NZ WARS 1860-1870:

NZ Medallists N-SH

A  N       A  L  P  H  A  B  E  T  I  C  A  L       L  I  S  T

O  F

          V  O  L  U  N  T  E  E  R  S     N  D     I  L  I  T  I  A     E  N      

who received the New Zealand Medal,
having been either under fire, or attached to Her Majesty's Imperial Forces,
during the War of 1860-1870.

Surname                               Initials/Names                              Rank                           Force                     
NABBS William Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
NANCARROW Joseph PrivateTaranaki Military
NANKEVILLE Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
NANKEVILLE William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
NASH James Private Taranaki Militia
NASH John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
NASH Stephen CorporalTaranaki Military Settlers
NASH William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NATHAN Anthony Corporal Wanganui Volunteers
NATHAN J. C. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
NAYLOR John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NAYLOR Joseph Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NAYLOR William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NEALE GeorgeConstable Armed Constabulary
NEARY Stephen Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
NEARY WilliamConstable Armed Constabulary
NEIL DanielPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
NEIL GeorgePrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
NEIL Robert Private Forest Rangers
NEIL Samuel Qtr. Master-Sergeant Wanganui Militia
NEILL James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NELLY M. L. Sergeant Major 2nd Waikato Regiment
NELSON Charles Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NELSON P. Boatman Colonial T. Corps
NELSON Peter Private1st Waikato Regiment
NEVILLE Robert C.Private Wellington Rifles
NEWALL StuartSub Inspector Armed Constabulary
NEWBURN Henry Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NEWBY Francis Private1st Waikato Regiment
NEWLAND Geo. S. PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
NEWLAND Henry Sergeant Taranaki Militia
NEWLAND JohnPrivate Taranaki Militia
NEWLAND William Sub InspectorArmed Constabulary
NEWMAN Benjamin Private 1st Waikato Regiment
NEWMAN John L. Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
NEWMAN William J. PrivateForest Rangers
NEWNOL Loftus Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
NEWTON A. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
NEWTON W. T. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
NICHOL George Ensign 3rd Waikato Regiment
NICHOL Hugh Private3rd Waikato Regiment
NICHOL T. B. Private2nd Waikato Regiment
NICHOLAS Constantine Constable Armed Constabulary
NICHOLLS G. W. Lieutenant Wellington Rifles
NICHOLLS William CorporalKai Iwi Volunteers
NICHOLS David Sergeant Taranaki Militia
NICHOLS Richard Private1st Waikato Regiment
NICHOLSON Andrew Private1st Waikato Regiment
NICHOLSON J. C. Corporal Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
NICHOLSON James Private2nd Waikato Regiment
NICHOLSON M.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
NIXON John Major Wanganui Militia
NIXON Marmaduke G.Colonel Auckland Militia
NIXON WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
NOAKE Maillard Major NZ Militia
NODDER John Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
NOLAN JohnPrivate Forest Rangers
NOLAN Martin PrivateForest Rangers
NOLAN Michael Private 1st Waikato Regiment
NOLAN Michael ConstableArmed Constabulary
NORRIS C. Goddard Private Taranaki Militia
NORTH ThomasPrivate Patea Militia
NORTHCOTE J. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
NORTHCOTE John PrivateTaranaki Militia
NORTHCROFT H. W. Sub Inspector Armed Constabulary
NORTHE W. H. Private Napier Militia
NORTON John Private2nd Waikato Regiment
NOWLAN G. D. B. EnsignWan. Rangers
NUGENT John Private3rd Waikato Regiment
NUGENT Michael Private2nd Waikato Regiment
NUNN Edwin Private2nd Waikato Regiment
NUTT Samuel J.Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
O'BRIEN Daniel Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'BRIEN James ConstableArmed Constabulary
O'BRIEN Laurence Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'BRIEN Martin Sergeant Armed Constabulary
O'BRIEN W. Colour Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'BRIEN William Constable Armed Constabulary
O'CALLAGHAN W. J. P. Lieutenant Taranaki Military Settlers
O'CARROLL P. J. Assistant Surgeon 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'CONNELL George Sergeant Armed Constabulary
O'CONNELL Thomas Private3rd Waikato Regiment
O'CONNOR John Baker Commissariat Dept.
O'CONNOR John Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
O'CONNOR John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
O'DEE K. J. Sergeant Napier Militia
O'DELL E. BoatmanTransport Corps
O'DONNELL B. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
O'DONNELL Charles Private Napier Militia
O'DONNELL JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
O'DONOGHUE Michael Private3rd Waikato Regiment
O'FARRELL R. H. ClerkCommissariat Dept.
O'GRADY JohnPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
O'HALLORAN G.Clerk Commissariat Dept.
O'HALLORAN G. L. Sub InspectorArmed Constabulary
O'HANLON C. P. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
O'HANLON PeterConstable Armed Constabulary
O'KEARNEY Francis J. Private2nd Waikato Regiment
O'LOGHLIN John LabourerCommissariat Dept.
O'MEARAEdward PrivateAuckland Volunteers
O'NEIL PatrickSergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'NEILL James PrivateHawkes Bay Volunteers
O'NEILL Patrick Private 1st Waikato Regiment
O'NEILL WilliamClerk Commissariat Dept.
O'RAFFERTY John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
O'SHANNESSY Peter Private 1st Waikato Regiment
O'SULLIVAN JohnPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
OAKES John Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
OAKLEY William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
OGDEN John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
OLDFIELD James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
OLDFIELD ThomasSergeant Armed Constabulary
OLDHAM HenrySuperintendent of hulks .
OLIER James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
OLLIVER Charles Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
OLLIVER Francis Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
OLLIVER FrankTrooper Auckland Cavalry
OLLIVER William PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
OLSON Edward Trooper Taranaki Cavalry
ORBELL G. G. Sergeant Armed Constabulary
ORD WilliamBullock Driver Transport Corps
ORMOND F. F. Assistant SurgeonNapier Militia
ORR James PrivateNapier Militia
ORR John Private Napier Militia
ORR William Constable Armed Constabulary
OSBORNE James PrivateForest Rangers
OSBORNE W.Clerk Commissariat Dept.
OUTON William Constable Armed Constabulary
OWEN F. Ensign 3rd Waikato Regiment
OWEN James Corporal 2nd Waikato Regiment
OXENHAM John Trooper Taranaki Volunteers
OXENHAM Oliver Private Taranaki Volunteers
OXENHAM William T.Trooper Taranaki Volunteers
PAGE A. M. A. Captain Taranaki Military Settlers
PAGE James Sergeant, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
PAIN John Trooper Colonial Defence Force
PAINTER John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PAKENHAM Joshua Assistant Surgeon Wellington Volunteers
PALETHORPE Thos. Col. Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
PALMER AlfredClerk Commissariat Dept.
PALMER Alfred ConstableArmed Constabulary
PALMER Benjamin Corporal 1st Waikato Regiment
PALMER Chas. Private Auckland Volunteers
PALMER Chas.Private Napier Militia
PALMER James Baker Commissariat Dept.
PALMLEY Jas. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
PANTON Robert Priate3rd Waikato Regiment
PARKER HenryPrivate Auckland Naval Volunteers
PARKER Henry PrivateNapier Militia
PARKER John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PARKES Charles Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
PARKHOUSE Richard Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PARKINSON Arthur Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PARKINSON Thos. Trooper Opotiki Cavalry
PARSONS WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
PATERSON Matthew Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PATTEN John Private Taranaki Military Settlers
PATTERSON Andrew Private1st Waikato Regiment
PATTERSON B. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PATTERSON John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PATTERTON A. de Courey Private Auckland Engineers
PATTIMORE Joseph Private Taranaki Volunteers
PATTON Robert Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PATTYMORE Jacob Bullock DriverTransport Corps
PAUL Nicholas Private Napier Militia
PAUL WilliamPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
PAVIOUR E. P. Boatman Transport Corps
PAYNE F. C. Constable Armed Constabulary
PAYNE John J.Private Auckland Volunteers
PAYNTER John Private Taranki Militia
PAYNTER William Private Taranaki Volunteers
PEACOCK David PrivateNapier Militia
PEACOCK Hector S. Private Napier Militia
PEACOCK John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PEACOCK WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
PEACOCK Wm. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PEACOCK Wm. ArtificerAuckland Militia
PEAKE George Trooper Kai Iwi Cavalry
PEAKE H. L. TrooperKai Iwi Cavalry
PEAKE John Trooper Kai Iwi Cavalry
PEARCE Alfred Private Taranaki Volunteers
PEARCE David Private Wellington Rangers
PEARCE Henry Constable Armed Constabulary
PEARMAN J. W. Corporal 1st Waikato Regiment
PEARN W. H. Private Taranaki Militia
PEARNE JamesBullock Driver Transport Corps
PEARSE Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PEARSE Thos. A. Private Hawke's Bay Volunteers
PEARSON Alfred Lance CorporalArmed Constabulary
PEARSON H. M. D. Trooper Colonial Defence Force
PEARSON J. F. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PEARSON Robert SergeantColonial Defence Force
PEARSON Wm. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PEAT Wellington Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PECK Thomas Artificer 1st Waikato Regiment
PEDEN Joseph Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PEEL Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PEET George Priate 1st Waikato Regiment
PEET Wm.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
PEEVOR Hy. Edwd. Private Auckland Volunteers
PEEVOR T. G. ConstableArmed Constabulary
PEGLEY Roland Constable Armed Constabulary
PELLEN Edwd. T. Private Taranaki Bush Rangers
PELLEW IsraelPrivate Taranaki Militia
PELLICOT Gabriel Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PEMBERTON T. M.Corporal, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
PENFOLD Edward Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
PENNEFATHER Daniel Captain Taranaki Military Settlers
PENNY John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PENNY John Bullock Driver Transport Corps
PENSALL Daniel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PENTONNY A. Baker Commissariat Dept.
PENWARDEN Thos. B. Private Taranaki Militia
PEPPERALL John Private Taranaki Volunteers
PERCIVAL James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PERCIVAL Michael Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PERCIVAL W. Lieutenant3rd Waikato Regiment
PERCY John A. Captain Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
PERKINS Chas. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PERKINS Fred. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PERKINS JobPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
PERKS John LabourerCommissariat Dept.
PERRY C. L. Ensign 2nd Waikato Regiment
PERRY C. L. Ensign3rd Waikato Regiment
PERRY F. F. Corporal Taranaki Military Settlers
PERRY F. T. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
PERRY William Private Taranaki Militia
PETER Alex. Bullock DriverTransport Corps
PETIT Gable Private3rd Waikato Regiment
PETTY Wm. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PHILLIPS Abraham PrivateWellington Rangers
PHILLIPS C. P. Sergeant Auckland Volunteers
PHILLIPS George PrivateHutt Militia
PHILLIPS GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
PHILLIPS George S.Private Wellington Defence Force
PHILLIPS Henry Constable Armed Constabulary
PHILLIPS JohnPrivate Taranaki Militia
PHILLIPS Richard Private3rd Waikato Regiment
PHILLIPS Windham F.Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PHILLIPS Wyndham Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PHILPOT George Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PICKETT James Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PIDDLE Daniel Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PIERCE Martin Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PIERCE OctaviusPrivate Forest Rangers
PIERCY Francis Sergeant Auckland Militia
PIERSE A.Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
PIGGOT JamesPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
PILBROW JohnPrivate Poverty Bay Volunteers
PILE H.Butcher Commissariat Dept.
PILKINGTON EdwardPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
PILKINGTON Hamlet Constable Armed Constabulary
PILKINGTON Henry Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PILLATT DavidSergeant Wanganui Rifles
PILMER A. A. G. Lieutenant Forest Rangers
PINI .Sergeant Native Contingent
PITCAIRN Robt. H. Col. Sergeant Auckland Engineers
PITT C. Dean Lieutenant 1st Waikato Regiment
PITT G. D. Lieutenant 1st Waikato Regiment
PITT Henry Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PLUMBER C. Butcher Commissariat Dept.
PLUMMER AlbertPrivate Hawkes Bay Militia
POGSON Joseph Private 1st Waikato Regiment
POHLEN Heinrich Private Forest Rangers
POLLISKI HenryPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
POLWART JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
POPE Charles A.Private Taranaki Volunteers
POPE Frederick S. W. Sergeant Armed Constabulary
POPE John N.Private Taranaki Military Settlers
PORTER JamesPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
PORTER Thomas W.Sub Inspector Armed Constabulary
POTTER John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
POTTER John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
POTTS JohnPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
POULTER WilliamBaker Commissariat Dept.
POWELL Charles Private 1st Waikato Regiment
POWELL Giles Private Taranaki Military Settlers
POWELL Hy. Chas.Guide to Colonial Forces.
POWELL John H.Trooper Colonial Defence Force
POWELL SamuelPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
POWELL W. H. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
POWELL William T. Sergeant Armed Constabulary
POWELL Wilmot Captain Wanganui Militia
POWER JohnConstable Armed Constabulary
POWER P.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
POYNTER James B. Trooper P. B. Cavalry
POYSER Otto Conductor Commissariat Dept.
PRATT George Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PRATT Thomas Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PREECE George Captain NZ Militia
PRESTON Joseph Senr. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PRESTON Joseph Junr. Private3rd Waikato Regiment
PRETTY Joseph Butcher Commissariat Dept.
PRICE Charles Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
PRICE L. G. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PRICE SamuelPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
PRING F.Artificer Auckland Militia
PRIOR J. H. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PRITCHARD W. S. G. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
PROSSER HenryPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
PROVOST Bartlett Private 1st Waikato Regiment
PROWSE C. W. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
PUCK HansPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
PUGH James Private Taranaki Volunteers
PULFORD Edward Private Napier Rifles
PULL JohnPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
PULLING William . 2nd Waikato Regiment
PURCELL WilliamPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
PURDEY G. B> Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
PURNELLJames Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
PUTNAM P. Sergeant Major Napier Cavalry
PYCROFT Henry ConstableArmed Constabulary
PYKE Vincent A. Private Wanganui Militia
PYE Charles Captain Colonial Defence Force
PYE HenryPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
QUAIN Richard Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
QUATBOROUGH Richard Constable Armed Constabulary
QUICK Edwin Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
QUILTY AndrewPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
QUINLAN Andrew Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
QUINLAN ThomasPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
QUINNHenry Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
QUINN Michael Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
QUINT HenryPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
QUIRKE Felman Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RABBITS Edward Constable Armed Constabulary
RABONE Edward Private Napier Militia
RAE L. H. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RAFFERTY JohnBullock Driver Transport Corps
RAINES J. Issuer Commissariat Dept.
RAINOR JohnSergeant, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
RAITHBY R. W. Corporal Colonial Defence Force
RAMSAY M. F. Corporal1st Waikato Regiment
RAMSEY J.Boatman Transport Corps
RANDALL Edward Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RANDALL JohnCorporal 1st Waikato Regiment
RANDELL William Sergeant Auckland Militia
RANFORD J. Boatman Transport Corps
RANSLEY Joseph Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RASSMAN Charles PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
RATCLIFFE WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
RATTEGAN W. H. J. Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
RATTENBURY J. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RAVEN W. J. Private Forest Rangers
RAWKIN William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RAWSON Charles Edward Private Taranaki Volunteers
RAWSON F. G. Private Taranaki Militia
RAWSON Henry Freer SergeantTaranaki Volunteers
RAWSON Thos. Edward Surgeon Taranaki Volunteers
RAYNOR AlfredPrivate Auckland Volunteers
RAYNOR George Lieutenant 2nd Waikato Regiment
RAYNOR J.Sergeant, Storekeeper Commissariat Dept.
RAYNOR James Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
RAYNOR John Private Auckland Volunteers
READ John Private Auckland Volunteers
READ Richard Private2nd Waikato Regiment
READY Patrick TrooperM. A. C.
REARDON Timothy Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
REDDING JohnPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
REDDY JohnPrivate Taranaki Militia
REDFERN GeorgePrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
REDGRAVE John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
REDMOND J. J. Colour Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
REED BernardCorporal Armed Constabulary
REED F. B. SergeantArmed Constabulary
REED H. J. Private Napier Militia
REED WilliamPrivate Napier Volunteers
REEDE C. H. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
REES George Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
REEVES Samuel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REHBORK ChristianConstable Armed Constabulary
REID Archibald Private Colonial Defence Force
REID Cavendish Sergeant3rd Waikato Regiment
REID DavidPrivate Napier Militia
REID George Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REID Henry Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REID John PrivateWanganui Militia
REID Thomas Bullock Driver Transport Corps
REID William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REID William PrivateHawkes Bay Volunteers
REILLY Charles Private3rd Waikato Regiment
REILLY Cornelius Corporal 3rd Waikato Regiment
REILLY EugeneSergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
REILLY Hamilton Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REILLY J. G. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
REILLY Michael Private1st Waikato Regiment
REILLY Peter Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REILLY ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
RENOUF John Private Napier Militia
RESDALE A. Boatman Transport Corps
RESTICAUX Walter Private E. C.
REVELL F. H. Sergeant Major Coonial Defence Force
REVELL William Private2nd Waikato Regiment
REYNOLD H. H. Colour Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
REYNOLDS E. Constable Armed Constabulary
REYNOLDS George Private 1st Waikato Regiment
REYNOLDS J. C. Private Taranaki Volunteers
REYNOLDS JamesPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
REYNOLDS T. G. Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
REYNOLDS Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RHIND James Private Wellington Rifles
RHODES Joseph Captain Napier Militia
RHODES ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
RICHARD Loftus Colour Sergeant 1st Waikato Regiment
RICHARDS Chas. Priate1st Waikato Regiment
RICHARDS John Private Taranaki Volunteers
RICHARDS JosiahTrooper Wanganui Cavalry
RICHARDS Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RICHARDS William Private Taranaki Militia
RICHARDS William Constable Armed Constabulary
RICHARDS Wm.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RICHARDSON George Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
RICHARDSON Geo. B. Trooper Hawkes Bay Cavalry
RICHARDSON Henry Private3rd Waikato Regiment
RICHARDSON T. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RICHARDSON W. A. Sub Inspector Armed Constabulary
RICHARDSON Walter Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RICHES Alex. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
RICHMOND Thomas Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RICKARDS Thos E. Trooper Wellington Cavalry
RIDGE C. Boatman Transport Corps
RIGALL William Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
RIGALL William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
RIGBY John Private Taranaki Military Settlers
RIMNON John Private1st Waikato Regiment
RITCHIE William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RITCHIE William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RIVERS Edward PrivateForest Rangers
ROACH JamesPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTS Daniel Baker Commissariat Dept.
ROBERTS David Private Military Settlers
ROBERTS Henry Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTS J. M. InspectorArmed Constabulary
ROBERTS John Private1st Waikato Regiment
ROBERTS John Corporal Taranaki Militia
ROBERTS Thos. Private1st Waikato Regiment
ROBERTS Thos. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTS William H. PrivateTaranaki Militia
ROBERTS William H. PrivateTaranaki Militia
ROBERTSON Alexander Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTSON Robert Corporal2nd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTSON Robert Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
ROBERTSON William Private Napier Militia
ROBERTSON Wm. Edwd. Volunteer Taranaki Rifles
ROBINSON Charles TrooperWanganui Volunteers
ROBINSON Charles Engineer Govt. Vessel
ROBINSON G.Issuer Commissariat Dept.
ROBINSON Geo. F. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
ROBINSON John Private Wanganui Rifles
ROBINSON John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROBINSON Marshall Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROBINSON Richard Constable Armed Constabulary
ROBINSON W. G. Trooper Wairoa Cavalry
ROBINSON Wm. R. Sergeant Napier Volunteers
ROBSON James Private1st Waikato Regiment
ROBSON T. John PrivateNapier Militia
ROCHE HenryConstable Armed Constabulary
ROCHE ParkerPrivate Taranaki Military Settlers
ROCHE Thomas PrivateTaranaki Military Settlers
RODDA William Private3rd Waikato Regiment
RODGERS Josiah Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RODRIGUEZ AntonioTrooper Taranaki Cavalry
ROGERS Job Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROGERS Job Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROGERS Peter Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROGERS Wm. PrivateTaranaki Militia
ROLFE Chas. W. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROLFE Frederick Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
ROLLS MarkConstable Armed Constabulary
ROLPH Charles Private1st Waikato Regiment
RONALDS Francis Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
RONALDS HughSergeant Taranaki Volunteers
RONALDS Jas. A. Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
ROOKES Chas. Cecil Lieut. Colonel Wanganui Militia
ROONEY Abraham Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROONEY James Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROOSE ElijahPrivate Patea Volunteers
RORRISON G. Storekeeper Commissariat Dept.
ROSE A. BoatmanTransport Corps
ROSE Edwin Baker Commissariat Dept.
ROSE Hemming L. ConstableArmed Constabulary
ROSE W. A. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROSE W. H. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROSS Alfred CaptainWanganui Militia
ROSS DonaldPrivate Hawkes Bay Volunteers
ROSS Fred. Captain Armed Constabulary
ROSS George Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
ROSS Hugh Private Wanganui Militia
ROSS JamesPrivate Napier Militia
ROUSE W. H. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
ROUTLEDGE WilliamEnsign Napier Volunteers
ROWAN Fred. C. Lieutenant Taranaki Volunteers
ROWE G. W. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROWE GeorgePrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
ROWE H. F. Sergeant Auckland Engineers
ROWE Thomas Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
ROWE Wm.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
ROWLAND Anthony Sergeant Kai Iwi Militia
ROWLEYGeorge Private 1st Waikato Regiment
ROY Chas.Corporal, Issuer Commissariat Dept.
RUCK F. W. Captain3rd Waikato Regiment
RUDD WilliamPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
RUDD Wm. Constable Armed Constabulary
RUDDING John Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RUDDOCK Daniel Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
RUDMAN HenryPrivate Napier Militia
RUNDELL RichardTrooper Taranaki Volunteers
RUNDLE Richard Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RUNDLE Robert Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RUNDLE SamuelPrivate Taranaki Volunteers
RUSDEN Samuel Private 1st Waikato Regiment
RUSH John PrivateHutt Militia
RUSHFORTH ThomasPrivate 2nd Waikato Regiment
RUSHTON J. Richard Ensign Opotiki Rangers
RUSSELL A. H. Trooper Auckland Cavalry
RUSSELL A. H. Captain Napier Militia
RUSSELL Denis Sergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
RUSSELL F. N. Private Forest Rangers
RUSSELL George Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
RUSSELL James Private3rd Waikato Regiment
RUSSELL John TrooperWanganui Cavalry
RUSSELL John Bullock DriverTransport Corps
RUSSELL W. FairweatherSergeant Wanganui Volunteers
RUSSIMAR WilliamPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
RUTHERFORD Walter Constable Armed Constabulary
RUTHVEN Gilbert Bullock Driver Transport Corps
RUTLEDGE Johnston ConstableArmed Constabulary
RYAN Daniel ConstableArmed Constabulary
RYAN George Private Taranaki Militia
RYAN JamesPrivate Forest Rangers
RYAN John Private1st Waikato Regiment
RYAN John M. Constable Armed Constabulary
RYAN PatrickPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
RYAN William TrooperWanganui Cavalry
RYE LewisLieutenant Com. Transport Corps
RYKERS William Private1st Waikato Regiment
SACKER W. A. Private2nd Waikato Regiment
SAGE Jesse Sergeant2nd Waikato Regiment
SAMP_ON George PrivateTaranaki Volunteers
SAMPSON Gerald Constable Armed Constabulary
SANDERS James Issuer Commissariat Dept.
SANDERS Thomas Private3rd Waikato Regiment
SANDERSON JohnPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
SANDERSON William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
SANDES T. Goodman Sergeant Armed Constabulary
SANDS WilliamPrivate Taranaki Militia
SARGENT Henry Private Napier Militia
SATCHELL William Clerk Commissariat Dept.
SAULT William Private1st Waikato Regiment
SAUNDERS E. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
SAUNDERS Frank PrivatePatea Rangers
SAUNDERS Joseph Private2nd Waikato Regiment
SAUNDERS Thomas Issuer Commissariat Dept.
SAURIE Thomas Sergeant2nd Waikato Regiment
SAVAGE James Trooper Armed Constabulary
SAVAGE Richard Private2nd Waikato Regiment
SCAMMELL C. George Private Taranaki Volunteers
SCANDLYN Thomas Private Taranaki Militia
SCANLAN MichaelPrivate Napier Militia
SCANLAN Wm. Bullock Driver Transport Corps
SCANTLING Richard PrivateTaranaki Militia
SCARR J. Labourer Commissariat Dept.
SCATCHARD James Private3rd Waikato Regiment
SCATCHARD William Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
SCHECKENBERG J. LabourerCommissariat Dept.
SCHLINKER AlbertBullock Driver Transport Corps
SCHMIDT A. Baker Commissariat Dept.
SCHOFIELD SamuelSergeant 3rd Waikato Regiment
SCHOLES J.Labourer Commissariat Dept.
SCHOLES John ConstableArmed Constabulary
SCHUCKMACKER Julius Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SCOTT Chas.Bullock Driver Transport Corps
SCOTT Duncan Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
SCOTT G. L. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SCOTT George Private Petane Militia [Petone?]
SCOTT George J. Sergeant Wanganui Militia
SCOTT HenryLabourer Transport Corps
SCOTT Herbert Quarter Master SergeantArmed Constabulary
SCOTT James Constable Armed Constabulary
SCOTT John CorporalWanganui Militia
SCOTT John Sergeant 2nd Waikato Regiment
SCOTT John Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
SCOTT Joseph Private Patea Volunteers
SCOTT Joseph Private Commissariat Dept.
SCOTT Matthew Assistant Surgeon Col. Forces
SCOTT Nixon Constable Armed Constabulary
SCOTT Thomas Private3rd Waikato Regiment
SCOTT Thomas Constable Armed Constabulary
SCOTT W. G. Private Auckland Militia
SCOTT W. H. Trumpeter Wanganui Cavalry
SCOTTER William Private Auckland Volunteers
SCOTTIE Nicholas Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
SCOWER WilliamPrivate Wanganui Militia
SEATON Richard Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
SECOMBE W. H. Trooper Taranaki Volunteers
SEDGWICK Henry PrivateWellington Militia
SEEDY James Baker Commissariat Dept.
SELBY William Private Forest Rangers
SELLARS Thomas Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SEVAN Patrick Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
SEYMOUR D. W. Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SEYMOURGeorge Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SHANAGHAN James Constable Armed Constabulary
SHANAGHAN W.Sergeant Auckland Militia
SHARLEY Joseph Private Napier Militia
SHARLOCK John Private2nd Waikato Regiment
SHARMAN Thomas Private1st Waikato Regiment
SHARP David Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
SHAW ReginaldPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
SHAW Reginald Constable Armed Constabulary
SHAW Thomas W. Private 3rd Waikato Regiment
SHAWE John Corporal Taranaki Militia
SHEEDON ElijahPrivate 1st Waikato Regiment
SHEEHY Patrick SergeantTaranaki Military Settlers
SHENNAN ThomasPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment
SHEPHERD Richard Private1st Waikato Regiment
SHEPPARD George Private Auckland Volunteers
SHEPPERD Henry Sergeant1st Waikato Regiment
SHEPPEE J. Wray Private Taranaki Volunteers
SHERGES LouisPrivate Colonial Defence Force
SHERIFF Bedford Trumpeter Wanganui Cavalry
SHERLOCK John Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
SHERRET A. Stephen LieutenantForest Rangers
SHERSON WilliamCorporal Auckland Volunteers
SHERWOOD G. F. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry
SHIELDS James Baker Commissariat Dept.
SHIELDS James Private Taranaki Military Settlers
SHIELDS James Sergeant Wellington Militia
SHIELDS William Private 1st Waikato Regiment
SHIRLEY Benjamin PrivateNapier Militia
SHIRLEY HenryTrooper Hawkes Bay Cavalry
SHIRLEY Thos. Private Napier Volunteers
SHORT EdwardClerk Commissariat Dept.
SHORT F. J. TrooperArmed Constabulary
SHORT John Corporal Armed Constabulary
SHOWERS Rufus Private 2nd Waikato Regiment
SHUKER William Private Forest Rangers
SHUTEN JohnPrivate 3rd Waikato Regiment

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