Extracted from

`Brett's Historical Series: Early History of New Zealand,
From Earliest Times to 1840,'
by R. A. A. Sherrin.
From 1840 to 1845,' by J. H. Wallace.

Early Settlers 1642-1839

Early Settlers 1840-1845 A-C

Early Settlers 1840-1845 D-I

Early Settlers 1840-1845 J-N

Early Settlers 1840-1845 O-SQ

Early Settlers 1840-1845 ST-Z


`The 1840-1845 list shows the year of arrival when procurable, name of pioneer, ship in which each party arrived [as far as can be ascertained], and the locality.'

`J.P., after a name denotes the early appointed Justices of the Peace.'

`The many settlers who located at Port Nicholson removed to other parts of the colony. There has been considerable difficulty in procuring a correct list of the early settlers owing to the loss or destruction of many of the records of the New Zealand Company, and also in consequence of no record of names [particularly of the emigrants] being traceable at the Custom-house. It must be observed that the settlers were continually changing their place of residence, and in many instances removed to other parts of the colony, so that the "locality" set opposite to their names must be understood to be the "locality" where they were recorded in the documents referred to, and where at one period of their residence in the colony they were located. Every endeavour has been made both publicly and privately to make the list of pioneers as complete as possible, and if any names are omitted the fault must be attributed to the parties themselves or their relations, who have not taken advantage of the request made to furnish the required information.'

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