NZ Junior National Scholarships

Extracted from Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand 1907. Vol. III.

Annual Examinations for teachers' certificates for Junior National Scholarships, for Junior Free Places in secondary schools and district high schools,
held in mid December 1906 and mid January 1907.

SURNAME                                    FORENAMES                                    EDUCATION DISTRICT                           MARKS & PLACING             
ADLAM Ronald C. Taranaki 479 305th
AHIER William R. Auckland 551 97th
AICKIN Thomas W. Auckland 448 410th
ALDERMAN Arthur Hawke's Bay 417 532nd
ALDERTON Trevor D. H. Auckland 532 141st
ALLAN Harry H. Auckland .
ALLAN Myra L. Nelson 493 258th
ALLEN Natalie C. B. Wellington 522 169th
ANDERSON James G. Southland 525 164th
ANDERSON Lily R. Hawke's Bay 416 536th
ANDERSON Nora Hawke's Bay 472 326th
ANDERSON Peter S. Otago 514 196th
ANDREW Elsie F. Wanganui 524 166th
ANDREW Hazel J. Wanganui 571 62nd
ANDREWS Edna R. Nelson .
ANGUS Percy R. Grey 495 253rd
ANSELL Dahnah D. E. Auckland 454 394th
ANTHONY Agnes K. Wanganui 534 136th
ANTHONY Ida M. Wanganui 587 45th
ARMSTRONG Arthur M. L. Auckland 416 536th
ARMSTRONG Edith C. L. Auckland 441 435th
ARMSTRONG Geoffrey C. W. Auckland 513 198th
ARMSTRONG Purvis F. Wellington 619 22nd
ARNEIL Vera Auckland .
ASHWORTH Hector O. Wanganui 524 166th
ASHTON Leslie S. Auckland 422 511th
ASTLEY Eric H. Auckland 453 400th
ATKINSON Reginald V. Auckland 637 11th
BAILEY Albert L. Hawke's Bay 524 166th
BAILEY Leonie K. Wanganui .
BAIN Agnes S. Wanganui 477 310th
BAKER Frank H. Auckland .
BALLANTYNE Montgomerie Auckland 498 242nd
BAMFIELD Owen W. Otago 447 417th
BANKS A. E. North Canterbury 418 527th
BARCLAY Mary F. Auckland 447 417th
BARNETT Arthur J. North Canterbury .
BARR Frank L. Wanganui 504 225th
BARRIBALL Ada J. W. Auckland 684 2nd
BARRIBALL Letitia L. Auckland 626 18th
BARTON Gerald A. A. Wanganui 423 507th
BASSETT Freda A. G. Auckland .
BASTON Eva Auckland 432 476th
BATHGATE Charles M. Wanganui 492 260th
BATTEN Claude W. Wellington 488 278th
BATTERSBY Bessie Wanganui 551 97th
BAXTER Beatrice I. Auckland 482 294th
BAXTER Gordon J. Wellington 460 376th
BAXTER James N. Auckland 555 88th
BAYLISS John R. Auckland 474 319th
BEANGE Alexander Auckland 434 467th
BEARD Thomas E. Wellington 632 13th
BEASLEY Frederick L. Auckland 495 253rd
BEDLINGTON Viva Auckland 434 467th
BEER Annie I. Southland .
BEGG Oliver J. Otago 569 66th
BELCHAMBER Leslie H. Auckland 464 359th
BELL Beatrice M. Auckland 674 4th
BELL Ethel M. W. Wanganui 614 27th
BENNETT Gordon J. C. Auckland 448 410th
BENNETT John B. Wanganui .
BERGERSON Harold K. Hawke's Bay 401 589th
BERRY Alfred E. Auckland 527 156th
BEST Charles C. Auckland 504 225th
BETTS Mary W. Nelson 520 176th
BILLINGTON Arthur J. Auckland .
BINGHAM Ivy M. Hawke's Bay 410 562nd
BINSTED James Auckland 485 283rd
BISHOP John J. Auckland 492 260th
BISHOP Thomas A. Auckland 425 498th
BLACK Adam A. North Canterbury 438 450th
BLACK Sidney J. Hawke's Bay .
BLANCHETT Roy Taranaki 517 187th
BLIGHT Ursella Auckland .
BLUNDELL Francis C. Auckland 511 209th
BOAG Lily M. Auckland 468 340th
BONGARD Blanche Auckland 489 275th
BOOTH Alice M. Auckland 517 187th
BORER Oscar R. Wellington 534 136th
BORRIE Margaret A. South Canterbury 423 507th
BOTTING Grace H. Otago 469 335th
BOURKE Eleanor M. Wellington 450 406th
BOYD James H. Auckland 501 230th
BRADDOCK Ella M. Marlborough 500 234th
BRAIK Lancelot G. Wanganui 466 345th
BREMNER Archibald B. South Canterbury 531 145th
BRIGGS Alice J. Auckland .
BROUGHTON Dudley S. Auckland 461 371st
BROWN Alfred J. Auckland 559 83rd
BROWN Claud T. North Canterbury .
BROWN Frank William Taranaki 423 507th
BROWN Katie Auckland 440 440th
BROWN Theodore Hawke's Bay 418 527th
BROWNE Flossie K. Auckland .
BRUNTON Mona Otago 521 172nd
BUCHANAN Robert O. Otago 477 310th
BULL Ivy I. Hawke's Bay 430 484th
BUNTING Jeremiah A. North Canterbury .
BURNETT Lionel W. Hawke's Bay 456 388th
BURROUGH Egbert D. Wellington .
BURROW Dorothy V. Auckland 478 308th
BUTLER Charles O. Auckland 459 379th
BUTLER David A. C. Auckland 411 557th
CAIN Olive F. South Canterbury 499 238th
CAIRNS Margaret Otago .
CALDER Kenneth M. Otago 439 443rd
CALLAGHAN Alice C. G. North Canterbury .
CALMAN Gordon Wanganui 586 47th
CAMERON Frank F. Otago .
CAMERON Janet L. Nelson .
CAMPBELL Finlay A. Taranaki 583 48th
CARADUS Charles Auckland 402 586th
CARLSON Henry G. Hawke's Bay 505 222nd
CARMICHAEL Allan J. Southland 465 354th
CAROLAN Frederick R. D. Auckland 461 371st
CARPENTER David R. Auckland .
CARR Norman M. Auckland 513 198th
CARSTENS William G. Taranaki 491 266th
CARTER Benjamin Auckland 622 20th
CARTER David R. South Canterbury .
CARTWRIGHT Walter H. South Canterbury 459 379th
CASTLE Sydney J. Wellington 428 489th
CATHIE Annie D. Wellington 519 181st
CAVELL Arthur H. C. Southland 528 151st
CEDERHOLM Sylvia Wellington 403 584th
CHAMBERLAIN Clarence V. Hawke's Bay 625 19th
CHAPMAN Evelyn P. Auckland 547 108th
CHATWIN Fanny M. Wanganui 512 204th
CHEEK Dorothy M. Marlborough 553 95th
CLAPHAM Herbert N. Wellington 459 379th
CLARK Henry G. Auckland 527 156th
CLARK Rita North Canterbury 444 427th
CLARK William H. Auckland 531 145th
CLARKE Winifred M. Auckland .
CLARKSON Richard G. Wanganui 412 553rd
CLAYDEN Theodora M. Nelson 414 541st
CLAYTON Alexander C. Auckland 454 394th
CLAYTON Ivy E. Auckland 507 216th
CLEMOW Annie L. Taranaki 567 73rd
CLEMOW Philip C. Taranaki 490 271st
CLIFFE Henry F. W. Auckland 564 77th
COAD Charles O. Wellington 470 333rd
COCKROFT John W. Southland 433 473rd
COGAR Charles L. Hawke's Bay 589 42nd
COLEMAN Annie C. Taranaki 402 586th
COLLINS Leigh E. Auckland 446 422nd
COLLINS William D. S. Auckland 555 88th
COMRIE Leslie J. Auckland 489 275th
COMRIE William L. Wellington 441 435th
CONNAL Robert H. G. North Canterbury .
CONWAY Edith Nelson 491 266th
COOK Albert R. Hawke's Bay 463 364th
COOK George P. Auckland 551 97th
COOMER Rhoda E. Auckland 528 151st
COOPER Margaret L. Hawke's Bay 528 151st
CORBETT Thomas H. L. North Canterbury .
CORKILL Thomas F. Wellington 598 36th
CORNISH Bessie Wellington .
CORNWALL Catherine Nelson 404 577th
CORNWALL Reuben J. North Canterbury 440 440th
COUCH George B. Marlborough .
COULL Barbara Wanganui 456 388th
COUPER Claude E. Hawke's Bay 403 584th
COURTNEY Eugene L. Auckland 515 194th
COUTTS Alfred J. Auckland 444 427th
COUTTS Barbara Wanganui .
CRAIG Mary I. Hawke's Bay .
CRAWSHAW Cedric Taranaki 464 359th
CRAWSHAW Linda J. South Canterbury 542 120th
CREEKS Vera E. Hawke's Bay 402 586th
CROLL Eric P. Wellington 468 340th
CRONIN Thomas M. Auckland 414 541st
CRUM Annie A. Auckland .
CUDDIE James R. Wellington 405 574th
CUTHBERT John R. South Canterbury 507 216th
DABINETT Stella Wanganui 516 191st
DAILEY George C. South Canterbury 484 286th
DALE Frances Otago 412 553rd
DALL John S. Otago .
DALZIEL Robert T. Southland 561 81st
DARROW Leslie R. Auckland 610 29th
DAVENPORT Norman Auckland 486 282nd
DAVIDSON Karl N. Auckland 411 557th
DAY Eric C. Wanganui 562 79th
DENBEE Thomas W. Wellington 417 532nd
DENVERS Silvey R. Auckland 551 97th
DERRICK Brunette A. Nelson .
DEVLIN Frederick O. Auckland 435 462nd
DEWAR Victor S. Auckland .
DEWHIRST Irene Taranaki 428 489th
DICK John E. Otago .
DIXON James B. Wellington 465 354th
DODSON Reginald H. Marlborough 415 539th
DORMANT Mildred A. Auckland 506 219th
DOUGAN Evelyn E. Nelson 456 388th
DOWLING Richard E. C. Taranaki 409 563rd
DROMGOOL Patrick E. Auckland 452 403rd
DUDER Richard H. Auckland 454 394th
DUGGAN Eileen May Marlborough 436 458th
DUNN Annie Otago 540 125th
DUNN Frederick G. South Canterbury 490 271st
DUREY Lawrence S. North Canterbury 455 391st
EASTON Catherine M. Wellington 458 384th
EDENBOROUGH Arthur A. Auckland 448 410th
EDGAR James N. Otago 505 222nd
EDGAR Vincent E. M. Otago 431 480th
EDMINSTON Arthur C. Auckland .
EDWARDS Emmie N. Hawke's Bay 400 591st
EDWARDS Roy A. Auckland 525 164th
ELDER Eunice F. Southland 534 136th
ELLIS Frederick A. Auckland 492 260th
EMMINS Florence E. A. Auckland .
ENTING Edmund L. Hawke's Bay 580 51st
ERICKSEN Erik Hawke's Bay .
EVANS Harry J. Auckland 565 76th
EVANS Mignonette C. Otago 429 486th
FAIRHIRST/FAIRHURST Maurice O. Hawke's Bay 520 176th
FAKE Ellen O. Wellington .
FALCONER William C. Hawke's Bay 413 548th
FALDER George V. W. Wellington 516 191st
FALLA William F. Nelson 460 376th
FARLEY Mary G. Auckland 455 391st
FENTON Edward I. Auckland 513 198th
FINLAY John Otago 439 443rd
FISHER John W. Southland 444 427th
FISHER Lilias M. G. Southland 431 480th
FITZGERALD Thomas Otago 509 211th
FLATT Alexander H. Auckland 432 476th
FORBES Neil Marlborough 466 345th
FORD Leslie M. Nelson .
FORREST Hilda A. Auckland 506 219th or 442 432nd
FORREST Hugh A. Auckland 506 219th or 442 432nd
FORSYTH James A. Hawke's Bay 471 331st
FORSYTH Dorothy C. I. Southland 568 70th
FOSTER Leslie B. Wellington 492 260th
FOWLER Arthur M. Taranaki 518 185th
FRASER Hugh R. Southland 601 34th
FREE Cuthbert W. Marlborough 642 8th
FROMM George A. B. Hawke's Bay 554 90th
FUNNELL Ada L. Auckland 408 566th
FYSON Albert K. Hawke's Bay 551 97th
GAIR Charles J. M. Otago 578 53rd
GILKES Sophia R. Wellington 481 295th
GILL Williamina M. Wellington 603 32nd
GILLMAN Frank A. Auckland 431 480th
GOLD Irene K. Wellington 413 548th
GOLDING Harold L. Southland 469 335th
GOODER Frances E. Wellington .
GOPPERTH Lawrence Taranaki .
GOW Reginald R. Auckland 434 467th
GOY Margaret M. South Canterbury 589 42nd
GRAHAM Emma Z. Auckland 499 238th
GRAHAM Harold Auckland .
GRANDISON William Auckland 474 319th
GRANT John A. Wanganui 481 295th
GRAY Doris E. Wellington 464 359th
GREEN Alexandrina E. Wellington 418 527th
GRIERSON Walter A. Auckland 493 258th
GRIFFIN Charles H. Nelson 516 191st
GRIFFITHS Herbert L. Wellington 419 519th
GRIGG Hilda M. Auckland .
GRIGG John H. Auckland 547 108th
GUINEY Alan H. North Canterbury 508 214th
GUISE Ernest W. Wellington 550 103rd
HAIR John L. Auckland 498 242nd
HALL Helen M. Taranaki 512 204th
HALL Lionel W. B. Hawke's Bay 599 35th
HALL Rupert J. W. Southland 570 63rd
HALL Stanley Auckland .
HALLIGAN Jack Hawke's Bay .
HAMMOND Hubert M. Auckland 447 417th
HAMON Harry G. Auckland .
HAMPTON Wilfred H. W. Wellington 495 253rd
HANNA James S. Wanganui 512 204th
HANSEN Sarah E. Auckland 536 132nd
HARKNESS Donald E. Nelson 548 105th
HARLE Douglas A. Taranaki 628 15th
HARPER Doris R. Wellington 484 286th
HARPER Ellen M. Auckland 428 489th
HARPER Mary L. Southland 436 458th
HARPER Norah Hawke's Bay .
HARRIS Roger J. Wellington 433 473rd
HARRISON Arthur C. Auckland 448 410th
HART Frances M. South Canterbury 496 250th
HASTIE Margaret G. Auckland 421 513th
HAWKINS Benjamin G. Hawke's Bay 550 103rd
HAWKINS Winifred I. Auckland .
HAY Herbert M. Otago 546 111th
HEATH Joseph F. R. Wellington 511 209th
HEATHER Winifred M. Auckland 562 79th
HEINE Werner Wellington 492 260th
HENDERSON Percy B. Auckland 424 502nd
HERON David H. H. Auckland 414 541st
HERRICK Lorrie S. Wellington 448 410th
HEWTON George J. N. O. Otago 400 591st
HICKEY Matthew J. Southland 448 410th
HIGHAM George C. Auckland .
HINTON John W. Southland 406 570th
HIRD Alice C. Hawke's Bay 405 574th
HISKENS Caroline V. R. Southland 527 156th
HOBDAY Elsie P. Wellington 593 39th
HOGWOOD Eleanor D. M. Auckland 529 149th
HOGG Lewis S. Auckland 414 541st
HOLGATE Elsie J. Otago 439 443rd
HOLLAND D. D. Auckland 577 54th
HOOPER John P. Wellington 465 354th
HOPKIRK William S. Wellington 449 409th
HORNBY William Otago 469 335th
HORRELL Katherine A. M. North Canterbury 461 371st
HOWIE James L. Wellington 461 371st
HOWSE Francis G. Hawke's Bay .
HUFFADINE Margaret M. Southland 412 553rd
HUGHES Elsie E. D. Marlborough 437 455th
HUGHES William H. Westland 473 324th
HUGO Maximilian C. E. Wellington 481 295th
HUNTER John Nelson 441 435th
HUTTON John Auckland 477 310th
IHLE Algar H. Wanganui 526 161st
INGLIS Lindsay M. Otago 619 22nd
INSOLL Seaton B. Auckland 425 498th
IRVIN Christopher M. L. V. Auckland .
IRVIN William J. Auckland .
ISAACHSEN Adolf O. Auckland 441 435th
ISBISTER Cyril G. Auckland 434 467th
ISEMONGER Eleanor M. Auckland 404 577th
ISLES D'Arcy W. Marlborough 484 286th
IVERACH John A. D. South Canterbury 485 283rd
JACKSON Dorothy M. Auckland 499 238th
JACKSON Gainor Auckland 554 90th
JEANS Isabella J. H. Otago 454 394th
JELLEY Albert E. Otago 477 310th
JENKINSON Ivy J. C. Wellington 534 136th
JENNINGS Annie M. A. Auckland 564 77th
JENSON William A. Wellington 464 359th
JOHNS James A. Otago 595 38th
JOHNSON Mabel R. Wellington 439 443rd
JOHNSON Noel S. Wellington 569 66th
JOHNSON Trevor C. W. Auckland 488 278th
JONES Eunice R. Auckland 521 172nd
JONES Lina Southland 400 591st
JONES Rewi M. North Canterbury 576 58th
JONES Ruth V. South Canterbury 404 577th
JONES Thomas A. Hawke's Bay 472 326th
JONES Walter V. Auckland 577 54th
JORDAN Percy A. Nelson .
KALMAN Jack Auckland .
KAY Nellie M. Otago 466 345th
KAYES James L. H. Auckland 569 66th
KEATLEY William H. Auckland 477 310th
KELLY Alfred J. Taranaki 407 567th
KELLY George A. Otago 526 161st
KEMNITZ Ernest J. Otago 419 519th
KEMSHED Donald S. M. Otago 405 574th
KENT-JOHNSON Frederick W. Wellington 483 290th
KER Henry R. Otago 581 49th
KEY Alice M. M. Wellington .
KIDD Ivy B. Auckland 542 120th
KIMBER Leonard E. A. Auckland 454 394th
KING Olive L. Nelson 496 250th
KING Thomas L. R. Otago .
KING Wilford B. Hawke's Bay 459 379th
KINGSLAND James R. Hawke's Bay 425 498th
KNAPP Dorothy M. Nelson 508 214th
KNIGHT Frances I. Wellington 502 228th
KNIGHT George J. D. Auckland 546 111th
LAING James C. Auckland .
LAING Kenneth H. Auckland 463 364th
LAING Margaret S. Hawke's Bay 434 467th
LAMB Horace W. Auckland 517 187th
LAMBETH Tom A. Southland .
LANG Mary C. Auckland 621 21st
LANGBEIN Freda M. Nelson 404 577th
LANGE Ernest E. North Canterbury 509 211th
LANGE Leonard W. Wellington .
LANGLEY Ivy B. Hawke's Bay 579 52nd
LARCOMBE Albert F. Wanganui 483 290th
LAWRIE Margaret P. Auckland 424 502nd
LE BRUN Mona I. Otago 491 266th
LEAMING William F. Auckland 530 147th
LENNARD Cyril G. Wanganui 559 83rd
LEVIEN Esther Wanganui .
LINDSAY Charles G. Auckland .
LINDUP Frederick W. Wellington 506 219th
LITTLE Norman F. Taranaki 490 271st
LLOYD Cecile A. Westland 481 295th
LOCKHART Ella M. Otago 432 476th
LOCKIE William Hawke's Bay 426 494th
LOGAN Robert Otago 445 425th
LONGHURST William T. A. Wellington 437 455th
LORENZEN Wilfrid E. Wellington 492 260th
LOVATT Charles S. Auckland 581 49th
LOWE James H. Wellington 520 176th
LUSH Douglas Auckland .
LUSH Ralph A. Auckland 513 198th
LYNCH Cecil I. T. A. Auckland 415 539th
LYNCH Martin R. Auckland 528 151st
MacDONALD James G. Wellington 477 310th
MacDONALD Mary South Canterbury 443 431st
MacINDOE Catherine T. Southland 542 120th
MACKAY Cyril A. Auckland 439 443rd
MACKEN Ella Auckland 517 187th
MacKENZIE Margaret G. Nelson .
MAIL Laurence C. Taranaki 460 376th
MAISEY Evaline I. Wellington 553 95th
MALCOLM Robina M. I. Otago 513 198th
MANNING Percival S. Auckland 466 345th
MANSON Margaret E. K. Southland 497 246th
MARR Edmund T. Hawke's Bay .
MARSHALL Alice L. Wellington 533 140th
MARSHALL Christina A. Auckland 414 541st
MARSHALL Leonard H. Otago 528 151st
MARSHALL Sarah C. South Canterbury 428 489th
MARSON Ida J. Auckland 567 73rd
MARTIN Cyril A. Wellington 422 511th
MARTIN Robert F. Auckland 535 134th
MASON Bertha Auckland 442 432nd
MASON Ronald G. Auckland .
MASSEY John H. Southland 462 367th
MASTERS Frederick H. Taranaki 497 246th
MATTHEWS Nelson Marlborough 532 141st
MAUGIN/MANGIN Orton A. Hawke's Bay 539 128th
MAXWELL Frederick L. Auckland 466 345th
MAYO Gertrude M. Auckland 638 10th
MAYS Roy P. H. Auckland .
McARTHUR Sarah A. W. North Canterbury .
McBRIDE Archibald M. Southland 500 234th
McCARTHY Annie M. Wellington 414 541st
McCARTNEY Robert F. Hawke's Bay 542 120th
McCLELLAND/McLELLAND Charles H. Wellington 558 85th
McCLURG Douglas W. North Canterbury 598 36th
McCOSKRIE Clarence O. Auckland 483 290th
McDONNELL Edward G. Auckland .
McDOUGALL Elsie L. Otago 432 476th
McDOWALL Agnes Wellington 420 518th
McEWAN Mary G. Auckland 453 400th
McFADYEN Elizabeth Auckland .
McGREGOR Georgina Auckland 479 305th
McINNES Morrel G. Otago 544 115th
McINTYRE Francis D. Hawke's Bay 457 386th
McKAY James C. Auckland 419 519th
McKENZIE Jessie E. Wanganui .
McKINSTRY George L. Auckland .
McKONE Michael F. Otago .
McLEAN Catherine J. Auckland 418 527th
McLELLAN Kenneth Wellington .
McMILLAN Donald G. Wellington 547 108th
McMILLAN Hugh N. Auckland .
McMILLAN Robert H. Otago .
McNABB Ethel M. Nelson 535 134th
McNAUGHTON Mary R. Auckland 413 548th
McNIVEN Cecil A. Wanganui 587 45th
McPHEE John C. Hawke's Bay 544 115th
McQUEEN John A. Southland 439 443rd
McSWEENEY Morgan South Canterbury 518 185th
MEADOWCROFT Leonard L. Wellington 426 494th
MEIKLE Hylton Auckland 616 26th
MELVILLE Pearl Auckland 431 480th
MENZIES Clement E. Auckland .
MILBURN Olive W. Hawke's Bay 462 367th
MILLER George A. Southland .
MILLER Priscilla M. Wellington 459 379th
MILLS John E. Wellington 588 44th
MILLS William A. Wellington 436 458th
MILNE Alexander C. H. Wanganui 500 234th
MILNE James Wanganui 637 11th
MILNES Esther M. Auckland 532 141st
MOLESWORTH Muriel G. Nelson 529 149th
MOOR Carolus T. North Canterbury .
MOORE Doris Nelson 425 498th
MOORE John H. Auckland 491 266th
MOORE Mary B. Auckland .
MORSE Percy E. North Canterbury 421 513th
MUIR William A. Wellington 474 319th
MULLAN Charles W. Wellington 476 316th
MUNRO John E. R. Wanganui 469 335th
MURRAIGH Kathleen B. Auckland 628 15th
MURRAY Frederick E. Hawke's Bay .
MURRAY Gilbert B. Auckland 540 125th
NAYLOR Rachel M. Southland 570 63rd
NEALE Edward P. Otago 609 30th
NELSON Evelyn A. North Canterbury 404 577th
NELSON Walter C. Hawke's Bay 421 513th
NEWCOMB Arnold C. Auckland 414 541st
NEWNHAM Arthur W. E. Wellington 545 113th
NICHOLAS Muriel Auckland .
NICHOLSON Ernest O. Auckland 462 367th
NORRIS Hensliegh C. M. Taranaki 611 28th
NUTT Nena C. Wellington 447 417th
NUTTALL Elsie J. Southland 537 131st
NUTSFORD Vera L. Auckland 519 181st
O'CONNOR Eugene South Canterbury 450 406th
O'CONNOR Graham W. Auckland 438 450th
O'CONNOR William South Canterbury 485 283rd
O'SHEA James E. Auckland 426 494th
ORR John S. H. Otago .
OWEN Edward C. Auckland .
OXENHAM Stanley Hawke's Bay .
PAGE Lilian D. Auckland 444 427th
PALMER Charles A. P. Wanganui 545 113th
PALMER David H. Auckland 488 278th
PALMER James C. Auckland .
PANNILL Iris E. Auckland 429 486th
PARIS William J. Auckland .
PARKER Esther M. Auckland 435 462nd
PARKER Humphrey F. Hawke's Bay 703 1st
PARR Esther A. South Canterbury 500 234th
PARSONS Reginald R. Hawke's Bay 452 403rd
PARTRIDGE Thomas H. C. Taranaki 435 462nd
PATCHETT Gladys E. V. Marlborough 472 326th
PATON Maude E. Hawke's Bay 406 570th
PATTERSON Ethel A. North Canterbury 497 246th
PAY William H. Southland 475 318th
PENNEY Russell C. North Canterbury .
PENNIKET Clara Auckland 618 25th
PETRIE Arnold J. Southland 484 286th
PHILIPS Kate M. Auckland 423 507th
PHILLIPS Edwin J. Hawke's Bay 520 176th
PHILLIPS Sydney G. C. South Canterbury 446 422nd
PILKINGTON Lemoine J. Wellington 512 204th
PILLING Ewen G. Otago 542 120th
PLAYER Allen S. Auckland 447 417th
PLAYNE Clarence J. Wellington 522 169th
POLSON Elsie T. Wellington 438 450th
POLSON Harold C. Wellington 489 275th
PORTER John Auckland .
POULGRAIN Cecil H. Auckland 527 156th
POULTER George J. S. Grey 406 570th
PREBBLE Fred L. Hawke's Bay 515 194th
PRESTON Frederick J. Auckland 409 563rd
PRICE Eric C. Southland .
PRINGLE Edward Otago .
PRUSSING May A. S. Nelson .
QUICKFALL William H. Taranaki 481 295th
QUILLIAM Cecil W. Taranaki 436 458th
RAINE Armorel E. Wanganui 476 316th
RAINE Harry Wanganui 591 40th
RAINE Robert Wellington 501 230th
RAY Ruby F. North Canterbury 573 61st
REID Jessie M. E. Otago 404 577th
RHODES Bertie A. Wellington 442 432nd
RICH Eric J. Hawke's Bay 544 115th
RICHARDSON Edith A. Hawke's Bay .
RICHARDSON George E. R. Wellington 424 502nd
RICKETTS Roy A. Nelson 538 129th
ROBBINS Doris L. North Canterbury 521 172nd
ROBERTS Hazel N. Auckland 421 513th
ROBERTS Stephen Auckland 641 9th
ROBERTS William Auckland 590 41st
ROBERTSHAW Allan Keith Taranaki .
ROBERTSON Edith J. B. Otago .
ROBERTSON Edith M. Nelson 435 462nd
ROBERTSON M. Auckland 481 295th
ROBINSON Dorothy E. Wellington 548 105th
ROBINSON Dorothy W. Hawke's Bay 413 548th
ROBINSON Richard I. North Canterbury .
ROBINSON Stella J. North Canterbury 409 563rd
ROBINSON Roy H. Wanganui .
ROCHE Augustine D. Otago 548 105th
ROLLO Frances M. Auckland 466 345th
ROSE Ernest L. Wellington .
ROSS Alice M. Southland 480 303rd
ROSS Nellie Auckland 466 345th
ROWELL Leonard J. North Canterbury .
ROWLEY Francis B. Hawke's Bay 481 295th
ROWNTREE Ernest H. W. Wellington 568 70th
RUDDLE Leslie W. North Canterbury 526 161st
RULE Andrew K. Wanganui 419 519th
RUSSELL Roy M. Wellington 413 548th
RYBURN Eric M. Wanganui 665 5th
SALMON Edith J. Auckland .
SALMOND George C. Southland 407 567th
SAMUEL Dorothy M. Auckland 438 450th
SAMUEL Dundas Otago 439 443rd
SCHROEDER Herbert Southland 494 257th
SCOTT Ernest R. Wellington 498 242nd
SERPELL William B. South Canterbury 453 400th
SEXTON Louisa I. Auckland 430 484th
SEXTON William J. Auckland 465 354th
SHACKLEFORD Harold W. Auckland 448 410th
SHARLAND Kathleen Auckland 490 271st
SHAW Francis South Canterbury 404 577th
SHAW Sydney E. Marlborough 411 557th
SHERLOCK Fanny Taranaki 544 115th
SHIERNING Harry Hawke's Bay 467 342nd
SHOEMARK Howard W. G. Taranaki 412 553rd
SHORNEY Kenneth E. Wellington 521 172nd
SHOVE Isabella G. Auckland 419 519th
SHRIMPTON John W. S. Otago 501 230th
SIGNAL Doris M. Wellington 428 489th
SINCLAIR Alexander Otago 434 467th
SMALE Frederick R. Auckland 472 326th
SMALL Harold Auckland 497 246th
SMEETON Warwick Auckland 437 455th
SMITH Jane Hawke's Bay 498 242nd
SMITH Jessie H. Otago 457 386th
SMITH Leonard Wellington 509 211th
SMITH Robert W. Hawke's Bay 464 359th
SMITH Vera A. E. Nelson .
SPICER Nellie B. Southland 454 394th
SPINKS William O. Auckland .
SPROAT Hugh Gordon Southland 520 176th
STAINTON William G. Auckland .
STANTON John A. Auckland .
STEPHEN Edward A. Nelson 441 435th
STEVENS William C. H. Auckland .
STEVENS William G. Auckland 648 7th
STEVENSON Elizabeth A. L. Southland .
STEWART Olive E. Auckland 418 527th
STOBO Andrew H. Southland 474 319th
STONEHAM Gladys M. Otago 505 222nd
STOREY Robert H. G. South Canterbury 472 326th
STORKEY Percy V. Hawke's Bay 619 22nd
STOUT Elsie M. Southland 474 319th
STUBBS Eric S. Auckland 630 14th
STYLES John V. Hawke's Bay .
SULLIVAN John T. Hawke's Bay .
SURGENOR Robert J. Westland 429 486th
SUTHERLAND Olive R. Wellington 466 345th
SUTHERLAND Thomas Southland 501 230th
TAIT George C. Wanganui 514 196th
TARLTON Eustace M. Southland 463 364th
TAYLOR Arthur G. E. Nelson 527 156th
TAYLOR Eric H. Auckland 462 367th
TAYLOR Frederick H. Auckland .
TAYLOR Harold H. Hawke's Bay 467 342nd
TAYLOR Irene Southland 452 403rd
TAYLOR Mona Auckland 519 181st
TENNENT Christina K. Grey 419 519th
THOMAS Annie E. G. Auckland 481 295th
THOMAS Wilfred J. Wellington 480 303rd
THOMSEN Annie E. Wellington .
THOMPSON Catherine R. Auckland 491 266th
THOMPSON Charles Southland .
THOMPSON Doris E. North Canterbury 470 333rd
THOMSON Arthur A. Otago 488 278th
THORN Carita A. G. Nelson .
THORN Martin H. Nelson 445 425th
THORP James Wanganui 558 85th
THORP Elsie M. Auckland 512 204th
TIDMARSH William Auckland 570 63rd
TILSLEY Robert Auckland 450 406th
TIZARD Helen A. Auckland .
TORR Eva Hawke's Bay 417 532nd
TORRENS Sylvia J. Auckland 513 198th
TRACY James G. North Canterbury 499 238th
TREADWELL Muriel H. Wanganui 458 384th
TROTT Jessie S. Nelson 478 308th
TURNBULL Henry l. Auckland 557 87th
TURNER Gertrude M. D. North Canterbury 507 216th
TURNER Zilla L. Nelson 473 324th
TWEEDIE Gordon L. Southland 471 331st
TWINING Harvey A. Auckland 446 422nd
VERITY Arthur W. G. South Canterbury 461 371st
VERRAN John L. Auckland .
VIAL George E. Southland 411 557th
VICKERMAN Neville L. Auckland 538 129th
VICKERS Eva E. Auckland .
VINCENT Arthur L. Auckland 466 345th
VON STURMER Frederick W. N. Auckland 479 305th
VOSS Minnie O. Wanganui 532 141st
WADDINGTON Grace E. Wellington 551 97th
WAGSTAFF Nancy N. H. North Canterbury 554 90th
WAITE James S. Otago 424 502nd
WALKER Clara R. Nelson 554 90th
WALKER Dallas B. Auckland .
WALLACE Bertram Auckland 568 70th
WALLACE Ellen K. Auckland 426 494th
WALLIS Norman A. W. Southland 554 90th
WALTER John B. Wellington 502 228th
WARBURTON Herbert G. North Canterbury 540 125th
WARD Sylvia Beryl Auckland 530 147th
WARNES Marjorie E. Grey 440 440th
WARREN Lewis A. Taranaki 416 536th
WARRING Thursa A. South Canterbury 577 54th
WATKIN Eric A. Auckland 661 6th
WATSON William Southland .
WATT Arthur W. Auckland .
WATT William S. Wellington 435 462nd
WATTERS Allan J. Westland 566 75th
WEBBER Jessie Auckland 569 66th
WEBSTER Alice H. Auckland 483 290th
WEIR Michael J. W. Otago .
WELLINGTON Ethel Auckland 467 342nd
WELLS Arthur F. Nelson 406 570th
WEST John H. Auckland .
WHEELER Olive M. Auckland .
WHITAKER Cecil G. Auckland 602 33rd
WHITE Alexander M. Auckland 536 132nd
WHITE Alice H. Otago 407 567th
WHITE Ella D. Wellington .
WHITE George A. Auckland .
WHITWELL Beaumont Nelson 609 30th
WHYTE Marion K. B. Hawke's Bay 627 17th
WILES William C. Auckland 496 250th
WILKINS Harry H. Auckland 417 532nd
WILKINS Kate E. Auckland 574 60th
WILKINSON Harold A. Auckland 419 519th
WILLIAMS Charles F. Westland 465 354th
WILLIAMS Margaret A. Wanganui 469 335th
WILLIAMSON John H. Otago 543 119th
WILLOCKS Mary M. Otago 433 473rd
WILSON Alexander Hawke's Bay 455 391st
WILSON Flora E. M. Auckland 522 169th
WILSON Geoffrey S. Auckland 401 589th
WILSON Leslie F. Auckland 576 58th
WILSON Muriel Auckland 577 54th
WILSON William W. Otago .
WISEMAN John A. Hawke's Bay 504 225th
WOOD Rawiri E. K. Otago 419 519th
WOODHAM Ruby E. Auckland .
WOODS Selwyn G. Auckland 495 253rd
WOODWARD Emma J. Southland 424 502nd
WORSLEY William R. Auckland 561 81st
WRAIGHT Hilda M. Otago 411 557th
WRIGHT Colin M. Auckland .
WRIGHT Doris B. O. Auckland 421 513th
WRIGHT Nevill L. Wellington 438 450th
WYLLIE Eric M. Taranaki 679 3rd
YOUNG Albert V. Wanganui 519 181st
YOUNG Annie Wanganui .
YOUNG Charles L. Wanganui .
YOUNG James Rarity Wanganui .

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