Births, Marriages and Deaths 1937-1938, 1940 and 1943

Extracted from entries in `The Nelson Girls Collegian,' Volumes 38, 39, 41 and 44, dated 1937, 1938, 1940 and 1943


MAIDEN SURNAME         FORENAMES        HUSBAND'S NAMES            BIRTH DATE       CHILD                            PLACE                     
ALLANMollyE.G.J. PERFECT October 1936 A daughter Nelson
ALLENElsieJ. WILDMANAugust 1939 A daughter Wellington
ALLNATT Joan A. CHAPPELL 1939 A daughter .
ALLPORTMarjory W.J. HARLEY May 1937 A son Nelson
ALLPORTMarjory W.J. HARLEYApril 1939A son .
ANDREWS RubyAlan GREENSLADESeptember 1937 A son Nelson
ATKINSONFaith David McKEE-WRIGHT July 1936 A son Nelson
BAIGENTRuthCHAPPELLSeptember 1937 A daughter Nelson
BAIGENTTrissie S. HOOPER August 1939 A daughter Nelson
BAILLIE Nancy Waldo ZANDER 1942 A son .
BAKER BettyHarry PIERCE 1942 A daughter .
BARKER NettieA. CURNOWNovember 1939 A son Richmond
BAXTERMargaretLECKIEMay 1937 A son Wellington
BEATSONJoan R.W. WAYNER 1942 A daughter .
BEUKEEsmaB. BENSEMANN 1942 A son .
BEUKEMollyK. THOMAS 1942A daughter .
BIRD Nancy Bert DYMOND1936 A son Christchurch
BIRDNancyB. DYMOND January 1938 A son Christchurch
BLAIRLindaBernard GIBSON February 1937 Twin daughtersWellington
BLANCHE EdnaH. THAWLEY November 1936 A daughter Richmond
BRAINAilsaStanley RUSSELLJuly 1936 A son Nelson
BRAMMALLDorisL. GANE February 1939 A daughterHavelock North
BRAMMALLMaleneJ. VAVASOURNovember 1939A daughterMiramonte Argentina
BRENTAliceJ.G. WYLIE 1943A daughter .
BRIGHT EnidD. BAILLIEJuly 1939 A daughter Auckland
BROWN IsabelG.D. CAMERON March 1938 A daughter Nelson
BROWN KathleenC.H. BUTTERSMarch 1937 A daughterAppleby
BROWN Olive W. FIELDMarch 1938 A son Nelson
BUNT Dorothy R. ARMSTRONG 1942 A son .
BURGESSMurielF.H. JAMES October 1936 A son Nelson
BURTONPhyllisFOSTER-BARHAMFebruary 1937 A son Motueka
BUTTRESS LilyD.M. SCOTTOctober 1936 A daughter Palmerston North
CAMPBELL-SMITH CherryJ.F. EARLEJuly 1937 . Richmond
CAMPBELL-SMITH CherryJohn F. EARLE July 1939 A son Nelson
CATLEYIvaH.V. FAIRBANKSJanuary 1937 A daughter Nelson
CAVEOliveC.J. GOLDSMITH March 1937 A son Wellington
CHAMBERLAINEllenH.R. THOMSON June 1937 A son Nelson
CHATTERTON SylviaSCHOFIELD 1942 A daughter Bombay
CHISNALLAliceA.K. HARFORD October 1937 A daughter Nelson
CHRISTIANDorisG. GLOVER February 1938 A son Pelorus Sound
COLEMANHildaG. MacGREGOR July 1936 A son Richmond
COLEMANJune W.S. TAYLOR 1943A daughter .
COLEMAN Lucy C. DELANEYDecember 1939A son .
COLEMANMarion T. STRATFORDDecember 1939 A daughter Richmond
COLLINSJeanH.D. KELLY February 1938 A son Wellington
CONDELL EileenH.W. CHISNALLAugust 1937 A son .
COOKBettyAlistair DINNIE 1942 A daughter .
COOKE Phyllis K. HOCKEY June 1937 A son Richmond
COUTTSDorisN.E. TODJanuary 1938 A son Te Awamutu
CRAIGRosieA. LUSTY May 1937 A daughter Upper Moutere
CREASY Arletta R. McLEAN 1942 A daughter .
CREASY BettyR.G.D. LITTLE May 1939 A daughter Motueka
CREASYNancyMAGILL-CUERDENSeptember 1939A daughterEssex England
CROPPHazelF. HANNAM February 1937 A sonHokitika
CROPPHazelF. HANNAM June 1934 A son .
CROUCHERJeanD.R. MOORE March 1938 A son Lower Hutt
CRUMPMemeP. WILLIAMS September 1939 A son Rai Valley
DAVIES AlisonR. MURRAY August 1939 A daughterChristchurch
DAVIS Helen A.G. HUNTER 1942 A daughter .
DECKFlorenceEustace WILLIAMSMay 1936 A son Nelson
DECKPhyllisCORRIE-JOHNSTONEOctober 1936 A son Nelson
DEEDorothyTUCKERSeptember 1939 A son Tasman
DEERhonaH.W. DAWSONJanuary 1936 A son Lower Hutt
DRONDaisyV.P. Malcolm 1942A daughter .
DUNNFrancesJack SLEE December 1936 A son Westport
EASTABROOKElvaI. INGLES January 1940A daughter .
FAULKNERBarbaraJeffrey NEWPORT January 1940 A son Richmond
FEAShirleyW.J. POSWILLO January 1937 A daughter Blenheim
FELL Cynthia Bernard H.J. THOMS June 1936 A son Nelson
FENEMORHazelQUINTRELL July 1939 A daughter Dunedin
FLOWER EdithJ. KELLOW February 1940A son Wellington
FLOWEREdith J.A. KELLOW 1942 A son .
FORD Jean J.A. HILDYARD March 1938 A son Brightwater
FOSTER-BARNHAMMargaretO. STANFORDApril 1939A daughterChristchurch
FOSTER-BARHAM MargaretO. STANFORD 1942 Twin daughters .
FRAZERNancyJ. GARDINER November 1937 A son Christchurch
GALBREATH Agnes Malcolm WELLSNovember 1936A daughter .
GLOVERDorisMacINTOSH December 1938 A daughter Christchurch
GOLDSMITHPhyllis A.B. INGRAMJanuary 1940 A daughter Richmond
GRACEJosÚC. CUNNINGHAMOctober 1937 Twins a son and daughter Blenheim
GRACE Reta PITIROI 1942 A daughter .
GRANTRitaW.W. CLIFFORDNovember 1936 A son Nelson
GRANTRitaCLIFFORD February 1938A daughter .
GREEN Amuri T.T. STAPLESFebruary 1938 A daughter Christchurch
GREENSILLAnnetteA. FELL October 1937 A daughter Havelock
GREENSILLAnnetteA. FELL 1942A daughter .
GREENSLADE Muriel E. LOWE October 1939 A daughter .
GREENSLADE Ruia G. MANNNovember 1939 A daughter .
HALDANEJanet D. MATTHEWS October 1936 A son .
HALDANEJanet C.D. MATTHEWS 1942 A daughter .
HARRISLorna J. JOHNSTON December 1939 A son Carterton
HARTILLSylvia J. WASTNEY October 1936A daughter .
HEATHHazelD. CARSON January 1938 A daughter Stoke
HENDERSONIsabelHODGE July 1936 A daughter Nelson
HOBYGithaCharles STEPHENSONFebruary 1938 A daughterNew Plymouth
HOBYGithaC.H. STEPHENSON 1942 A daughter .
HOGG Jean R.L. McNIVEN February 1937 A son Hastings
HOLCROFTJeanRoy MOULDER September 1936 A daughter Brightwater
HOLCROFT JeanR. MOULDEROctober 1937 A son Brightwater
HUGGINSLilyHarold PEGG March 1938 A son Nelson
HUNTPeggy Jack SHUTTLEWORTHDecember 1939 A son Wakefield
HUNTERHelenR.D. LUCAS 1942 A son .
HUNTER-BROWN EllinorG.W.P. MONEY January 1937 A daughter Sierra Madre, California
HYLANDNancyeR.L. Everett 1942 A son .
INWOODRataCharles McELWEE 1937 A son Reefton
IRVINEIlaM. LINDSAY February 1938 A son Takaka
IRVINEIslaJ.M. LINDSAY 1943 A son .
JENKINSOliveP.M. McSHANE A daughter May 1937 Christchurch
JENKINS OliveMacSHANE 1942 A daughter .
JENKISONJeannieH. MARTIN February 1940A daughter .
JENNENS RonaC.F. DOBSON 1942 A daughter .
JOHNSTONMarigold W.R. HENDERSON 1942 A son .
JONESMarigold A. HOBY 1942 A son .
KEITHRosalindJ.O. MERCER August 1936 A daughter Wellington
KEITHTrixieHamilton GIBBS August 1936 A son Edinburgh
KEMPTHORNE JoyceD.L. BRYANT April 1937 A son Brightwater
KENNINGTON Gwen D. THOMSON 1942 A daughter .
KENNINGTONKathleenR. NEAL July 1937 A daughter Seddon
KERRBarbaraK. THOMPSONDecember 1936 Twin sons Nelson
KERRBarbaraTHOMPSONAugust 1939Twins, son and daughterNelson
KERR KathleenT. IRVINGOctober 1937 A son Nelson
KERSHAWDellaRussell JENKINSDecember 1937 A son Auckland
KINGBettyMcGUIREFebruary 1940 A daughter Christchurch
LADLEYGwenDavid BELLSeptember 1939 A daughter Mataura
LEDGER FrancesKingston BRAYBROOKE 1943 A son .
LEEMollieV.N. BROOKSFebruary 1940A daughter Wellington
LEERaumaRay RYDER 1942 Twin daughters .
LEIGH Olive W.A. PAGEAugust 1936 A daughter Nelson
LEVERSEDGE Pauline E.H. STEPHENS 1943A daughter .
LIDDLE Doris G.G. ROBINSON 1942A daughter .
LIVICKRosieM. PIKEMay 1939 A son Wellington
LUCASBeatriceR.S. DUNCANMarch 1940 A son Nelson
LUCASNancyE. CURRY December 1936 A son Blenheim
LUCASSheila Colin PHILPOTT1942 A daughter .
LUCREPhyllis C.G. EVERETT February 1937A son .
MacMAHONDoreenGeorge LANGTONSeptember 1939 A son Auckland
MacMAHONPamelaG.T. ANSTIS April 1936 A daughter Auckland
MADDOXLeslie L. BARTLETT December 1936 A son Nelson
MADDOXLeslieL. BARTLETT January 1938 A daughter Richmond
MANKSBetty A.E. POLGLASE May 1937 A daughter Wellington
MARRAgnes MASON February 1938A son .
MARSHALLMarionGOLDINGOctober 1936 A daughter Reefton
MARTINGwenL.A. SMITH May 1939 A daughter Wellington
MARTIN MargaretEdgar NEVE July 1937 A son Richmond
MASONKathleenAllan HARWOOD 1942A daughter .
MAYMuriel John R. CANTON November 1936 A son Nelson
McLAUGHLANEllaJ. SUTHERLANDSeptember 1937 A son Blenheim
McMAHONEileenE.R. BLACK January 1937 A son Stoke
McNABB Marjorie BISHELL 1942 A daughter .
MEAD AgnesRex QUAIL 1942 A son .
MORRIN MildredBRIANTJanuary 1938 A son Marton
MORRINMildredG. BRIANT November 1939 A daughter Marton
MOSSMary Charles FISH July 1936 A daughter Collingwood
MURPHYJoyceS. GOFFINNovember 1939 A daughter Wellington
MURPHYJoyce GOFFIN 1942 A son .
NEEN GretaJ. HIGGINS July 1936 A son Westport
NEENGretaHIGGINSFebruary 1939 A daughter Westport
NEWMANEileenH. WALLACE July 1937 A son Reefton
NEWPORT Beryl MAINDONALDFebruary 1937 A son Nelson
NIGHTINGALEMarjorieM.R. BEST 1942 A son .
NIMMO Evelyn Bryan HEATH 1942 A son .
NOCK EuniceDALY September 1936 A daughter Nelson
NOCKJeanN. ADAMS September 1936 A daughter Wellington
NOCKMargaretN. PALMERAugust 1939 A son Brightwater
O'DONNELL JoanA.A. JOHNSON December 1937 A son Nelson
OSBORNMargaretHoward JORDANDecember 1936 A son Brightwater
PAGEHuiP.G. MANTJanuary 1940 A son Richmond
PAGEHuiMANT 1942 A Son .
PAGEMarjorieL. COOPER June 1937 A daughter Nelson
PAGEWinnieR.F. TAYLOR March 1938 A son Wellington
PALMERJoy J. WILSONAugust 1936 A daughter Colombo Ceylon
PALMERMarjory O.H. DICKER August 1937 A daughter Richmond
PALMERSybilF.H. DROGEM▄LLEROctober 1936 A son Nelson
PARKESTheo D.F. BAIGENT1942A son .
PARMENTERVeraA. THOM July 1936 A daughter Wellington
PARMENTERVeraA. THOM December 1939 A daughter Wellington
PIKEBeryl Grahame DICKSON 1942 A daughter .
PIKEMargaretJ.R.L. HILSONJune 1936 A daughter Picton
PIKEPattieB. TODD March 1937 A son Nelson
PITTNancyN. RAWSON June 1937 A son Pahiatua
PITT Nancy N.H. RAWSON 1943A daughter .
POGMORE GwenNoel DUNCAN 1942 A daughter .
PREENHildaR. HOARFebruary 1940 A daughter Blenheim
PREENJoanG.M. ROBERTS 1942Twin daughters .
PROUSEHelen Gordon SCOLTOCK July 1936 A son Richmond
RASMUSSEN Mavis D. NICKLESS April 1938A son .
REIDDorothyEric BISHOP August 1939 A son Nelson
RILEYFrancesN.A. BARNETT May 1937 A son Takaka
ROBINSONAliceP.B. TROW December 1936 A son Palmerston North
ROBSONOliveO.E. BOURNE-WEBB June 1936 A son Nelson
ROSSAlisonNoel LEWIS 1942 A son .
ROWLINGGwenMurray HICKS October 1939 A daughter Wellington
RUSSMyraT.G.L. FIELD February 1938 A son Richmond
RYBURNGladysH. EMPSON December 1939A daughter Te Awamutu
SALISBURY Nellie L. HODGES November 1936 A son Motueka
SCOTT MarjoryA. PARKOctober 1936 A daughter Christchurch
SENIOREleanor WILLIAMS 1942 A son .
SHANKS Joyce W. TAYLORFebruary 1938 A son Westport
SHARPEDaphneK.S. FERRABY February 1939 A daughter Makutoku
SHEATHERGladysGAY November 1939 A son Westport
SHIRTLIFFDorisCollett SAUNDERSFebruary 1937A daughterChristchurch
SHIRTLIFFRoseKen. MURRAY October 1937 A daughter Blenheim
SIGLEY LilaBLUE 1942 A son .
SIMPSONJeanT.H. COLE 1941 A daughter .
SIMPSONKathleenR. BINFIELD February 1938 A daughter Nelson
SMITHJoanJ. PATTERSON February 1938 A son Christchurch
ST. JOHN DelLINNY-BARBER June 1936 A daughter Sydney
ST. JOHN DelLINNEY-BARBER June 1939 A daughter Melbourne
STADEHildaA.C. ROBINSON February 1940 A daughterOamaru
STADEThelma K. SLYGENRINGDecember 1939 A son Westport
STALLARDZenaGordon RUSSELL June 1937 A daughter Nelson
STEERBeryl F. GRANT May 1937 A daughter Christchurch
STRATFORD Elizabeth I. MONTGOMERIE 1941A son .
SUTHERLAND AnnieE. CHITTENDEN November 1937 A daughter Nelson
SUTHERLANDAnnieCHITTENDEN December 1939 A daughter Nelson
TATTON JoanMOORHOUSE June 1939 A daughter Christchurch
TATTONJoanStuart MOOHOUSE 1942 A son .
THOMPSONMolly L. MALONEY August 1936 A daughter Khandallah
TILLYARDFaith John EVANSSeptember 1937 . Hobart
TILLYARDFaithJ.W. EVANS June 1939 A daughter Hobart
TOLLKathleenL.C. LANGFORD May 1936 A son Bainham
TOSSWILLIdaSCOTT September 1938A daughter .
TRENT IredaleLAUCHLAN1942 A daughter .
TRENT MarjorieH.A.D. FOWLERSeptember 1936 A son Nelson
TUNNICLIFFWinnieE.K. Holyoake1942 A daughter .
VASTARitaA.P. HARLEY 1943 A daughter .
VOSPERMayJ. HOY September 1936 A daughter Nelson
WADSWORTHRona G. THOMPSONFebruary 1938 A daughter Brightwater
WALKERPearlHOLLANDOctober 1937 . Wellington
WALLACEJoan Donald COXJuly 1937A daughter .
WALTERJeanEvan JONES February 1938 A daughter Wellington
WARRING Zena Ray WILLIAMS 1942 A son .
WEBLEYIraR.H. RICHARDS January 1937 A son Nelson
WEBLEYIraR.H. RICHARDS March 1938 A son Nelson
WELLSAvisDouglas BARKERSeptember 1937 A daughter .
WELLSLena NALDERAugust 1939 A son .
WHELANMaudK.J. NEWMAN 1942 A son .
WIFFENMiriel A.A. FAWKEDecember 1939 A daughter Rangiora
WILKINSONDorisHuia BENSEMANNJuly 1937 A son Mildura Victoria
WILKINSON JeanKNUTSON December 1936 A daughter Wellington
WILSONPhyllisDavid CROMBIEMarch 1937 A son Wellington
WIXJoy F. FLANAGANAugust 1937 A daughter Korere
WOODMurielFred THOMPSON September 1937 A son Nelson


SURNAME             FORENAMES          SPOUSE SURNAME       SPOUSE FORENAME                MARRIAGE DATE   PLACE               
ALLAN Elsie WILDMAN J. May 1938 .
ALSOP Molly ALLEN James March 1939 Blenheim
BACON Joyce LANE Charles Burgess January 1940 Wellington
BAIGENTOlwynPALMERCaptain L.A. 1942.
BALL Jessie KEELEY Eric November 1937 Canvastown
BARNETT Lorna HODGKINSON C. January 1940.
BARY Betty CLEARWATER Frederick 1942 .
BEARDMOREMonica CLARKE Frederick James of Wellington April 1936 Richmond
BEATSON Nancy McDONALD Murdoch Caully May 1937 Ngatimoti
BEATSON Ruth HUTCHINSON Keith R March 1940 Nelson
BERRY MarySNOWDEN Len Seddon February 1937 .
BERRY Mary Freda SNOWDEN Leonard Nelson February 1937 Seddon
BEST Gladys HAYCOCK Roy October 1939 Brightwater
BLAIR Jessie SHAW Robert Edward March 1940 Nelson
BLOMFIELD Isobel JENNINGS Diarmuid of Norfolk April 1939 Coogee, Sydney,
BOLTON Vola MARTIN Eric December 1939 Juscon Arizona
BOYD Colleen MURDOCK J. September 1939 .
BRAMMALL Doris GANE Lawrence December 1937 Blenheim
BRAMMALL Malene VAVASOUR John June 1937 Blenheim
BRENT Alice WYLLIE J.G. 1942 .
BRENT Theodora HOLMES Denis September 1939 Nelson
BRIGHT Enid BAILLEY David May 1937 Wellington
BROWN Phyllis ALLAN James 1943 .
BROWN Phyllis Maud ADDIS Harold John December 1937 Nelson
BURNNolaBARLTROPFrank 1942 .
BUSH Alice CARTER George Clement November 1937 Nelson
CAIGOU Melba HULBERT S.E. 1943 .
CAMERON Janet DODD Sergeant Tom 2NZEF 1942 .
CAMPBELL-SMITHColinHOPE-GILLCecil GervasseAugust 1937Berkshire England
CAVE Olive GOLDSMITH Charles JamesJune 1936Wellington
CHALK Nell McINNES Ian March 1940 Wellington
CHAMBERLAIN Jessie SCOTT Jack March 1940 Nelson
CHAPMAN Vonda BRYANT LeslieApril 1936 Nelson
CHARLTONMillie BULL John 1942 .
CHATTERTON Sylvia SCHAUFELBERGER Paul September 1939 Coonoor India
CHITTENDEN Della COLE Lloyd August 1939 Nelson
CLAUGHTON Isla ADAMS David Arthur of Wellington March 1940 Nelson
CLOUSTON AdelaineHALDANE D.F.A. July 1936 Nelson
COLEMAN Lucy DELANEY Clive D. December 1937 Richmond
COLLYNSGeraldineTREWLEVYN Ian January 1937 Wharanui
COOKElsieDOUGLAS Gordon December 1936 Nelson
COOKFay THOMASAlan Frank March 1937 Nelson
COOK Vera WADSWORTH Gordon September 1936 Wakefield
COOKE Erica BOOT Leonard Murray 1942 .
COOMBESGladysKEENANE.V. June 1936 Nelson
CORDER Faith JENSEN Stanley December 1939 Nelson
COTTONHazelFUNNELLEdward Walter February 1937 Nelson
COTTRELL Joan JARRETT Frank A December 1937 Christchurch
COTTRELL Patricia PADFIELD Scott 1942 .
CREASY Betty LITTLE Richard of Lower Moutere June 1937 Stoke
CREASY Nancy MAGILL-CUERDEN Vacey October 1937 Ramleh Palestine
CROPP Ivy LANKOW N.R. September 1936 Richmond
CROSSLANDDorothyLINTON John Robert 1936Nelson
CROUCHER Marion MUNRO William November 1939 Wellington
DAVIDSON Hazeldene MUMFORD Cyril April 1937 Blenheim
DAVIESAlisonMURRAYJohn Ross February 1937 Wharanui
DAVIES Lorna JARRETT Ernest February 1938 Stoke
DAWSON Mollie SMITH Alan M.B. Ch.B.1943 .
DIXONRona PETTIT Peter 1943 .
DODSON Dorothy JAMES Charles of Greymouth September 1939 Nelson
DODSON Peggy SKEGG Donald R.A.F. 1943 London
DROGEMULLER MavisCAMPBELLGeorge ThompsonSeptember 1937 Nelson
ECKFORD John TAYLOR Reuben February 1938 Blenheim
EDMANDS Katie STUART Jeffery January 1940 Nelson
EDWARDS Linley HOLDEN Ronald Fraser of Gisborne May 1939 Nelson
ERICKSEN Elva LUCKMAN L.H. December 1937 Westport
FAIRWEATHER May CRESSWELL Fenwick November 1939 Blenheim
FAULKNERBarbaraNEWPORT Jeffrey January 1937 Stanley Brook
FIELDPhebe SCHMIDT Allan John January 1937 Richmond
FIELDESJocelyn LEANINGRev. V.L. 1942 .
FITTALL Edna DONALDSON Ronald September 1937 Palmerston North
FLETCHERMarie SWEENEY Terence M.A. 1942 .
FORREST AudreyCOLLINS Ronald 1942 .
FORSTER Betty ROWE Herbert Edward March 1940 Nelson
FORSYTH Beryl GIBSON Sergeant J.H. 1942 .
FOSTER-BARHAMMargaretSTANFORDOwen BedellFebruary 1938 Nelson
FOWLERMurielHARTRonald Edward Feburary 1937 Blenheim
GAMBONI Ngaire CONSTABLE Claude H. December 1939 Nelson
GANEBeryl CARMONT Sergeant Robin 1942 .
GANE Flora LITCHFIELD Roy 1942 .
GARDINER Avon SIMISTER Cyril Morrell 1942 .
GARDINER Janet MILES Leslie November 1939 Motueka
GIBBS Violet GREIG William November 1939 Brightwater
GODMAN Joan KING W.H. July 1937 Takaka
GORRIEInaHUNTERRobert Harold August 1936 Nelson
GOUGH Betty DOBBIEDouglas 1942 .
GRACE Diana GIBBONS Kenneth December 1937 Blenheim
GREEN Amuri STAPLES TrevorJanuary 1936 Nelson
GREENEM Kitty FLEMING John March 1938 Nelson
GREENSLADE Joyce MARSHE C. April 1939 Nelson
GUBBFredaMASTERS C.R. George January 1937 Nelson
GUBBMarion McMASTERHarold1942 .
GUTHREY Shirley JOHNSON Flying Officer Ivan 1942 .
HALL Edna PETTERSON G.S. December 1937 Takaka
HARLINGSadieNOBLE-ADAMS Fergus of Blenheim June 1936 Nelson
HARVEYHazel May HICKMOTT Owen 1936Collingwood
HAY Margaret THOMPSON George Watson March 1940 Nelson
HAYCOCK Faye SOWMAN Royston H January 1940 Brightwater
HEINZ Elsa GARTH Jack January 1939 Greymouth
HENDERSONLilias [Bunny] HEYWOODArthurAugust 1936 .
HENLEY Kyra HARDING Eric July 1937 Westport
HILL Ada POTTER Gordon April 1937 Collingwood
HOBYGitha STEPHENSON Charles Hamerton April 1937 Nelson
HOLLAND Winifred GYTE Douglas August 1939 Wellington
HORNERConnie HUDSON George 1942 South Africa
HOULKER Edna MARSHALL Dr. Allan January 1940 Nelson
HUNT Peggy SHUTTLEWORTH Jack Powell September 1937 Wakefield
HUNTER Chrissie KERR Don 1942 .
INWOODRataMcELWEECharlesApril 1936 Reefton
JACKSON Margaret [Jill] CLOUSTON Ronald A. November 1939 Wellington
JARRETT Gladys KINCAID John January 1940 Nelson
JEFFREYSJeanJORDANHubert David 1941 Lancaster England
JENKINSMaidie ARCHER Arthur July 1936 Reefton
JOHNSTONAileenBELTON Humphrey 1942 .
JOHNSTON Katherine [Kitty] CACHEMAILLE Gerald Peter October 1939 Nelson
JONES Gwen LEPIEN Leslie October 1937 Nelson
KAWHARU Joy HOPE D.K. 1942 .
KEEBLE Enid RIDDELL Rev. F.G. March 1940 Nelson
KENNINGTONKathleen May NEALRangi1936Blenheim
KENNINGTON Maisie JACKSON Valmont 1942 .
KERR Joan PRICE Herbert January 1938 Nelson
KERRKathleen IRVING Thomas January 1937 Nelson
KERSHAWDella JENKINSRussell C.M March 1937 Nelson
KINGMerle JONES Vernon Everitt May 1936 Nelson
LADLEY Gweneth BELL David December 1937 Nelson
LAMBERT Marion FRAYLING Eric December 1939 Auckland
LANKOW Joy SUTTONThomas 1942.
LEDGERKitty CAVE Maurice 1942 .
LEVERSEDGE Pauline STEPHENS Edward Herbert January 1938 Nelson
LITTLEJOHN Alison BROWN Thomas Alexander January 1938 Nelson
LIVICK Rose PIKE Mervyn May 1937 Nelson
MACMAHONDoreenLANGTONGeorge A. January 1937 Auckland
MADDOXWaveneyWILKESReginald Hayward October 1936 Richmond
MAGINNITY Joan WELLS George March 1940 Stoke
MANSSEN Valda WINSTANLEY Gordon Charles November 1939 Nelson
MARR Agnes MASON Edward E. May 1937 Nelson
MARTINGweneth SMITH Leslie Atherton January 1937 Atawhai
McCONCHIE Lorna HILL Albert December 1939 .
McDONALD Nell TREMENWAN Cyril of Shannon October 1939 Granity
McLAUCHLINElla SUTHERLAND Jack November 1936 Blenheim
McNABB Marjorie BISHELL Peter 1942 .
McPHERSON Lorna HUNTER Lewis November 1939 Nelson
MEADOWS Imelda BUSCK Theodore November 1937 Lower Hutt
MIDGELY Gwen BASHFORD Ronald August 1937 Spring Grove
MILLER Doris WASTNEY Roy 1943 .
MILLS Cicely McHUGH J.W.L. February 1940 Blenheim
MIRFIN Mavis CHALLIES Graeme 1942 .
MOOREFlorence CHAPMAN Henry ZealandDecember 1936 Wanganui
MORRINMildred June BRIANT Godfrey 1936Blenheim
MOYES Nancy ALLEN Colin September 1939 Rotorua
MURPHY Eileen PETHERICK John Williams August 1937 Roseneath Wellington
MURPHY Joyce GOFFIN Stephen November 1938 Khandallah,
NASH Beatrice CLARKE Philip March 1940 Wellington
NEAL Doris FORREST Hugh December 1939 Rai Valley
NEIMANN Gwen HAYCOCK Henry Newton 1942 .
NEWMAN Eileen WALLACE Henry May 1936 .
NEWPORTLeila BAIN JamesApril 1936 Nelson
NICKLIN Eugenie GATENBY Charles February 1938 Nelson
NIMMO Evelyn HEATH Bryan April 1939 Ngatimoti
NORGATE May SCHWASS Gordon January 1938 Stoke
NOTTAGE Betty RUSH Eric Fairfax 1943 .
OWEN Olwyn CEDERMAN Harold December 1939 Auckland
PALMERRitaJOHNSON Arthur 1942 .
PITTNancy RAWSON Norman July 1936 Nelson
POGMORE Gwen DUNCAN Noel November 1937 Blenheim
PORTER Erna ROBERTS Anthony August 1939 Wellington
POTTON LomaFIELDESMaurice1942 .
PRESSLYDoris MARSHALL LeoJanuary 1937 Nelson
RASMUSSENMavis Jean NICKLESS Douglas O. July 1936 Nelson
RAWSON GwenGUERNEYAlfred of Papatoetoe January 1937 Auckland
REEVES Patience [Patty] WESTMACOT Lieut. Harry May 1939 Malta
REID Dorothy BISHOP Eric E. November 1936 Nelson
RICHARDS Gladys GOLDIE Robert March 1940 Nelson
RIDDELL Hazel PATCHETT B.E. March 1940 Nelson
RIDDELLJeanFRANK 2nd Lieut. J. 1942 .
RITCHIE Marjory FROST Gilbert November 1939 Nelson
ROBERTSON Cynthia GARDNER Alan January 1938 Nelson
ROBINSON Jean PENNY York June 1937 Blenheim
ROBINSON VeraMIDDLEBROOK Hugh March 1936 Wellington
ROGERS Amy McFARLAND Peter May 1937 Wellington
ROSELorna COXHarold December 1936 Blenheim
ROSSAlisonLEWISNoelDecember 1936 Motueka
ROUT Mary McCORMICK David April 1939 Auckland
ROUT Suzanne DE LAMBERT Basil 1943 .
ROWE Vivian CATLEY Ralph December 1937 Nelson
RUSS Clarice MALCOLM Bruce September 1939 Hope
RUSSMyraFIELDTerence July 1936 Hope
RYAN Joyce RITCHIE-ROBERTSON W. December 1936 Christchurch
SADLIER Dossie ROBLON W. of the Palestine
Police Force
March 1939 Palestine
SAMPSON Joyce SCHOFIELD Samuel Kenneth May 1939 Invercargill
SATHERLEY Loreen THOMASON Bert February 1940 Nelson
SAUNDERS Pat EVERETT Donald November 1939 Nelson
SAVAGE Joyce HOPKINS Arnold December 1939 Christchurch
SCOTT Phyllis BARNES Jack September 1939 Atawhai
SCRIMGEOUR Florence SMITH Alec August 1937 Collingwood
SHANKS Joyce TAYLOR F.W. July 1937 Westport
SHARPE Daphne FERRALY S.B. January 1937 Blenheim
SMALLBONE Winifred MILLS Lindsay July 1937 Nelson
SMITH Lena THORP Malcolm 1942 .
STALLARD Zena RUSSELLGordon Philip April 1936 Nelson
STEPHENSArdelle LANE Dudley Gordon February 1937 Blenheim
STEVENSIsla BROWN Eric of Dunedin Ocober 1936 Wellington
STEWARTRyrie ANDERSONNormanJune 1936 Nelson
STREET Dorothy HANCOCK Percy January 1940 Nelson
SUTHERLANDAnnieCHITTENDEN Eric ThomasAugust 1936 Murchison
SUTTON Muriel DONALD Gordon 1942 .
TATTONJoan MOORHOUSE William Stuart March 1937 Nelson
TAYLOR Janet LASH Norman December 1937 Takaka
TEAGUE Ida KINCAID Robert June 1939 Nelson
TEECEMyrtle BARTLETTStewartApril 1936 Stoke
TERRYLucy SAVAGE Murray1942 .
THOMPSON Claudia MAHAR William June 1937 Nelson
TILLYARD Hope HEWITT Cyrus 1943 Melbourne
TOSSWILLIdaSCOTTSeymour September 1936 Picton
TOWNSEND Nola HARRIS Francis Forster June 1939 Nelson
TREGIDGA Eileen SHARLAND Ian November 1939 Nelson
TUFFNELL Phyllis WILKES Eric December 1939 Richmond
TUNNICLIFF Winifred HOLYOAKE Ernest October 1937 Wai-iti
TUNNICLIFFE Marjorie JOHNSTON John December 1937 .
VASS Janet WHITE David Holden February 1938 Stoke
VERCOE Winsome NEWMAN Ross March 1940 Nelson
VERNON Margaret LONG Peter November 1937 Wellington
VICARY Joan WISELEY Clifford January 1940 Ward,
WADSWORTH Rona THOMPSON Gerald April 1937 Tadmor
WALTER Jean JONES Evan January 1937 Nelson
WARDS Muriel POTTER Dennis November 1939 Nelson
WASHBOURN Philippa BROWN Allan Arthur January 1938 Nelson
WATERS DorothyCHAPMAN 2nd Lieutenant Dennis 1942 Cairo Egypt
WEARINGMarie FRANšOIS Lawrence January 1937 .
WEARING OliveAITCHISONWilliam Ronald of Kaitangata, Otago April 1936 Cathedral, Nelson
WEBB Rhona HARRISON Captain John Bryden of the
8th Punjab Regiment
December 1939 St John's Church,
Smith's Square,
WEBB Winifred PATCHITT M.J. September 1937 Nelson
WEBSTERDorothySTOCKWELLDouglasOctober 1936 Blenheim
WELLSAvysBARKER Douglas November 1936 Stanley Brook
WENDELBORNLoisBAKERJames Percival January 1936 Wakefield
WESTLEYMarieGIBBONS Clifford March 1937 Nelson
WESTON Josephine COMPTON Gregory of Perth December 1939 Kalgoorlie,
Western Australia
WILKINSONMelva SMITH Kimber March 1937 Wakefield
WINTERLurli STRATFORD Morris1942 .
WOODPhyllisRUTLANDArthurSeptember 1936 Nelson
WOODMAN Joy HOPE Pat 1942 .


SURNAME      FORENAMES         HUSBAND'S NAMES         DEATH DATE                PLACE                             NOTES                                  
BEAUCHAMPMargaret GROCETT January 1943 . .
BENNING Marion W. PRIDDLE09 12 1936 Blenheim .
BOOTHDora Helen James CAMPBELL 12 01 1938 `Dene End,' Haslemere,
Surrey, England
CARTER Iva Francena . 17 05 1937 Result of an accident 19 years, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Carter,
Emano Street, Nelson
ENGELAdelaJ. GRUENERT 08 09 1936 Melbourne.
FELLPamela May . 1942 .Aeroplane accident
FLATTRena . 31 12 1937 NelsonElder daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Flatt
of Brougham Street
FRANKLINFlorence A.BLYTHE 08 07 1936 Khandallah, Wellington.
HALL KateSeymour RICHMOND12 01 1937 Blenheim .
JOHNSONEdithG.A. ROBBIE 24 07 1936 Christchurch Daughter of the late
Mrs. and Mr. S.B. Johnson,
KELLINGDoris J.W. FAIR September 1942 . .
KERR Alice HARLEY July 1939 Nelson .
MERCER Ada A.D. PARK 1939 Wellington .
MORGAN Avis M. . 30 01 1937 WellingtonDaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Morgan of Wellington
O'BRIENKathleen V. . February 1938 Nelson.
O'BRIEN Maud M. . December 1937 Nelson .
PALMER EffieR.E. BAIGENT 21 08 1937 Christchurch .
PEARLESSJudith . December 1942 . .
PEARLESSMarjorieGavin WALLACE 12 01 1938 Karori Wellington.
ROPER Joy . July 1942 . .
ROWSE Grace J. BOAGEY September 1936 Pahiatua.
SEYMOURMary RIDDLE January 1943. .
SNODGRASS Florence DUFFAugust 1942 . Section Leader W.A.A.F.
Lost at sea as a result of
enemy action
TENNANT EmilyP.H. MULES 04 10 1936 Woodville.
WINTER Rona . 09 07 1936 NelsonDaughter of Mrs. L. Winter,
Motupipi, Takaka
WORLEYWinifred Georgina . 28 03 1937 NelsonEldest daughter of the late
Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Worley

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