NZ WARS 1860-1870:

NZ Medallists K-M

A  N       A  L  P  H  A  B  E  T  I  C  A  L       L  I  S  T

O  F

          V  O  L  U  N  T  E  E  R  S     N  D     I  L  I  T  I  A     E  N      

who received the New Zealand Medal,
having been either under fire, or attached to Her Majesty's Imperial Forces,
during the War of 1860-1870.

Surname                               Initials/Names                              Rank                           Force                     
KATES GeorgePrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KEARNEY Henry R. Sergeant Patea Rifles
KEATING James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
KEAYON John Private Taranaki Military Settlers
KEEFE James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
KEEFE MatthewPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KEEFE Nathan Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
KEEGAM James PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
KEELAN Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KEELAN Thomas Private Napier Militia
KEELE TheodorePrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
KEELEY Patrick Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
KEELEY Thomas Corporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
KEELING Robert N. Private Taranaki Volunteers
KEEN ConstantinePrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
KEENAN JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KEENE Laurence Constable Armed Constabulary
KEGS George ConstableArmed Constabulary
KEIR FrederickSergeant Wan. Rifles
KELCHER Jeremiah Private Wan. Volunteers
KELLS G. Captain Auckland Militia
KELLS J. F. Clerk Commissariat Dept.
KELLS Thomas Bugler1st Waikato Regiment
KELLS William Ensign Wan. Volunteers
KELLY . Butcher Commissariat Dept.
KELLY James Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
KELLY James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
KELLY JamesBaker Commissariat Dept.
KELLY John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
KELLY John Lieutenant Taranaki Military Settlers
KELLY MichaelSergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
KELLY P. J. Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
KELLY Peter Private1st Waikato Regiment
KELLY RichardPrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
KELLY Thomas Private Armed Constabulary
KELLY Thomas Private Taranaki Military Settlers
KELLY William PrivateAuckland Militia
KELLY WilliamPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KELSALL WilliamConstable Armed Constabulary
KELSEY John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
KELTON .Sergeant-Issuer Commissariat Dept.
KEMEN William Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
KEMMISSON William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
KEMP Henry Private Taranaki Volunteers
KEMP John Trooper Colonial Defence Force
KEMPTHORNE Arthur TrooperP. B. Volunteers
KENAH J. W. Private Taranaki Volunteers
KENNEDY Alexander Captain Napier Volunteers
KENNEDY Alexander Constable Armed Constabulary
KENNEDY AlexanderPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KENNEDY DenisSergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
KENNEDY James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KENNEDY Thomas Private3rd Waikato Regiment
KENNEDY Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KENNY John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KENNY Martin Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
KENRICH Rich. Sergeant-Major Colonial Defence Force
KENRICK O. L.Sergeant Colonial Defence Force
KENSINGTON W. C. Sergeant, Storekeeper Commissariat Dept.
KENT Isaac Corporal Hawke's Bay Volunteers
KERNAGHAN James Constable Armed Constabulary
KERR CharlesPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KERR James Private1st Waikato Regiment
KERR Thomas PrivateWan. Rifles
KERR ThomasPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KERR WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
KERSHAW Philip Constable Armed Constabulary
KIDD William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
KIERNAN F. W. Sergeant Auckland Militia
KILL T. Butcher Commissariat Dept.
KILLEN Henry Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KINDON Courtney M. Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
KING Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KING Edward W. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
KING James Corporal Wellington Rifles
KING JohnPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KING Richard Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KING RichardPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KING RobertCorporal 1st Waikato Regiment
KING Robert J. Constable Armed Constabulary
KING Thomas Constable Armed Constabulary
KING ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
KING Thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
KING William Private Wan. Rifles
KING William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KING WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KINGDON Augustus PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
KINGDON Augustus Private Taranaki Volunteers
KINGSLEY Joseph Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KINNIBURGH D. F. Private Wellington Rifles
KINROSS John G. PrivateNapier Militia
KINSBY Joseph Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KIRK Robert Trooper Kai Iwi Volunteers
KIRKE A. W. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KIRKE ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
KIRKLAND JamesPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
KIRKPATRICK Duncan Private Napier Volunteers
KIRKPATRICK Robt. Private Napier Militia
KIRWIN Benjamin Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KIRWIN PatrickPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KIRWIN W. T. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
KIRWIN William Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
KLAUSS AugustPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
KNAGGS GeorgePrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KNAPP SamuelPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
KNIGHT HenryCorporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
KNIGHT James PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
KNOX James Issuer Commissariat Dept.
KNUCKEY OliverBullock Driver Transport Corps
KNUCKEY SamuelBullock Driver Transport Corps
KOCH August Col-Sergeant Napier Volunteers
KRAEFTHenry Priate Napier Militia
KRIMBLE William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
LACCORRENCE E.Ensign 1st Waikato Regiment
LACEY Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LACEY Garrett ConstableArmed Constabulary
LADLEY Albert PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
LADLEY Albert PrivateNapier Volunteers
LAING Edward B. Private Taranaki Volunteers
LAIRD James SergeantTaranaki Military Settlers
LAKE CharlesPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LAKE Francis Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LAKE ThomasPrivate Poverty Bay Militia
LAKE Warwickprivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LAKIN John Private1st Waikato Regiment
LaLERRE C. W. R. Captain Colonial Defence Force
LAMB Edward Private3rd Waikato Regiment
LAMB Frederick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LAMB James Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
LAMBERT C. Lieutenant Colonel NZ Militia
LAMBERT Edward Private2nd Waikato Regiment
LAMBERT Edward Clerk Commissariat Dept.
LAMMIE GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LAMONT J. H. Corporal Napier Militia
LAMONT John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LANAUZE GeorgeConstable Armed Constabulary
LANAUZE H. W. C. Constable Armed Constabulary
LAND J.Constable Armed Constabulary
LANDER CharlesPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
LANDER George Private Taranaki Militia
LANDER JohnCorporal Taranaki VOlunteers
LANDER RichardPrivate Taranaki Military
LANE George Private3rd Waikato Regiment
LANE James Constable Armed Constabulary
LANE JamesPrivate 2nd Waiakto Regiment
LANE John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
LANE William BakerCommissariat Dept.
LANG HughPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LANG HughPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LANGDALE Frederick Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
LANGDON F.Sergeant, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
LANGFRED James Constable Armed Constabulary
LANGHORNE SamuelPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LANGLEY John Private Napier Militia
LANGMAN Richard Private Taranaki Militia
LANGMAN T.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
LANGRIDGE Matthew Consatble Armed Constabulary
LANGSHAW FrederickPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LARGE J. S. Corporal Napier Militia
LARGO John Lieutenant Native Com.
LARRETT Philip CorporalArmed Constabulary
LATIMER Frederick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LAUNEY Charles Issuer Commissariat Dept.
LAURENCE B. C. Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
LAURENCE James F. Private Taranaki Militia
LAW Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LAWE W. F. Baker Commissariat Dept.
LAWRENCE James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LAWSON Ernest Ensign 1st Waikato Regiment
LAWSON J. R. Ensign Taranaki Volunteers
LAWSON John Sergeant Napier Volunteers
LAWTON Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LE QUESNE Joseph SergeantNapier Militia
LEA EdwinPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LEARY Robt. Private1st Waikato Regiment
LEARY Samuel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LEATHAM R. B. Captain Wellington Cavalry
LEE Chas.Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LEE Chas. Artificer Commissariat Dept.
LEE JohnPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LEE William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
LEES WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LEINARA W. H. Private Patea Rifles
LEITZE George Bullock Driver Transport Corps
LeMASURIER Philip ConstableArmed Constabulary
LEMON George Bugler 1st Waikato Regiment
LEMPRIERE F. C. Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
LEMPRIERE T. R. ClerkCommissariat Dept.
LENORD John Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
LENT Wm. Private1st Waikato Regiment
LEO Wm. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LEON Richard Artificer Commissariat Dept.
LEONARD Wm. Henry Private Patea Rifles
LESLIEA. J. Assistant Surgeon Armed Constabulary
LESLIE Charles Private Wellington Rifles
LESLIE David Private Napier Militia
LESLIE Jas. L. C. Private Wanganui Militia
LESLIE John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LESLIE Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LETHBRIDGE CharlesPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
LETHBRIDGE RichardPrivate Taranaki Militia
LETHBRIDGE ThomasPrivate Taranaki Militia
LEVY L. L. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
LEWISE. S. Private 4th Waikato Regiment
LEWISHenry Private3rd Waikato Regiment
LEWIS John Private1st Waikato Regiment
LEWIS John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LEWIS Johnprivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LEWIS Matthew Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LIEBIG Carl Corporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
LINDSAY William Baker Commissariat Dept.
LINFORD William Private2nd Waikato Regiment
LING FrankCorporal 1st Waikato Regiment
LINGARD William Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
LINGBIA Levin Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
LINTON William Private Wellington Rifles
LITCHFIELD Charles Sergeant Major Bay P. Cavalry
LITTLE GeorgePrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LITTLE Henry J. Private Wanganui Militia
LITTLE Thomas Corporal Colonial Defence Force
LITTLEDALE William Sergeant Colonial Defence Force
LITTLEWOOD Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LITTLEWOOD William TrooperKai Iwi Cavalry
LIVERTON John Private Taita Militia
LIVINGSTONE Saml. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LLEWELLYN George Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
LLEWELLYN Trevor Clerk Commissariat Dept.
LLOYD Frank Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LLOYD Henry Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LLOYD Isaac Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LLOYD James private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LLOYD Thomas Corporal Wellington Rifles
LOCK Albert Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOCK John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOCKE SamuelIn command of Natives .
LOCKER William Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
LOCKETT E. C. Sergeant Major Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
LOCKIE G. S. QuartermasterTransport Corps
LOCKIE Geo. S. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOCKWOOD AlfredPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOCKWOOD Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LOCKYER Charles PrivateWellington Rifles
LODDER WilliamEngineer S.S. Sturt
LOGAM M. D. Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
LOGAN Jas.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
LOMAX H. A. LieutenantWellington Militia
LOMAX H. B. Lieutenant1st Waikato Regiment
LOMERY T. Boatman Transport Corps
LONEY JamesPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LONG CharlesLabourer Commissariat Dept.
LONG Charles Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LONG Henry SergeantForest Rangers
LONG JamesConstable Armed Constabulary
LONG Joseph Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LONG Joseph Private Wanganui Ran.
LONGB_ED .Labourer Commissariat Dept.
LONGBOTTOM James Clerk Commissariat Dept.
LOOMBS William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LORD R. H. Trooper Napier Militia
LORD Samuel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LOUGH HenryPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LOUIS Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LOUND Chas. Lance CorporalArmed Constabulary
LOVE Robert Constable Armed Constabulary
LOVEDAY LambertSergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOVELL George Sergeant Auckland Militia
LOVERIDGE S. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
LOVERIDGE SamuelPrivate Taranaki Militia
LOVETT EdwardPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LOVETTE GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
LOWE James Bullock Driver Transport Corps
LOWES ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LOWES William Private Napier Volunteers
LOXTON WilliamPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LUCAS Charles Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LUFF Joseph Private Napier Militia
LUKE WilliamPrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
LUNDY A. Private1st Waikato Regiment
LUPTON Isaac Private Wairoa Volunteers
LUSH D. H. Major Mauku Volunteers
LUTHER Moses Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LUTTERILL Robert Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LYALL Patrick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LYDEN Christopher Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LYDEN John Private1st Waikato Regiment
LYDON GeorgeConstable Armed Constabulary
LYFORD AbsalomPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
LYNAS Fred.Private Wan. Ran.
LYNCH Christopher Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
LYNCH Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LYNCH James Private2nd Waikato Regiment
LYNCH John Private2nd Waikato Regiment
LYNCH PeterPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
LYNCH T. D. L. Private Auckland Volunteers
LYON W. C.Lieutenant Colonel Auckland Militia
LYONS Patrick Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
LYONS Robt. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
LYTTELTON E. PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
MAC Owen Private Wellington Rifles
MACBETH Francis Private2nd Waikato Regiment
MACDONALD Angus A. K. PrivateAuckland Militia
MACDONALD J. S. Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
MACE F. Captain Taranaki Cavalry
MACE Thomas W. Private Taranaki Cavalry
MACHAD Alx. Bullock DriverTransport Corps
MACKAY James Trooper Opotiki Cavalry
MACKIE George Private Wanganui Rangers
MACKIE James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MACKINTOSH J. M. G. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MACPHERSON A.Lieutenant Auckland Militia
MACPHERSON James Captain 4th Waikato Regiment
MACTION Anthony Private Waiuku Militia
MADDEN John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MADDEN Richard Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MADIGAN John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MADIGAN Patrick Private Forest Rangers
MAFERS Henry PrivateWellington Rifles
MAGILL JohnSergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
MAHER Patrick ConstableArmed Constabulary
MAHON Charles Private3rd Waikato Regiment
MAHON Patrick Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MAHONEY Daniel Private1st Waikato Regiment
MAHONEY Patrick Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MAHONEY SimeonPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
MAHONEY StephenPrivate Forest Rangers
MAHONEY William Private Taranaki Militia
MAINWARING R. C. Interpreter Colonial Force
MAIR Gilbert Lieutenant Auckland Volunteers
MAIR HenryCaptain Opotiki Militia
MAIR W. GilbertMajor Auckland Militia
MAISEY WilliamPrivate Napier Militia
MAJOR IsaacPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MAKINGS John Private2nd Waikato Regiment
MALCOMBE PeterPrivate Hawkes Bay Militia
MALIBOND John Corporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
MALLER Henry Private1st Waikato Regiment
MALLET RichardPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MALONE G. D.Lieutenant 2nd Waikato Regiment
MALONE W. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MALONE WilliamPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
MALONY ChristopherSergeant Guide
MALTON GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MALVERN Chas. SergeantAuckland Militia
MANCY R. D. Trooper Napier Cavalry
MANDER WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MANGNUS AndrewPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MANLEY John Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
MANLY G. Kent Sergeant Mauku Volunteers
MANN Daniel Private Wanganui Rangers
MANN GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MANN Richard Private Auckland Volunteers
MANN Thomas Private Auckland Volunteers
MANNING W. B. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MANSFIELD Mark Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MARGRON J. Baker Commissariat Dept.
MARKHAM John Private1st Waikato Regiment
MARKS Hannibal Bugler Auckland Volunteers
MARKS Hugh Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MARR AlexanderPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
MARSH H. T. Corporal Napier Militia
MARSHALL James Private Petane Mil.
MARSHALL JamesConstable Armed Constabulary
MARSHALL John Private Napier Militia
MARSHALL R. A.Boatman Transport Corps
MARSHALL R. W. Private Napier Militia
MARSHALL W. Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
MARSHALL W. Constable Armed Constabulary
MARTIN Bernard Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MARTIN C. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MARTIN DenisSergeant ButcherCommissariat Dept.
MARTIN J. W. Private Forest Rangers
MARTIN JamesPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MARTIN JohnPrivate Napier Volunteers
MARTIN JohnPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MARTIN PatrickPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MARTIN Peter Private Taranaki Volunteers
MARTIN W. P. Private Taranaki Volunteers
MASKERY Stephen Constable Armed Constabulary
MASLIN George F. Private C. Volunteers
MASON Francis Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MASON G. H.Corporal 1st Waikato Regiment
MASON G. H. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MASON Geo. H. Private1st Waikato Regiment
MASON GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MASON W. G.Sergeant Armed Constabulary
MASON William Private1st Waikato Regiment
MASSEY John Private Napier Militia
MASTER J. S. Sergeant Auckland Cavalry
MATHER John Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MATHIESON G. S. Constable Armed Constabulary
MATTHEWS A. C. Constable Armed Constabulary
MATTHEWS George Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MATTHEWS Henry Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MATTHEWS H. S. Private Taranaki Volunteers
MATTHEWS N. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MAWE W. F. Private Hawkes Bay Volunteers
MAXFIELD Harry Private Auckland Volunteers
MAXWELL George Sergeant Kai Iwi Cavalry
MAXWELL JamesPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
MAXWELL William Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
MAY James M. Private Wanganui Militia
MAY John Private1st Waikato Regiment
MAY ThomasPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MAY William Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MAY William Private Napier Militia
MAYCOCK Richard Constable Armed Constabulary
MAYNARD H. L. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MAYNE Henry Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MAYNE JohnPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MAYNES George Private2nd Waikato Regiment
McADAMS W. Coxswain Transport Corps
McANLIFF James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McARTHUR DavidConstable Armed Constabulary
McARTHUR James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McATEN Michael Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McBEAN T. J. Clerk Commissariat Dept.
McBRIDE John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McCABE Charles Boatman Transport Corps
McCALLUM J. M. PrivateWairoa Volunteers
McCANLEY Thomas PrivateWellington Rifles
McCANLEY WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
McCANLEY William Constable Armed Constabulary
McCANN Francis Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McCANN Lawrence PrivateColonial Defence Force
McCANN Lawrence Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McCARR John H. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McCARTHY FelixCorporal Taranaki Military Settlers
McCARTHY John Trooper Colonial Defence Force
McCARTHY MauricePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
McCARTHY PatrickPrivate Mauku Volunteers
McCARTHY Timothy Constable Armed Constabulary
McCARTNEY ArthurSergeant Armed Constabulary
McCASHION P.Private Hawkes Bay Volunteers
McCAULEY James Private Patea Rifles
McCAUSHIE Thos. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McCLEARY David Private Napier Militia
McCLEARY T. Labourer Commissariat Dept.
McCLEARY William Private1st Waikato Regiment
McCLELLAND Thomas Sergeant2nd Waikato Regiment
McCLINNAN James Baker Commissariat Dept.
McCLIVE Francis Private3rd Waikato Regiment
McCLYMONT A. G. Private Forest Rangers
McCOLLOGH Thos. Corporal Auckland Militia
McCONNELL Alexander PrivateAuckland Volunteers
McCONNELL John PrivateAuckland Volunteers
McCONNELL Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McCONOCHIE JohnPrivate Napier Militia
McCONOCHIE Joseph Private Napier Militia
McCORMACK R. BakerCommissariat Dept.
McCORMICH Thos. J.Trooper Colonial Defence Force
McCORMICK Michael Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McCORMICK PatrickPrivate Commissariat Dept.
McCORMICK Robert Private2nd Waikato Regiment
McCOWAT William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
McCOY John Constable Armed Constabulary
McCREA James Private Taranaki Military Settlers
McCREADY Andrew Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McCREADY Maxwell Private3rd Waikato Regiment
McCROVY Patrick ConstableArmed Constabulary
McCRYSTAL Charles Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McCULLOCK George Private Wan. Militia
McCUSKER Peter Labourer Commissariat Dept.
McDANIELS Alex.Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McDERMOTT N. BakerCommissariat Dept.
McDERMOTT Owen Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McDERMOTT Thos. Private1st Waikato Regiment
McDONALD Alexander Constable Armed Constabulary
McDONALD Charles Private Wairoa Rifles
McDONALD D. Constable Armed Constabulary
McDONALD D. B. Private Taranaki Volunteers
McDONALD Donald Private 1st W. Militia
McDONALD Geo. R.Private 2nd W. Militia
McDONALD J.Butcher Commissariat Dept.
McDONALD J. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McDONALD J. K.Private Taranaki Volunteers
McDONALD James Constable Armed Constabulary
McDONALD John Private Taranaki Volunteers
McDONALD NormanConstable Armed Constabulary
McDONALD Peter Constable Armed Constabulary
McDONALD WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
McDONALD William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McDONALD Wm. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McDONALD Wm. H. E. Private Wan. Militia
McDONELL C. Sub Inspector Armed Constabulary
McDONNELL Edward Ensign NZ Militia
McDONNELL Geo. Sub Inspector Armed Constabulary
McDONNELL Patrick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McDONNELL ThomasLieutenant Colonel NZ Militia
McDONNELL Wm. Captain Native Contingent
McDOUGALL James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McDOWALL John Trooper Armed Constabulary
McDOWELL John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McENANY James Baker Commissariat Dept.
McEVOY James PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
McFARLAND P. Constable Armed Constabulary
McGAHEY C. Sergeant Major Taranaki Volunteers
McGAHEY John Corporal 1st Waikato Regiment
McGAN Francis Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McGEE James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McGEEVIE T.Boatman Transport Corps
McGHEE James Private1st Waikato Regiment
McGHUR T. Boatman Transport Corps
McGIBBON . Corporal, Boatman Transport Corps
McGILL Charles Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McGILLIVRAY S. PrivateAuckland Militia
McGILLIVREY James Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
McGINLAY James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McGINLEY John Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McGLOIN Thaddeus Private1st Waikato Regiment
McGOLDRICK Henry CorporalArmed Constabulary
McGONAGH Robert Private Auckland Militia
McGRATH Ed. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McGRATH Patrick Private2nd Waikato Regiment
McGREGOR Hugh Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McGREGOR John Guide Wanganui
McGRUTHER Robert Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McGUINESS Thomas LieutenantTaranaki Volunteers
McGUIRE FelixCorporal 1st Waikato Regiment
McGUIRE H. Baker Commissariat Dept.
McGUIRE Henry Private Mauku Volunteers
McGUIRE James Sergeant3rd Waikato Regiment
McGUIRE James Lance CorporalAuckland Militia
McGUIRK JamesCorporal Forest Rangers
McGWERN George Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McHARDIE David Private NZ Militia
McHEWER WilliamPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
McHUGH Patrick ConstableArmed Constabulary
McILDOWRIE Daniel Private Wairoa Rifles
McINNES Thos. Trooper Vol. Cavalry
McINTYRE CharlesPrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
McINTYRE J.Butcher Commissariat Dept.
McINTYRE Wm. Private Mauku Volunteers
McIVOR Wm.Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKAIN J. S. Corporal Petone Militia
McKAY Andrew Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McKAYE Alexander Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McKAYE JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
McKAYE Robert Senr.Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKAYE Robert Junr. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKAYE T.Labourer Commissariat Dept.
McKAYE Thomas Private3rd Waikato Regiment
McKEAN John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McKEARNEY Hugh Constable Armed Constabulary
McKEE David Boatman Transport Corps
McKEE Wm. Bullock DriverTransport Corps
McKELLAR A. A. M. Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
McKELLAR James S.Captain Taranaki Militia
McKENNA A. Sergeant, IssuerCommissariat Dept.
McKENNA DanielPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKENNA Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McKENNA James PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
McKENNA Robert Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKENNA Wm. Clerk Commissariat Dept.
McKENNIS Fred. Private1st Waikato Regiment
McKENZIE Daniel Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McKENZIE Daniel Private2nd Waikato Regiment
McKENZIE GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
McKENZIE John Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
McKENZIE Peter Private Taranaki Military Settlers
McKINNON Alex. Private3rd Waikato Regiment
McKNIGHT John PrivateNapier Militia
McKOY Patrick Private Taranaki Military Settlers
McLACHLAN Patrick ConstableArmed Constabulary
McLAREN Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McLAUCHLIN Dugald Constable Armed Constabulary
McLAUGHLIN John Private2nd Waikato Regiment
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McLEAN Henry Constable Armed Constabulary
McLEAN James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McLEAN Lachlan Patrick3rd Waikato Regiment
McLEOD Gordon Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McLEOD JohnPrivate Bay of Islands Militia
McLEOD M.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
McLOUGHLIN ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
McMAHON Charles Constable Armed Constabulary
McMAHON Martin Constable Armed Constabulary
McMAHON Patrick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McMAHON Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McMANUS Bernard Private Taranaki Volunteers
McMANUS John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McMANUS Michael Private Patea Volunteers
McMASTER John Private1st Waikato Regiment
McMILLAN Alexander Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
McMILLAN CharlesPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
McNAIR Samuel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McNAMARA MichaelPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
McNEALE John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
McNEIL Alexander Private 1st Waikato Regiment
McNEILL William ConstableArmed Constabulary
McNICHOL William Labourer Commissariat Dept.
McNULTY J.Boatman Transport Corps
McPHEE Neil Bullock DriverTransport Corps
McPHERSON James Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
McPHERSON James Private 4th Waikato Regiment
McPIKE .Labourer Commissariat Dept.
McQUARRIE AlexanderPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
McQUARRIE HughCorporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
McQUATTERS EdwardPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
McSHANE James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
McSPADDEN MichaelPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
McSWEENEY EugeneCorporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
McTAVISH ThomasPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
McWHA William Private Wanganui Rifles
MEACH J. F. Private2nd Waikato Regiment
MEAD EdwinPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MEADE George Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MEADOWCROFT Thos. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MEAGHER Patrick Private1st Waikato Regiment
MEARD James PrivateTaranaki Bush Rangers
MEDINE ThomasPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MEEDRUM D. Boatman Transport Corps
MEIKLE Alexander Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
MELLON Edward Trooper Auckland Cavalry
MELLSOP C. W. Private Mauku Volunteers
MELLSOP J. T. Lieutenant Mauku Volunteers
MELLSOP James Ensign Forest Rangers
MELROSE AlexanderPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
MELVILLE J. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MELVIN A. Clerk Commissariat Dept.
MENZIES JamesPrivate Auckland Volunteers
MEREDITH E. C. Sergeant Napier Cavalry
MEREDITH James Sergeant1st Waikato Regiment
MERRYLESS C. J. Constable Armed Constabulary
MESSENGER C. J. Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
MESSENGER E. F. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MESSENGER W. B. Captain Taranaki Militia
MESSENGER William PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
METE Kingi [or METE KINGI]Assistant Superintendent of Transport .
METUA . ConstableArmed Constabulary
MIDDLEMAS Andrew EnsignNZ Militia
MILLAR Thos. Private Napier Militia
MILLER AlfredPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MILLER J. H. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MILLER Robert Private1st Waikato Regiment
MILLER WilliamSergeant Napier Volunteers
MILLIEHAMP FrancisPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MILLIGAN JohnBullock Driver Transport Corps
MILLS H. W. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MILLS HubertPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MILLS Wm.Sergeant Armed Constabulary
MILMOE Laurence Constable Armed Constabulary
MILNE JohnArtificer Commissariat Dept.
MILNE John Constable Armed Constabulary
MILNE W. S. Private Wellington Rifles
MILNER James Corporal1st Waikato Regiment
MILNER WilliamPrivate Hawkes Bay Militia
MINTER Wm. Trooper Colonial Defence Force
MITCHELL Alex. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MITCHELL Alexander Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
MITCHELL Alfred PrivateHawkes Bay Militia
MITCHELL CharlesConstable Armed Constabulary
MITCHELL EdgarPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MITCHELL John Private Auckland Engineers
MITCHELL R. Clerk Commissariat Dept.
MITCHELL R. M.Issuer Commissariat Dept.
MOEILLER Chas. Private1st Waikato Regiment
MOGINIE J. C. Private3rd Waikato Regiment
MOGRIDGE Chas. Sergeant Napier Militia
MOHR John Private Forest Rangers
MOIR G. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MOIR Wm.Captain 1st Waikato Regiment
MOLLER Claus Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MOLLOY Joseph Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MOLLOY W. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MONAGHAN JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
MONAGHAN John Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
MONAGHAN Michael Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MONATT J. Boatman Transport Corps
MONCK Jas. B. ConstableArmed Constabulary
MONEY Charles L. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
MONTAGUE WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MOODY SamuelPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MOODY T. V. Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
MOON A. M.Sergeant Armed Constabulary
MOON WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MOORE Gus. Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MOORE H.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MOORE Henry Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
MOORE James Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MOORE JohnConstable Armed Constabulary
MOORE P. C. Private Taranaki Militia
MOORE Walter Corporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
MOORE Walter Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MOORE Wm. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MOORE Wm.Corporal 1st Waikato Regiment
MOORE William Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORECROFT Henry G.Ensign Napier Volunteers
MORELLI Joseph Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MORGAN AlfredTrooper Kai Iwii Cavalry
MORGAN E. J. Sergeant Kai Iwi Cavalry
MORGAN E. R. SergeantKai Iwi Cavalry
MORGAN James Sergeant3rd Waikato Regiment
MORGAN James Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORGAN R.Baker Commissariat Dept.
MORGAN R. Senr. Baker Commissariat Dept.
MORGAN Robert Junr. Private1st Waikato Regiment
MORGAN Robert Senr.Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MORGAN Tom TrooperKai Iwi Cavalry
MORGAN William Labourer Commissariat Dept.
MORGAN William Artificer 2nd Waikato Regiment
MORGAN William Trooper Colonial Defence Force
MORIARTY Tim.Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MORLEY G. Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
MORLEY G. PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
MORONEY FrancisSergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORPETH J. B. Private Auckland Volunteers
MORRELL J. Bullock DriverTransport Corps
MORRIS JamesPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MORRIS James Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORRISON E. J. Private1st Waikato Regiment
MORRISON Edward Private Wairoa Volunteers
MORRISON G. T. Private2nd Waikato Regiment
MORRISON H. C. Sub inspector Armed Constabulary
MORRISON Henry PrivateNapier Volunteers
MORRISON Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MORRISON ThomasPrivate Napier Volunteers
MORRISON Thos. Private Napier Militia
MORRISON Walter J.Captain Taranaki Militia
MORRISON WilliamSergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORROW Arthur Private Auckland Volunteers
MORROW Richard Private Auckland Volunteers
MORSHEADS E. F. PrivateTaranaki Bush Rangers
MORTON George Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
MORTON Henry Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MORTON J.Sergeant, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
MORTON John Corporal Wairoa Volunteers
MOUNTGARRETT John Private M. R. R.
MOVERLEY H. J. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MOWANCE W. L. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MOYLE EdwardSergeant Taranaki Militia
MOYLE W. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MOYLE W. M.Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MOYNAHAN Patrick ConstableArmed Constabulary
MUIR James Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
MULLER H. Ensign 1st Waikato Regiment
MULLINS J. H. SergeantAuckland Volunteers
MULRENAN Thos.Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MUNDAY Walter PrivateAuckland Volunteers
MUNDAY William Jas.Private Auckland Volunteers
MUNDELL David Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MUNGEAM Thos.Private Taranaki Military Settlers
MUNN Daniel PrivateNapier Volunteers
MUNRO Vattell Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MUNRO Daniel Private Auckland Militia
MUNRO William Labourer Commissariat Dept.
MURANT Henry Private Colonial Defence Force
MURPHY B. C. Trooper Colonial Defence Force
MURPHY Denis Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MURPHY JamesSergeant Wellington Rifles
MURPHY Owen Private Hawke's Bay Militia
MURPHY Patrick Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
MURPHY R. T. Constable Armed Constabulary
MURPHY Thomas Private2nd Waikato Regiment
MURPHY W. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
MURPHY W. H. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MURPHY WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
MURRAY Alexander Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MURRAY Andrew Sergeant Wan. Volunteers
MURRAY Andrew Private 1st Waikato Regiment
MURRAY David Constable Armed Constabulary
MURRAY James PrivaeWairoa Rifles
MURRAY James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
MURRAY John Baker Commissariat Dept.
MURRAY William Baker Commissariat Dept.
MURRAY William Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MUSGROVE W. Baker Commissariat Dept.
MUSSEN H. G. Trooper Kai Iwi Volunteers
MUSSEN Philip Hon. Surgeon Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
MYERSGeorge Private3rd Waikato Regiment
MYHEA William Constable Armed Constabulary
MYLES Edmond Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
MYLES Robert Private 1st Waikato Regiment

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