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SURNAME          FORENAMES                FROM TO   OCCUPATION                     NOTES                                                                                
MEADCampbell Vincent 19061907Foxhill Formerly in Lands and Deeds Registry Dept.
MEADEdwin 1859 1859. .
MEADGordon Stuart 19101913Farmer, Howard, Glenhope,
Served in WW1
MEADHerbert Newton 1910 1913Farmer, Motu piko, Nelson Served in WW1
MEADERichard Garthorne 19201921Farm Assistant, Chaytor
& Co., Spring Creek,
MEADOWS Robert Frederick 19161917Farm Assistant, c/o Mr.
Rhodes, Rate, Marton,
MEADSJack Pearce 19181919Box Maker, 21 Hampden
Square, Nelson
MEADSNoel Richard 19201922Clerk, City Council Office,
MELHUISHEdward Thomas 18831892Formerly Medical Officer,
Willowmere, Cape Colony
M.B. Ch.B. [Edin] 1899
Died in 1908 Served in South African War
MELLETTHenry George 19151918Farmer, Inangahua Junction,
MENTEATHCharles Bruce Stuart 1903 1908 Formerly Farmer, Hunterville,
Served in WW1 and killed in action in May 1915
MENTEATHThomas Alexander Stuart 1915
Teacher, St Andrew's
College, Christchurch
Lieutenant, NZ Territorials [Canterbury Regiment]
MENZIES Gavin Horace 19111912Clerk, Mental Hospitals
Department, Wellington
Served in WW1 M.S.M.;
Medaille d'Honneur avec Glawes;
Mentioned in despatches
MERCERCarnet Vernon 19011905Motor Dealer, Nelson.
MERRICK Ernest Sandys19131913Blacksmith, Nelson .
MERRITTDonald Derek19221923Clerk, City Council
Office, Nelson
MEULILorenzo Wilfred19081910Came from Manaia, Taranaki Marjoribanks Sheild, 1910
Served in WW1 Lieutenant, killed in action on 16 Sep 1916
MEYERAndrew Christian 18791882Came from Hope Nelson Died in California on 20 Oct 1918
MILESWilliam Edward 18701871Formerly Draper, Picton Died at Picton on 20 Nov 1915
MILLJames Joseph 19161918Shepherd, Tolago Bay,
Prominent Rugby player; represented NZ in All Black
matches against N.S.W. in 1923 and a member of the All
Black team which visited Great Britain and Ireland in
MILLARHarry Campfield 19151919Clerk, Public Trust Office,
MILLARDRichmond Melville 19061907Clerk, Railways, Wanganui.
MILLARDRobert Oliver 19171919Clerk, Anchor Foundry Co.,
MILLERArthur Vaughan 19231924Clerk, Bank of NZ, Nelson.
MILLER Arthur Vernon 19171920Clerk, Bank of NZ, Hokitika.
MILLERCharles Goodfellow 19181919Came from Takapuna,
MILLEREric A 19181919 Came from Takapuna,
MILLERFrederick Keith 19111912Farmer, Murchison, Nelson Served in WW1
MILLERGeorge Leslie 19161917Monumental Mason, Hardy
Street, Nelson
MILLERJohn Andrew 19171919Clerk, Levin & Co., Ltd.,
MILLERSydney Wilfred 19151917Accountant, Bank of NZ,
Kimbolton, Wellington
MILLSClarence Edward 19221924Clerk, NZ Farmers' Co-op.
Association Nelson
MILLSClaude Houghton 18991891Crown Solicitor [McCallum
& Mills], Blenheim
EBS [Marlborough] 1890
President Marlborough Rugby Union
MILLSEdward William 19171921Salesman, Jewett's Motors,
`Head of School' 1921, `Houlker Memorial Prize'
1921 Boxing Champion 1921
MILLS Thomas Henry 18691870Formerly in service of
Bank of Australasia
Died at Wellington in 1908
MILNERFrank18891892Rector, Waitaki High
School, Oamaru
EBS [Town] 1889; `Simmons' Prize 1892;
University Junior Scholar 1892;
B.A. [Senior Scholar] 1895; M.A. [1st Class Hons] 1896;
Appointed Junior Assistant Master at Nelson College 1897
and went through all grades to First Assistant and English
Master until receiving his present appointment as Rector of
the Waitaki High School in 1906.
The prosperity of the `Nelsonian' in recent years is due to
his efforts as Business Manager for 1897-1906; and the
Old Boys' Association movement was revived and placed
upon a firm basis through his efforts as Honourary Secretary.
Appointed member of English Headmasters' Conference 1921;
Corresponding Representative of English Headmasters'
Conference in connection with overseas settlement of
English Public School Boys 1924.
Member of NZ Council of Education; member of National
Council of NZ Y.M.C.A.
Represented NZ at Pan-Pacific Educational Conference at
Honolulu 1921
C.M.G. 1925 `in recognition of service to education in NZ'
MILNERJohn Ernest 1885 1886Public Accountant, Milner
& Neale, Nelson
EBS [Town] 1885
MILROYFrederick19041905Formerly in Post and
Telegraph Department
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
MILROYHorace Edward 19231923Kiwi, Nelson .
MIRFINBryson Stanley 19031904Farmer, Bexley, Oxford,
Served in WW1
MIRFINMelville 1903 1906Clerk, Bank of N.S.W.,
Served in WW1
Mentioned in special orders, torpedoing `Marquette.'
MITCHELLAlfred James Desmond 19221924Teacher, State School,
Havelock, Marlborough
MITCHELLArchibald1908 1910Sydney .
MITCHELL Arthur Alexander 1878 1879 Dairy Farmer, Otaki
MITCHELLGeorge19081910`Lingwood,' Margaret Street,
Stratfield, Sydney
LL.B. [Sydney with honours],1924 Barrister-at-law and
Associate to the Honourable Mr. Justice Long, Judge in
Equity, Sydney
Served in WW1 with RAF in Palestine, Flight Lieutenant
MITCHELLGeorge Henry 18781879 Vancouver, British Columbia.
MITCHELLJames Middleton 1919
Clerk, Bank of NSW,
Eketahuna, Wellington
MITCHELLJohn Morgan 1919 1920Draughtsman, Public Works
Department, Christchurch
Lieutenant, 9th Battery, NZA
MITCHELLJohn William 19211923Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
MITCHELLTheodore John 1878 1879 Flaxmiller, Te Rapa,
Hamilton, Auckland
MITCHENERKenneth Vinton 1912 1912 Salesman, c/o R. Sinclair,
MITCHENERSidney Walter 19181918Signwriter, c./o De Lacy Ltd.,
MOELLER Arthur 1877 1879Came from Wellington .
MOELLERFrank18751877Formerly Hotelkeeper,
Masonic Hotel, Napier
Died on 30 Sep 1919 in Hawkes Bay
MOELLERJohn Isaac 18921893Came from Wellington Served in South African War
Died of enteric fever while on active service in July 1900
Memorial tablet to his memory placed in Assembly Hall,
Nelson College, by his school fellows
MOFFATTEdward Wallace 1914 1915Clerk, 6 Trafalgar Street,
MOFFATTThomas Harry 1911 1912Clerk, Telegraph Engineer's
Office, Christchurch
MOFFITTAlexander19181919Farmer, Tadmor, Nelson .
MOFFITT Samuel Muller 1916 1917Sheepfarmer, c/o S.L.
Moffitt, Tadmor, Nelson
MOFFITTStephen Lunn 1878 1884 Sheepfarmer, Tadmor, Nelson .
MONRO Alexander18561863 Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Waihopai, Marlborough
Died on 17 July 1904
MONRO Charles John 18611865Sheepfarmer, Craiglockhart,
Palmerston North
Rugby pioneer
MONRODavid18561865. `Richmond' Scholar 1863
MONRO Herbert David 1884 1885Town Clerk, Leonora,
West Australia
MONRO Philip Charles 1907 1910Sheepfarmer, Blenheim.
MONTALKPaul de18731874Formerly JournalistDied in Brisbane, Australia in 1911
MONTEITHStewart 19111911. Came from Reefton
Died at Hawera on 27 Feb 1918
MONTGOMERIEAlexander 18801881 Formerly Farmer, Upokonaro,
Died at Wanganui in May 1905
MONTGOMERIEColin Ainslie 1901 1902Clerk of Magistrate's
Court, Westport
Served in WW1
MONTGOMERY Basil 1914 1915Electrical Engineer, Public
Works Dept., Hora Hora,
MONTGOMERY Ronald Harper 1924*. . .
MOOREBertrand Ambrose1889 1892 Manager, Bank of NZ,
Fellow of Society of Accountants
MOORE Dudley Arthur 1919 1920 Clerk, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
MOOREEdward Amyas Wilmot 18891890Sheepfarmer, Kekerangu,
Served in South African War and WW1
MOOREEdward Burns 1889 1895Barrister and Solicitor
[Pitt & Moore] Nelson
LL.B. 1900
MOOREEdward John 1917 1924 Pupil, Boy's High School,
New Plymouth
MOOREJames Anderson 1906 1907Sheepfarmer, `Utopia,'
Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay
MOOREJames Henry 18961896Westport.
MOORE John 1893* . . .
MOOREJohn Alexander 18611865Sheepfarmer, `Forebank,'
Havelock, Marlborough
Chairman of School Committee for 27 years.
A well-known apiarist.
Foundation Scholar, 1863
MOOREJoseph Harold1888 1889 Clerk, Nelson B.A. 1893, LL.B. 1897
Compiler and editor of Nelson College Old Boys' Register,
1901 Joint Compiler, second edition, 1908
MOORENoden Lyell1919 1920Railway Employee, 13
Turnbull St., Wellington
MOOREPhilip 18891895Barrister and Solicitor
[Pitt & Moore], Nelson
LL.B. 1901
MOOREPhilip Ogle 1889 1890 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Shanghai, China
MOOREStanley Spencer19041906 . Came from Oponake, Taranaki
Served in WW1
Accidentally killed at Oponake on 23 Sep 1923
MOOREThomas Carnell 1915 1916 Farmer, Makuri, Wellington.
MOORHOUSENoel Wilson 1921 1923 Electrician c/o G.G.
MacQuarrie, Nelson
MOREYJames Clewer 18841886 Draper, Morey & Son,
New Plymouth
Winner, Junior Sports Cup, 1885
MORGAN John 1914 1914 . .
MORGANJames Richard 1917 1919 Law Clerk c/o Moore,
Moore and Nichol, Dunedin
Junior Sports Cup 1917 [equal]
MORGANWilliam Philip 1887 1890District Land Registrar,
Winner, Senior Sports Cup, 1889
Admitted Solicitor 1904
MORICECharles George Frederick 18811886 Medical Practitioner, Golders
Hill, Hill Street, Wellington
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., [London] 1892
M.D. [Brux.] 1892 F.R.C.S. [Edin.]
1898 Formerly Lieut.-Col. Commanding 2nd Batt.,
Nelson Infantry Volunteers
MORICEJames Francis Innes 19121913Draughtsman, c/o Vickerman
and Lancaster, Napier,
Hawkes Bay
MORISON Charles Bruce18801880Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Wellington
Admitted 1883 K.C.
Author of several published works on different branches of law
Died at Wellington in January 1920
MORLEY Edward George Leonard 1908 1913 Clerk, Anchor Shipping
Co., Nelson
MORLEYMalcolm Lionel Robert 1922*. . .
MORRIS James William 1910 1911 Manager, Rimu Dredging
Co., Hokitika
A.R.A.N.Z., A.A.I.S.
Secretary Westland Progress League
MORISONRupert Donald Matthew 19021903Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Blairlogie, Masterton
Died at Blairlogie in Nov 1918
MORRISStuart Francis 19131913Teacher, State School,
Murchison, Nelson
Served in WW1
MORRISWilliam Henry 19111913Came from Reefton `Richmond' Scholar 1912; `Barnicoat Prize Essay,' 1912;
`Hawkes Bay Old Boys' Prize' 1913 [equal];
Served in WW1 and died of sickness on 11 Sep 1915
MORRISONAlexander Graham 19081910Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Taihape, Wellington
Served in WW1.
Died at Taihape on 15 July 1925
MORRISONDouglas Duncan Paterson 19021902Farmer, Wakapuaka, Nelson Served in WW1
MORRISONHoward Ritchie 19171920Dairy Farmer, Hikutaia,
Thames, Auckland
`Tinline' Scholar 1917
MORRISONHugh 18951897Sheepfarmer, Awatoitoi,
Masterton, Wairarapa
MORRISONJohn William 1924* . . .
MORRISONLeslie John 19101910 Cement Worker, Whangarei,
Served in WW1
MORRISONLeonard James 19041905 Farmer, Wakapuaka, Nelson Served in WW1
MORRISONNelson Gordon 19101911Farmer, Farm 1728,
Griffiths, N.S.W.
Served in WW1
MORRISONShirley Strath 1909 1909Reporter, `Auckland
Served in WW1
MORSEArthur Wrey 1863 1870 Formerly Motor Garage
Proprietor, Christchurch
Died at Greymouth in October 1909
MORSEGeorge F 1863 1867Formerly Farmer, Fordell,
Died at Wanganui on 26 June 1917
MORSELeonard Walter 18631868Farmer, Waitotara, Wanganui .
MORTIMOREThomas Henry Alfred 19101912 Settler, Rockville,
Collingwood, Nelson
MORTON Hubert Ramsey 18831887Formerly in service of
the Bank of N.S.W.
Won Senior Sports Cup 1887; Swimming Champion 1887
Died at Vancouver on 03 Oct 1907
MOSESThomas Mewburn 19161918Law Clerk, Field and
Luckie, Featherston Street,
MOSSAlan Didsbury1919 1923Clerk, Gollin & Co.,
MOSSClarence George 19041905Land and Estate Agent,
G.W. Moss & Co., Greymouth
Served in WW1
MOSSLeslie George 19091921*Indent Agent, H.W. Moss
& Co., Wellington
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
MOSSMANAlfred Burton Roe 1906 1907 Solicitor, Otorohanga,
Served in WW1
MOULTSamuel Walter 19031905 Engineer, Titahi Bay,
MOWAT Alexander1873 1876 Fellmonger, Blenheim .
MOWATAlexander Gard 19031904 Station Manager, Mangatoi,
Mokau, Taranaki
MOWATHarry Ingles 1879 1881 Commission Agent, Blenheim .
MOWATJohn Tinline 18731880 Commission Agent,
Springlands, Blenheim
MOWATKenneth Phin 1866 1867 Sheepfarmer, Fairhall,
MOWATRoy John Tinline 19021903Wool Buyer, NZ Loan
& M. Co., Blenheim
Served in WW1
MOWATThomas Renwick1878 1881Formerly Manager, Bank
of BNZ, Ashburton
Died at Ashburton on 01 Sep 1915
MOYESWilliam Henry18961901Principal, New Plymouth
High School, New Plymouth
E.B.S [Town] 1896
Swimming Championship 1899 and 1900
Head of School 1901.
Holder NZ University 440 yards Championship 1902-1905;
and 220 yards Championship 1902, 1904-1905; and 100
yards Championship 1902 and 1905
B.A. 1902, M.A. 1904, B.Sc. 1905
MOYNIHAN John18761878Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Westport
Accidentally killed by fall from his horse at
Westport in 1895
MUELLER Gerhard George 18801881Marine Engineer, Victoria
Avenue, Remuera, Auckland
Winner of Senior Gym Cup 1880 and 1881
MUIRAlan Stanley 1909 1912 Sheepfarmer, Te Aringa,
Frasertown, Hawkes Bay
Senior Sports Cup 1911. Record 440 yards, 1911
Served in WW1, Major, O.B.E. [Military Division],
mentioned in despatches
MUIRAllan Leonard 18841885Editor `Poverty Bay
EBS [Richmond School] 1884
MUIRDouglas Leonard 19101912Medical Practitioner, Matata,
Junior Sports Cup 1910 [equal], and 1911 [equal]
M.B. Ch.B.
MUIRPhilip Colin 19101913Clerk, L.D. Nathan
& Co., Auckland
Served in WW1
MUIRRoy Neville 19111913Assistant Accountant,
`Poverty Bay Herald,'
Co., Gisborne
Served in WW1
MULESCharles Marwood1924* . . .
MULESCharles William 18821883. Deceased
MULESEdmund Kennedy 18911898Anglican Minister, Camberly,
Surrey, England
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1892, Senior Sports Cup 1897
Master at Nelson College 1903. Ordained in 1907
MULESFrancis John 18821890Assistant Master,
Wellingborough Grammar
School, Northamptonshire,
B.A. [Canterbury] 1894.
Winner Junior Sports Cup 1886.
Senior Sports Cup 1888 and 1890
MULESPhilip Henry18911896Medical Practitioner,
Woodville, Hawkes Bay
Winner of Junior Sports Cup 1891
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1894, 1895 and 1896
M.B. Ch.B. [Edinburgh] 1902
House Surgeon, Royal Infirmary [Edinburgh] 1902
M.D. [Edinburgh] 1903
Royal Maternity House Physician [Edinburgh] 1903
M.R.C.S., 1904
MULLAN John Robinson1898 1900Clerk, Buller County
Council, Westport
EBS [Distant Schools] 1898
Winner Senior Gym Cup 1899 and 1900 [tie] Served in WW1
MULLAN Thomas James 18911892Came from Westport Served in WW1.
Died of sickness on active service on 12 July 1918
MULLANY Vincent J 1912 1912Came from Nelson Served in WW1
MULLEREugene Henry 18571857.Held Commission as Ensign in 3rd Waikato Regiment, 1863
and served in Maori War. Deceased
MULLERWilliam 18861887Australia .
MULLINSSamuel John 18651866Stockdealer, Park Road,
Palmerston North
MUNCASTEREric Harold 1919 1920Teacher, State School,
Happy Valley, Nelson
MUNCASTERJack Nelson 19211924 Cadet, Magistrate's Court,
MUNROFergus Fergusson 1884 1887Sydney, formerly of
Mayor of Westport 1904
`Simmons' Prize 1887
MUNROJoseph McKay18801881Adelaide Steamship
Co., Melbourne
MUNROKenneth 19051909Formerly Law Clerk,
`Head of School,' 1909
Served in WW1, Lieutenant, killed in action on 03 July 1916
MUNTZAlan Reeves19091911Storekeeper, Richmond,
Served in WW1
MURDOCHWilliam H 18791880Came from Auckland Died while at the College, in 1880
MURPHYGeorge Percival 19221924Cadet, Chief Post
Office, Thames, Auckland
MURRAYHarry Holmden 1880 1882Came from Thames,
Auckland. Formerly Surveyor
Died in June 1888
MURRAY James18931896Civil Engineer, 43
Brighton Road, Parnell,
EBS [Waimea] 1893 B.A. 1900
MURRAYWilliam George 18981900 Dentist, Hunterville,
Winner Senior Gym Cup 1900 [tie]
Served in South African War
MYERSJohn 18761877 Merchant, J. Myers & Co.,
Ltd., Wellington
EBS [Motueka School] 1876
MYERSLeslie 19141918Medical Student, Wesley
College, Sydney
`Hawkes Bay Old Boys' Prize,' 1917
Served in WW1, Lieutenant, RAF
MYERSSoloman Hyam 18741876Merchant, J. Myers &
Ltd., Wellington
EBS [Motueka School] 1874
NAHRWilliam 18851885Formerly of Westport Deceased
NAHRWilliam Robin 19141916Clerk, Westport Coal
Co., Christchurch
NAIRNRobert18741874Medical Practitioner,
Railway Road,
Hastings, Hawkes Bay
M.R.C.S. [England], L.R.C.P. [London], 1886,
F.R.C.S. [England], 1891
NAISMITHNorman Alexander 19181918 Came from Stoke .
NALDERCharles Edward 18831884Registrar-General, Land
and Deeds, Wellington
EBS [Town] 1883,
Solicitor 1892
NALDERThomas Henry1922* . . .
NANCARROWJoseph18651865 . .
NANCARROWRichard 1856 1857. Formerly Commission Agent etc., and Agent for
Union S.S. Co., Greymouth,
Chairman of Education Board, and member of Harbour Board
Died in November 1900
NATHANJoseph18681872 Australia.
NATHANLaurence David Jose 1924*. . .
NAYLORDonald George 1924* . . .
NEAL Algy Vernon 1924* . . .
NEAL Rangi Frederick 1924*. . .
NEALWilliam James18851886Came from Brightwater,
EBS [Waimea] 1885
Died at Brightwater on 11 Aug 1911
NEALEAlan Edgar Harry1992* . . .
NEALEBenjamin Charles 1898 1901Accountant, S. Kirkpatrick
& Co., Ltd. Nelson
NEALEBryan Donald Hubert1923*. . .
NEALEEdgar Rollo 19031905Public Accountant [Milner
& Neale], Nelson
Secretary of Nelson Cricket Association for many years.
Has given very valuable service to Nelson cricket and has
represented Nelson in practically all representative matches
from 1905 to 1915, and from 1920 to the present [1924].
Has represented Canterbury and South Island v. North Island;
also Marlborough and minor NZ Cricket Associations;
represented Nelson and Marlborough at hockey;
also South Island v. North Island
Commercial Master at Nelson College
Hon. Secretary of Nelson College Old Boys' Association.
Member of Nelson City Council
NEALEIan Coates19231924Pupil, Christ's College
NEALE Jasper1897 1898Traffic Manager, Union
S.S. Co., Wellington
NEESKenneth Charles George 1924* . . .
NEESWilliam Carl 19211923 Farm Assistant, Okaramio,
NEVEFrederick1886 1889 Retired Empire Road,
Epsom, Auckland
Author of `Neve's
Formerly Headmaster, High School Westport.
Afterwards Science Teacher at Seddon Technical College,
Practised as Barrister and Solicitor, Auckland
EBS [Town] 1886, B.A. 1892, M.A. 1893,
LL.B. 1909, B.Sc. 1913
NEVEJules 19031904Sydney.
NEWFIELDCharles Edward Felix 1924* . . .
NEWMANAlexander1923*. . .
NEWMANClifford Fleetwood 19031904Carrier, Westport .
NEWMANColin 1923* . . .
NEWMANFrancis Alan 1905 1907Railway Officer, Westport.
NEWMANFred19181918 . Died December 1919
NEWMANJack19171920 Manager, Newman Bros.,
Ltd, Nelson
Represented Nelson in Cricket
1924. .
NEWPORT Clements Wilsden19061907Inspector of Stock, Dept.
of Agriculture, Opunake,
Served in WW1
NEWTONFrancis Hazelhurst 1909 1910Clerk, Nelson Served in WW1
NEWTONHoward 19061910 . Formerly in service of Public Works Dept.
Served in WW1. Died of wounds on 2 May 1915
NICHOLASWilliam John 1924* . . .
NICHOLLSClement George 19211921 Sheepfarmer, c/o J.C. Bidwill,
Featherston, Wellington
NICHOLSONColin Niven 1923* . . .
NICHOLSONEdward J.H. 18801881Victoria Avenue, Claremont,
West Australia
Served in WW1 with Australian Forces Lieut. Col.
C.M.G., D.S.O. Six times mentioned in despatches
NICHOLSONGeorge Alexander 18651871Came from Stoke originally
Farmer and Grazier,
Morrinsville, Auckland
Represented Nelson in Rugby 1876
NICHOLSONThomas Hutchison 18611869Came from Stoke originally
Formerly Farmer, Te Puke,
Represented Nelson in Rugby 1870s
Died 11 June 1923
NICHOLSONWilliam George 1861 1867Came from Stoke originally
Formerly Farmer, Whangarei
Died at Auckland in 1922
NIGHTINGALEAlbert George19151918Teacher, State School,
Pakawau, Nelson
Swimming Champion 1918
NIGHTINGALEHenry William 1917 1920Clerk, Bank of NZ, Nelson .
NIGHTINGALEJames Beresford19141915Clerk, Anchor Shipping Co.,
NIGHTINGALEMaurice Alan 1923* . . .
NIXONBenjamin Disraeli 19101912Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Sydney
Served in WW1 with Australian Forces
NIXONCharles Stafford 1907 1908Farmer, Brixton, Victoria. Served in WW1 with Australian Forces
NOCKFrederick McGregor 19211921Clerk, National Bank of
NZ, Nelson
NOCKRandolph Audy 19141915 Clerk, Auckland. Formerly
Purser, Union S.S. Co.
NORMANGeorge Howard 19081910Clerk, Union S.S. Co.,
`Tinline' Scholar 1908, `Newcombe' Scholar 1910
Served in WW1
NORRISIrvine19051908Dairyman, Wakapuaka,
Served in WW1
NORRISJohn19001901County Engineer, Whangarei
County Council, Whangarei
NOTTAGEBasil Robert Charles 1923* . . .
O'BEIRNEFrancis Eugene George 18951898Barrister and Solicitor
LL.B. 1909
O'BRIENCharles George18931894Farmer, Murchison, Nelson .
O'BRIENFrancis Haddon1893 1896Fruit Merchant, Griffin
& O'Brien, Nelson
O'BRIENJohn Goutenoire 19111911Clerk, Commercial Bank,
Chicago, USA
Served in WW1 M.S.M.
O'BRIENMorgan Joseph 19061907Accountant, Niven & Co.,
Ltd., Palmerston North
Served in WW1
O'CONNELLLeonard Jack 19061910Barrister and Solicitor,
University Junior Scholar 1910 B.A. 1917, LL.B. 1924
O'CONNELLMaurice Edward 18581860Formerly Freezing Works,
Aberdeen, NSW., Australia
Died 19 July 1922
O'CONNORDaniel18711875Formerly Civil Engineer EBS [Waimea] 1871
Died at Sydney Australia in 1915
O'CONNORMyles1924*. ..
O'DONNELLFrank Joseph 1906 1906 .Served in WW1. Killed in action on 11 July 1916
O'HARA-SMITH George Talbot 19031907Clerk, City Council
Office, Nelson
Served in WW1
O'LEARYJames John 1881 1882 Solicitor, Blenheim EBS [Marlborough] 1881
O'LOUGHLINHarry18651867Came from Richmond Died at Masterton in 1922
O'ROURKEAubrey Dorrington 19151915Motor Garage Proprietor,
Otorohanga, Auckland
OAKEYCyril Tyndall 18941896Came from Nelson.
OAKEY Ernest18891890Engineer, Ruru, Westland .
OGG James 19021906Teacher, Lyall Bay
`Newcombe' Scholar 1903, Senior National Scholar 1906,
B.A. 1909
OGILVIE Bryan19201920Plumber, Ocean View
Road, Takapuna, Auckland
OKEYDouglas Taylor 19161917 Teacher, Te Aute College,
Hawkes Bay
OKEYJohn Nelson Lydeard1916 1917 Engineer, c/o Woolf &
Salversen, Christchurch
OLDWilliam1919 1920Farmer, Hawera, Taranaki .
OLDERSHAWSydney Alfred 19181923Clerk, Nelson Harbour
Board, Nelson
OLDHAMFred William 18791883Formerly Farmer, Mangorei,
New Plymouth
Died at New Plymouth 23 June 1919
OLDHAMHarold Edward 18801884 Settler, Kent Street,
Formerly in Bank of NZ
Entered British Army and saw service in South African War
and WW1
Represented Nelson at football
OLDHAMJohn Edwin Royds 19181919Came from Kiwi, Nelson.
OLDHAMJohn Gilbert18791882Stock Agent NZ Loan
and Mercantile Co., Taihape,
OLDHAMLeo William 1923*. . .
OLDHAMRobert Alton Royds 18821884 Formerly Farmer, Kiwi,
Died at Wakefield 19 Sep 1921, result of a motor accident
OLIVERArthur R. 18781878 England.
OLIVER Fred Stanley 18891890 Law Clerk, 40 Innes
Road, Christchurch
OLIVERJohn Richmond 19211924Student, c/o Mrs. Wright,
7 Victoria Road,
Worthing, England
`Newcombe' Scholar 1922,
`Andrew Memorial' Prize, 1924 [equal],
University Junior Scholar, 1924
ORRJohn18771878 Farmer, Bunnythorpe,
Palmerston North
ORSMANWilliam Horace Benjamin 1912 1913Salesman, Havelock,
OSLERThomas Follet19021903 Farmer, Alberta, Canada Served in WW1 with Canadian Forces
OTTERSONAlfred Sclanders 1856 1866 Formerly, 8, St. George's
Court, South Kensington,
Died in London January 1917
`Richmond' Scholar 1866, Also Foundation Scholar.
One of the first eight pupils who attended the College
on opening day, April 1856
OTTERSONHenry 1856 1863 Formerly Clerk, House of
Representatives, Wellington
`Stafford' Scholar, 1863. Also Foundation Scholar, 1862
Lately residing at Coromandel, Auckland, C.M.G.
OWEN Wilfred Barry 1917 1918 Chemist, c/o Cook and
Ross, Christchurch
PAGEAlfred Cecil 1907 1910 Secretary, G. Page and
Sons, Ltd., Nelson
Served in WW1
PAGEClaude Vincent 1913 1917 Medical Practitioner,
Murchison, Nelson
M.B. Ch.B. 1924, `Fell' Scholar 1915,
`Simmons' Prize 1917 `Andrew Memorial' Prize 1917,
University Junior Scholar, 1917
PAGE Oliver E 1920 1920 Motor Mechanic, Takaka,
PAGEOswald Rupert 1914 1915 Farmer, Ruapare, Hawkes Bay.
PAGEPhilip Lloyd 1924* . . .
PAGEPaul Stuart 1923* . . `Adams' Cup [shooting] 1924,
`Godley' Cup [Cadets] 1924
PAGEReginald Harry 1924* . . .
PAGEWalter Ashley 1911 1912 Salesman, G. Page and
Sons, Ltd., Nelson
Served in WW1
PAHLErrol Murray Noel 1924 1924 Messenger, Post and
Telegraph Dept., Nelson
PAIN Thomas 1913 1914 Clerk, Stipendiary Magistrate's
Court, Opotiki, Auckland
PAINTON Charles Frederick 1882 1883 Came from Wai-iti, Nelson E.B. Scholar [Waimea] 1882
PAINTON Edward John 18801882Flourmiller, Wakefield, Nelson .
PALMER Arthur Douglas 1919* . ..
PALMER Austin Trevor 19041907Farmer, Waimea West, Nelson .
PALMER Francis Rowland 1900 1901 Salesman, Crossley Motor
Depôt, Wellington
Served in WW1
PALMER Gordon Samuel 19161917 Teacher, Boys' Central
School, Nelson
Winner of Irvine Shield for most efficient private in Nelson
Marlborough Regiment 1921
PALMER Harold Cecil 1919 1922 Clerk, J.H. Cook & Co.,
Ltd., Nelson
PALMER Laurie Alan 1922* . . .
PALMERLeslie19001901.Died at Springrove, Nelson, in January 1907
PALMER Louis Gordon Bell 1922 1923 Farm Assistant, c/o L.M.
Palmer, Waimea West, Nelson
PALMERLeonard Russell 19161916Student, Canterbury College,
B.A. Diploma of Journalism
PALMERMelville Ashley 1923*. . .
PALMERMelville Cedric 1922* .. .
PALMERNorman Edward 1916 1917 Settler, Belgrove, Nelson .
PALMERNewton William 19141917 Clerk, Government Life
Insurance Dept., Wellington
PALMERPercival James 1903 1904. Served in WW1, Lieutenant. Died of wounds 07 06 1917
PALMER Percy 18751876Insurance Inspector, Remuera,
PALMERRoydon Keith 19201925 Student at Canterbury
College, Christchurch
`Stafford' Scholar 1924 [equal]
PALMERReginald Percy 18951897Storekeeper, Waverley,
E.B. Scholar [Waimea] 1895
Winner of Junior Sports Cup 1895
PALMERThornton John 19131917Assistant Engineer, Public
Works Department,
Roxburgh, Otago
B.E. [Civil] 1923
PALMERValentine Leslie 19081911Accountant, Salmond and
Spraggon, Wellington
Served in WW1
PAMMENTFrederick Arthur 19161916Motor Proprietor, Hokitika.
PAPPSArthur James 1903 1908Teacher, Boys' High
School, New Plymouth
`Stafford' Scholar 1906, `Barnicoat' Prize Essay, 1908,
`Head of the School' 1908, B.A. 1910
Captain NZ Territorials [Taranaki Regiment]
Served in WW1, Captain
PAPPSRoland Joshua 1915 1918Teacher, State School,
Mahana, Nelson
Represented Nelson in cricket; and Nelson, and Golden
Bay-Motueka in football
PARKJames Stobie Macintyre 1899 1901 Barrister and Solicitor,
Levuka, Fiji
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
PARKERFrederick William 18931896 . Came from Christchurch
PARKERGodfrey Boyes19051906Clerk, Anchor Shipping
Co., Nelson
PARKERGeoffrey Innes19101911 Solicitor, Kaiti, Gisborne Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
PARKER Humphrey Francis 1907 1910 Aeronautical Engineer, c/o
Standard Bank of South
Africa, 67 Wall Street,
New York, USA.
Associate Fellowship in Royal Aeronautical Society.
Hawkes Bay Old Boy's Prize, 1909
Served in WW1 Flight Lieutenant, RAF
PARKERLouis Carey 1910 1912 Barrister and Solicitor
[Rees, Bright, Wauchop
and Parker], Gisborne
Served in WW1
PARKER Jeffrey William Kitchen 19221924Cadet, Public Trust Office,
PARKERSidney Arthur 1907 1907 Clerk, Railway Dept.,
Served in WW1
PARKESColin Desmond 19071908 Farmer, 88 Valley, Wakefield,
PARKES Edward Roydon 1905 1905 Farmer, Wakefield, Nelson .
PARMENTERRoy 19171918Clerk, Railway Dept.,
Paekakariki, Wellington
PARSONSGeorge Ballance 1902 1904 144 Rainbow Street,
Randwick, Sydney, Australia
PARSONS Ralph 19021904Farmer, Kaikoura,
PARSONSReginald Richard 1910 1910Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Benmore, Marlborough
Served in WW1, Lieutenant RAF.
Killed in motor accident 03 Oct 1923
PARSONSRussell Minchinton 1919 1919 Farmer, Kohinui, Pahiatua,
PASLEYEdward Fortescue 1887 1889Manufacturers' Agent, Cuba
Street, Palmerston North
`Tinline' Scholar 1887
PATERSON Edward19141914 . Died at Nelson 20 02 1915
PATERSONWilliam Coverdale19141916Sheepfarmer, Atawhai, Nelson .
PATONArthur 1881 1881Farmer, Hope, Nelson.
PATONKenneth Edward Stafford19031903Formerly at Arrowtown,
PATON Robert S 19211921Farm Assistant, c/o
Jenson Bros., Longburn,
PATTERSONHugh 18981900Asst. Engineer, Public
Works Dept., Mangahao,
Shannon, Wellington
EBS [Distant Schools] 1898
PATTIEHubert Thomas 19091909 Fruitgrower, Gate Pa,
Tauranga, Auckland
Served in WW1
PAULGeorge Leonard 19021903 Draper Wanganui East,
PAULGeorge Murray Joseph 18791881Settler Queen Charlotte
Sounds, via Picton
PAULINGGeorge Alexander
1875 1875 Formerly District Land
Registrar, Invercargill
Represented Wellington and Marlborough at football
Solicitor. Died 15 05 1912
PAYNTER Horace19031905Fruitgrower Hastings,
Hawkes Bay
Served in WW1
PEARCEAthol George 19091912Farmer, Mangaweka,
Served in WW1
PEARCEEdward Wardell 19091910Levin & Co., Ltd.,
Served in WW1, Captain
PEARCEEric 1924* . . .
PEARCE Frederick18771879 Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Featherston, Wellington
Died at Featherston 12 Feb 1920
PEARCEFrederick Cecil 19111914 Teller, Bank of
Australasia, Auckland
Served in WW1
PEARCEGeorge Francis 1876 1879 Merchant, Levin & Co.,
Ltd., Wellington
PEARCEHarold Sydney 19121915 Clerk, Levin & Co., Ltd.,
PEARCEJohn18761879Formerly Mercantile Marine
Died in London in July 1922
PEARCEWilliam Harold 1919 1920Clerk, Post Office,
PEARLESSHerbert Campbell 1895 1896Farmer, Brightwater, Nelson Served in WW1
PEARLESS Montague Cecil 18991901 . EBS (Waimea) 1899
Died at Wakefield, Nelson 29 07 1903
PEARLESSLessel Reginald 1901 1902 Engineer, c/o Armstrong,
Whitworth & Co., Tauranga,
Formerly in service of Public Works Dept., British
North Borneo
Represented Nelson vs. English cricket team 1903
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
PEARLESSWalter Hugh 1894 1896 Medical Practitioner,
Brightwater, Nelson
L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. [Edin.] L.F.P.S. [Glasgow] 1906
Represented Otago at cricket, 1900, 1902; and
Scotland, 1906
PEARSON Arthur F.19151916Salesman, Tisdall's, Lambton
Quay, Wellington
PEARSON Leslie Browning 1896 1898Formerly of Quantambane,
Brewarrima, N.S.W.
Served in WW1 with Australian forces
Died of sickness 18 05 1917
PEARTAlfred 18801881Farmer, Okete, Raglan,
PEARTAlfred Cuthbert 19031903Formerly in service of
NZ Government
Served in WW1 and killed in action 15 Sep 1916
PEARTCuthbert Blenkiron 19051907 Electrician, Richards and
Peart, Nelson
Served in WW1
PEARTEugene Carl 19141916Farmer, Mangatoki, Taranaki .
PEATJohn1879 1881Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Maxwelltown, Wanganui
`Simmons' Prize 1880
Died 30 09 1907
PEATWilliam 19011903Sheepfarmer, `Pickwick,'
PEENEClifford Siteman 1910 1910 Farmer, Opotiki, Auckland Served in WW1
PELLOWReginald Frederick 19171918Clerk, Union Bank of
Australia, Ashburton
PENNYBenjamin Simpson 18691869 Retired, 20 Dunedin Street,
Ponsonby, Auckland
PERCIVALNorman Lewis 19031904. Died at Wellington Feb., 1909
PERE Turiki Munro 19111913 Clerk and Interpreter,
Rees Bros. & Bright,
Represented Poverty Bay in representative cricket matches
PERRYGeorge Albert 1886 1886 Merchant, Hokitika .
PERSTON George Fortescue 1902 1903 Formerly Farmer, Urenui,
Winner of Marjoribanks Shield, 1903
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Horse Artillery, B.E.F.
Killed in action on 12 Feb 1917
PERSTONJohn Robertson 1911 1911 Fruitgrower, Mahana, Nelson Served in WW1
PETERS Lionel Albert 1917 1922Draper, Premier Draper Co.,
Palmerston North
PETRIE George Alexander 1890 1891.Came from Richmond. Died 15 Apr 1893
PETRIEJames Paul 1887 1889Stationmaster, Railways,
Feilding, Wellington
EBS (Richmond School) 1887
PETTIT Frederick Charles 1923* . . .
PETTIT Harry19031904 NZ Representatives of W.
Hollins & Sons, Manufacturers
P.O. Box 1440, Wellington
Served in WW1, Captain M.C.
Mentioned in special orders, torpedoing of `Marquette'
PETTIT Stanley Searle 19151915 Salesman, Kirkcaldie &
Stains, Wellington
PETTITThomas Harold 1903 1907Medical Practitioner, 504
New North Road, Auckland
M.B. Ch.B. 1913; Swimming Champion, 1907;
Swimming Champion of Nelson, 1906-1907
Served in WW1 with NZ Medical Corps. Captain
PETTIT William Haddow 18991903Medical Practitioner c/o
T. Pettit, Wakapuaka,
EBS (Town) 1899; `Newcombe' Scholar, 1900;
`Simmons Prize', 1903;
University Junior Scholar, 1903 [First on list];
M.B. Ch.B. 1913
PEYMANJohn Benjamin18731873Carpenter, Bell Street,
PHARAZYN Neil Charles1916
. .
PHARAZYNWilliam Noel 19081909 British Army Officer, 42
Alleyn Park, Dulwich
Common, London, S.E.
Served in WW1, Major, Royal Artillery, B.E.F., M.C.
PHILLIPSHarold1905 1907 Formerly in H.M. Customs,
Winner of Senior Sports Cup, 1907
Served in WW1 Died of wounds, 16 Sep 1918
PHILLIPSHenry Vincent 19021904Teacher, Education Board,
PHILLIPSJohn1900 1901 Farmer, Sherry River, Nelson.
PHILLIPSOscar Allan 1909 1910 Farmer, Sherry River, Nelson .
PHILLIPSWilliam Frederick 1892 1892 . Died at Nelson in Jan 1909
PHILLIPSWilliam Henry 1890 1891 Formerly Farmer, now
Master, Boys' Home, France
House, Eskdale, Hawkes Bay
Much interested in the dairying industry
Formerly Chairman and Director of several dairy factory
PHIPPS Raymond John 1904 1905 Printer, `Waikato Times'
PICKERING18941895Hospital Dispenser, Apia,
PICKWELLRainford John 19201924Cadet, Agricultural Dept.,
PIERARDWalter R 19131914Karori, Wellington .
PIKECharles18731874 Deceased.
PIKESoames Hilary James19191924Pupil, Christ's College,
PILLGeorge Nicholas 19141915Electrical Engineer, Waiere
Power Board, Pio Pio,
Te Kuiti, Auckland
PITCAITHLEY Ngata Prosser 1922 1923Teacher, Boys' Central
School, Nelson
PITTAlbert Michael 1924* . . .
PITT George Alfred 1923* . ..
PITTWilmot Bartlett 1885 1891 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co,. Manilla, Philippine
PLANKAlfred 1883 1884Carpenter, Shakespeare
Road, Takapuna, Auckland
EBS [Waimea] 1883
PLANK Ralph James 1916 1917 Clerk, Hawera, Taranaki .
PLATTS William Mummery 1923* . . .
PLATTS-MILLS John Fortescue 1919 1924 Law Student, Victoria
College, Wellington
`Simmons Prize' 1923; `Andrew Memorial Prize' 1924
[equal]; `Houlker Memorial Prize,' 1924; University Junior
Scholar, 1924; `Chaytor Prize' 1923' `Head of School'
1924; Boxing Champion 1923-1924
POGSON Frank Lubecki 1894 1898 . `Simmons Prize,' 1896; University Junior Scholar 1896
[declined] and 1897; B.A. [Senior Scholar] 1900;
M.A. [2nd Class Hons] 1901; `Casberd' Scholar
[St. John's College Oxford] 1904; B.A. [Oxford] 1906.
After leaving Oxford took up coaching for the University
and also literary work.
Died 06 10 1910 as a result of exertions while mountain
climbing in Switzerland.
At the time of his death was engaged in the translation of
some of the works of the greatest French and German
philosophers, some of which translations have been
published. Tablet to his memory has been placed in
Assembly Hall, Boys' College, Nelson.
POLGLAZE Keith Allan 1923* . . .
POLLARD Harold Ambrose 1900 1902 Motor Mechanic, Universal
Car Co., Nelson.
POLLOCK John 1872 1873 Formerly in Lands and
Survey Dept., Nelson
Retired to 25 Arthur Street, Dunedin
POLLOCK Robert 1872 1873 Formerly Agent, 2 St.
Vincent Street, Auckland
EBS (Town) 1872 Died Auckland, June 1925
POOLE Augustus1888 1889 Came from Wanganui .
POOLE Thomas William 1890 1890 . Served in South African War as Trooper, 2nd Contingent,
NZ Mounted Infantry
Died of enteric fever while on active service, July 1900
Memorial tablet placed in Assembly Hall by his schoolfellows
POPESidney Morpeth 1912 1913 Farmer, Huinga, Stratford,
Served in WW1
PORRITT Norman Deans 1923 1924 Farm Assistant, Pukeroro,
Cambridge, Auckland
PORTERHarry 1904 1905 Came from Auckland .
PORTERHerbert Musgrove Winton 1912 1913 Shepherd, Hore Hore
Station, Mangapapa, Gisborne
POTTER Claude 1912 1912 Came from Auckland .
POTTS Rewi Hugh 1910 1912 . Served in WW1 and killed in action on 26 08 1918
PRATTCharles Edward18691872 Formerly Assistant Engineer,
Public Works Dept.
Died 02 04 1879 while in charge of a survey party on the
Otago Central Railway.
"The late Mr. Pratt, whose age was 25 at the time of
his death, was a general favourite with his professional
and private friends and acquaintances. He was also
a first-class officer, and his death is much regretted
by his fellow officers in the Department."

Otago Daily Times
PRATT Charles Edward 1897 1902 Farmer, Okoia, Wanganui Served in WW1
PRATTHerbert William 1892 1893 Farmer, Makino, Feilding,
PREBBLE Oswald Maynard 1917 1917 Clerk, Post Office,
Accountants' branch,
PREBBLE William Neville 1919 1923Cadet, Public Trust
Office, Nelson
PRESHAW Cecil Mackinson 1895 1898 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Shanghai
Represented Nelson at football
PRESHAW Harold Hickling 1901 1902 Formerly in service of
Bank of New South Wales
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 31 07 1917
PRESTIDGE George Henry 1915 1915 Farmer, Upper Moutere,
PRICE Herbert Cowan 1923* . . .
PRICE Russell Treaton 1917 1917 Farm Manager, Akatarawa,
PRICE Leslie Thomas 1924* . ..
PRICECedric Roy 1919 1920 Farmer, Waimea West, Nelson .
PRICEThomas George 1883 1884 . Drowned in Pelorus River, Marlborough
EBS [Marlborough] 1883
PRICE Trevor James 1919 1921 Station Hand, Flat
Point Station, Masterton
PRING-ROWEMaurice Frederick 1922 1924 England .
PRITCHARD Louis 1874 1876 . Deceased
PROCTOR John R 1866 1866 Formerly Optician, High
Street, Christchurch
PROWSE Arthur Reginald Ferris 1919 1922 Clerk, Bank of New
Zealand, Hokitika
PROWSE Woodley Armstrong 1919
Clerk, W.D. & H.O.
Wills, Wellington
Marjoribanks Shield 1921, 1924;
Senior Sports Cup 1922, 1924;
Records for 100 yards, 220 yards and Long Jump, 1924
PRUSSINGJohn Leslie 1909 1913 Teacher, Boys' High
School, Christchurch
`Head of School' 1913; Lawn Tennis Champion 1912-1913
Represented Nelson at Rugby
PURKISS Clarence Morton 1890 1893 Solicitor, Perth, West
PYKEWilliam S 1880 1881 . Winner, Junior Sports Cup 1881

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