Monumental Inscriptions in Parish Church of Middleton Tyas
Compiled by the Rev. J. L. Saywell, F. R. H. S.

SURNAME      FORENAMES INSCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                               
AYRE John `An honest man's the noble work of God.' Such was John Ayre who was buried here November 8, 1804. Aged 74.
BACKHOUSE Roland Charles Roland Charles, second son of Jonathan Edmund and Florence Backhouse. Born 15th December, 1874. Died 18th December, 1877. `The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.' Psalm xxiii, v. 1.
BLACKWOOD Elizabeth Died January 24 1869, aged 3 years and 11 months.
Niece of the Rev. Dr. Blackwood, Vicar of Middleton Tyas from 1856 to 1874.
BLACKWOOD Mary Died August 23 1864, aged 86 years.
Mother of the Rev. Dr. Blackwood, Vicar of Middleton Tyas from 1856 to 1874.
BLACKWOOD Pinkstan Died October 5 1864, aged 87 years.
Father of the Rev. Dr. Blackwood, Vicar of Middleton Tyas from 1856 to 1874.
BOULTON Richard Late Major in the Bengal Light Cavalry. Born 9th Feburary 1815. Died 20th January 1878.
BRUNTON William Died September 10 1837 aged 39 years. For 28 years a faithful servant to Francis and George Hartley, Esqrs.
CLARKE Joseph Sacred to the Memory of the Reverend Joseph Clarke, Vicar of Ilkley in the West Riding, 44 years Curate of this Parish, who died 4 March, 1842. Aged 84 years. There is a curious manuscript sermon extant of Mr. Clarke's, preached by him on the same Sunday for many successive years. From a private account book of his we learn that he was `passing rich on 40 a year,' and that his Vicar [Sir George Burrard] 1804 to 1856 was a pluralist and non-resident.
EYRE Family To the Memory of The following beloved children of General Henry Eyre and his wife Elizabeth Martha, Mary Fanny twin, born at Devonport, 13th April 1842. Died at Brecon 20th March, 1844, and is buried in the Old Priory Church in that place. Vincent Edward, born at Brecon 8th February 1844. Sailed as a Naval Cadet on board H.M.S. Raleigh, Died on board H.M.S. Calcutta, off Hong Kong, 10th February 1858, and is buried in the Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Lancelot James, born at Ehrenbreitstein on the Rhine, 13th December, 1845. Died at Brighton, 4th March, 1852, and is buried in Preston Churchyard. Martha Elizabeth, born at Brighton, 20th November, 1851. Died at Bournemouth, 28th October, 1876, and is buried in St. Peter's Churchyard in that place. `Until the day break and the shadows flee away.'
EYRE Henry General Henry Eyre, Colonel of the 59th Regiment, Born 31st October 1805. Died at the West Hall 10th April 1889, Aged 83 years. `In the blessed hope of everlasting life.'
HARTLEY Francis In Remembrance of Him and of His own most worthy and affectionate brother Francis Hartley, Esquire, of Middleton Tyas, who died April II, MDCCCXX, aged XLII years.
HARTLEY GeorgeGeorge Hartley of Middleton Lodge Esquire. Their sorrowing Heir has placed this Tablet.
HARTLEY George George Hartley, Esq, of Middleton Lodge, the surviving son of Leonard Hartley, Esquire, and Jane his wife. Died on the fifteenth day of July, 1841, aged 61 years. This Tablet is placed by his nephew Leonard Lawrie Hartley, in grateful and affectionate remembrance of a most kind and worthy relative.
HARTLEY GeorgeNear this place is interred George Hartley, Counsellor at Law, only surviving son of Leonard Hartley Esq. He married Anne, widow of Tomlinson Bentley, Esq. of York, only daughter of the Reverend William Tomlinson, Rector of Skelton, near that city. In testimony of her affectionate regard she placed this tablet to his memory. He died April 29, MDCCCLXXX, aged 54. `Be as a father unto the fatherless, and in stead of a husband unto their mother.' Eccles. iv, 10.
HARTLEY Leonard and Catherine To the Memory of Leonard Hartley, Esq., and Catherine his wife, only daughter of the Reverend Samuel Bowles, Rector of Bromley in Kent. By her he had nine children six of which are interred near this place. She died in childbed, June 4, MDCCXXIX, aged 84, He died Novr. 19, MDCCLXXIV aged 85.
HARTLEY Leonard LawrieSacred to the memory of Leonard Lawrie Hartley, Esqre., of this Parish, and of St. Leonard-on-Sea, who died at St. Leonards-on-Sea, December 27, 1883, aged 67 years. His remains are interred in the Chancel of this Church, which, by his munificence was restored in the years 1867, 1868 and 1869.
HARTLEY Leonard William Ad recte agendum vita brevis satis est. Leonard William Hartley, Esquire, of Middleton Lodge, only child of George Hartley, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law. Died August XII, MDCCCXV, aged XL years. Courteous, Liberal and Kind, Correct in Judgement, Strict in Honour, Firm in Friendship, Respected and Beloved. He was a pure example of every Social and Christian Virtue.
HEALY John Late of the 7th Royal Fusiliers who died the 15th December 1868 aged 83 years.
LAWSON Mary Wife of Sir Henry De Burgh Lawson, Bart., of Gatherley Castle. Born September 10th 1821. Died June 30th 1880.
MACKNEY Anthony and Barbara Died January 18 1799. Aged 90. Barbara, his wife Died January 28 1808. Aged 102.
MARTIN Christopher Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster of this Parish for nearly 40 years, died March 25, 1837. Aged 83 years.
MARTIN Watson Who died January 25th 1874, aged 74 years. He was Parish Clerk for over 50 years.
MAWER John and HannahThis Monument rescues from Oblivion the Remains of the Reverend John Mawer, D.D, Late Vicar of this Parish, who died Novr. 18th, 1763, aged 60, as also of Hannah Mawer, his wife, who died. Buried in this Chancel. They were persons of eminent worth. The Doctor was descended from the Royal House of Mawer, [Hereditary Kings of Wales.] and was inferior to none of his illustrious ancestors in personal merit, being the greatest Linguist this Nation ever produced. He was able to speak and write 22 Languages, and particularly excelled in the Eastern Tongues, in which he propos'd to his Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales, to whom he was firmly attach'd, to propagate the Christian Religion in the Abissinian Empire: a great and noble Design: which was frustrated by the Death of that amiable Prince, to the great mortification of this excellent person, whose merit meeting with no reward in this world, will, it is hoped, receive it in the next, from that Being which Justice only can influence.
PYM Sarah Juliet Here rests Sarah Juliet, wife of Horatio Noble Pym, and daughter of Edmund Backhouse. Born 6 December 1852. Died 18 January 1880. `Love is strong as death.' Of the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, London. Married to Miss Backhouse in the Parish Church of Middleton Tyas, Yorks, August 30th, 1876.
REYNOLDS Charles Died June 22 1855 aged 75 years. This stone was erected by Mrs. Campbell for his long and faithful services in her family.
RICKERBY George Who was killed by a fall from a cart, September 12 1818 aged 31.
SANDERSON John Of High Gatherley Grange who died the 19th day of June 1818 aged 69 years.
SANDERSON John Of Moulton Hall who died October 22nd 1860 aged 87 years.
SANDERSON Joseph Waugh Third son of Michael and Sarah Sanderson of West Hall, Middleton Tyas. Born October 17, 1868. Died February 7, 1869
SANDERSON Matthew Of Moulton Hall who died July 17th 1854 aged 73 years
SANDERSON Michael Of Moulton Hall who died November 28th 1850 aged 73 years.
SMITHSON George and JohnTo the Memory of George Smithson, Esqre, who died November 20 1795. Also John Smithson, Esqre, his son who died April 27th 1810, aged 41 years.
STEANEY RobertiHic jacet Corpus Roberti Steaney, qui obiit hane vitam viginti sexto die Octobris Anno Domini 1747. Etatis sua 67.
WATSON Daniel Daniel Watson, Aged XVII. MDCCLXXXIII. It is a consolation to his afflicted parents that `honourable age is not that which standeth in length of time, nor is measured by number of years, but that wisdom is the gray hair of men, and an unspotted life is old age.' WISD., IV., 8, 9. Son of the Revd. Daniel Watson, Vicar of Middleton Tyas.
WATSON Dorothy Dorothy Watson, wife of the Revd. Daniel Watson, Vicar of this Place, who died May 10th 1799, aged 63, and was buried in the churchyard. Her husband and children in affectionate and grateful respect, erect this monument to her loved memory. `Because she delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, the blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon her; and she caused the widow's heart to sing for joy.' 29 chap. Job, 12 13 verses.
WATSON Horace and Dorothea Near the same place [as Daniel Watson] are interred his brother and sister, Horace and Dorothea, who died in the morning of life. `Of such are the Kingdom of Heaven.' Matt. xiv. 19.
Son and daughter of the Revd. Daniel Watson, Vicar of Middleton Tyas.
WHALLEY Katherine Wife of the Revd. John Walley, Rector of Huggate, youngest daughter of Leonard Hartley. Interred in the Chancel. Ob. 20 June 1799. AE.71.
WOODWARD Wynne Late of the Royal Artillery. Died May 28th 1881 aged 64 years.

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