Cavalry Division Nominal Roll
Quarter ending 31 03 1856

Extracted from WO 32/7297, The National Archives, Kew

SURNAME                             FORENAME         RANK                           REGIMENT / OCCUPATION           STATIONED AT                     
ARAKELLIAN A. Interpreter Town Major Buyuktchekmedje
ASKER L. Interpreter Hospital 1st Regiment Silivri
BALTCHINT. Farrier 1st Regiment Silivri
BAMFORD C. K. Clerk 1st Regiment Silivri
BARKER .Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant General Vivian Kertch
BASTIN G.Sergeant . Kertch
BEALES A. Captain 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
BEAUMONDJ. Trumpeter 1st Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
BENSONR. J. Sergeant 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
BIRT W. J. Captain 1st Regiment Silivri
BRAGGJ.Sergeant Saddler Buyuktchekmedje
BRETT H.Major ADC to General Vivian On leave to England
BRIDGEMAN O. F. C. Captain. Kertch
CAMBLEJ. G.Assistant Surgeon Assistant to Surgeon HyndeBuyuktchekmedje
CHAMBERLAIN C. J. Clerk2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
CHICHESTER M. Captain 1st Regiment Silivri
CHRISTICHF.Interpreter Acting Town Major, Major PattinsonBuyuktchekmedje
CLOUT J. Farrier Farrier Major Kertch
CONROYC. Farrier 1st Regiment Silivri
CORDERY F. Sergeant Provost Sergeant Kertch
CRITTEN C. Farrier Farrier Major Buyuktchekmedje
CRYER G. Sergeant Provost SergeantKilikratia
CUMBERS J. Trumpeter 6th Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
DAVENPORTJ.Sergeant Assistant QM General StoresBuyuktchekmedje
DEBERDZZA A. N. Interpreter Hospital 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
DONELLY J. Trumpeter Brigadier Fowler Buyuktchekmedje
DOUGLAS J. Farrier 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
DYER S.ClerkAsst. QM General Buyuktchekmedje
EATONW.NCO Lt. Gen. Vivian Kertch
EDEN J.NCO Saddler Buyuktchekmedje
ELKES .Veterinary Surgeon On special duty Baltchick
EVANS H. Captain On special duty Baltchick
EVANS H. Farrier 1st Regiment Silivri
EVANS H. Farrier Cavalry HQ Buyuktchekmedje
EVENETT C. C. Sergeant On special duty Baltchick
FAIRLIE H. Captain 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
FARQUHARSON G. W. Captain ADC to Major General Vivian Kertch
FIRNSBY R.Sergeant . Pera
FLETCHER F.Sergeant 1st Regiment Silivri
FORBES . Lt. Colonel 1st Brigade Buyuktchekmedje
FORD J.Clerk 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
FORDW. Veterinary Surgeon Division Staff Buyuktchekmedje
FOUNTAIN . Farrier Land Transport Corps Buyuktchekmedje
FOWLER H. Trumpeter Acting Trumpet Major Buyuktchekmedje
GARWOODJ. W. NCO On special duty Baltchick
GIBBSF. Sergeant On special duty Baltchick
GINSTINIANI G. Interpreter 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
GLOVER R. M. Lieutenant Attached to Assistant QM GeneralBuyuktchekmedje
GODDARD .Veterinary Surgeon On special duty Baltchick
GOODA J. Farrier 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
GRANT .Lt. Colonel Assistant QM GeneralBuyuktchekmedje
GRANT F.Sergeant Major General Buyuktchekmedje
GWYN L. CaptainBashi BazooksShumla. Ordered to join
HQs Cavalry Division
HALL J.Sergeant Provost Sergeant Kertch
HARDINGEF. Sergeant Senior Staff Sergeant Major Buyuktchekmedje
HARRIS F. Farrier General Vivian HQ Kertch
HARTMAN G. A. Major 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
HAVELOCK G.Sergeant . Kertch
HETHERINGTONJ.NCOAttached Assistant Commissary GeneralBuyuktchekmedje
HEWLINGS F. Trumpeter 5th Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
HOLDER F. Captain Acting ADC Buyuktchekmedje
HYNDE L. Surgeon Staff Surgeon Buyuktchekmedje
ILEY J.Sergeant Provost Sergeant Buyuktchekmedje
JACOB G. Interpreter 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
JOHNSON . Farrier On special duty Baltchick
JOHNSON B. W. Sergeant Assistant Adjutant General Buyuktchekmedje
JONESC. L. M. Acting Assistant Surgeon 1st Regiment Silivri
KELLY J.Sergeant On special duty Baltchick
KÜKNER E. Interpreter Brigade Major Buyuktchekmedje
LAMBERT G. M. Sergeant 1st Regiment Silivri
LANGLEYT.Sergeant Deputy QM General Kertch
LAYTON F.ClerkAssistant Adjutant General Buyuktchekmedje
LEDWITH M.NCO On special duty Baltchick
LONG R.Sergeant . Baltchick
LUCAS C. P.Captain 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
MARRIOTTJ. Sergeant 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
MAULETTI F.Interpreter Assistant Adjutant General Buyuktchekmedje
MAYNE J. E. Major 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
McCOULLG.Acting Assistant Surgeon 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
McDONALD.Major Detachment 1st Regt Kertch
McDOWALL J. W. Captain 1st Regiment Silivri
MEEK W. Trumpeter 3rd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
MELVILLE WhiteMajor ADC Buyuktchekmedje
MOFFATT J. Trumpeter 4th Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
MOIR .Veterinary Surgeon 1st Regiment Silivri
MONCKTON H. M. Major, the Hon. Not yet appointed Buyuktchekmedje
NELSON T. W. Captain 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
O'NEILL C. St. John Captain Town MajorBuyuktchekmedje,
under arrest
PATTINSON R.Major Acting Provost Marshal Buyuktchekmedje
PEARCER. W. Sergeant 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
PEILE F.Sergeant Provost Sergeant Kertch
PETTY.Acting Assistant Surgeon 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
PHILLIPS H. Captain On special duty Baltchick
PLOWDEN E. W. C. Major 5th Regiment Kertch
POSNETT J. B. Assistant Surgeon 2nd RegimentBuyuktchekmedje
POYSER .Veterinary Surgeon Artillery Kertch
PRICE J. W. Sergeant Lieutenant General Vivian Kertch
QUALLET .Veterinary Surgeon 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
QUIN C. W. Captain 1st Regiment Silivri
RICHARDSON R. Major 1st Regiment Silivri
ROBERTSH. Sergeant On special duty.
ROBISON H. G. Captain On special duty Baltchick
SCOTT E.NCO Deputy Adjutant General Kertch
SENDELL or FENDELL A. ClerkBrigade Office Buyuktchekmedje
SHIRLEY. Major General Commanding Buyuktchekmedje
SKILLINGM.NCO Saddler Buyuktchekmedje
SMITH E. Farrier 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
SMITH F. E. Sergeant 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
SMITHJ. Sergeant Instructor in Fire Arms Buyuktchekmedje
SNOW H.Sergeant . Pera
SPERLINGMr. E. Interpreter Major General Buyuktchekmedje
ST. LEGER G. Captain Brigade Major 1st Battalion Buyuktchekmedje
STERLING R. Sergeant 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje
STONE J.Sergeant On special duty Baltchick
STUART John Captain, Sir ADC to General Vivian Kertch
SUTTONW. G.Major Assistant Adjutant General Buyuktchekmedje
TAIT R.NCO Assistant QM General Buyuktchekmedje
TAYLOR J. Sergeant .Kertch
TEMPLE W. H. F. Assistant Surgeon 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
VICCARS J.NCO Hospital Sergeant Buyuktchekmedje
WAFSA P.Interpreter Brigadier Forbes Buyuktchekmedje
WALTERS L. H.Lieutenant ADC to Brigadier Forbes Buyuktchekmedje
WEBSTER Guy Captain Extra ADC to Major General Buyuktchekmedje
WELLSH. J. Sergeant 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
WHEELER C. B. NCO 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
WHEELERR. Sergeant On special duty Baltchick
WHITE W. Farrier 3rd Regiment Kilikratia
WHITMORE G. T. Major On special duty Baltchick
WILLIAMSA. W. Major Not yet appointed Buyuktchekmedje
WILLIAMS H. Captain 3rd Regiment Killikratia
WOLFMr. W. Interpreter 1st Regiment Silivri
WOLSTON C. Surgeon 1st Regiment Silivri
WYNDHAM C.Captain 2nd Regiment Buyuktchekmedje

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