWISHamish A. 18891891Came from Reefton.
LEWISHenry Jonathan1856 1863Retired Government Surveyor,
Tahunanui, Nelson
LIDDELL Andrew Kenneth 19091910 Marine Engineer, Anchor
Shipping Co., Nelson
Served in WW1
LIDDELLJames Muir 19071908Formerly Marine Engineer Died at Petone, Wellington on 07 05 1923
LIDDICOAT Robert Valentine 1919
1922 Teacher, State School,
Lyell, Nelson
LIGHTBANDErnest Owen 18851885Draper, Ohakune, Wellington.
LIGHTBANDKeith William Wales 1924* . . .
LIGHTBANDRussell Martin 1889 1891 Member of Australian
Commonwealth Taxation
Appeal Board, Melbourne
F.F.I.A. [Australia], F.C.I.S. [England]
LIGHTBANDStuart 1898 1901 Engineer, Lagos, Nigeria,
British West Africa
Served in WW1 with British West African Forces,
2nd Lieutenant
LIGHTBANDThomas Harold 1867 1872Melbourne .
LIGHTFOOTJoseph Morton 1874 1881Manager, Bank of NSW,
LIGHTFOOTWilliam Ramsey 18851888 Formerly farming at Waverley
and Pelorus Sound
Died at Blenheim on 16 11 1916
LILEYAlbert Henry 19061907 Painter and Paperhanger,
Served in WW1 with Australian Forces
LINDOPCharles Mountford 1898 1898 Traveller for J.B. McEwan
& Co., Stratford, Taranaki
Served in South African War
LINDOPFrederick Herbert 1901 1902 Clerk, Christchurch Formerly in service of Bank of NZ at Ashburton
and Palmerston North
LINDSAY Melville James 19211922Sheepfarmer, Uruwhenua,
Takaka, Nelson
LINES Morris Ernest 1911 1912 Police Constable, Police
Station, Nelson
Served in WW1
LIPSCOMBELeslie Seymour 19071908 Clerk, Public Trust Office,
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
LISSAMANIvo Bligh 19231923Sheepfarmer, Waireka, Seddon,
LITCHFIELDAlfred John 18571857Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Livermere, Blenheim
Foundation Scholar and Exhibition, 1857
Died at Blenheim in Nov 1911
LITCHFIELDArthur Budd 18701873. Died at Taihape on 05 02 1923
LITCHFIELDWilliam Alfred 1891 1892Farmer, Springlands, Blenheim EBS [Marlborough] 1891
LITTLEJOHNAlan 1922* . . .
LITTLEJOHNCharles William Berry 18981903Medical Practitioner, Ivanhoe,
`Richmond' Scholar 1903
After a distinguished career at Scotch College and Melbourne
University, elected Rhodes Scholar for Victoria in 1909
Represented Oxford at rowing vs. Cambridge twice
B.A., B.Sc., [Dip. Anthropology], all of Oxford;
F.R.C.S. [London]
Served in WW1, Captain, R.A.M.C. Awarded M.C. and
Belgian Crosse de Guerre
LITTLEJOHN Ellis Gordon 1911 1913Formerly in service of
Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.
Served in WW1 Killed in action on 07 08 1915
LITTLEJOHNEuan Ironside 19011903Medical Practitioner, Ivanhoe,
M.B., B.S. [Melbourne].
Rowed for Melbourne University 1913-1914
Served in WW1 with Australian Medical Corps, Captain,
mentioned in despatches
LITTLEJOHNHerbert19211923Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
LITTLEJOHNJames Norman 19171919Farmer, Pahiatua, Wellington .
LITTLEJOHNPhilip Bertram1918 1923Farmer, Upper Moutere, Nelson.
LITTLEJOHNWilson Coleridge 1914 1915Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Darwin, North Australia
Served in WW1 with RAF
LIVESEYGeoffrey 19161918Dairy Farmer, Motueka, Nelson .
LIVESEYHugh Clement 18921894 Farmer, Clandeboye, South
LIVICKEdgar Roland 19001900Storekeeper, Education Stores,
Buckle Street Wellington
Served in WW1
LIVICKIvan B 19071907Formerly in service of Union
S.S. Co.
Served in WW1 and died of wounds on 20 08 1917
LIVICKJonathan Armstrong 19111911Storekeeper, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
LIVICKKenneth Noel 19131914 Farmer, Wakapuaka, Nelson .
LIVICKLeonard Charles 19001901Poultry Farmer, Sobraon
Road, Eastwood, Sydney
LIVINGSTONGuy1916 1918Farmer, Inaha, Hawera,
LIVINGSTONJames Archibald 19151916Farmer, Inaha, Hawera,
LIVINGSTONENorman Pearse 1913 1913Fitter, Tarakohe Cement
Works, Takaka, Nelson
LIVINGSTONEOswald Pearse 19211922Mechanic, 29 Tasman
Street, Nelson
LLOYDArthur John 1921 1922 Salesman, Newport's Store,
Richmond, Nelson
LLOYDEric John 19171918Jeweller, c/o H.W. Lloyd,
LLOYDFelix Haycock 1924* . . .
LLOYDGlynne Mansell 1919 1922Law Clerk, c/o A.D. Brodie,
LLOYDHenry 18561857Last heard of at Inangahua
Junction, Buller Valley
LLOYDMalcolm Alfred 19201921 Dairy Factory Hand, Cambridge,
LOCKAlfred Edward 1918 1921Student, Victoria College,
LOCKGeorge William 19161920Medical Student, Otago
University, Dunedin
LOCKYERAlbert Charles 1918 1920Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
LOCKYERLeslie William 19141915Carrier and Customs Agent,
Cooksey & Co., Nelson
LODDERAlexander James 19171918Metal Worker, St. Stephen's
Avenue, Parnell, Auckland
LOGANJack Norval 19221923Apprentice, H. Chapman & Co.,
Coachbuilders, Nelson
LONGTONWilliam 18741874Draper, Market Street, Blenheim .
LOUISSON Alexander Speakman 1914 1916Deputy-Registrar of
Supreme Court, Nelson.
Represented Nelson at Hockey, 1919, 1921 and 1923
LOUISSONLeslie William 19051907 Clerk of Stipendiary
Magistrate's Court, Hokitika
Served in WW1
LOVEWi Hapi 19241924Clerk, State Forest
Service, Wellington
LOVERIDGEArthur Cyril 1915 1918 Formerly Student, Victoria
College, Wellington
Drowned in Manawatu River in 1920
LOVERIDGERaymond Clarence 1909 1911Teacher, State School,
Dovedale, Nelson
Served in WW1
LOWE Alexander Francis1871
Clerk, Legislative Council,
Parliament Buildings, Wellington
LOWECharles Kennaway 19161917Engineer's Assistant, Public
Works Department, Rotorua
LOWEEdward Charles Cronin 19221923Fruitgrower, Harakeke, Nelson.
LOWEEdward Harold 19021905C/o E.W. Lowe, Fairlight,
Wadestown, Wellington
LOWE Henry James 1871
Commissioner of Crown Lands,
North Auckland District,
`Simmons' Prize 1877 and 1879
LOWEJohn Manly 1918 1918Studying Electrical Engineering,
Y.M.C.A, West Side,
Chicago, USA
LOWES William Brittain 1923* . . .
LUBLOWHenrick Arthur Norman 1924* . . .
LUCASEdmund Stanley Sayer 1907
Medical Practicitioner, St.
Thomas' Hospital, London
L.R.C.P. [London], 1925; M.R.C.S. [England] 1925
Served in WW1
LUCASJohn1856 1857 . Deceased
LUCASKenneth Gordon 1902 1905 Editor Evening Mail, Nelson.
LUCASReginald Hutchinson 19001906Medical Officer, 12th
Battalion, Machine Gun
Corps, Jubbalpore, India
M.R.C.S. [England]; L.R.C.P. [London]
Served in WW1 in Royal Army Medical Corps,
M.C., Chev. de la Corona d'Italia
LUCASRichard Arthur 1918* . .College Lawn Tennis Champion 1923-1924
LUCKINSRoy19181919 Formerly in Lands and
Survey Department, Napier
LUCRE James Edward 1924*. . .
LUNN Richard Latimer1921 1921Clerk, Lands and Survey
Department, Gisborne
LUNNRonald Sheppy 19211921416 Palmerston Street,
LUSKDavid Aitken 1911 1911Motor Agent, Taihape,
Record throwing Cricket ball
Served in WW1, Lieutenant Camel Corps
MABINArthur Emerson 1879 1881Director-Manager, Wool
Department, Levin & Co.,
Ltd., Wellington
President, Wellington Chamber of Commerce 1912 1913
MABINBurton Frederick1881 1882Accountant, Whareawa, Wilton
Road, Northland, Wellington
Formerly of Defence Department, Wellington
Served in WW1, Major
Also served in South African War
MABINErnest Edward Bayly18791880Manager, Bank of NSW,
MacALISTERAlan Burns 1910 1911Solicitor, Invercargill Served in WW1
MacDONALDColin John 19181919Farmer, Rangitumau, Masterton.
MacDONALDDonald 18791884C/o Colonial Oil Co.,
Capetown, South Africa
MacDONALDNorman Hursthouse 18751878 Formerly Chief Surveyor
and Commissioner of Works,
Retired at Apia, Samoa
MacDONALDPhilip Norman Mackay 18851892 Formerly Medical Practitioner,
M.B. CH.B. [Edinburgh] 1899; M.D. 1906
Died at Rotorua on 19 11 1923
MacDONALD Stephen1919 1920Operator, Telegraph Office,
Suva, Fiji
MACEWarwick Gordon 19101912Examining Officer, H.M.
Customs, Wellington
Served in WW1
MacGIBBONDuncan19191920Farmer, Dannevirke, Hawkes
MacGIBBONJames MacDougall 1917 1917 Farmer, Waitahora, Dannevirke,
Hawkes Bay
MacGREGOR Duncan1879 1880 Formerly of Carnarvon, Bulls,
Went in charge of Remounts for NZ Contingents, South
African War
MacGREGORThomas 18901891 Farmer, Morrinsville, Auckland .
MacKAYAlbert Godfrey 1885 1887Registered Masseur, 42
Wicksteed Street, Wanganui
MacKAYAlexander Herbert 1877 1879Registrar, Native Land Court,
Retired in December 1925
MacKAYCharles Handcock18971899Fruitgrower, Lower Moutere,
MacKAYErnest Oswald 18821885Land Agent and Motor Garage
Proprietor, Mackay and
Innes-Jones Ltd., Te Huiti,
MacKAYGeorge William Lincoln 18861887. Served in South African War with West Australian Mounted
MacKAYLeonard Gibbs 1879
Formerly Secretary of the
Wellington Investment Trustee
and Agency Co., Ltd
Died at Wellington 20 06 1915
MacKAYLionel John Mytton 18971900Formerly Anglican Minister,
Ormondville, Hawkes Bay
Now Fruitgrower, Lower Moutere, Nelson B.A. 1906
MacKAYThomas1858 1863. Deceased
MacKAYThomas Gilbert Campbell 19011902Formerly in NZ Public Works
Winner of Junior Sports Cup, 1901;
Winner of Marjoribanks Sheild, 1902
Died in Victoria, Australia on 24 07 1923
MacKAYUlrich Sinclair 19221923 Salesman, Le Grove Office
Supplies Co., Christchurch
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1923;
Winner of Marjoribanks Shield, 1923
MacKAY William 1900 1902 Clerk, c/o L.N. Montgomery,
Trafalgar Street, Nelson
MacKAYWilliam Russell 18781881 Formerly Farmer, Stratford,
Died in December 1921
MacKINNONJohn A.S. 1914 1914 . Came from Nelson
MacKINNONMarius Rose Sutherland 19131914Formerly in Service of
Australian Mutual Provident
Served in WW1 as Flight Lieutenant, RAF
MacLEANCharles W. 18671872 . Deceased
MacLEODNeil19021908British Army Officer Captain,
King's Own Scottish
Borderers attached to Sudan
Defence Force, Sudan Club,
Khartoum, Egypt
`Newcombe' Scholar 1907; `Simmons' Prize 1908;
B.A. [Oxon] 1916
Served in WW1 with B.E.F.
Prisoner in Germany during part of WW1
MacMAHONRussell Bernard 19041905Formerly Farmer, Tapawera,
Died at Trentham on 22 11 1918
MacNABAlexander19141915Farmer, Kukuta, Makirikiri,
MacNABAlexander Allan 19051910Barrister & Solicitor, Blenheim Senior Sports Cup 1910; Champion Shot 1910;
Won 50 yards Swimming Championship.
Scholarship [Canterbury University] 1918;
M.A. LL.B. [Cant.]
NZ Division, France N.Z.E.F.
Served in WW1, Major D.S.O. Mentioned in despatches
MAGINNITYArthur Charles 1890 1893Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Nelson
[Maginnity, Son & Houlker]
LL.B. 1902
Died at Nelson on 01 11 1921
MAGINNITYLeonard William 18871892 Assistant Land Registrar,
MAITLANDCedric19131916Clerk, Muritai Street,
Eastbourne, Wellington
MAITLANDHarold Arthur Elvington 19191922Law Clerk, Cottrell &
Lovell, Westport
`Tinline' Scholar 1920
MAITLANDNigel Oliphant 19211921Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Represented Marlborough at hockey
MAJORCharles Thomas 18831888Principal, King's College,
`Simmons' Prize 1888; B.A. [Senior Scholar] 1892;
M.A. [1st Class Hons] 1893; B.Sc. 1904
Assistant Master, Nelson College 1895;
First Assistant Master, King's College, 1896, until leaving to
go to South Africa as Captain, 5th Contingent, NZMI;
subsequently Captain, NZ Artillery in South Africa.
Created D.S.O. [Companion of the Distinguished Service
Order] 1901; Major, NZ Militia.
Returned from South Africa to become Assistant Master,
Scotch College, Melbourne 1904-1905.
C.B.E. T.D. Retired Colonel
MAJORJohn Taylor 18831887 Northcote, Auckland Served in WW1
MALCOLMAlfred Andrew 18841886. Deceased
MALCOLMArthur18891890Farmer, Richmond, Nelson EBS Scholar [Richmond School] 1889
MALCOLMAllan Thomas19171918 Farmer, Richmond, Nelson .
MALCOLMCecil Arthur 19191922Dairy Farmer, Cambridge,
MALCOLMHedley Jordan 1885 1885. Deceased
MALCOLMKeith 1917 1918 Farmer, Richmond, Nelson .
MALCOLMPercy1900 1901Farmer, Richmond, Nelson EBS [Waimea] 1900
MALCOLMRobert James 18781882Formerly of Masterton Served in WW1
Died at Masterton on 04 11 1922
MALCOLMThornton George 1879 1880Schoolmaster, State School,
Morton Mains, Invercargill
MALONETerence19071907Farmer, Mahoe, Stratford,
Served in WW1
MALONEYCharles Lempfert 19161916Dentist, Dental Clinic,
Huntly, Auckland
B.D.S. 1925
MALONEYJohn William Lane 1885 1886Teacher, State School,
Three Mile, Hokitika
EBS [Distant Schools] 1885
MALTBY George Crichton 1900 1906Barrister and Solicitor,
Tauranga, Auckland
Served in WW1
Sub Lieutenant, Motor Patrol, RNVR LL.B. 1911
MANDERLionel John 19071907Clerk, 38 Lucerne Road,
Remuera, Auckland
Served in WW1, M.M. Mentioned in despatches
MANN Leo1912 1913Engineer, 35 Matai Road,
Served in WW1
MANNINGSJohn Richard Dacres 19101910Farmer, Herepuru, Rotorua,
Served in WW1
MANOYEdward1922 1924Farmer, Stanley Brook, Nelson.
MANOYHenry 18941896Merchant, A. Manoy & Co.,
Ltd., Motueka, Nelson
MANOYLionel1896 1897Merchant, A. Manoy & Co.,
Ltd., Motueka, Nelson
MANOYPhilip Herman 1922* . . .
MANSFORD Augustus Edward Craig 18991901Clerk, Chaytor Street,
Palmerston North
MANSONNorman1911 1914Medical Practitioner, St.
Stephen's Hospital, 369
Fulham Road, London
M.B. Ch.B. 1923 `Tinline' Scholar 1911;
`Stafford' Scholar 1914; `Simmons' Prize 1914
MANT Philip George1923 1924 Farmer, Rai Valley, Nelson.
MANTELLWalter Godfrey 18791881 Dentist, Sydney Street,
MARENDAZRobert Henry 1914 1915 Medical Student, Otago
University, Dunedin
Served in WW1
MARGOLIEUTHCharles Ernest Lindsay 1893 1893 Clerk, Sheehan St.,
Served in WW1
MARJORIBANKSStuart Dinley 18931893Died in 1903 in Buenos
Aires, Argentina
Donor of Marjoribanks Challenge Shield
MARRISAlbert William 1913 1913 Carpenter, Waimea Road,
Served in WW1
MARRISEdmund Buller 19141916Printer, Nelson.
MARRISFrederick William 18871888Manager, Bank of N.S.W.,
MARRISJohn Richard 19121913 Farmer, Tutaki, Murchison,
Served in WW1
MARRISNorman Andrew 19161921Student, Canterbury College,
2nd Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment
MARSHALLHannath Michael Blake 18861886Anglican Minister, later
Printer at Pahiatua, Wellington
`Bowen' Prize Essay, NZ University, 1886
MARSHALLHenry James 1888 1890Formerly in service of
Bank of N.S.W.
Went to the United States about 1910
MARSHALLJames Norman 1913 1914Salesman, E. Buxton & Co.,
Ltd, Nelson
MARSHALLRichard John19191919. Drowned at Kaikoura, Marlborough, 1921
MARSHALLRobert 19121914. Served in WW1
Drowned during the loss of a Union Steam Ship Co.
vessel named the Aparima which was destined for NY.
She was hit aft by a torpedo fired by submarine UB-40 in
the English Channel, near Anvil Point, south of Poole,
Dorset on 19 11 1917.
The explosion was very severe and was probably the main
cause of death. The ship sank in 5 minutes.
The complement of the vessel was comprised of crew and
cadets. 56 lives were lost.
Robert Marshall was a cadet who had left Westport to join
the ship. His parents lived at Denniston.
MARSHALLRoger Thornton 1922* .. .
MARSHALLThomas J 1878 1880 Came from Dunedin.
MARSHALL Victor Stewart 1888 1889Formerly Builder at Westport EBS [Distant Schools] 1888
Served in WW1, died of wounds on 22 09 1916
MARSDENJames Wilfred 1857 1864Formerly Landowner, Isel,
Stoke, Nelson
Exhibition for three years 1857
Died at Stoke on 17 02 1926
MARTELEric Thomas 19231924Cadet, Lands and Survey
Dept., Nelson
MARTINCharles 1856 1858 Formerly Farmer at Stoke,
Died at Feilding on 05 03 1919
One of the first eight pupils who attended the College
on opening day, April 1856
MARTIN George Freeman 1857 1859Formerly Planter at Wagadia,
Died at Auckland on 20 07 1912
MARTINJohn18631863Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Martinborough, Wellington
MARTINJohn Munro 1922* . . .
MARTINJohn Packer 18561856Formerly in Union Bank
at Nelson
Died in the Wairarapa in 1923
MARTIN Robert1863 1863Formerly Solicitor, Auckland Deceased
MASEFIELDRobert Taylor 1910 1913 Came from Pelorus
Sounds, Marlborough
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 12 09 1918
MASON Howard George 1909 1912 Manager, W.D. and
H.O. Wills, Auckland
Served in WW1
MASONKenneth Randall 1912 1914Manager, London and
Lancashire Fire Insurance
Co., Wellington
Served in WW1
MASONMalcolm Sincocks Huxley 19111915Sheepfarmer, Havelock North,
Hawkes Bay
Served in WW1
MASONWilliam John 18931893 Chemist, Parade, Island Bay,
MASTERSCharles Reuben George 19191924Teacher, Boys' Central
School, Nelson
MASTERSLouis Ethelbert 18901891. EBS [Richmond School] 1890
Died at Wellington on 26 03 1906
MATHESONAndrew William John19031904Produce Merchant, Greymouth.
MATHIESONAugustus Nicholas 19021905Clerk, Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay .
MATHEWS John Patrick19071909Formerly of Railway Dept. Served in WW1 and killed in action on 04 10 1917
MATTHEWSFrederick Gwillim 1894 1897Civil Servant, Dept. of
Internal Affairs, Wellington
Formerly in service of Customs Dept. and Private Secretary
to the Premier and Minister of Defence
EBS [Marlborough] 1894; `Joynt' Scholar 1895
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
MATTHEWSWalter1894 1894 , Deceased
MATHEWSONFrank 19121915 Electrical Engineer, Southland
Power Board, Invercargill
B.E. [Electrical] 1922,
Senior Gym Cup 1915;
`Hawkes Bay Old Boys Prize' 1915
MAUNSELLTerence Arthur Mears 1919
. .
MAXDavid John 19071907Medical Practitioner,
Springfield, Wellington,
Salop, England
M.B. Ch.B. [Edin]
MAXDonald Stanfield 19191920Farmer, Brightwater, Nelson .
MAYNE Edward Bonnicastle 19121913. .
MAYOCyril19031903Clerk, Post and Telegraph
Dept. Wellington
MAYSONJohn Edward 19161916 Cadet, Post Office, Invercargill.
MAYSONNorris Latham 1924*. . .
MAYSONRobert Walmsley 1922* . . `Fell' Scholar 1924
McARTNEYBoyd Clark 1909 1910Manager, Gollin & Co.,
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
McARTNEYBruce1916 1917 Clerk, Gollin & Co., Wellington.
McBEATHHenry David 1909 1911Secretary, Nelson Tanneries,
Served in WW1
McBRIDELawrence Patrick 1924* . . .
McBRIDELyle Augustine 19201921Pupil, St Patrick's College,
McCABEBernard Charles Alton 1906 1907Surveyor, Lands and Survey
Department, New Plymouth
McCALLUMJohn 1885 1887 . EBS [Marlborough] 1885, Deceased
McCONCHIEHorace Edgar 1919 1924 Teacher, Hampden St.
State School, Nelson
McCONCHIEHarold William 1923*. . .
McCONCHIELeslie Roy 1917 1917Traveller, P.W. Harrold, Nelson.
McDONALDFrederick John 19121913Clerk, 362 Palmerston Road,
Served in WW1
McDONNELL Charles 19061910Civil Servant, Lower Hutt,
McDOWELLFrank Meffin 1912 1914Teacher, State School, Owen
Junction, Nelson
McDOWELLHerbert1904 1905Ranger, Forestry Department,
Manunui, Taumarunui, Auckland
Served in WW1
McEACHENClarence James 18871889Stationmaster, Railways,
Ashburton, Canterbury
EBS [Town] 1887
McEACHERNKeith Stanley 19111913Accountant, Ashburton,
Served in WW1
McENNISJohn Walpole Edward 1891 1892Resident Engineer, Public
Works Department, Whangarei
EBS [Distant Schools] 1891
McFARLANEJohn Alfred 1923 1924 C/o Mrs McFarlane, Levin,
Senior Gym. Cup 1923
McGAFFINJohn A 18851886 Sydney.
McGUINNESSRay Stuart 1911 1914 C/o Mr. Thatcher, Ironmonger,
Centennial Park, Sydney
Junior Gym. Cup 1914
McHARDY Leslie Harling 18771880 Sheepfarmer, Blackhead Station,
Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
McHARDY Percy Alexander 18781881Sheepfarmer, Palmerston North Very prominent in patriotic movements during WW1
McILLROYJohn1887 1888 . .
McILROYFrank1912 1912Clerk, National Bank of NZ,
McILROYGeorge Thomas 1909 1912. Served in WW1, Captain, killed in action on 12 10 1917
McILWRAITHGeorge McGarvin 19181918Operator, Post & Telegraph
Department, Wellington
McIVER Kenneth Bruce 18771878Formerly Law Clerk, Blenheim EBS [Marlborough] 1877
Died at Blenheim on 08 07 1910
McIVER Robert Daniel 1876 1877Formerly Solicitor, Kaikoura,
Winner of first EBS for Marlborough 1876
Died at Seddon on 22 09 1923
McKAYDavid James 19131916Clerk, Esk Street, Invercargill.
McKAYIan Keith 1924*. . .
McKAYJohn19001900Farmer, Hari Hari, Westland.
McKAYLeslie William 1924*. . .
McKAYReginald Bailey 1923* . . .
McKAY William Gordon 1916 1917Estimator, National Electric Co.,
Junior Sports Cup 1917 [equal],
Senior Sports Cup and Marjoribanks Shield, 1919
1st Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Canterbury Regiment
McKEEArthur19031904Fruitgrower, Tasman, Nelson Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
McKEEFrank John 19121913Fruitgrower, Tasman, Nelson Served in WW1
McKEEGuy Douglas 19211924Fruitgrower, Tasman, Nelson .
McKELLAR Peter Alexander 18751877Came from Otago.
Muston Street, Mossman's,
McKENZIEAlexander Duncan 19191920Shepherd, Moa Flat, Otago.
McKENZIE Arthur Graham 19221923Farmer, c/o A. Kerr, Kikawa,
McKENZIEFrancis Wallace 18991902Formerly of Otago.
Went to Aberdeen, Scotland,
to study Engineering, and after
specialising in bridge construction
went to Canada and USA
Went to WW1 with Canadian Forces, and not heard of since
McKENZIEJohn Marshall 19171920Draughtsman, Lands & Survey
Department, Land Transfer
Branch, Wellington
McKENZIERobert Henry 18561858Formerly Sheepfarmer, Hilton,
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
Died 1902
McKENZIEThomas1913 1915Accountant, Burdekin and
Suisted, Hawera, Taranaki
McLARENAdam Wilfred Seddon 19211922Draughtsman, 28 Gardiner Road,
Epsom, Auckland
McLARENEvered Stevens Hadfield 19231924 Clerk, Bank of N.S.W., Nelson.
McLAREN Norman Muir 19121920Salesman, Hall & Coote,
Chaytor Cup [Miniature Rifle Shooting] 1917
McLEANJohn Norman 19021905Clerk, Kilbirnie, Wellington .
McLEANKenneth Ross 19211923 Station Hand, Aramoana Station,
Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
McLEAN Neil Gordon 19011905Medical Student, Otago
University, Dunedin
Swimming Championship 1902 and 1904
Winner Senior Gym Cup 1904
Served in WW1
McLEANTheodore Keith 19231923 Baker, Foster's Bakery, Nelson.
McMORRINThomas19161917 Farmer, Marama, Seddon,
McMURRAYRobert1890 1891Flaxmiller, Foxton, Wellington.
McMURRAYRussell J. 19201921 Farmer, Brightwater, Nelson .
McMURTRYGraeme Cannon 1908
Fruitgrower, Richmond, Nelson .
McMURTRYNorman Randal 1908
Farmer, Belgrove, Nelson.
McNABBIvor Bruce 1920 1920Farmer, Collingwood, Nelson .
McNABBPhilip Vaughan19131914Teacher, State School,
East Takaka, Nelson
McNAMARAAlexander George Ninian 19241924Messenger, Post & Telegraph
Department, Nelson
McNEILRoy1916 1917 Railway Department, Palmerston
McPHERSONHector Gordon 19191919Wireless Telegraph Student,
McPHERSONDonald Ernest 19121914 Electrician, Tahunanui, Nelson Served in WW1
McQUILLAN John 18901891Formerly Engine-driver, New
Big River Gold Mining
Co., Reefton
Winner Senior Sports Cup 1891
Died December 1923
McRAEAlexander Clarence 18741878Sheepfarmer, Awatere Reserve,
McRAEAlexander Duncan 1911 1916Formerly in service of Public
Trust Office. Now Barrister
and Solicitor at Timaru
Boxing Champion 1916; LL.B. 1924
Winner of Combined Universities Boxing Championship 1920
McRAEArthur James19121915Priest, Catholic University,
Washington DC, USA
Ordained at Wellington 1921
Received M.A. Degree from Catholic University of America,
President of St John's Hall, Catholic University of America
McRAEChristopher 19161917Police Constable, Police
Station, Wellington
Prominent Boxer
McRAEFlinders Scott 18761881 Sheepfarmer, Blarichburn,
Palmerston North
McRAEGeorge 18741876Formerly Farmer, Kaikoura,
Died at Kaikoura on 11 05 1917
McRAEGeorge Richard 18761881Farmer Wellsford, Auckland .
McRAEGeorge Sutherland 18791886Farmer, Kiritaki, Dannevirke,
Hawkes Bay
McRAEGeorge Wilsden18561857Formerly Sheepfarmer, Tekoa
Station, Amuri, North
One of the first eight pupils who attended the College on
opening day, April 1856. Deceased.
McRAEGordon19051908 Formerly of Bank of
Australasia, Hawera
Served in WW1
McRAE John 18741878. Deceased
McRAENehemiah 18561857. Drowned in Awatere River, Marlborough
McRAENehemiah18851886Sheepfarmer, Pio Pio,
Te Kuiti, Auckland
McRAEPhilip Douglas1904 1904Engine-driver, Owen
Junction, Nelson
Served in WW1, D.C.M.
McRAERichard England18561860 Formerly Farmer, Hawera,
Died in February 1910
McRAERoderick1859 1859Formerly Farmer, Richmond,
Died at Richmond on 05 09 1903
McRAERoderick George18981899Station Manager `Glens of
Tekoa,' Amuri, North Canterbury
Served in WW1
McRAEWilliam1884 1886 Accountant, 11 Wellesley
Street East, Auckland
McRAEWilliam Sutherland19041904Formerly Farmer, Awatere,
Died at Blenheim on 26 10 1913
McRAEWilliam Wilsden 18751879Sheepfarmer, Waikari, North
McSHANECharles 1856 1863Son of Dr. McShane, first
Medical Officer of Nelson
Died in February 1894
McSHANEHenry Alexander 18561857 . Deceased
McWILLIAMFrancis Robertson 1915 1915Shepherd, Omoana, Eltham,

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