Pay and Muster Roll, 1839

Extracted from the Pay and Muster Roll [2nd quarter] of the 4th [Queen's Own] Light Dragoons.
TNA [PRO] Reference WO 12/649

Roll of the Regiment in India and at the Depot in Maidstone between 01 04 1839 and 30 06 1839.

A useful feature of this Roll is that it shows which men went to the 1st Afghan War with the Army of the Indus.
These men left their camp at Kirkee in November 1838, and returned in 1840.
Those sent on this expedition are indicated by the entry `Scinde' in the NOTES column.
Deaths, embarkations and invalid returns recorded in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 1839 are included.

Additional details such as full names and death dates have been added from other sources, such as Discharges,
Births, Deaths and Marriages [see separate webpage of Chaplains' Returns] etc. These are shown in brackets.
If there is any anomaly in name or rank, or if there is more than one man with the same name, the addition is shown in italics.

SURNAME                    FORENAMES       RANK/POSITION          NOTES                                                                                                   
FENDALL W. Lieutenant Colonel [William]
SCOTT J. Lieutenant Colonel Commanding Cavalry Brigade in Scinde
HAVELOCK W. Major [William]
DALY F. D. Major [Francis Dermot] Commanding Detachment in Scinde
CUMBERLEGE C. L. Captain On leave, Europe
GILLESPIE R. R. Captain [Robert Rollo] Brigade Major Scinde
HARRISON J. Captain[John?]
HOUSTOUN A. Captain [Alexander] Depot Maidstone
JACKSON Sir K. A. Bart. Captain [Keith Alexander] Scinde
MASTER H. Captain [Harcourt] Scinde
OGLE B. N. Captain [Bertram Newton] Scinde. Died 29 11 1839
PARLBY W. Captain [William]
SCOTT E. Captain Depot Maidstone
BROMWICH A. E. Lieutenant .
CAMPBELL R. D. Lieutenant Scinde
COLES I. R. I. Lieutenant Scinde
DALBIAC G. C. Lieutenant [George C.] On leave, Europe
DRYSDALE W. Lieutenant Scinde
GEILS J. E. Lieutenant .
GEILS T. Lieutenant Medical certificate, Europe
HALKETT D. Lieutenant [John Thomas Douglas, known as Douglas]
HUMBLEY W. W. W. Lieutenant .
INGE E. Lieutenant On leave Europe
JANVRIN F. F. Lieutenant Scinde. Died 06 12 1839
KEMP P. Lieutenant Scinde
LLOYDT. Lieutenant [Thomas?] [T. LLOYD embarked/invalided 27 12 1839]
LOW A.Lieutenant [Alexander]
POORE R. F. Lieutenant [Robert Francis] On leave, Europe
PRIAULX H. St. G. Lieutenant On leave, Europe
SCUDAMORE A. Lieutenant Scinde
SHAW G. G. LieutenantDepot Maidstone
WARDE J. H. T. Lieutenant .
FITZGERALD T. F. Cornet Scinde
HALE A. R. Cornet Depot Maidstone
HODSON H. F. Cornet Depot Maidstone
HYDER W. H. Cornet Depot Maidstone
KIRWAN M. Cornet .
TODD J. A. CornetScinde
LLOYDT.[Lieutenant] Adjutant[Thomas?] [T. LLOYD embarked/invalided 27 12 1839]
PERSTON D. Surgeon .
DARTWELL N. Assistant Surgeon Scinde
BYRNE T. Veterinary Surgeon .
CROAD G. H. Quartermaster .
HEYMAN H. Paymaster [Henry] [Died 05 08 1841, 52 years]
TARLETON Thomas Regimental Sergeant Major .
CHRISTOPHERSON Henry P.M. Sergeant .
GRAY James Schoolmaster Sergeant .
FLEWETT William Armourer Sergeant .
DONNELLY William Sadler Sergeant .
GOODWIN James Trumpet Major Sergeant .
MARRIOTT John Orderly Room Clerk .
ALEXANDER George Troop Sergeant Major Died 19 [or 21] 10 1839, [33 years]
ELLIS George Troop Sergeant Major .
FANCOTT Thomas Troop Sergeant Major .
FLEMING James Troop Sergeant Major .
JOHNSON Josiah Troop Sergeant Major Scinde
KEMP George Troop Sergeant Major Scinde
NEWTH Charles Troop Sergeant Major Scinde
TILLING Richard Troop Sergeant Major Scinde
ARMSTRONG WilliamSergeant Scinde
BAKER Benjamin Sergeant .
BARNES John Sergeant .
BASS John Sergeant [Private John BASS died 27 08 1841, 36 years]
BONNY Thomas Sergeant Scinde
BRADSHAW Thomas Sergeant .
BURGIS JohnSergeant Scinde. Died 03 08 1839
BURGESS Samuel Sergeant Scinde. Died 19 09 1839
CARNEY James Sergeant Scinde
COOGAN Thomas Sergeant Scinde
COSTALO Albert Sergeant .
DU PIRRIER Charles Sergeant On command in Persia
GAMBLE William Sergeant Scinde
GEORGE Thomas Sergeant .
GILCHRIST George Sergeant .
HILL John Sergeant Scinde
HOGAN William Sergeant .
JOHNSON Thomas Sergeant On command in Persia
KING Michael Sergeant Scinde
LAMBERT John Sergeant .
MATHEWMEN Ralph Sergeant On command Bombay
MAY John Sergeant .
McMAHON James Sergeant .
MONS or MOUS George Sergeant Scinde
PRIEST William Sergeant Scinde
QUIBEL William Sergeant .
SMITH James Sergeant Scinde
STEED? John Sergeant .
TOMNEY Peter Sergeant Scinde
TYLER Alfred Sergeant Scinde
WHITTENBURY Charles Sergeant .
WILLS James Sergeant .
WOOTTON James Sergeant .
ALLAN William Corporal Scinde
BELL George Corporal .
BROWN Henry Corporal Scinde. [Captain H. BROWN died 26 11 1839]
BYRNE Michael Corporal Scinde
CLARKE Michael Corporal .
DOSSITER William Corporal .
ELLIS Richard Corporal .
FORD Michael Corporal Scinde. [Died 19 05 1841, 32 years]
FOWLER Richard Corporal Scinde. [Died 20 10 1840, 32 years]
GEAR Henry Corporal .
GRIFFIS John Corporal Scinde
HAWKINS George Corporal Scinde
HARMS Henry Corporal .
HEMINGWAY Edward Corporal Scinde
LEE William Corporal Scinde
KENNEDY Durby Corporal Scinde
LOGAN James Corporal Scinde. [Sergeant James Logan died 02 12 1841 on the Ship Repulse
en route to England]
MARKOE John Corporal .
MERRYMAN George Corporal .
MORGAN Henry Corporal .
O'HARA William Corporal [Sergeant William O'Hara lost overboard and died 09 01 1842 on the
Ship Mary en route to England.]
O'NEIL Arthur Corporal .
PALMER William Corporal .
PLUNKETT Francis Corporal .
RANDALL John Corporal .
SARDESON Robert Corporal Scinde. Died 12 07 1839
SCOBLE WilliamCorporal .
SWIFT Joseph Corporal Scinde
SWIFT Patrick Corporal Scinde
TYLER Alfred Corporal .
WILSON Thomas Corporal .
WITTENSHAW Isaac Corporal .
HARVEY George Trumpeter .
HOWARD Thomas Trumpeter Scinde
JOHNSTON William Bushe Trumpeter Scinde
KING Thomas Trumpeter .
LEONARD Michael Trumpeter .
THOMAS Edward Trumpeter Scinde
WISE Richard Trumpeter .
ANDREWS Robert Private .
ARCHIBALD James Private .
ASHBEY George Private Scinde
ASHMAN Joseph Private .
ASHTON Joseph Private Scinde. Died 25 11 1839
ATKINS James Thomas Private .
AUGER William Private Scinde
AVERY James Private Scinde
BAILEY Thomas Private .
BAKER George Private Scinde
BAKER James Private .
BAKER Peter Private Scinde
BALDWIN Edwin Private .
BALL William Private Scinde
BALLARD John Private .
William Private .
BANE PatrickPrivate .
BARKER JohnPrivate .
BARLOW Geo. Private Scinde
BARNES John Private Scinde
BARRETT Henry Private Scinde
BARRETT James Private .
BARRETT William Private .
BARRY James Private [Died 10 or 18 12 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
BARTHAM John Private .
BARTLETT Samuel Private Scinde. Died 02 10 1839
BASSETT William Private Scinde
BATTY Reubin Private .
BAYLIS Jas. or James Private .
BAYLY Richard Private .
BELL Henry Private Scinde
BENDLEY Thomas Private .
BENTUM Joseph Private Scinde
BERNARD Oliver Private .
BERNES John Private Scinde
BERRY Robert Private .
BEVAND John Private .
BIGGS Alfred Private .
BIGGS John Private .
BIRD Henry Private .
BIRD John Private .
BIRD William Private Scinde
BISHOP William Private Scinde
BLANDFORD George Private Scinde
BOLTON James Private .
BONAM John Private Scinde
BOWDEN Benjamin Private Command Bombay
BOWLER John Private Scinde
BRADLEY William Private Scinde
BRADSHAW Thomas Private .
BRADSHAW William Private .
BRENNAN John Private Scinde
BRIADY John Private Scinde
BRIAN John Private Scinde
BRIENT John Private Scinde
BRIMS Humphrey Private Scinde
Richard Private Scinde
BRITTLEBANK George Private .
BRITTON William Private .
BROOKS Daniel Private Scinde
BROOKS George Private Scinde. Died 20 09 1839
BROOKS SamuelPrivate Scinde
BROOMFIELD James Private Scinde
BROOMFIELD ThomasPrivate .
BROWN John Satterly Private Scinde. Died 08 10 1839
BROWN Joseph Private Scinde
BROWN William Private .
BROWNING John Private .
BUCHWALD Joseph Private Scinde
BUCKLAND George Private Scinde
BUMSTEAD Joseph Private .
BURKE Francis Private .
BURKE John Private Scinde
BURKE Michael Private .
BURLOW James Private Scinde
BUTTERWORTH William Private Scinde
BYNE Andrew Private Scinde
BYRNE John Private .
BYRNE Michael Private .
CALDICOTT John Private .
CALANAN James Private Died Scinde 13 03 1839
CAMPBELL Robert Private .
CAMERON Robert Private .
CARBY James Private Scinde
CARR Charles Private .
CARROLL Christopher Private Scinde
CARROLL James Private Scinde
CASSIDY John Private .
CASSIDY Peter Private Scinde
CASSIDY Thomas Private Scinde
CAUGHLIN Patrick Private Scinde
CAUGHLIN William Private .
CHAMBERS Joel Private Scinde
CHILCRAFT Jas.Private Scinde. [Died 07 10 1840, 32 years]
CHIPPENFIELD GeorgePrivate .
CLANCY Peter Private Scinde
CLARKE James Thomas Private .
CLARKE John Private Scinde
CLARKE John Private .
CLOUT George Private .
CODD Richard Private .
COE Robert Private .
COLEMAN Michael Private Scinde
COLEY Edward Private Scinde
COLLINS James Private Scinde
COLLINS John Private .
COLLINS William Private .
COMPTON John Private .
CONNING Thomas Private .
COOGAN Patrick Private .
COOK Joseph Private Scinde
COOK Mathew Private Scinde. [M. COOKE died 27 11 1839]
COOMBS Samuel Private Scinde
COOPER David Private .
CORCORAN Thomas Private Scinde
COREY WilliamPrivate .
COX Charles Private .
COYLE Luck/Lack? Private .
CRANE Cornelius Private .
CRENNAN George Private Scinde
CROOKSHANKS William Private Scinde
CROSBY Michael Private Scinde
CROSBY Peter Private .
CRUTE Charles Private Scinde
CULLING John Private .
CUMBERLEYE Thomas Private Scinde
CURRY Hugh Private Scinde. Died 06 09 1839
DANFORD George Private .
DAVEY JohnPrivate .
DAVIES William Private .
DAWES William Private Scinde
DAWSON Gordon Private Scinde
DEMPSEY William Private .
DENNIS John Private .
DICKSON James Private Scinde
DIGNUM John Private Scinde
DILKES Isaac Private Scinde
DILLON George Private .
DIXON William Private Deceased 11 [or 12] 04 1839, [34 years]
DOULAN Andrew Private Scinde
DOWLING John Private .
DRESSER James Dudden Private .
DUNCAN Peter Private Scinde. Died 10 08 1839
DUNN Laurence Private Scinde
DUNN Michael Private .
DUNN Michael Private .
DUNN Patrick Private Scinde
DUTTON Charles Private .
EADE Henry Private [Private Henry Eadie died 27 11 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route
to England]
EALY Andrew Private Scinde
ECCLES WilliamPrivate .
EDDINGTON Robert Private Scinde
EDWARDS Joseph Private .
EDWARDS William Private .
EGAN John Private .
ELKS Henry Private Scinde
ELLIOTT William Private .
ELLIS Isaac Private Scinde
ELLIS John Private .
ELSTON John Private Scinde
FAIRWEATHERJonathanPrivate Scinde. J. FAIRWEATHER died 18 07 1839
FAIRWEATHERJosephPrivate Scinde. J. FAIRWEATHER died 18 07 1839
FALGATE Francis Private .
FARMER Thomas Private Scinde
FARMER William Private Scinde
FARRAR WilliamPrivate .
FARRELL Charles Private .
FAULKNER John Private .
Lot Private Scinde. Died 26 03 1839
FERGUSON James Private Scinde
FIELD RobertPrivate .
FIGG Phillip Private .
FISHER John Private Scinde. Died 15 08 1839
FITZARTHUR Arthur Private Scinde
FITZPATRICK Edward Private Scinde. Died 26 11 1839
FITZPATRICK George Private [Died 11 07 1841, 36 years]
FLANAGAN Anthony Private Scinde
FLETCHER James Private Scinde. Died 25 11 1839
FORD William Private .
FOWLER William Private Scinde
FOX James Private Scinde
FRANKLIN James Private Died 16 07 1839 [31 years]
FRAZER Edward Private Scinde
FREDERICK Thomas Private .
FREEMAN William Private .
FREESTONE Thomas Private .
FRENCH Laurence Private Scinde
GAFFNEY James Private .
GALVIN James Private .
GARVEY James Private .
GAW James Private .
GEAR Henry Private .
GEDDES James Private .
GERRARD Robert Private Scinde
GILES CharlesPrivate .
GILMAN James Private Scinde
GILMORE William Private Scinde
GIRDLER George Private [Died 10 03 1841, 43 years]
GLAZIER Samuel Private .
GODBOLT Lathan Private Scinde
GODFREY Edward Private .
GODWIN William Private Scinde
GOLDSTRAW William Private Scinde
GOLLEDGE HenryPrivate .
GOODWIN Henry Private Scinde
GOODWIN Joseph Private Scinde
GRADY DennisPrivate Scinde. W. GRADY died 18 10 1839
GRANT Edward Private Scinde. [Corporal Edward Grant died 26 12 1841 on the Ship Mary
en route to England]
GRANT Robert Private .
GRAY David Private .
GREEN Joseph Private .
GREEN Thomas Private .
GREENING William Private Scinde
GRIFFITHS Thomas Private Scinde
GROOMBRIDGE Hezekiah Private Scinde
GUNTER Thomas Private Scinde
GUSTER James Private .
HALFORD John Private Scinde
HALL Charles Private Scinde
HALL Henry Private Scinde
HALL Henry Googe Private .
HAMILTON James Private Scinde
HAMMOND John Private .
HANCLOCK GeorgePrivate .
HANCLOCK Henry Private Scinde
HANCOCK James Private .
HANNAN Michael Private .
HANSFORD James Private Scinde. Died 29 09 1839
HARBRIDGE Edward Private .
HARDFORD Patrick Private .
HARDY Charles Oglesby Private .
HARPER Joseph Private Scinde
HARROLD Thomas Private .
HARVEY Richard Private .
HASS John Private .
HASS William Private .
HAXLEY or HUXLEY William Private Scinde. Died 13 10 1839
HAYWOOD ThomasPrivate .
HERBERT Henry Private .
HIGGINS Hugh Private .
HIGGINS KerinPrivate .
HOCKING John Private .
HODSON Joseph Private Scinde
HOLLIDAY William Private Scinde
HOLLOWAY JamesPrivate .
HOLLOWAY John Private Scinde
HOLMES Ambrose Private Scinde. Died 23 11 1839
HOOD James Private Scinde
HOOMAN Richard Private .
HOPKINS Charles Private Scinde. Died 16 09 1839
HOPLEY Edward Private .
HORNE Henry Private Scinde
HORTON Joseph Private .
HOSSOCK Robert Private .
HUCKSTEP Charles Private .
HUGHES George Private Scinde
HUGHES John Private .
HUSTLEBY Daniel Private .
HUTCHINS Charles Private .
HYNES David Private Scinde
IGOE Patrick Private .
JAMES James Private Scinde
JEFFCOAT Daniel Private Scinde
JOHNSON Francis Private .
JOHNSON Gabriel Private Scinde
JONES Charles Private .
JONES Jacob Private Scinde
JONES James Private .
JONES John Private [Corporal John Jones died 07 11 1841 on the Ship Repulse
en route to England]
JONES Mathew Private Scinde
KALTHOBER Henry Private .
KAVANAGH Nicholas Private Scinde
KEATING John Private .
KEENAN Andrew Private Scinde
KELLY James Farr Private .
KENNEDY Edward Private Scinde
KENNEDY John Private Scinde
KENNEDY John Private Scinde
KENNY David Private .
KENNY William Private Scinde. [Died 24 12 1841 on Ship Mary en route to England]
KIERNAHAN Andrew Private .
KILKELLY John Private .
KING Benjamin Private Scinde
KING Robert Private .
KINGSBURY William Private .
KIRBY Samuel Private .
KITSON Thomas Private .
KNOWLES William Private .
LANE James Private .
LANE William Private .
LANG Samuel Private Scinde. [Died 06 04 1841, 34 years]
LARGE Clement Private Scinde. Died 23 11 1839
LARNER Charles Private .
LATTIMORE Thomas Private .
LAWSON William Private .
LEDWITH John Private .
LEDWITH Mathew Private .
LEE James Private [Died 27 07 1840, 34 years]
LEGGE Samuel Private Died Scinde 26 02 1839
LEIGH William Private [Died 04 11 1840, 39 years]
LINDS George Henry Private [Died 16 11 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
LLOYD Thomas Private [T. LLOYD embarked/invalided 27 12 1839]
LOGAN Joseph Private Scinde
LOGDON George Private .
LONE John Private .
LOVELL John Private .
LOWE Thomas Private Scinde. [Thomas LOW died 31 10 1840, 34 years]
LOWRIE John Private .
LUCAS George Private [Died 14 09 1841, 36 years]
MALLION RobertPrivate .
MALONE John Private .
MANLY William Private Scinde. Died 26 11 1839
MANNERS Richard Private .
MANNING John Private .
MARLOW William Private .
MARSHMAN Thomas Private .
MARTIN John Private .
MARTIN Thomas Private Scinde
MASSEY Peter Private .
MASTERS John Private .
MATHER William Private Scinde
MATHEWS Thomas Private .
MATON Joseph Private .
MAYNE Thomas Private .
McADAMS Robert Private .
McAWLEY William Private Command Bombay
McCABE John Private Scinde
McCLUSKEY Michael Private Scinde
McCORMICK John Private .
McCRUM William Private [Died 29 12 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
McDERMOTT James Private .
McDONALD William Private .
McDOWELL John Private Scinde
McGOVERN Bernard Private Scinde
McINTYRE James Private .
McLAUGHLIN Malichi Private .
McLAURIN Edward Private Command Bombay. [Died 05 08 1840, 25 years]
McNAMARA Thomas Private Scinde
McNESPY Henry Private .
McVEIGH David Private .
MEADOWS Thomas Private Scinde. Died 31 07 1839
MEASOR George Private .
MELIA James Private .
MENDY Joseph Private Command Bombay
MERRYMAN John Private [John MERRIMAN died 09 07 1840, 31 years]
MESSCHER Richard Private .
MESSOR Thomas Private Scinde
MILES William Private .
MILLER Moses Private Scinde
MILLWARD Samuel Private Scinde
MINARDS William Private Scinde
MONKS JohnPrivate Scinde
MOORE James Private Scinde. J. MOORE died 24 06 1839
MOORE James Private Scinde. J. MOORE died 24 06 1839
MOORE John Private Scinde. J. MOORE died 24 06 1839
MOORE William Private Scinde
MOORE William Private Scinde
MORAN James Private .
MORGAN Joseph Private .
MORLEY SamuelPrivate .
MORRIS John Private .
MOSS John Private .
MURDIX William Private Scinde
MURPHY James Private Scinde
MURPHY John Private .
MURPHY Hugh Private .
MURPHY Michael Private .
MURPHY Patrick Private Scinde
NASH JoshuaPrivate Scinde. Died 22 06 1839
NEDDRIE JohnPrivate Scinde. Died 27 11 1839
NEW Thomas Private .
NICHOLLS James Private Scinde
NICHOLSON Andrew Private .
NICHOLSON Thomas Private Scinde. [Died 08 06 1840, 37 years]
NOBLE George Private Scinde. Died 07 04 1839
NORMAN Joseph Private .
NORMOYLE James Joseph Private .
NOWLAN Patrick Private Scinde
O'CONNOR George Private Scinde. Died 12 08 1839
O'DONNELL John Private .
O'HARA Joseph Private .
OCKFORD HenryPrivate Scinde
OGDEN George Private .
OLDBURY William Private .
OLIVER John Private Scinde. Died 07 09 1839
ORCHARD Charles Private Scinde
OSBERRY Edward Private Scinde
OSBERRY William Private .
PAISLER Henry Private Scinde
PANTON Stanley Private .
PARKER George Private Scinde
PARKER William Private .
PARKES Joshua Private Scinde
PARKES Samuel Private Scinde
PARMENTER Joseph Private Scinde
PARNELL James Private .
PARROTT Thomas Private Scinde
PARSONS James Private .
PASFIELD William Private .
PATTESON James Private .
PEARSON George Private Scinde
PERRIN Thomas Private Scinde
PERRY Jonathan Private .
PERRY WilliamPrivate Scinde
PHILLIPS John Private .
PIERCE William Private Scinde. Died 24 11 1839
PLUMPIN John Private .
POCOCK Fredk. Private [Died 10 01 1841, 33 years]
POOLE Richard Private .
POPE George Fredk. Private .
POPE Richard Private .
PORTER Richard Private Scinde
POTTS William Private [Died 04 09 1841, 33 years]
POWER James Private Scinde
POWER Thomas Private Scinde
PREEN William Private Scinde
PRICE Edward Private Scinde
PRIEST Thomas Private .
PRINCE Benjamin Private Scinde
PRYOR Thomas Private Scinde
PUNTER George Private .
PYE Arthur Private .
RAINES Thomas Private Scinde
RANSOME Edward Private Scinde
REA George Private .
READER John Private Scinde
REDDY James Private Scinde
REID John Private .
RENTON David Private .
RICE John Private [Died 15 06 1839, 32 years]
RICE Joseph Private Scinde
RICHARDS George Private Scinde
RICK George Private Scinde
RIELY Joseph Private Scinde
RING Peter Private .
ROBERTS John Private [John ROBERTS died 13 12 1840, 32 years]
ROBERTSJohnPrivateScinde. [John ROBERTS died 13 12 1840, 32 years]
ROBINSON George Private .
ROBINSON John Private .
ROBINSON William Private Scinde
RODMAN JamesPrivate Scinde. Died 27 09 1839
ROGERS William Private .
ROOK[E] John Private .
ROSE William Private .
ROSS John Private [Died 27 03 1842 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
ROWE George Private Scinde
RUSBRIDGEJohnPrivate Scinde. Private J. R. USBRIDGE died 09 08 1839
RUSSELL William Private Scinde
RYAN James Private Scinde
RYAN Richard Private .
RYDER Patrick Private .
SEALES William Private Scinde. Private W. SCALES died 15 11 1839
SEDGWICK JamesPrivate Scinde
SELBY Joseph Private Scinde
SELLWOOD John Private Scinde [Also known as William John SELLWOOD/SELWOOD]
SHARPE WilliamPrivate Scinde
SIBLEY Benjamin Private Scinde [Died, as Armourer Sergeant, 08 10 1841, 31 or 34 years]
SIMONS William Private Scinde
SIMPSON Edward Private Scinde
SLADE John Private .
SLADE Thomas Private Scinde
SMEAD JohnPrivate Scinde
SMEE John Private Scinde
SMITH Charles Private .
SMITH Henry Private .
SMITH James Private Scinde
SMITH James Private Scinde
SMITH John Private .
SMITH Robert Private .
SMITH William Private .
SPENCER Alfred Private .
SPICER William Private .
SPRING James Private Scinde
STAFFORD John Private Scinde
STAINES William Private .
STALEY Johnson Private Scinde. T. STALEY died 27 05 1839
STEADWELL William Private .
STEDWELL John Private Scinde
STEVENS Samuel Private .
STITCHELL Peter Private Scinde
STOCKIER Joseph Private .
STOKES Henry Private .
STOREY John Private .
STRIKE Robert Private Scinde. [Died 14 06 1840, 41 years]
STRONG John Private .
STRUTHERS Robert Private .
SUTTON Isaac Private .
TALBOT HenryPrivate Scinde
TAYLOR Samuel Private .
TAYLOR Thomas Private Scinde
TAYLOR William Private .
TAYLOR William Private Scinde
TEMPLEMAN William Private Command Bombay
THACKERY Samuel Private Scinde
THOMAS JohnPrivate .
THOMPSET Henry Private .
THOMPSON Alfred Private Deceased [Died 07 05 1839, 21 years]
THOMPSON James Private .
THOMPSON William Private .
THORNTON James Private .
THORSBY William Private Scinde
THULBURNE William Private Scinde. Died 27 11 1839
TIGHE EdwardPrivate Scinde
TOMNEY James Private Scinde
TOOLE Dennis Private .
TOWNSEND James Private .
TRAIL James Private .
TRUMPER Henry Private .
TURNER James Oxley Private Scinde
TURNER Samuel Private Scinde
TURNER William Private .
TYLER William Private Scinde
VARLEY WilliamPrivate Scinde
VARNALLS Benjamin Private Scinde
VICK Joseph Private .
WADE James Private Scinde
WAINWRIGHT William Private [Died 28 12 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
WALKER James Private .
WALLIS John Private .
WALLIS Reubin Private Scinde
WALLS Richard Private Scinde
Thomas Private Scinde
WALSH Adam Private Scinde
WALSH Arthur Private .
WALSH James Private Scinde
WALSH John Private .
WALSH JohnPrivate Scinde
WALSH Thomas Private .
WARBURTON William Private .
WEBBER John Frederick Private [Also known as WEEBER]
WELLER WilliamPrivate .
WELLETON Sidney William Private .
WELLS George Private Scinde
WELLS Sampson Private Scinde. Private S. WILLIS died 12 05 1839
WERTON William Private .
WEY John Private Scinde. Died 18 09 1839
WHATTON Richard Private .
WHEELER John Private .
WHEELER Thomas Private Scinde
WHITE Charles Private .
WHITE John Private Scinde. [Died 22 12 1841 on the Ship Repulse en route to England]
WHITTLE John Private .
WIGGETT JosephPrivate Scinde
WIGGINS Thomas Private Scinde
WILLIAMS Henry Private .
WILLIAMS Lewis Private .
WILLIAMS Paul Private Scinde
WILLIAMS Samuel Private Scinde. Died 18 05 1839
WILLIAMSON Charles Private .
WILLIAMSON Henry Private Scinde. Died 27 11 1839
WILSON JosephPrivate Scinde
WISE ThomasPrivate .
WOOD Jabez Private Private J. WOOD died 25 11 1839
WOOD John Private Private J. WOOD died 25 11 1839
WOOD John Private Scinde. Private J. WOOD died 25 11 1839
WOODHEAD Edward Private .
WRIGHT Henry Private [Died 24 07 1841, 21 years]
WRIGHT James Private Scinde
BRENCHEY Algernon Godden Cornet .
CAMPION George Edward Cornet .
HODSON H. F. Cornet .
DREWETT John Troop Sergeant Major .
BASTON Thomas William Sergeant Recruiting in London
HOLLIDAY John Sergeant Private J. HOLLIDAY died 29 06 1839
JOHNSON William Sergeant .
KIERNAN John Sergeant .
MILES John Sergeant .
NEWEY William Sergeant .
WELLS Thomas Sergeant .
WIGHTMAN James Sergeant .
ALLAN William Henry Corporal .
ALLAWAY Arthur Jno. Corporal .
BARNES Edward Corporal Recruiting at Manchester
CLARK James Corporal .
CLARKE John Corporal .
FORBES John Burghessh Corporal .
McVEAGH John Corporal Recruiting at London
RICKARDS George Corporal Recruiting at Manchester
BAKER Jno. George Trumpeter .
JOHNSON Francis Trumpeter .
ALLCOCK Robert Private .
BAKER George Private .
BAKER William Private .
BENNETT Patrick Private .
BLACKALL William Private [Died 28 09 1841, 23 years]
BRAILSFORD Job Private .
BUTT David Private .
CAMPBELL Cornelius Thomas Private .
CAPE William Private .
CLIFFORD George Private .
COLDRON Thomas Private .
COOPER William Private .
CURLING Arthur Private .
DESTER Edward Private .
DOWDING Thomas Private [Died 15 08 1840, Kirkee, 24 years]
DRY Henry Private .
EDMONDS Edward Private .
FARMER William Private .
GROOMBRIDGE William Private .
HAMPSHIRE Charles Private .
HERRING Rowland Private .
HUMPRHIES Charles Private .
JERVIS William Private .
JOHNSON Thomas George Private .
JOHNSTONE James Private .
LAYMIN Fredk. Private .
LEAD Reuben Private .
LOVETT Charles Private .
MASTERS Stephen Private .
McDONALD John Private .
MULLEN Robert Joseph Private .
PAGE George Private .
RAWLINSON James Private .
RICHARDSON Joseph Private .
SAKER William Private .
SCOTT John Private .
SMITH John Private .
SMITH Richard Private .
SPRAY Henry Private .
TAYLOR William Walker Private .
WITHERINGTON Richard Private .

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