South Yorkshire Burial Records
compiled by Mr. Elkanah Pigott, of Darfield parish

Mr. Pigott, the recorder of these obituary notes, was born in 1746, of the parish of Darfield,
and lived before the time of daily papers, which might have recorded the events he describes here.
He was the son of Timothy Pigott, whose father was a Dissenting Minister at Bolsover in Derbyshire.

SURNAME    FORENAMES DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                 AGE DIED ON
ABOT Mrs. Hannah Daughter of John Abot, and sister to Nancy Hatfield, both of Great Houghton. Died of a long lingering illness and was buried the 22nd at Darfield. 80 20 01 1804
ADAMS Dame Died at Little Houghton. She was James Adams['s] wife of the same place. 74 31 07 1811
ADDAMS Benjamin Died at Little Houghton of a long lingering illness, and very fond of ale and supposed to [have] shortened [his] days. A Milner by trade and profession. 69 20 03 1808
ALLEN William Died at Thrunscoe, and interred at High Melton, near Doncaster 72 11 12 1807
ANDREW JosephSon of Sarah Andrew. Died at Billingley of a short illness. He had been poorly a year and a half before and been at Leeds Infirmary, but no better. 66 10 11 1808
ANDREW Sarah Wife of Thomas Andrew. Died at Billingley. She as a widow 28 years. 86 11 01 1804
ARCHDALE Nancy Died at Great Houghton of a lingering complaint. She was John Archdale['s] wife of the same place. 66 01 12 1811
ARMER Doraty Wife of John Armer died at Darfield, a few days illness, supposed to be a palsy fit. He was curate at Darfield Church. 47 16 02 1806
ASKWITH JohnDied at Houghton Hall in the Gates of an apoplexy, about five o'clock in the morning. He was Mrs. Rodes' farmer. .03 05 1790
AWCROFT RichardDied at Hickleton. He was a wheelwright by trade and hurt himself by drinking a quantity of gin. .06 04 1809
AXWORTH Ann Died at Darfield. She was William Axworth['s] wife of the same place. She died of apoplexy fit in three or four hours' time. 73 23 12 1807
AXWORTH Cristifer Died at Darfield. Very suddenly in two or three hours time 83 07 02 1803
AXWORTH Nancy The wife of Cristifer Axworth, died at Darfield. Daughter of Wm. Cope of Great Houghton75 13 04 1804
BARACLOUGH Rachel Wife of Thomas Baraclough, died at Great Houghton 76 16 02 1803
BARACLOUGH Thomas Died at Great Houghton very suddenly. He was found dead in bed. He had been poorly but a few days before. 81 07 04 1808
BARRAM John Died at Mount Pleasant near Great Houghton, and was buried at Darfield. 61 16 03 1798
BATTY Jane Died at Round Hill of a short illness in a few days. She was John Iveson['s] daughter of Billingley. 39 23 06 1808
BATTY William Died at Barnsley. He married Richard Armatige['s] daughter. Of Great Houghton but formerly lived in Hickelton in Mr Wintworth['s] family.53 15 03 1805
BEAMON William Died at Darfield Bridge. A very infirm old man, and went on crutches a many years.70 10 02 1809
BEAMONT Sarah Died at Darfield Bridge of a long tedious illness, supposed to be a consumption and supported by [the parish] of Darfield. 62 02 06 1808
BEEFERS WilliamDied at Little Houghton and was buried the 6th at Darfield. He lived a ...swearing and drinking. He waggoned a great deal to Doncaster. 62 04 07 1807
BIERD George Died at Billingley, of a smey or dropsy, and at last an inflammation at the liver. A farmer at Billingley the greatest part of his time. 75 02 06 1806
BLACKBURNThomasDied at Billingley. Supposed to be a dropsy.5501 03 1795
BLYTHEMAN Elizabeth Died at Billingley. She was [a] poor woman and supported by the town of Billingley. 69 16 05 1805
BOX Joseph Brother to Thomas Box, of Great Houghton. Died by an accident in a quarry from a fall of earth and gravel near Kirby. 67 25 03 1803
BOX ThomasDied at Great Houghton of a decline and old age. 75 27 07 1809
BRAMMAH George Died at Billingley. He had fits a long time and was a great Idiot, and taken his senses. 18 07 11 1808
BRAMMAH Nancy Wife of William Brammah and daughter of Sarah Andrew. Died at Billingley of a dropsy.56 23 04 1809
BRAMMAH Sarah Of Wath. Died at Little Houghton of a week's illness. A Mantimaker by profession. 38 25 12 1807
BROOK George Died at Wath. Died of a decline or a waste. He was Attorney by profession and married Jeremiah Swift['s] daughter of Crookhouse in Darfield parish. And was buried at Wath [on] 19 03 1807. 53 16 03 1807
BROOKE Dinah Daughter of Jeremiah Swift, of Crook house near Darfield. Died of a decline. Buried at Wath Church. 42 06 03 1800
BROOKE John Died at Great Houghton of an inflammation at stomach. He was a Butcher by trade. 3605 12 1811
BROWN Annah Died at Billingley of cramp at stomach in a few days' time. She was supported by the town of Billingley. 37 10 02 1810
BURKS SarahDaughter of Mary Casson of Billingley. Died at Wath of a miscarriage of two children, in a week's time. 35 22 09 1810
BUSK Hans Esqr. Of Bullhouse, died at Leeds, and Brother in Law to Mrs. Rodes of Houghton Hall75 12 02 1792
BUSK Mrs. Martha Daughter of Hans Busk Esqr. Died on the road from London. And niece to the above Mrs. Rodes 17 17 05 1777
CASSON Elizabeth Wife of John Casson. Died at New Laythes near Goldthorp of a lingering consumption. 3726 12 1808
COCKSHAW ThomasDied at Barnsley. He was seized with a palsy a week before. He was a stationer at Barnsley for books. He married John Hutichison['s] daughter of Houghton.68 01 06 1805
COLYER GeorgeDied suddenly at Darfield .11 11 1810
CONNOAH George Died at Nuesead near Hemsworth. Supposed to die of the cramp at his stomach. 55 30 04 1808
COOK Mrs. Wife of the Revd. Mr. Cook. Both of them interred in the vault at Darfield. He was the Rector of the same place. 63rd year 20 02 1804
COPE Ann Wife of William Cope Junr. Died at Great Houghton of a consumption and interred at Darfield the 11th of the same month. 51 07 02 1808
COPE Sharlot Died at Great Houghton of a dropsy in her head. Sister to Willm. Cope of Great Houghton. 63 10 09 1809
COPE WilliamDied at Great Houghton. His death was occasioned by a trap in his finger that gangered and killed him in a little time. 76 09 07 1809
CREASHAW DinahWife of William Creashaw and daughter of Benjamin Adams. Died at Barnsley of Child bed and interred at Barnsley. 44 25 01 1809
DAY William Of Tias Hill near Darfield. Died of a dropsy caused by excess drinking spirits which shortened his life. 32 01 03 1808
DENTON Elizabeth Wife of Willm. Denton, died at Billingley. She was the first wife to Wm. Medley of Darfield bridge.52 07 05 1803
DOWEND MaryDied at Billingley and interred at Darfield. 67 14 12 1807
DOWENEND James Died at Billingley. He was a very weak man in his senses and a great Idiot, and supported by the town of Billingley from house to house. 81 04 06 1803
DRURY William Died at Great Houghton of a palsy fit and very infirm a long time.71 11 08 1810
ELLIS John Died at Billingley. Supposed to be a deep assmay [asthma] and a shortness of breath, and left a wife and four small children. 41 18 05 1803
FIRTH Mary Wife of Thomas Firth and daughter of William Wood of Billingley. Died at Hooton Roberts, by a fall from her horse. 55 03 01 1808
FOSTERD AnnWife of Robert Fosterd. Died at Darfield. 70 04 01 1804
FOSTERDRobertDied at Darfield a fortnight after his wife.7412 01 1804
GARLAND JohnDied at Woodell. He was the eldest son of John Garland his father. Supposed to [have] shortened his days by excess of living. Interred at Darfield. 32 27 11 1807
GARLAND John Esqr. Died at Nether Woodall. An old man. Nether Woodall is in the parish of Darfield. 88 07 06 1810
GELDER John Died at park Lodge near Little Houghton. He was a great farmer and married Aame Roberts['s] daughter of Little Houghton. He has left a son and a daughter. 77 16 12 1806
GUEST JohnDied at Burdwell near Wosper, son of John Guest of Billingley. He died of a week's illness. 63 27 11 1807
GUEST John Died at Billingley of old age and weakness in an hour's time. 90 05 02 1809
GUEST Mary Daughter of Thomas Guest of Great Houghton of a fever in a few days time. 16 08 09 1810
GUEST William Son of Thomas Guest. Died at Great Houghton. He was a Carpenter by trade and died of consumption.54 06 04 1809
HAGUE Mary Died at Great Houghton, of old age. She was Joseph Hague['s] wife of Houghton.90 14 04 1811
HALL John Father of Rachel Pigott, wife of Elkanah Pigott, died at Leeds. Buried at Leeds Old Church. 69 04 02 1800
HAMMON Elizabeth Wife of John Hammon. Died at Billingley on Easter Tuesday. 42 12 04 1803
HARGIT William Died at Darfield of a palsy fit in four or five days time. He kept the Cross-keys at Darfield. He was a ringer and singer at the church. 65 03 01 1810
HARGUIT Mary Died at Great Houghton. She was Wm. Harguit['s] wife of Great Houghton. 88 12 03 1812
HARGUIT MaryWife of Thomas Harguit. Died at Darfield, suddenly of Child bed. 36 10 06 1810
HARGUIT William Died at Great Houghton, and was buried May 22nd, being Thursday 179469 20 05 1794
HERRING MaryWife of William Herring and daughter of Mary Swinding of Tinseley. Died at Billingley. 39 04 01 1801
HILL Elizabeth Wife of Samuel Hill. Died at Darfield Brudge. She died of Child bed.41 30 04 1809
HIRST Susanah Wife of John Hirst, died at Great Houghton. 66 08 04 1803
HODSON AnnDaughter of Marting Hodson at Billingley. The cause of her death by her close taking fire, and so burnt as to occasion her death. 8 04 11 1809
HODSON Elizabeth Daughter of Marting Hodson. Died at Billingleye of a consumption or a decline. 21 05 08 1810
HODSON Martha Wife of Marting Hodson. Died at Billingley of a deep consumption, and left a small family. 46 14 06 1809
HOPPER WilliamDied at Bolsover in Derbyshire. Brother in law to my father Timothy Pigott. He was a baker by Trade and formerly of Linn, and interred in Bolsover Church porch with his name and age against the wall. 72 18 11 1791
HORSFOLD Martha Mother to William Horsfold [Horsfall] of Ranfield, but late [of] Billingley. Died of old age. Buried at Penseton. 85 16 03 1805
HOLSWORTH John Died Milnhouse near Darfield. His disorder was a dropsy. A wright by trade. 73 05 12 1811
HUMBELBEE John Died at Bolton of a short illness. He lived at Bolton, a farmer. . 23 08 1810
HUNT John Died at Billingley the 9th April 1797, being Sabbath day. He died about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, supposed to be in a deep decline. 42 09 04 1797
HURST John Died at Great Houghton, of old age and weakness and buried the 25th. . 23 02 1811
HURST William Son of John Hurst. Died at Great Houghton of a long lingering illness. He was a Shoemaker by trade. 27 20 02 1808
HUTCHON ElizabethWife of Thomas Hutchon and daughter of William Smith of Great Houghton. Died of a decline. 43 17 08 1809
IVESON Ann Wife of Robert Iveson. Died at Billingley of old age and weakness. 75 10 02 1809
JACKSON Sarah Daughter of John Jackson, of Ederthorp, died at Darfield of a decline. 42 29 03 1803
JONSON JosephOf Goldthorp. Died at Thauparch, of a short illness in two hours time. Born at Warnfield in the parish of Kiththorp, and steward to Mr. Wintworth. 63 19 09 1804
JONSON Mrs. Wife of Joseph Jonson. Died at Bolton and interred the 7th at Bolton. Her first husband was Mr. Shepperd, Goldthorp, near Bolton. . 04 05 1809
JONSON SarahWife of Robert Jonson of Great Houghton. Died of a long lingering illness. 77 25 02 1805
JUBB JohnDied at Thruncoe, of an inflation at his stomach. He was a labouring man. . 05 12 1811
KEMP William Died suddenly in a lane leading from Great Houghton to Little Houghton, supposed from the keenness of the Frost that affected him to occasion his death. 45 26 01 1795
KENLEY James Died at Great Houghton. Was found dead in bed. He as a carpenter by trade and lived at Great Houghton. 76 20 04 1809
LONGDAL John Died at Chapelhorp near Sandel. He was Vicar of Darfield and interred at Darfield... the 13th. 67 10 07 1807
MARRIOT Dor. [Doctor] The Rector of Darfield 82 06 05 1782
MARRIOT John Son of the Revd. Doctor Marriot. Was interred in the family vault at Darfield. His father was Rector of Darfield a number of years. 70 11 11 1809
MARSDIN William Died at Bolton of a putrid fever. He was a schoolmaster at Bolton-upon-Dearn . 12 04 1810
MARSHELL Nancy The wife of John Marshell, died at Billingley. Died bleeding at the mouth, supposed to be a decline. 61 20 10 1803
MIKELWITE Liass Died at Billingley of a cancer in his throat and bled to death. 67 14 05 1807
MIKELWITE RichardDied at Billingley. He was brother to Liass Mikelwite, of apoplexy fit. 71 16 05 1807
MILNES James Died at Thorneshouse. He married Mrs. Rodes' niece of Houghton Hall, and daughter to Hanse Busk Esqr. of Bullhouse in this county. He was interred at Wakefield Chapel May the 1st. He died of a long lingering illness. 49 21 04 1805
MILNES Mrs. James Died at Thorneshouse near Wakefield of a short illness. She was niece to Mrs. Rodes of Great Houghton Hall, and daughter of Hans Busk Esqr. of Bullhouse. 46 10 11 1802
MORLEY Mary Wife of Thomas Morley, she died of Child bed and supposed to be a milk fever. Daughter of James Senior and Sarah of Billingley. 41 17 06 1801
NEWSAM EbyeWife of John Newsam died at Great Houghton. Died of Child bed and a putrid fever. 25 25 07 1809
NEWSAM Thomas Of Great Houghton, died suddenly or seized in a lane called the Ould More Lane. And buried the 11th [January] 1796. Supposed to be an apoplexy fit, and the Inquest the same day.. 08 01 1796
NIKELSON Mary Wife of James Nikelson, and daughter of Thomas Newsom. Died at Great Houghton of a long tedious illness. She was quite blind all her illness, and suffered a great deal. 39 13 07 1807
NIKELSON Nancy The wife of Thomas Nickelson and daughter of Thomas Cope of Great Houghton. 78 19 05 1804
NUSSEY Joseph Died at Little Houghton of three days illness, a fever. 58 15 12 1808
OSTICK Elizabeth Died at Darfield Bridge of old age and weakness. 93 21 08 1810
PARKIN RichardDied at Etherthorp near Darfield. Supposed to have got a surfit of Cold by driving cattle out of the flood way in a meadow near the river. 55 27 03 1808
PARKING Elizabeth Daughter of Willm. Parking of Ardsley. Supposed to be a deep dropsy for a many years.56 14 01 1804
PARKING William Died at Ardseley near Darfield and buried the 9th April. He was son of Robert Parking of Great Houghton formerly, but lived the greatest part of his time [at] Ardsley, a great farmer. 89 07 04 1807
PEARSON Nathanel Esqr.Of Tiasshill near Darfield. 69 15 09 1785
PIGOT Godfrah Died of misfortune at Swinten Common by getting too much liquor, coming from Rotheram, and broke his neck, and died immediately. He was a farmer and lived at Bolton upon Dern. He was found dead on 26 03 1805. 39 .
PIGOTT Elizabeth Wife of Timothy Pigott 80 22 06 1790 Tuesday
PIGOTT Elkanah Epitaph:
Borne 16 03 1766. [Should be 1746] In which he departed this life September 1814, aged 68 years, and was Buried in Darfield Church yard on 9 day of September.
68 Sept 1814
PIGOTT ElkanahThe son of Timothy Pigott was married at Stillingfleet, near York January the 7th 1793, being Plow Monday, to Rachel Hall. . .
PIGOTT Hephzibah Daughter of Timothy Pigott, died at Billingley, of a palsy fit. 65 17 04 1798
PIGOTT The Revd. JohnDied at Bolsover, Derbyshire. He was a Dissenting Minister 77 16 04 1742
PIGOTT Rachel Birthday Sunday October the 9th 1758, born at Leeds. . .
PIGOTTSusanah Daughter of John Pigott, died at Bolsover in Derbyshire66 10 10 1766
PIGOTTTimothySon of the Revd. John Pigott, of Great Houghton.8504 02 1787
PIGOTT William Son of Timothy Pigott and Brother to Elkanah Pigott, of Great Houghton.
Died of a dropsy at his stomach and buried at Darfield in the family burying ground [on] 28 01 1805, being Sunday. He was laid by his father and mother.
In this Tome is deposited all that is mortal of William Pigott of Great Houghton Jentn. son of the above Timothy and Elizabeth Obn. the 25th of Janry. 1805, aged 74. Mary widow of the said Wm. Pigott and niece of the above Elizabeth in gratefull afection to there memory Erected this Tome.
74 25 01 1805
PIGOTT William The brother to Elkanah Pigott and son to Timothy Pigott was married at Darfield to Mary Swift of Crookhouse, daughter of Jeremiah Swift April 7th 1795, being Easter Tuesday. . .
PILKINTON Richard Died at Stormill in Darfield Parish of a long tedious illness, a Miller by trade.46 02 03 1808
POPLETON Rebecah Daughter of Samuel Sunderland, died at Billingley of a deep decline. She died in the second year after she was married. 26 28 06 1803
PYGOT WilliamDied at Wombill of a day's illness. Supposed to be an apoplexy fit and never spoke more. 66 10 03 1809
REEKEY WalterDied at Wyth very suddenly. He was a potecary [apothecary] by profession and died supposed to be full of liquor. 56 04 09 1805
RIMENTON GeorgeOf New Hall near Ardsley in the Parish of Darfield. He put an end to his life in an outbuilding by hanging himself on a cord, kneeling on a tub. The Jury['s] verdict Lunatic, and out of his mind a long time. 75 06 01 1806
RIMINTON AnnWife of George Riminton. Died at New Hall near Darfield, of Child bed. 33 25 05 1810
ROAH Nancy Wife of William Roah, at little Houghton. Died of a decline. 34 19 04 1805
RODES Mrs. MaryDied at Houghton Hall 75 14 03 1789
RODES Mr. William Died at London, brother to Mrs. Rodes. 25 29 03 1740
SALES Benjamin Died at Bawtrey on his journey in to the South. He was a great farmer and grazier. Lived at Wentbridge near Pontefract. He died in a few hours' time. 77 15 09 1808
SALES Robert Died at Arksay. He was seized with a palsy at York upwards a year before that occasioned his death. He married Jeremiah Swift['s] daughter, of Crook house 48 06 10 1804
SANDERSON John Died at Darfield of an Apoplexy and formerly of Little Houghton.72 12 06 1804
SAVIL Charles Brother to Mr. Savil of Midlewood Hall Esqr. Died at London on a long tedious illness and interred at Medley Church. 33 16 02 1807
SHAW ElizabethDied at Kirby. She was John Robeson['s] daughter of Midlewood. 58 20 03 1812
SHAW Jonathan Father to Joseph Shaw, died at Billingley, formerly of Ardsley. 84 05 03 1806
SHAW Joseph Died at Kirby of a short illness, an inflation in his body.54 07 11 1808
SHAW Lidiah Wife of William Shaw, died at Great Houghton. 7229 08 1802
SHAWWilliam Died at Great Houghton. He died of old age, weakness and infirmaties. He was Mrs. Rodes' farmer several years at Houghton Hall. 82 04 02 1805
SHELITOEMaryDied at Pontefract, mother of the late Willm. Shelitoe7626 10 1755
SHELITOESusanahDied at Pontefract, daughter of the above Mary Shelitoe5306 07 1757
SHELITOEWilliamOf Pontefract, son of the above Mary Shelitoe7519 09 1778
SHEMELDS Mrs. Hannah Of Billingley. Sister to the late John Shemelds, of Billingley. 74 17 03 1786
SHEMELDS Mary Wife of Joseph Shemelds, died at Barnsley and buried 02 01 1804. 76 30 12 1803
SILVERWOOD WilliamDied at Darfield of old age and weakness and laid in bed six or seven years. 77 29 07 1808
SLATER Richard Esqr.Died at Egremont House, Piccadilly, London, of Friston in this county, representative for York in the three last parliaments. He married the youngest daughter of Hans Busk Esqr. of Bullhouse. 45th year 02 06 1804
SMITH William Died at Great Houghton of old age and weakness. He was a tailor by trade. 86 09 02 1810
SUNDERLAND Samuel Died at Billingley. Died of a decline. He was married 31 years, and a farmer 35 years at Billingley. 55 09 12 1802
SWIFT Dinah Wife of Jeremiah Swift, of Crookhouse, in the township of Darfield. Died of weakness and old age. She was Joseph Wilson['s] daughter, of Bolsover Woodhouse, Derbyshire. . 20 02 1808
SWIFT Hephzibah Daughter of Jeremiah Swift was married at Darfield to Thomas Singleton of Armthorp, near Doncaster, March the 24th 1807. She was Jeremiah Swift['s] youngest daughter, of Crookhouse . .
TALOR Thomas Esqr. Of Parkhouse near Ardsley, and interred at Darfield January 2nd 1808. Died of the Black Jaundice. 70 30 12 1807
TOMPSON William Died at Himsworth. He was Apothecary by profession and lived at Himsworth, supposed to [have] shortened his life by drinking spirits to excess. 4130 03 1805
TOMSON Robert Died at Millnas near Darfield, of a short illness. 68 29 09 1810
TOWEND ThomasDied at Etherthorp, near Darfield, of consumption. 63 15 12 1810
TOWNEND William Died at Etherthorp, near Darfield, of dropsy at his stomach. Interred the 2nd of January 1811. He was a great farmer and acquired a great property. 62 31 12 1810
TRICKET Elizabeth Died at Great Houghton, and niece to Robert Day of Great Houghton. Died of a dropsy and buried the 11th at Darfield. . 08 06 1809
WADEWilliam .50 .
WADE WilliamDied at Melton near Wath. Brother to Doctor Wade. Supposed to [have] shortened his day by drinking spirits. . 25 02 1807
WALKER Mrs. Margret Daughter of George Walker Esqr. of Midlewood Hall near Darfield. Died at London. 39 03 05 1798
WALKER Mary Wife of George Walker Esqr. of Midlewood Hall near Darfield. Mother in law to Mrs. Walker of the above place and buried Saturday before Easter, April the 9th. 62 29 03 1803
WARD ElizabethDied at Little Houghton of a deep decline. Buried at Darfield. 77 09 01 1807
WHITE Thomas Died at Great Houghton Common of a cut in his knee which occasioned his death. 76 08 07 1809
WILSON Elizabeth Wife of William Wilson. Died at Chesterfield, in Derbyshire. Buried at Bolsover Church 62 04 03 1793
WILSON William Died at Bolsover, Woodhouse. He was much afflicted with the Stone, and cut for the complaint in London. Buried at Bolsover Church. 65 29 12 1782
WINN Sir RoulandDied at Nostal and buried at Bagby Church in the family vault. His estate ascends to his sister's children.31 13 10 1805
WITE AnnahWife of Thomas Wite of great Houghton Common. Died suddenly. She was a very lusty woman and of a nower [an hour] sickness. 70 15 09 1808
WODSWORTH Mary Wife of John Wodsworth. Died at Little Houghton of a palsy fit in a short time. 59 02 12 1809
WOLTON James Died at Little Houghton of a short illness, an inflammation in his body. 59 21 12 1808
WOLTON John Died at Little Houghton. He was a tailor by trade, and left a great family chargable to the town of Little Houghton.41 16 05 1803
WOOD Benjamin Brother to William Wood of Bililngley. Died at Brockholes near Baughtry. He was a great Farmer and a great foxhunter to the last. 71 04 01 1804
WOOD Martha Of Goldthorp, was by accident burnt to death by her hair taking fire. 50 03 05 1795
WOOD Mary Wife of William Wood and daughter of Jonathan Steemson, both of Billingley. Died of an ansmay [an asthma]. 76 27 11 1803
WOOD Moriah Died at Wombill. She was sister of George Rimenton of Newhall, and also wife of William Wood of Wombill. She died of sore legs a long time. 5712 02 1809
WOODWilliam Came to his end by hanging himself in a crabtree near the Almshouse, near Darfield. 83 19 08 1809
WOODWilliam Died at Wombil, near Darfield. Died of an inflation in his kidneys. 65 08 09 1809
WOOD Old William Died at Billingley. He died of old age and weakness. He was a great Farmer and a good honest man, and brought up a great family. 84 27 05 1807

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