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SURNAME             FORENAMES               FROM TO   OCCUPATION                         NOTES                                                                              
QUICKFrederick 1875 1878 .Came from Auckland
QUILLIAM Cecil Wilfred 1909 1913 Formerly Law Student,
Victoria College, Wellington
`Stafford' Scholar 1910; `Simmons Prize' 1911, 1913;
University Junior Scholar 1913
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 04 Nov 1918
QUILLIAM Newton1910 1913 Medical Student, Otago
University, Dunedin
Served in WW1
QUILLIAM Reginald Percy 19041906Formerly Law Clerk, Govett
& Quilliam, New Plymouth
Served in WW1 and killed in action 03 Aug 1916
QUILLIAM Ronald Henry 1908 1910Barrister and Solicitor,
Govett, Quilliam & Hutchen,
New Plymouth
Head of School, 1910; LL.B., 1913
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
QUINTON Allan Esmy 1920 1923Cadet, Public Trust
Office, Nelson
QUINTRELL Sidney Ball 1908 1908Clerk, Roa, Gisborne Served in WW1 M.S.M.
RABONECyril Vincent 1912 1913 . Died in Military Hospital, Wellington, 13 Sep 1918
RABONE Norman Mycroft 1912 1913 Printer, Blenheim .
RABONE Paul Stafford 1912 1912 Indent Agent, Palmerston North Served in WW1
RADFORD Gordon 1920 1920 Clerk, Radford & Co., 232
Lambton Quay, Wellington
Junior Gym Cup, 1920
RAHARUHI Thomas 1909 1909 Taxi Proprietor, Takaka,
Represented Golden Bay-Motueka in rugby
RAIKESHenry Campbell18771880 Formerly Farmer Died at Motueka about 1909
RAIKESPercy Campbell1903 1904 Produce Manager, Robertson
Bros. & Lewesham, Auckland
RAIKESWilliam Campbell18801883Farmer, Pakaraka, Auckland .
RAINE Cyril Norman Palmer 1876 1883 Manager, Bank of NZ,
RAINE Percy 1911 1912 . Served in WW1 and died of wounds on 05 Oct 1917
RAIT James Owen19211923Cadet, Public Trust
Office, Nelson
RALSTONArthur Rankin 18581858 C/o J.W. Ralston, Beaudesert,
RALSTON Henry William 1858 1858 Melbourne .
RALSTON Walter Vardon 1858 1858 Formerly General Manager,
Queensland National Bank,
Died at Brisbane in October 1920
Very prominent in patriotic movements during WW1
RANKINCarlyle Lindsay 1917 1917 Grocer, Motueka, Nelson.
RAPLEYStafford Wellington19041905 Barrister and Solicitor,
Palmerston North
RAWSON Alfred Pearson 1861 1862Formerly Surveyor, Masterton Died at Masterton 06 Dec 1911
With his brothers Arthur John and Thomas Harold
Rawson, he was the first boarder entered at the
old College when it opened in 1861
RAWSONArthur John 18611862Deceased by 1924With his brothers Alfred Pearson and Thomas Harold
Rawson, he was the first boarder entered at the
old College when it opened in 1861
RAWSONBernard Whiteley 1885 1885 Clerk, `Auckland Star,'
RAWSON Gilbert Allan 18951898 Commercial Traveller, 33
Symonds Street, Auckland
RAWSONHenry Foord 18961897Clerk, Bank of N.S.W.,
Goulbourn, N.S.W.
EBS (Distant Schools) 1896
RAWSONSydney Herbert 18981898Dentist, George Street,
RAWSON Thomas Harold 1861 1862 Formerly Secretary,
Treasurer and Engineer,
Otago Harbour Board,
Previously Resident Engineer to Harbour Boards of
Greymouth and Westport.
M.I.C.E. [London]
With his brothers Arthur John and Alfred Pearson
Rawson, he was the first boarder entered at the old
College when it opened in 1861
RAWSTRON Norman1915 1916Medical Practitioner, Matata,
Bay of Plenty
M.B. Ch.B. 1923
RAYMOND Percival Richard 1903 1904 Sydney.
RAYMOND Reginald John 1903 1904 Sydney .
READ Eldon Kemp 1917 1918 Taxi Proprietor, Ohiro
Road, Brooklyn, Wellington
READERAthol B. 1878 1879 Explorer, Peru Formerly British Consul at Morocco, and later Private
Secretary to the Governor of Ceylon
REANEY John Hugh 1918 1919Law Clerk, Johnston &
O.& R. Beere, Welllington
REANEY Robert Hamilton 1918 1921Station Cadet, c/o M.S.
Chambers, Tauroa Station,
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
REAYDouglas Richard 1920 1920 Apprentice, Anchor Foundry
Co., Nelson
REDGRAVE Arthur Frank 1903 1904 Produce Merchant, Hastings,
Hawkes Bay
Served in WW1
REDGRAVECecil Edgar 19121913 Teller, Bank of NZ,
Roxburgh, Otago
Represented Nelson in rugby 1914 Served in WW1
REDGRAVE Charles Andrew 18951896Formerly Clerk, c/o J.H.
Bethune & Co., Wellington
Represented Nelson in rugby
Associate Institute of Accountants A.I.A.N.Z.
Died at Auckland on 22 Feb 1910
REDGRAVEFrederick Burton 18971898Anglican Minister NZ
Secretary, Board of Missions,
42 Ballance Street, Wellington
Represented Nelson in rugby
Canterbury College Exhibition in Economics, 1907
B.A., 1907; M.A., 1908
REDHEADCharles 1860 1861 . Came from Taranaki
REECE Charles Harold 1900 1903 Garden Architect, Napier Junior Gym Cup, 1901; Senior Gym Cup, 1903
Served in WW1
REECE Edward Thomas 18981898 Hardware Merchant, E.
Reece Ltd, Christchurch
REECELeslie Norman 1901 1906 Medical Practitioner, Western
Road, Romford, Essex, England
`Fell' Scholar, 1903; Winner Junior Gym Cup, 1905
M.R.C.S [England], L.R.C.P. [London]
Served in WW1 Major in Royal Army Medical Corps
REECEWilliam Asher 1897 1900 President, General Electric
Co., Buenos Aires, Argentina
REES Edward1888 1889 .Deceased
REES Gilbert Sullivan 1917 1919 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Darwin, Australia
Champion Shot 1919; `Adams' Cup [shooting], 1919
REES Maurice Westland 1922 1922 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Wellington
REEVES Charles John 1881 1883 . Deceased
REEVESSheppard Jeffares 1878 1880 Sydney .
REID Charles 1874 1875 .Came from Australia
REILLY Lawrence Edgar 1899 1900 Farmer, Takaka, Nelson .
REILLY Patrick Rod 1923 1924 Pupil, Takaka District High
School, Takaka, Nelson
REMNANT Gilbert Noel 1924* . . .
RENNISONGeorge Edward 19221923 Hokitika .
RENTOUL Barbut Theodore 19031904 Dairy Instructor, Dept. of
Agriculture, Hamilton
Served in WW1
REVINGTON William Daly Wellington 1903 1903 Engineer, 40 Hewitt's
Road, Christchurch
Served in WW1 Lieutenant
REYNOLDS Wi Moananui Carroll 19171920 Station Hand, Hurumua
Station, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay
RICHARDSAllan Vincent1918 1918 .Clerk, Wellington
RICHARDSClaude Louis 1917 1918 Clerk, Kempthorne, Prosser
& Co., Wellington
RICHARDSHerbert Ernest18891889 Secretary, Scotts Motors
Ltd., Wellington
RICHARDSReginald Harry 1924* . ..
RICHARDS Thomas 1904 1907. Nelson EBS [Town], 1904
RICHARDSON Josephus Hargreaves 1871 1873 Formerly Commissioner,
Government Life Insurance
Department, Wellington
Entered Department in 1873, after passing Senior and
Junior Civil Service exams [second place in each]:
Secretary and Accountant of Department: appointed
Commissioner in 1890;
Member of Scottish Faculty of Actuaries, of British
Institute of Actuaries, of Acturial Society of America, of
Acturial Society of Australasia, and a Fellow of the
Incorporated Institutes of Accountants of New Zealand
and Victoria; President, New Zealand Insurance Institute,
Retired in Khandallah, Wellington
RICHARDSON John 1892 1892 . .
RICHMOND Alfred1870 1872 Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Feilding, Wellington
Admitted, 1888
Died at Napier on 04 Sep 1914
RICHMOND Christopher Francis 1868 1872 Solicitor [not practising],
Sydney. Address: `The
Wilderness,' Narara, Sydney
RICHMONDColeridge 1908 1911 Formerly of Richmond Brook
Station, Awatere, Marlborough
Senior Sports Cup, 1911
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 7 Jun 1917
RICHMOND Francis Henry 1870 1877 Formerly Sheepfarmer,
Awatere, Marlborough
Now living at Haven Road, Nelson
Winner of Senior Sports Cup, 1876 and 1877
Represented Nelson in rugby in 1878
A Governor of Nelson College
RICHMOND Francis William18741877 Assistant District Land
Registrar, Wellington
Formerly Solicitor at New Plymouth. Admitted, 1884
RICHMOND Gordon 1898 1906 Sheepfarmer, Motupipi,
Takaka, Nelson
Represented Nelson at rugby, and at cricket many times
Champion Nelson Golf Club 1913, 1914 and 1915
Miramar Golf Club Champion 1918,
Manawatu Open Champion 1918
Nelson Provincial Champion 1922 and 1923
RICHMONDJames MacDonald 1903 1906 Formerly Staff Officer,
NZ Defence Dept.
`Simmons' Prize 1905 [equal], and 1906
Served in WW1 Major, M.C., D.S.O. Mentioned in
Despatches. Killed in action 27 Oct 1918
RICHMOND James Wilson18731876 Formerly Engineer in Public
Works Dept.
RICHMOND Maurice William 18691873Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Christchurch
Previously Professor of Law, Victoria University College,
Wellington. `Fell' Scholar 1872;
London University Matric., 1877;
Exhibitions, London University, 1878, 1879, and 1880;
B.Sc., [London] in Maths and Physical Science [1st
Class Hons], 1880; Barrister and Solicitor, NZ., 1883;
Compiler NZ Digest for Council of Law Reporting, 1892
and 1897; Law Lecturer at Victoria University College,
Wellington, 1899; LL.B. [NZ] 1906
Died at Christchurch 26 Feb 1919
RICHMOND Norman MacDonald 19111914Tutor Organiser, Workers'
Educational Association,
Auckland University College,
`Newcombe' Scholar 1911;
`Andrew Memorial Prize,' 1913, 1914;
University Junior Scholar, 1913 [declined];
University Junior Scholar, 1914;
B.A. [NZ] ,1917; M.A.[2nd Class Hons], 1918;
Senior Scholar in Applied Mathematics;
Rhodes Scholar for NZ at University College, Oxford,
1920-1923; B.A. [Oxon], 1923 [2nd Class Hons];
Junior Gym Cup, 1912; Senior Gym Cup, 1914;
Captain, Canterbury College Rugby, 1916
Served in WW1
RICHMOND Richard Hutton 1873 1877 Dentist, Greymouth .
RICHMOND Seymour Tancred 1898 1903 Sheepfarmer, Richmond Brook,
Awatere, Marlborough
Winner Senior Sports Cup, 1903
Represented Nelson in Rugby, 1904
RICKETTSFrancis18591859Formerly farmer at Kaponga,
RICKETTS Maurice Ambrose19101911Fishmonger, Bridge Street,
Served in WW1
RICKETTSRoy Albert19071909Engineer, NelsonServed in WW1 M.S.M.
RICKETTSReginald Charles19071907Farmer, Kiwi, NelsonServed in WW1
RIDDICK James Stoneham 1923* . . .
RILEYGeorge Calverley 18921892Sheepfarmer, Bainham, Nelson .
RILEYCalverley Edward 1914 1917 . Died at Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay on 22 08 1925
Lawn Tennis Champion 1917
RILEY Max Eugene 1919 1920Farmer, Rockville, Nelson Chaytor Cup [miniature rifle shooting] 1920
RILEYRalph Percy 19211922Farmer, Rockville, Nelson.
RILEYRobert John18881889 Farmer, Hospital Road, New
EBS [Distant Schools] 1888
RILEYSamuel William 18911892Marine Engineer, Riley's
Foundry, Westport
RILEYWalter Cecil 1897 1899Formerly Warehouseman, Ross
& Glendining, Wellington
Served in WW1 and killed in action 08 Aug 1915
RISHWORTHJohn Norman 18921893Dentist, Queen St., Auckland Served in WW1 with NZ Dental Corps
Lieutenant Colonel, M.B.E.
RISHWORTHLeonard Stanley18931894C/o J.N. Rishworth, Auckland.
RIVERS Edward Ernest 19081909Accountant, Hastings, Hawkes
Served in WW1
RIX-TROTT Geoffrey Alwyn 1919 1923 Architectural Student c/o
Houlker & Rix-Trott,
Architects, Nelson
2nd Lieutenant NZ Territorials [Nelson Regiment]
Junior Swimming Cup 1921-1922
Swimming Championship 1923
Cooper Cup [Cross country run] 1923
RIX-TROTT Kenneth1915 1918Surveyor's Assistant,
Examiner St., Nelson
RIX-TROTT Kevin Lloyd 1923* . . .
RIX-TROTT Noel Vincent1916 1922 Teacher, Dunelm Preparatory
School, Christchurch
`Simmons' Prize, 1921-1921
`Andrew Memorial' Prize, 1921
ROBERTS Frank Morris 19241924 Farmer, Ward, Marlborough.
ROBERTS Henry Edward 1921 1923 Hastings .
ROBERTS Robert James 1898 1902 Electrical Engineer,
Hydroelectric Branch, Public
Works Department, Wellington
ROBERTS Thomas Edmund 1892 1892 Barrister and Solicitor,
Patea, Taranaki
Served in South African War
ROBERTSHAWE Dennis Ralph 1923* . . .
ROBERTSHAWEReginald 1924* .. .
ROBERTSON Albert William 1905 1908 Formerly in Pensions
Department, Wellington
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 22 June 1916
ROBERTSONHarold James19071909Accountant, BlenheimServed in WW1
ROBERTSON John Henderson19131913Clerk, Post Office,
Ellerslie, Auckland
ROBERTSON Lawrence19131914Accountant, NZ Dairy Co,.
Hamilton, Auckland
ROBERTSON Oswald1909 1912Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Sydney
ROBERTSON Reginald Charles 19011901Accountant, Grant Bros.
& Co,. Nelson
Swimming Champion 1901
ROBERTSONWallace Alexander 19141918Engineer, c/o Robertson
Bros., Nelson
ROBBINSReginald Edwin 1920 1921 Farmer, Hope, Nelson .
ROBINS Herbert William 1918 1920 Cadet, Post and Telegraph
Dept., Wellington
ROBINSON Cedric Keith 19021905Draughtsman, Lands and
Survey Dept., Auckland.
Served in WW1
ROBINSON Charles Wiremu 1922 1922Clerk, Macky Logan Caldwell
Ltd, Wellington
ROBINSONDouglas Lister 19211922Clerk, Auckland City
Council, Auckland
ROBINSON Edward James 18791880. E.B.S. [Marlborough] 1879
Died at Sydney 1910
ROBINSON Henry Leslie 1921 1921 Apprentice, Kershaw's
Engineering Works, Nelson
ROBINSON Herbert Owen 1893 1895 Barrister and Solicitor,
Te Kuiti, Auckland
ROBINSONIan Kenneth 19191919 Engineer, Auckland Champion Shot 1921;
Chaytor Cup [miniature rifle shooting] 1921
ROBINSON James 1860 1860 Formerly Farmer, Renwicktown,
Died at Nelson 1919
ROBINSON Joseph Arthur 19231923Sheepfarmer, Onamalutu,
ROBINSON John Walker 1924* . . .
ROBINSONWilliam 1860 1860 Formerly Farmer, Grovetown,
Died at Blenheim 1921
ROBISON Alister Hugh 19101913 Formerly in firm of W.D.
& H.O. Wills, Christchurch
Now living in Nelson
Served in WW1
ROBJOHNSFrederick Hubert19081910Came from NapierDied at Auckland 1918
ROBJOHNSHenry Charles19081908 Farmer, Napier .
ROCHFORT Frank18931893 Sheepfarmer, Piopio,
Te Kuiti, Auckland
Served in WW1 with 10th West Yorks Regt. B.E.F.
ROCHFORT John Henry 1879 1884Formerly Mercantile Marine
Died at Auckland September 1922
RODGER Aldred1912 1912 . Served in WW1 Killed in action 26 Aug 1918
RODLEYHerbert James 19101911 Currier, Nelson Served in WW1
RODLEYJohn19161917 Clerk, Kawhai Street, Nelson .
ROGENArthur Frederick19061907St Clair, DunedinServed in WW1
ROGERSElijah John19161917 Miner, Granity, Westport.
ROGERS Eugene Trevelyan18981902Medical Practitioner,
Hamilton, Auckland
EBS [Marlborough], 1898
Winner of Junior Sports Cup 1899
M.D. [NZ] 1911; M.R.C.S. [England]
and L.R.C.P. [London], 1910
ROGERS George Percival 1897 1901Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Hamilton, Auckland
EBS [Marlborough] 1897 LL.B. 1906
Died at Hamilton 24 July 1922
ROGERSJohn Molyneux 1878 1880 . Died in 1907
ROGERSMarmaduke18971899Teacher, State School,
Appleby, Nelson
ROGERSMaurice George 19121916 Clerk, NZ Shipping Co.,
Tokomaru Bay, Gisborne
`Adams' Cup [shooting] 1916
ROGERSRoger Bryan Allanby1924* . . .
ROLLETClaude Frontin 1906 1907 Laboratory Attendant, Public
Health Dept., Wellington
Served in WW1
ROSE Evelyn Jack 19081910. Served in WW1 and killed in action on
26 Aug 1918, 2nd Lieutenant
ROSE Gordon Stuart 1914 1915 Engine-driver, Matai,
Mangapehi, Auckland
ROSE William 18811881Collector of Customs, Napier EBS [Town] 1881
ROSKRUGERolland Thomas 1908 1910 Motor Mechanic, 102
Wilson St, Wanganui
Served in WW1
ROSMEADLord [Hercules Arthur
Temple Robinson, 2nd
Baron Rosmead] in the
Peerage of England
18791880Son of Lord Rosmead,
formerly Sir Hercules Robinson
Governor of NZ]
Saw service in South African War, Major, Lancashire
Fusiliers, as ADC to Major-General Hutton,
commanding Mounted Infantry Brigade Address:
The Club, Bath, England
ROSSErnest M. 1914 1915 Came from Hope, Nelson .
ROSSKenneth Bruce19241924Pupil, Auckland Grammar
School, Auckland
ROSS Kenneth Clunies 1901 1906 Farmer, Grovetown, Blenheim Swimming Champion 1903 and 1905
Winner of Senior Sports Cup 1904;
Winner Senior Gym Cup 1906
ROTHWELLEric Francis 1918 1918 Solicitor, Masterton .
ROTHWELLLeslie William19191920Clerk, Public Trust Office,
ROTHWELLPremier Seddon19091911Clerk, Public Works Dept.,
Served in WW1
ROUGHTONNorman Keith19041908Formerly of NelsonServed in WW1
Died of sickness on 12 Oct 1915
ROUSE Ellis 1923* . . .
ROUT Alan Clifford 19051906Architect, c/o Rout &
Sons, Ltd., Nelson
A.N.Z.I.A. Served in WW1, Lieutenant
ROUTCharles Malcolm 1902 1906Medical Practitioner,
Devonport, Auckland
M.B. Ch.B. [Edinburgh] 1911
Served in WW1 as Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps
ROUTCharles Thomas 1880 1882 Formerly in Land and
Income Tax Dept.
Died at Wellington, 26 Feb 1915
ROUTCyril Malcolm 1902 1906 Barrister and Solicitor,
LL.B. 1913 Major, NZ Territorials [Nelson, Marlborough
and West Coast Regiment] Served in WW1, Captain
ROUTDouglas Malcolm 1918 1921 Clerk, Bank of NZ, Nelson .
ROUTGeorge Malcolm 18771881Land and Estate Agent,
Chairman of Nelson Hospital Board, and formerly member
of Nelson City Council
ROUTGeorge Malcolm Junr. 19161919Land and Estate Agent
[G.M. Rout & Sons],
ROUTNorman19121912Assistant Secretary, Nelson
Building Society, Nelson
Winner of Nelson Golf Club Championship 1921, 1922
and 1924
Nelson Provincial Golf Championship 1921
Served in WW1
ROUTWilliam1875 1879 Land and Estate Agent,
Secretary and Trustee, Cawthron Institute
Lately Governor of Nelson College.
Trustee of Nelson School of Music
ROUTWilliam Vernon 18991904Barrister and Solicitor,
LL.B. 1908
ROWEHarold Cyril 19061907Telegraphist, Post and
Telegraph Dept., Nelson
Served in WW1 M.M. and bar
ROWENorman Clarence 19081908Clerk, Post and Telegraph
Dept., Hamilton, Auckland
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
ROWLATTRex 19211923 Came from Halifax,
Died at Windsor, Canada on 30 April 1925
ROYJohn Richard Barton 18671872Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, New Plymouth
Admitted 1876, `Stafford' Scholar, 1871;
University Junior Scholar, 1872;
Practised at New Plymouth from 1879;
Several times Mayor of New Plymouth [1888-1889,
and 1893-1897];
Chairman, New Plymough High School Board of
Governors, 1894-1899
First Chairman Board of Conciliation for Taranaki District
At one time President Taranaki Law Society
Died at New Plymouth on 1st March 1926
ROYRichard Barton 18751877 Formerly of Fairlea,
Taita, Wellington
Died at Taita on 11 Sept 1923
RUDMANCyril Vernon19221923Farm Assistant, French
Pass, Nelson
RUFFELLCharles Harry 19021902Dairyman, Wakapukaka, Nelson.
RUFFELLHarold Charles 19221923Warehouseman c/o P.W.
Harrold, Nelson
RUFFELLHarold Richmond19021904Farmer, Tekapa, Waikato,
RUFFELLHorace William Samuel 18901891Collector of Customs,
EBS [Town]1890
RUMBOLDWilliam Alexander 1889 1890Headmaster, State School,
Sydenham, Christchurch
EBS [Town] 1889
RUSSELL Gordon Phillip 1924* . . .
RUSSELL Murray Sloan 19221924Clerk Union Bank, Nelson.
RUSSELL Samuel Edgar 1923* . . .
RUSSELL Stanley Ivan 19201923Furniture Dealer, G.P.
Russell, Bridge Street, Nelson
RUTHERFORD Allan Ernest 1924* . . .
RUTHERFORDArthur Raymond 18961897 Farmer, Waihou, Te Aroha.
RUTHERFORDSir Ernest 18871889 Address: Newnham Cottage,
Queen's Road, Cambridge,
Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics and
Director of Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University,
Professor of Physics, McGill University 1898-1907;
Professor of Physics and Director of Physical Laboratories
at the University of Manchester, England, 1907-1919;
EBS [Havelock School] 1887; `Stafford' Scholar, 1887;
`Simmons' Prize, 1889; University Junior Scholar, 1889;
B.A. [Senior Scholar], 1893; M.A. [Double 1st Class
1894; B.Sc, 1895; Exhibition 1851 Science Scholar,
1895; extended for third year; D.Sc. [NZ] 1901.
Went on his Science Scholarship to Cambridge;
`Coutts-Trotter' Scholar of 250 of 2 years, 1897.
Appointed to Chair of Physics, Montreal, 1898.
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 1903, in recognition
of his original Researches on the subject of radio-activity.
Delivered Bakerian Lecture before Royal Society, London,
in May 1904.
Published works on `Radio-Activity,' and has written many
papers on that subject and on the ionisation of gases.
Awarded Rumford Medal for 1904, by Royal Society, and
Copley Medal, 1922.
Delivered Silliman Lectures at Yale University, USA, 1905.
The Turin Academy of Science awarded him the
`Bressa' Prize in 1907.
Awarded the `Nobel' Prize for discoveries in chemistry,
in 1908.
Barnard Medal. Franklin Medal.
Honourary member of many foreign scientific academies.
Honourary Doctor, Universites of Oxford, Edinburgh,
Dublin, Durham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Yale, Wisconsin,
Philadelphia, McGill, Toronto, Clark, Melbourne, Giessen,
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Institute, London
President of British Association, Liverpool, 1923
President of Royal Society, 1925.
Order of Merit. Knighted, 1914.
RUTHERFORDGeorge 1882 1883Farmer 15 Queen's Avenue,
Frankton Junction, Auckland
EBS [Distant Schools] 1882
RUTHERFORDJames Gordon18901890Farmer, Pungarehu, Taranaki.
RUTHERFORDLeicester Elder 1923* . . .
RUTHERFORDRobert James 1919 1921Farmer, Pungarehu, Taranaki.
RUTHERFORDWilliam Lindsay 1921* ..`Head of School' 1925 Left in 1925.
Now Engineering Student, Canterbury College, Canterbury
RYDERWilliam Arnold Albert 1898 1900 Farmer, Riwaka, Nelson EBS [Town] 1898
President Nelson Provincial Farmers' Union
Represented Nelson at Hockey.
SADD Edgar Coveney 19081911Accountant, Union Bank of
Australia, Ltd., Taneatua,
Served in WW1
Commercial Accountants' Exam, 1921
Diploma in Banking, 1925
SADD George Eardley 18911892Supervisor of Records,
Public Trust Office,
EBS [Town], 1891
Served in the South African War
SADDGerald Lowther 1904 1908 Field Inspector, Lands and
Survey Dept., Invercargill
Served in WW1
SADDJames Barton 18831884C/o Rankin's Estate,
Motueka, Nelson
EBS [Town], 1883
First Chairman, Takaka Town Board
SADD Reginald Wilson 19201920Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Godley Cup [shooting], Golden Bay.
Lawn Tennis Champion, Golden Bay, 1922
SADD Robert Thomas 18731874 Formerly Commissioner of
Crown Lands and Chief
Surveyor, Dunedin. Then Land
and Estate Agent, Dunedin
EBS [Town], 1873
Chairman Taieri River Trust
SADDVernon Wilfred 1912 1912 Teacher, State School,
Parawhako, Nelson
SADLIERArthur John Latham 1916* . . Left 1925. Student, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, England
SADLIER Horace William 1912 1916 Medical Student, St. George's
Hospital, London W.
`Head of School,' 1916;
`Hawkes Bay Old Boys' Prize' 1915 [equal], 1916 [equal];
`Barnicoat Prize Essay,' 1915, 1916;
Marjoribanks Shield, 1916; B.A. [Oxon], 1922
Served in WW1
SALMOND George Andrew 1918 1919 Linesman, Post and
Telegraph Dept., Wellington
SALTER George William 1874 1874 Deceased .
SAMSON Rupert William 1920 1922 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
SAMUEL Gurdon 1899 1901Barrister and Solicitor,
Hardy Street, Nelson
LL.B. 1907
Served in WW1 2nd Lieutenant
SAMUEL Oliver 1863 1865 Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, New Plymouth.
Admitted, 1878; K.C. `Stafford' Scholar, 1864;
Winner of the Visitors' Prize, donated by Mr. Justice
Johnston, 1865
Represented New Plymouth in the House of Representatives,
Member of Legislative Council from 1907 until the time
of his death
Died at New Plymouth 11 Jan 1925
SANDEL Arthur 1905 1906 Surveyor and Engineer,
Taumarunui, Auckland
University Junior Scholar, 1905 [declined], and 1906
[first on list].
Junior Master at Nelson College, 1908
First Captain Nelson College Old Boys' Cricket Club, 1908
Represented Waikato in representative cricket matches
Served in WW1
SANDERSBasil John 1923* . . .
SANSON Charles Victor 1910 1912 . Came from Collingwood
SARGENT Owen 1898 1898 .Came from Wellington
SATHERLEY Vernon 1911 1916Teacher, State School,
Summerlea, Nelson
Served in WW1
SATHERLEYVivian Joseph Roy19141914.Farmer, Wairoa Gorge, Nelson
SAUNDERS Francis1924*. . .
SAUNDERS James Mervyn 1921
Student, Victoria College,
SAUNDERS William 1862 1864Formerly Flourmiller at
Otautau, Southland
Died at Invercargill on 22 March 1924
SAUNDERS William Joseph 1922 1924Farmer, c/o A. Martin,
Otaraia, Martinborough
SAVAGE Roy Edward 1910 1912Manufacturer's Agent,
Allen St,. Wellington
Served in WW1
SAVAGE Stanley Theodore 1914 1914 Salesman, c/o E.T.
Savage, Nelson
SAVAGE Willie Howard 19041907 Architect, Nelson Drawing Master at Nelson College
Served in WW1
SAXON John Buller Hicks
von Tunzlemann
1905 1907 Formerly in Government
Tourists' Dept., Wellington
Served in WW1 and killed in action, 17 Sep 1916
SAXON Kendall Reginald
James von
1908 1912 Recently Assistant Master,
Boys' College, Nelson
then Assistant Master,
Cranleigh School, Surrey
`Stafford' Scholar 1911;
B.A. [Canterbury],
3rd Class Hons in Natural Sciences Tripos;
Long Jump Champion, 1921;
Represented Nelson in Cricket and Rugby
Served in WW1, Captain, M.C. and bar
SAXTON George Edward
1883 1883 Farmer, Stoke, Nelson .
SAXTON Gordon Christopher 1912 1923 Farmer, Stoke, Nelson .
SAXTON Philip Charles 1917 1919 Farmer, Stoke Nelson .
SAYERSEdmund Thomas 1878 1878 Journalist, 2333 Hutchison
Street, Montreal, Canada
SAYWELLThomas Robert 1879 1880 District Public Trustee,
EBS [Richmond School] 1879
SCADDEN Riwa John 1923 1923 Farmer, Onakaka, Nelson .
SCAIFE Arthur Ashton 1864 1870 Formerly Insurance Agent,
Sale, Victoria, Australia
Died at Melbourne on 6 March 1923
SCAIFEWillis Ashton 1868 1871 Sheepfarmer, Mount Aitken,
Waimate, Canterbury
SCALES Edward Herbert Athol 1899 1900 C/o G.H. Scales, Lower Hutt,
Served in WW1
SCANTLEBURY Austin Edward Lester 1907 1908 Barrister and Solicitor,
LL.B. 1916
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
SCANTLEBURY Percival John 1900 1904 Barrister and Solicitor,
EBS [Distant Schools] 1900; LL.B, 1908
SCHADICK Campbell Frederick 1913 1917 Engineer, Buller County Council,
Lawn Tennis Champion 1915-1916
Chosen for All Black rugby trials 1924
SCHROEDER George William 1864 1872 Late Insurance Agent,
Died at Masterton on 13 March 1920
SCLANDERSAndrew Richmond 1895 1899 Sharebroker, Dymock McShane
& Sclanders, Wellington
SCLANDERS Eric 1897 1904 Accountant, 18 Queen's Square,
Glasgow S1
Served in WW1, Lieutenant
SCLANDERS Kennedy Alexander 1893 1899 Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.,
Banjoewangi, Java
SCOLTOCK Gordon Frederick 1921 1921 Salesman, McKay & Son,
SCOTTAllan Thomas 1919 1923 Clerk, National Bank of
NZ, Nelson
`Barnicoat Essay Prize' 1923
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1922
SCOTTDavid 1856 1857 Formerly in Marine
Dept., Wellington
Died at Otaki on 15 Feb 1915
SCOTT Eric Andrew 1923*. . .
SCOTT James 1871 1871 Formerly Commission Agent,
Sydenham, Christchurch
Died at Tai Tapu, Canterbury, Sept 1925
SCOTT James Murray Stuart 1923* . . .
SCOTTJohn Stuart 1921 1924 Cadet, Public Trust
Office, Wellington
SCOTT Keith Brian 1924* . . .
SCOTT Norman Lesly 1922 1923 Farmer, Hutchinson Street,
SCOTTRobert 1856 1858 . Deceased
SCOTT Robert Alan 1917 1919Farmer, Uruwhenua, Takaka,
Represented Golden Bay-Motueka Rugby Union in
Seddon Shield matches 1923-1924
SCOTTThomas Keith 1914 1915 Farmer and Engine-driver,
Uruwhenua, Takaka, Nelson
Represented Takaka district in Cricket 1923-1924
SCRIMGEOUR Charles Frederick 1909 1910 Settler, Ferntown,
Collingwood, Nelson
Served in WW1
SCRIMGEOUR Francis Louden 1918 1920Horse Trainer, Hope, Nelson .
SCRIMGEOUR Norman William 1914 1914 Farmer, Ferntown,
Collingwood, Nelson
SEALY Edward Byres 1880 1884 Formerly Manager, D.I.C.,
Died at Wellington on 31 May 1925
SEALY Arthur Leonard 1866 1875 Formerly Government Surveyor Died at Auckland on 27 March 1918
SEALY Walter Byres 1884 1888 . Died at Nelson on 27 Jan 1907
SEALY William G. 1859 1859 . Deceased
SEATONCharles Herbert19101911Clerk, Telegraph Engineer's
Office, Nelson
Served in WW1
SEATONWilliam Leslie 19151915Linesman, Telegraph Dept.,
Murchison, Nelson
SECCOMBEAlfred Rutland 18801881 Formerly Brewer, Auckland Died at Auckland on 13 March 1925
SECCOMBEPercy18801881Deceased Came from Auckland
SEDDONRichard John
1892 1893Formerly Staff Officer,
NZ Defence Dept.,
Served in South African War
Saw service in Transvaal, Orange Free State, Zululand
frontier and Cape Colony
A.D.C. to Lord Roberts, Commander-in-Chief 1900
Mentioned in despatches
Member of Coronation Contingent, 1902
Served in WW1, Captain
Killed in action on 21 Aug 1918
SEDGWICK Marmaduke18791879 Storekeeper, Karori, Wellington .
SELLARS Donald 19071907 Settler, Fitzroy, New Plymouth.
SENIOREdmund McGregor 1922 1923 Farmer, Hope, Nelson .
SENIORGeorge Douglas 1923 1924 Teacher, Hope, Nelson .
SENN Frederick Victor 19101912 Indent Agent, 23 Customs
St. East, Auckland
Served in WW1
SEVERNE Francis Lee 1884 1885 Formerly Senior Clerk,
Education Dept., Government
Buildings, Wellington
Retired 1925
SEVERNE Frederick Augustus 1870 1873 Deceased EBS [Waimea] 1870; University Junior Scholar 1871;
`Richmond' Scholar 1872; `Stafford' Scholar, 1873
SEVERNEJohn 1866 1866 Came from Havelock .
SEYMOURArthur Coleridge 1874 1882 Sheepfarmer, The Grove, Picton .
SEYMOURDouglas James Burness 1903 1905 Barrister and Solicitor,
Hamilton, Auckland
Won Senior National Scholarship from Boys' High School,
Christchurch 1907
M.A. 1912; LL.B. 1922
Served in WW1 with Australian Forces
SEYMOUR George Turner 1873 1881 Sheepfarmer, Blenheim Represented NZ in Rowing contest [four oar]
at Sydney, 1894
SEYMOURJohn Penrose 1921* . . .
SEYMOURWalter Huddleston 1884 1885 Carrier, Havelock, Marlborough Represented NZ in Rowing contest [four oar]
at Sydney, 1894
SHAIN Henry Alan 1902 1922 Came from Nelson `Fell' Scholar 1908
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 6 Aug 1915
SHAIN William Ogilvie 1902 1903 Dentist, Nelson .
SHALLCRASS Arthur Williamson 1883 1884 Maltster, Nile St., Nelson .
SHALLCRASSCharles Edward 1880 1881 Director, Pyne Gould
Guinness Co., Ltd., Timaru
SHALLCRASS Frederick Walter 1890 1891 Merchant, Harley & Co.
Ltd., Greymouth
SHALLCRASS George 1878 1880 . Died at Melbourne on 23 June 1906
SHALLCRASS Nelson 1919 1920 Farm Assistant, c/o
H. McLaren, Hinakura,
Martinborough, Wellington
SHALLCRASS Robert William 1885 1887 Secretary, NZ Sports
League, Wellington M.B.E.
SHAND Thomas George 1863 1865 Formerly Schoolmaster, Lime
Hills, Southland
Winner of Champion Belt for sports, presented by
Mr. Justice Johnston, 1864;
Also Shakespeare Prize, 1864. Died in 1904
SHANLEY George Frank 1922 1924 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Kimbolton, Wellington
SHARLAND Frederic Caddy 1860 1864 Formerly Chemist, Auckland Deceased
SHARP Benjamin Hanson 1909 1911 Farmer, Urenui, Taranaki Served in WW1
SHARP Charles Geoffrey
1909 1912 Farmer, Katikati, Auckland .
SHARP Henry Augustus 1875 1882 Barrister and Solicitor,
Tauranga, Auckland [not
B.A. and LL.B. [Cambridge] Law Tripos, 2nd Class, 1887;
Barrister, Lincolns Inn, 1887;
Barrister and Solicitor, NZ, 1888;
Represented Cambridge University at Lacrosse for 2 years
SHARP John 1870 1879 Farmer, Lower Moutere,
SHARP Richard Charles Sturz 1867 1872 .Died at Brighton Beach, Melbourne on 10 April 1924
SHARP William 1867 1873 Farmer, Rock Ferry,
SHARPE Claude1919 1919 Farmer, Ward, Marlborough .
SHAW Arthur David Laidman19091911Farmer, Main Road,
Clevedon, Auckland
Served in WW1
SHAW Hugh Wakefield 19091911 Came from New Plymouth Junior Gym Cup 1910
Died at New Plymouth on 7 Oct 1912
SHAW John Holmes 1909 1912 Medical Practitioner, c/o
S.W. Shaw, Gover St.,
New Plymouth.
`Hawkes Bay Old Boys'' Prize 1910 1911
M.B., B.S. [Melbourne] 1922; F.R.C.S. [Edinburgh] 1925;
D.L.O. [Diploma Larnology and Otology], [London] 1925
SHAWStanley Eric 19081911Secretary, Newton King
Ltd., New Plymouth
SHEA Stanley Charles 1924* . . .
SHEAT Ernest Dornford 19081909Farmer, Thornton, Whakatane,
SHEPHARDJames Park 18611863Formerly Farmer, Kumeu
Flat, Auckland
Died at Auckland on 12 August 1908
SHERWOOD Arthur Wallace Roy 1910 1910 Reporter, `NZ Times,'
Served in WW1
SHERWOOD Ernest Frank 19131913Telegraphist, Post and
Telegraph Dept., Wellington
SHERWOOD Ronald Harry 1923* . . .
SHIPLEY John 1856 1859 . Died at Nelson, 1907
SHIPLEY William 1856 1859 . Deceased
SHIRTLIFF Reginald 1907 1908 Farmer, Mangatangi, via
Mercer, Auckland
SHIRTLIFF William Gordon 19171918Sheepfarmer, Langridge Station,
Upper Awatere, Blenheim
SHONEJohn Alfred 1905 1905 . Died at Nelson on 2 December 1914
SHONE Thomas Leslie 1903 1904 Salesman, Gisborne .
SHORTWilliam Henry 1884 1884 Formerly Hatter, Nelson Died at Nelson on 18 Nov 1918
SHRIMPTON John George 1886 1886 . Died 1889
SHRIMPTON Harry Neville 1922* . . .
SHUTTLEWORTHArthur Edmund 1919 1921 Farmer, Wakefield, Nelson .
SHUTTLEWORTH Charles Frederick 1924* . . .
SHUTLEWORTH Clayden 1920* Left
Now in England,
undergoing a course of
military training at Sandhurst
Godley Cup [Cadets] 1923
SIDFORD Haswell Creeth 1917 1919Clerk, NZ Herald, Auckland .
SIGLEYHenry Charles 18881891 Formerly primary school
EBS [Town] 1888
Died at Tokomaru, Wellington on 19 Jan 1908
SIGLEY Kenneth Joshua 1923* . . .
SIGLEY Reginald1893 1893 Merchant, Raetahi, Wellington.
SILCOCKHarold Frederick
1912 1915 Teacher, State School, Tadmor,
SILKE John William19161917 Clerk, c/o F.R. Hallam,
SIMEON Richard Walter Ernest 19121914Farmer, Manutuke, Gisborne Served in WW1
SIMMONSAlfred 18721876Deceased .
SIMMONSFrederick Charles 18731878. Drowned in England Channel
SIMPSON Alan George1921 1923 Electrician, c/o Richards
& Peart, Nelson
SIMPSONClaude 19211924 Farmer, Brook Street Valley,
SIMPSON James Charles
18961898Medical Practitioner, Millerton,
M.B. Ch.B. [Edinburgh]
Served in WW1, Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps
SIMPSONJohn Miller Lorimer 19101911 . Died at Westport on 12 Dec 1912
SIMPSONJoseph 19191919Clerk, Anchor Shipping Co.,
SIMPSONKenneth James 19171918 Motor Mechanic, c/o W.A.
Kenning, Nelson
SIMPSONLionel James 1922 1924Cadet, Lands and Survey
Dept., Head Office, Wellington
SIMPSONRonald Hope 1915 1915 Fruitgrower, Redwood's Valley,
SIMPSONRonald John 19201921Clerk, Gear Meat Co.,
SIMPSONRoy 19171918 Farmer, Brook St. Valley,
SIMPSON Stanley Hope 1922 1923 Journalist Cadet, `Nelson
Evening Mail' Nelson
SIMPSONThomas1883 1883 Farmer, Highfield Road,
Feilding, Wellington
SIMPSONThomas Folckmann 1906 1907Barrister and Solicitor,
Taumarunui, Auckland
LL.M. [3rd Class Hons] 1922
Served in WW1
SIMPSONTrevor Chilman 1911 1911 Reporter, `NZ Herald' Auckland.
SIMPSONWilliam18831883Farmer, Taumarunui, Auckland.
SIMPSONWilliam Noel Satchell 19201923 Clerk, Colonial Motors,
Courtenay Place, Wellington
SIMPSONWilliam Ryan 1922 1924Farmer, Karamea, Westport.
SINCLAIRAlbert Trevor 19011904 .Died in Queensland on 28 March 1914
SINCLAIRDavid Patrick 18861887Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Blenheim
Died at Blenheim in Sept 1917
SINCLAIRGeorge Bell 1856 1863Formerly Civil Engineer
and Surveyor, Westport
Died on 15 Sep 1923
One of the first eight pupils who attended the College on
opening day, April 1856
SINCLAIRJohn James 1867 1867Formerly of Christchurch
and Blenheim
Died 1st April 1908
There is a reference to J.J. Sinclair in the `St. Clairs of
the Isles,' by R.W. St Clair, published in 1898
SINCLAIR Manson1856 1862 . Deceased.
Monument erected to his memory by school fellows in
Nelson Cemetery
One of the first eight pupils who attended the College on
opening day, April 1856.
SKEET Brian Harry 1907 1909 . Served in WW1 and killed in action on 15 Sep 1916
SKEETJack Garland 1901 1907 Medical Practitioner `Fell' Scholar, 1904; Junior Gym Cup 1903-1904;
`Marjoribanks Shield' 1906; Winner Junior Sports Cup 1904;
Senior Sports Cup 1905-1906; `Head of School' 1907
M.R.C.S. [England], L.R.C.P [London], 1907
Served in WW1, Captain, Australian Medical Corps
SKEET William Henry 1856 1857 Formerly Dentist, New
Plymouth and Auckland
SKINNERHenry Devenish 1902 1905Lecturer in Ethnology and
Keeper of Ethnographic
Dept., Otago University
Museum, Dunedin
Junior Sports Cup, 1902; `Barnicoat Prize Essay,' 1905;
Jeffrey Parker Memorial Prize (Otago University);
Percy Smith Prize (Otago University);
Charles Darwin Prize (Christs College, Cambridge);
Hector Medal in Ethnology, 1926;
Travelling Fellowship of Rockefeller Educational
Foundation, USA, 1925;
B.A. (NZ), Diploma in Anthropology (Cantab.);
B.A. by Research, with the higher formula (Cantab.);
Council of Anthropological Institute, 1917.
Vice-president Anthropology Section, Australasian
Association for Advancement of Science, Wellington, 1922;
President, Adelaide, 1924.
Author of a number of papers and addresses on Pacific
Ethnology and of book `Material Culture of the Morioris.'
Author of Maori section of Cambridge history of the
British Empire.
Served in WW1, D.C.M. and mentioned in despatches.
SLADDEN Patrick Dilnot
de la Cour
1924* Left
Now in service of Eastern
Extension Telegraph Co.,
Adelaide, South Australia
SLATTERJames 1859 1859 ..
SLEE Thomas Geoffrey 1924* . ..
SLEEWilfred John 1923 1924 Cadet, Stamp Dept.,
SLINN Royston Orsman 1920 1920Bootmaker c/o S. Slinn,
Bridge Street, Nelson
SMALL Roland Thomas Sinclair 1913 1914 Electrician, Banks Peninsula
Power Board, 322
Ferry Road, Christchurch
SMALLWilliam John 1912 1913 Farmer, Uruwhenua, Takaka,
Served in WW1
SMALLBONE Frank Cecil 1904 1907 Storekeeper, B. Franzen
& Co., Nelson
SMALLBONE Norman Roy 1921 1923 Farmer, Moutere, Nelson .
SMALLBONE Reginald Edward 1888 1889 Engineer, 49 Tawera Road,
Green Lane, Auckland
SMITH Charles Edward
1857 1864 Formerly in service of
Lands and Survey Dept.
Retired at Purchase Road, Takapuna, Auckland
SMITH Charles Henry Percy 1875 1876 Farmer, Broad Street,
Palmerston North
SMITH Ellis Percival 1923* . . .
SMITH Ernest Bishop 1907 1907 Salesman, c/o Hutcheson,
Wilson & Co., Wellington
Served in WW1
SMITH Francis Mervyn 1913 1914 Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Served in WW1
SMITHFrank 1905 1905. Served in WW1
SMITH Frederick William 1918 1920 Orchardist, Lower Moutere,
SMITH George Harold 1875 1876Barrister and Solicitor,
Pahiatua, Wellington
Formerly MP for Pahiatua
SMITH George William 1880 1881Manager, Bank of NZ,
Marton, Wellington
SMITH Gordon Clark Anderson 1922* . . .
SMITH Harry Fergus 19191923Clerk, c/o H.A. Gold,
Public Accountant, Wellington
SMITHHenry Agmen 1920 1920 Clerk, Wilson Canham
& Co., Auckland
SMITHHenry William 1920 1923 Cadet, Railway Dept., Nelson .
SMITH James 1863 1863 Sheepfarmer, Greenfield
Station, Lawrence, Otago
SMITH James 1867 1867 Came from West Coast Deceased
SMITHJohn Archibald 1907 1909 Accountant, Bank of NSW,
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
SMITH John Martin 1863 1864 Retired Farmer, 362
Upper York Place, Dunedin
Formerly Government Surveyor, Otago
SMITHJohn William 1874 1876 Formerly Accountain, Waihi,
EBS (Town) 1874
Died at Te Kuiti 1918
SMITHKeith Glendining 1904 1908 Came from Marton Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
Killed in action on 12 Oct 1917
SMITH Leslie Thornton 1915 1916 Farmer, Tapawera, Nelson .
SMITH Llewellyn 1856 1858 Formerly in service of Lands
and Survey Dept.
Retired in 1908
Died in May 1919
SMITH Malcolm Victor 1923 1923 Salesman, Havelock,
SMITH Maurice Channings 1924* . . .
SMITHMaurice Edgar 1923 1923 Havelock, Marlborough .
SMITH Rex Challingworth 1919 1919 Engineering Student, Auckland
University College Auckland
SMITH Robert John Buttimore 1916 1917Law Clerk, Fell & Harley,
SMITH Roland Beresford 19041905Draper, C. Smith Ltd.,
Served in WW1
SMITH Thomas Martin 1910 1911 ..
SMITH Tracy Whitmore 1907 1907 Farmer, Hope, Nelson Served in WW1
SMITH Wesley John Anderson 1922 1923Electrician, c/o Richards
& Peart, Nelson
SMITH William Charles 18851886Sydney EBS (Town) 1885.
SMITH William Ernest 1896 1897Clerk, Mount Street, Nelson Represented South Island vs. North Island in rugby, 1902,
and NZ vs. Australia, 1905
Served in WW1
SMITH William Hillier 1900 1900 Farmer, Richmond, Nelson Represented Nelson at Cricket
Served in WW1
SMITH William Percy Gordon19021903 Came from Marton Died at Timaru, November 1918
SNODGRASS Charles Robert 1922* . ..
SNODGRASS George Barker 1886 1886 . EBS (Town) 1886
Drowned in Maitai River (while at College) on
3 March 1886
SNODGRASS John 1898 1899 Clerk, Westport .
SNODGRASS John 1917 1917 Farmer, Orowaiti, Westport .
SNODGRASS Wallace Frankham 1912 1913 Clerk, R. Snodgrass &
Sons, Nelson
Represented NZ against NSW in rugby, 1923;
played several trial matches for NZ team selection, 1924
Served in WW1
SNOW Henry 1876 1877 . Formerly in Lands and Survey Dept.,
Retired at 11 Murphy Street, Wellington
SNOW John Henry 1856 1856 . Died in South Westland on 21 January 1914
SNOW William 1864 1864 . Deceased
SNOWDEN George William 1912 1912 Farmer, Brightwater, Nelson Served in WW1
SNOWDEN John Thomas 1910 1911 Farmer, 23 Wainui
Street, Nelson
Served in WW1
SOLLY Cedric 1919 1920 Farmer, Rockville, Nelson .
SOPER Windsor Lucroft 1861 1862 Formerly Farmer, Spring
Creek, Blenheim
Died at Blenheim in 1919
SOUTH George Hosking 1923 1923 Palmerston North .
SOWERBY William 1903 1906 Deputy Medical Superintendent,
Queen Mary's Hospital,
Hanmer Springs, Canterbury
EBS, 1903; M.B. Ch.B. [NZ]; M.D. [NZ],
M.R.C.S. [England], L.R.C.P. [London],
F.R.C.S. [Edinburgh]
SOWMAN Wilfred 1924 1924 Hairdresser's Assistant, Bridge
Street, Nelson
SPEED James Montgomery 1871 1874 Late Solicitor, Perth, West
University Junior Scholar, 1874;
Elected M.L.C. for Perth, 1899
Died in Paris in 1925 as a result of a motor accident
SPEEDY John Douglas 1914 1915 Farmer, Waione, Dannevirke Junior Gym Cup, 1915
SPEEDY Leslie Bruce 1916 1918 Farmer, Ahiaruhe, Carterton .
SPEIRSWilliam 1887 1887 Master Plumber, Dee Street,
SPENCE John Stockan 1924* . . .
SPENCE Ronald Gordon 1915 1918 Dentist, Dental Clinic,
SPENCE William Bragg 1922 1924 Clerk, Public Works Dept,.
SPENCERCharles Canning 1914 1916 Sheepfarmer, Tolago Bay,
SPIERSMaurice Edward Victor 1919 1920 Machinist, c/o Cole & Ellis,
Hardy Street, Nelson
SPIERS Noel Stanley 1923 1923 Electrical mechanic, 380
Madras Street, Christchurch
SQUIRES Alexander Moffatt 1921* . . .
SQUIRES William Westbrook 1887 1889 Dentist, Nelson .
SQUIRES William Westbrook
1915 1920 Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Wellington
ST. GEORGE Waldyve Roy 1917 1919 Clerk, Bank of Australasia,
Tauranga, Auckland
ST. JOHN Anthony Garwith 1923* . . .
STACE Everard Maunsell 1910 1913 Solicitor, Public Trust Office,
STACE Kenneth McRae 1922 1923 Clerk, Bank of Australasia,
Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay
STACE Kenneth Phin 1899 1901 Farmer, Korenui, Hunterville,
EBS [Marlborough], 1899
STAFFORD Berkley Buckley
18801883 Drover, Bunnythorpe, Feilding,
STAFFORD Edward Tytler Howard 1872 1873 Formerly at Waihi, Auckland Son of the late Sir E.W. Stafford
STAFFORD Hugh Henry Archibald1882 1884 Sydney .
STAFFORD William Howard 1870 1876 Auckland .
STALLARD Francis 1858 1859 Late Harbourmaster,
Collingwood, Nelson
Died 16 Nov 1918 at Nelson
STAMPER John Richard Pattinson 18611864 Formerly Barrister and
Solicitor, Dunedin
Died in March 1907
STAMPER Melanothon John 1860 1864 Newspaper Reporter,
STANLEY Joseph Henry 1879 1880 Formerly Merchant, Dunedin `Traveller's Club', Pall Mall, London
STANTONAlfred 18571858Formerly Law Clerk, Napier Died at Napier on 30 Mar 1923
STANTON Arthur Edward 18721875 Clerk, Hastings, Hawkes Bay .
STANTON Frank 1868 1871 Came from Nelson .
STANTON Harold Edward 1897 1899 Editor, `Wairoa Star,'
Wairoa, Hawkes Bay
EBS [Town], 1897
Secretary of various cricket associations and rugby unions.
STANTON Thomas Campbell 1865 1867 Retired Schoolmaster, Awakino
Road, Te Kuiti, Auckland
STAPLES James 1879 1880 Sheepfarmer, Manakau,
STAPP Charles Alfred 1863 1864. Died at Auckland on 9 April 1915
STEEDSGeoffrey18991899.England. Formerly in the Royal Navy
STEPHENSHector Albert 19201922 Clerk, S. Kirkpatrick & Co.,
STEVENS Richard Wheatley
1919 1923 Farmer, Pokororo, Nelson College record, High Jump [5'9"], 1923;
NZ Amateur High Jump Champion, 1925
STEVENS Sydney Foster 19021907Farmer, Takapau, Hawkes Bay Served in WW1
STEVENSWill Saunders 19231924Farmer, Pokororo, Nelson .
STEVENS Wyon Vickers 19021907Shipping Clerk, Dalgety
& Co., Christchurch
Junior Swimming Champion 1907
STEVENSON Alexander Carstairs 19031904 Formerly in D.I.C.,
Served in WW1 and killed in action on 15 Sept 1916
STEVENSON James Berry 1898 1899 Farmer, Inangahua Junction,
Served in WW1, Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer
STEWARD Alexander Henry
19151918Law Clerk, Raymond
Raymond and Campbell,
STEWARD Walter19131918Eastern Extension Telegraph
Co., Wellington
STEWART Ernest Victor 1907 1908 Ranger, State Forest
Service, Greymouth
Passed Land Surveyors Examination
Served in WW1
STEWART George Gordon 18961897Commercial Agent, NZ
Railways, Christchurch
EBS [Town] 1896
STEWART John Leslie 1880 1881. Deceased
STEWART Percy Watson 19111912Carpenter, 32 Waimea
Street, Nelson
Served in WW1
STILL Trevor Wilfred 19131914 Came from Brightwater, Nelson .
STIRLING Thomas William 18601862Formerly Chief Draughtsman,
Public Works Dept., Dunedin
Died in 1890
STITT Alexander William 1901 1903 Manufacturers' representative,
127 York Street,
Sydney. Solicitor
EBS [Westport] 1901
STOBBA Arnold Francis 1922 1923 Messenger, Telegraph Dept.,
STOCKER John Patrick Scott 1924* . . .
STONE Charles Edward 18821883 Formerly Draughtsman, Railway
Department Head Office,
STONE George William 1882 1882 Clerk, Railways, Invercargill .
STONE Roy Edward 1918 1919 Clerk, Lands and Survey
Dept., Nelson
STOUT John Logan 1890 1892 Stipendiary Magistrate,
Palmerston North
LL.B. 1905
STRACHAN Francis Alexander19101910Came from Ngatimoti Served in WW1 and killed in action on 15 Sept 1916
STRACHANThomas Douglas Guthrie19211921Farmer, Ngatimoti, Nelson .
STRAWBRIDGE Douglas Nelson19231923Carpenter, St. Vincent
Street, Nelson
STRINGER Cyril Alexander 1896 1898 Barrister and Solicitor,
LL.B., 1906
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant
STRINGERJohn Malcolm 19051906Builder, J. Stringer
& Son., Nelson
Served in WW1, 2nd Lieutenant, M.M., D.C.M.
STRINGERLeslie Arthur19131916Draughtsman, Railway Dept.,
STRINGERLewis Bruce 1894 1898Medical Practitioner, Eltham,
M.R.C.S. [England], L.R.C.P. [London]
Captain of Kent County and Guy's Hospital Rugby teams.
Served in WW1, Captain, R.A.F.
Greek Cross of Military Merit.
STRONG Edward Herbert 18921898 Anglican Minister, New
`Stafford' Scholar 1894; `Simmons Prize,' 1895;
B.A. 1899; M.A. 1900;
Assistant Master King's College, Auckland, 1902;
Assistant Tutor, St John's Theological College, Auckland,
Senior Colonial Student, Oxford University, 1902;
B.A. [Oxon] and Casberd Exhibition, 1902;
M.A. [Oxon] 1908; Litt. B. [Oxon] 1906;
Tutor, St John's College, Auckland, 1908
STRONG Francis George 1893 1896 Music Teacher, Seattle, USA .
STRONG James Blackburne 1917 1922 Student, Auckland University
College, Auckland
STRONGMartin William 19101913 Geologist, Anglo-Persian
Petroleum Co. London.
Served in WW1 with B.E.F., Lieutenant
STUART Alexander William 1921 1921 Farmer, Pokororo, Nelson.
STUART-FORBES Hugh 1912 1913 Launchman, Picton Served in WW1
STUART-FORBES James 1924* . . .
STUBBS Stanley Clifford 1921 1922 Farmer, Takapau, Hawkes Bay .
STUCKEYFrederick 1894 1898 Formerly Assistant Master,
King's College, Auckland
EBS [Town] 1894; Senior Gym Cup, 1895 and 1896;
Swimming Champion 1898; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1902;
Served in WW1 and died of wounds on 25 April 1915
STUCKEY Henry Overton 1891 1894Formerly Fruitgrower, Augusta
Road, Kangaroo Valley,
Hobart, Tasmania
EBS [Town] 1891;
University Junior Scholar 1894;
B.A. 1898; M.A. 1899; B.Sc. 1904;
Winner of Senior Gym Cup, 1894.
Served in South African War
Died in Sept 1920 in Tasmania
STYAK John George de 1863 1864 . Went to America many years ago
STYCHE Robert1916 1924 Law Clerk, c/o Pitt and
Moore, Nelson
SUCKLING Eric Vizard 1913 1914Frederick St., Hastings,
Hawkes Bay
SUTHERLANDAlexander Nathaniel 19151916 Sheepfarmer, Fordell, Wanganui .
SUTHERLAND Donald George 19151918C/o Simplex Flooring Co.,
Circular Quay West, Sydney
SUTHERLAND Eric Roy 1918 1919 C/o Mrs. Sutherland, Box 8,
Fordell, Wanganui
SUTHERLANDRaymond Archibald 1915 1915 Sheepfarmer, Fordell, Wanganui Served in WW1
SUTTON Dudley Vernon 19161919 Teacher, State School,
Rai Valley, Nelson
SWAFFORD George Victor 1914 1914 Motor Salesman, Walter
Street, Blenheim
SWAFFORD William Lawrence
1913 1914Clerk, Bank of NZ,
Kimbolton, Wellington
SWEET Geoffrey Laxon 1910 1911 Sheepfarmer, Ruahine Road,
Mangaweka, Wellington
Served in WW1
SWEET Mervyn Herbert 19071908 Formerly of Mangaweka Served in WW1 and killed in action 9 August 1915
SWINDALE Claude Frank 1908 1909 Storeman, Hawkestone
Crescent, Wellington
Served in WW1
SYKESAlfred Ernest 1910 1910 Came from New Plymouth Died at Nelson on 6 Dec 1910
SYKES Francis Godfrey 1922 1923 Apprentice Engineer c/o
P. Edmonds, Nelson
SYKESGordon Murray 1910 1910 Chemist, New Plymouth .
SYKESJohn Patrick 1922* .. .
SYMESPhilip Baden Powell 1914 1915Sawmill Hand, Uruwhenua,
Takaka, Nelson
SYMES Thomas Hugh 1904 1907Farmer, Takaka, Nelson Served in WW1
SYMESThorley1906 1906 Farmer Waimauku, Auckland .

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