Extract of a letter written from The Crimea
by Private Joseph Gosbell

Western Times, 16 December 1854
Letter from a Private in the Fouth Light Dragoons

The Hospital at Scutari
The following is an extract from a letter written by Joseph Gosbell, to his wife who resides in St. Thomas. It is dated Scutari Hospital, Nov. 20th. Gosbell is a private in the 4th Light Dragoons, and had his leg broken in the gallant Cavalry charge at Balaklava.

`At one o'clock I fell near the enemy's guns. I was struck with a 24 pound shot and lifted clean out of the saddle; two of our regiment galloped over me, but did not hurt me. I let go my sword and the three day's pork and biscuit which I carried with me. I looked up, and saw the Russians killing our wounded. I called on God for strength, and he heard me. I lay four hours on the field, and was then taken to our hospital tent. Dr. Hunter put me a bit to rights; I was then taken on board ship, and after remaining there nine days, was brought to this place on the 5th November. The General Doctor ordered us wine, fowl and tea, which we had as soon as it could be got ready. This is a very good hospital and I am thankful I was sent here, if it was only to get a good wash and a clean shirt. The day that I came here, 40 women arrived from England to wash and dress the wounded, and they are very good to us. I have a good clean bed. I have good bread, mutton, tea, soup, a pint of porter or half a pint of wine daily. With this and kind treatment, I am doing well, and shall soon be able to walk about. When the men came here first, there was no one to take care of them, but it is quite differint now. The Turkish Sultan is very good to the wounded, and so he ough, for it is him we are fighting for.'

Joseph Gosbell


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