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SCOTT, David

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Scott, David, Settler, `Willow Bank,' Bulls. Mr Scott is the son of one of the pioneers of the Colony. His parents having arrived in Wellington in 1841, where they settled for a few years. Subsequently, removing to Rangitikei, they settled at Scott's Ferry, called after Mr Scott's father, who had large contracts, among others, being that of carrying the mails between Wellington and New Plymouth. The subject of this sketch was only three years old when he came to Rangitikei, and, growing up with the settlement, he soon became of material help to his father, especially in carrying out his mail contracts. Mr Scott thus at an early age came to know the value of a good horse, and has since been breeding horses for thirty five years. He has bred and owned some of the best horses in the Colony. Among others may be mentioned Ahua, Parvenu, Omaha, Tornado, Adventurer, Waitangi, Fallacy, Cordelia, King Don, Flintlock , Lady Mary, Cornelia, Kahurangi etc. Mr Scott now has several youngsters running on the property, of which more will be heard in the future. Mr Scott married Miss Higgie, of Wanganui, and has six boys and five girls. One daughter is married to Mr McKelvie, of Flock House, and one of the sons married Miss Fraser, daughter of Mr Donald Fraser of Pukehoe.

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